Easy Breezy Summer Dresses

When I asked for some Fashion Friday ideas on my Facebook page, there were a lot of requests for posts on summer dresses. It sounds like people are looking for casual dresses that are easy to wear.

Breathable fabrics are key. Cotton is always nice for summer, and anything made with moisture-wicking fabrics are great too.


1. Elle Dress // 2. Redondo Dress // 3. Strapless Maxi Dress // 4. Samba Wave Tank Dress // 5. Reef Print Dreamin’ Dress // 6. Stripe Trim Dress // 7. Sleeveless Drawstring Dress // 8. Knit Maxi Dress

I always start at Athleta because they usually have a large selection of super casual dresses that are great alternatives to shorts when it’s hot outside. They use moisture-wicking fabrics that help you stay cool in the heat, and the styles are flattering. I have a couple of their dresses in this style that are really comfortable.


Here are some more suggestions from Athleta.


Kohl’s has a nice selection of dresses too. My friend Kim wore this Sonoma Blouson dress to our 4th of July BBQ and I thought it was adorable. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

SONOMA life + style® Blouson Scoopneck Dress


Here are some more dresses to consider from Kohl’s.


And don’t discount Nordstrom. They have a great selection of affordable dresses, plus you can’t beat their free shipping and free returns.


Leave Nothing But Footprints makes a gorgeous bamboo fabric that is light and soft and cool in the summertime. I love my Sarah Dress, and they have other styles as well. I have my eye on the Elle Dress.


LOFT and Old Navy usually have a variety of summer dresses. They’re always worth checking out.


I admit, I struggle a bit with dresses. I have to try a lot before I find ones that work, but every once in a while, I strike gold. My new favorite is this Samba Wave Tank Dress from Zappo’s. It’s comfortable and breathable, and it has structure without being too body hugging. I can wear it to the pool or out to dinner or anything in between.

Fashion Over 40: Casual Summer Dresses

I hope that gives you some ideas! Dresses are definitely a great way to look chic and stay cool in the summertime.

* * *

If you’re over summer and ready to start thinking about your fall wardrobe, don’t forget that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale OPENS TO THE PUBLIC TODAY!!!!

Here are some of my top picks.

And of course, it’s linkup day! You know the drill.

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12 thoughts on “Easy Breezy Summer Dresses

  1. I love summer dresses. Sometimes they can keep you more cool and comfy than shorts and a tank. You picked some cute ones!

  2. I want to wear cute summer dresses so bad, but can not find a single one that I think looks cute on me. I’ve tried many different styles and they just make me look so much heaver than when I wear pants or even shorts. It’s so frustrating. I think I have just given up. I don’t feel like I have a weird body type although I do tend to carry my weight in my middle area. The maxi dresses look horrible on me (maybe because I’m only 5’2? Anyway, love to see others looking so cute in them but sad I can’t pull them off…

    1. Hey Jill. Honestly, I struggle with dresses too. For me, having structure is key. I do sometimes wear dresses with less structure, but I never feel as good in them. P.S. I also carry my weight in my middle. 🙂

  3. Eddie Bauer actually has some good ones too. I picked this up and wore it to Disney in May and was very comfy (with some jockey skimmies under of course). It even hits correctly if you have a larger bra size. I’m a 34D and usually criss cross dresses like this never fit over the girls.

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