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I’ve always been a sucker for a great pair of sunglasses, but I’ve never paid much attention to the lenses. To me, a pair of sunglasses is an accessory to my outfits, and I’m usually more focused on finding a style of frames that flatters my face than I am with the quality of the lens.

I know polarized lenses are best, but the last few times I’ve purchased sunglasses, I’ve opted for a lesser quality lens because I prefer other frame styles.

See the Maui Jim difference -- premium lenses that reduce glare and UV rays while producing a crisp, vibrant view without compromising style.

Maui Jim sent me a few pairs of their sunglasses to try this summer to see how they enhance my view of the world without compromising style. And, you guys, I noticed the instant I put these on that my entire view changed. It was suddenly crisper, clearer and more vibrant. Just look.

The view through Maui Jim Moonbow Pink sunnies Maui Rose lenses #mauifilter #enjoytheview

They have a bunch of different lens options to choose from, and your view is dramatically different through each one. These are the Moonbow Pink with Pink Tokyo with Maui Rose lenses.

See the Maui Jim difference -- premium lenses that reduce glare and UV rays while producing a crisp, vibrant view without compromising style.

I was drawn to these primarily for the shape and color of the frames and because I thought they would compliment my coloring and a lot of my outfits, but I absolutely love the view through these lenses.

The view through Maui Jim Moonbow Pink sunnies Maui Rose lenses. See the Maui Jim difference -- premium lenses that reduce glare and UV rays while producing a crisp, vibrant view without compromising style. #mauifilter #enjoytheview

The Maui Rose lens has a subtle rose tint that is comfortable on the eyes, and they’re recommended for everyday variable conditions from full sun to overcast. The lens material is their SuperThin Glass, which is perfect when clarity is your highest priority.

These are my favorite. I make everyone try them on to see for themselves how your view is enhanced when you put them on.

The view through Maui Jim Moonbow Pink sunnies Maui Rose lenses. See the Maui Jim difference -- premium lenses that reduce glare and UV rays while producing a crisp, vibrant view without compromising style. #mauifilter #enjoytheview

They also sent me the Baby Beach with silver frames and the Blue Hawaii lens. Look how the same view is slightly different through each pair of lenses. The color enhancement through the Blue Hawaii lenses is more subtle than the Maui Rose, but it’s equally pleasing.

The view through Maui Jim Baby Beach sunglasses with silver frames and Blue Hawaii lens #mauifilter #enjoytheview

This shape isn’t quite as pronounced as traditional aviators. (They have those too, if you like that style — they’re called Mavericks.) These work better for my face, and they still have the lightweight metal frames and reflective lenses that I wanted.

These lenses have the blue flash mirror coating on the lens, which provides the same amazing color enhancement and clarity that Maui Jim lenses are known for, as well as the style factor I want in a pair of sunglasses. The lens material is their super lightweight MauiPure, which is recommended for long days in the sun.

Maui Jim Baby Beach sunglasses with silver frames and Blue Hawaii lens #mauireflect #enjoytheview

I wore these sunnies hiking earlier in the week, and I could barely tell I was wearing glasses. It felt like they were barely there.

Hiking Black Mountain, Sullivan Maine

All Maui Jim’s lenses have their patented PolarizedPlus2 lens technology that reduces glare and blocks harmful UV rays while boosting color so your view is clearer and crisper and more brilliant without compromising style.

I’m officially a convert. Now that I know what it’s like to see the world through premium sunglass lenses, I don’t think I can go back.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Maui Jim. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. Sure do love the look of those Baby Beach frames. But I just can’t stomach the price tag. I’d rather have a Tory Burch bag. But…I can’t bring myself to pull the trigger on that, either. Your pictures were great in this post! That top one looks like it should be a Maui Jim ad!

  2. Wait…the top picture isn’t the same anymore…the pic with the Moonbow Pink on the chair is the one I’m talking about. You look great in the top one, too, though. 😉

  3. I’ve worn the same pair on Maui Jims for the past 9 years! They are certainly worth the investment if you tend to have less and hold onto things for a long time. I am just now thinking about sending them in to get the lenses replaced as they are scratched. I can’t say I have taken great care of them – just throw them into my purse without a case! Maui Jim also has amazing customer service – I think it is a case of “you get what you pay for.”

  4. I love these, especially the first pair. I’ve been looking for a new tortoise pair for months. But, since I’m spoiled by polarized lenses, I won’t just buy any pair because they’re more of an investment. I bought a pair from the nsale that said they were polarized in the description, but you can obviously tell they’re not when you put them on. I’ve never tried any of these on, and I’m actually afraid to with that price tag! I do know what a huge difference good lenses make though, worth the extra $$.

  5. I’ve always purchased cheap sunglasses because I’m afraid I’ll lose them — which never happens! Maybe I should invest up. these do look AMAZING. Thanks for the info.

  6. I love Maui Jim! Gave myself a heart attack over the price – but they are sooo worth it. I have a bone graft site behind my ear and all other glasses hurt my hear after awhile. The featherweight frames of their aviators allow me to wear them all day long – you forget you have them on. My husband has had excellent experience with their customer service.

    1. So good to hear! And yeah, I kept forgetting I had mine on when I was hiking. At one point, we were coming down, and I was like “Why is everything so dark??” And I realized I still had my sunglasses on. ha! They’re really amazingly lightweight.

  7. Oh how I wish I could wear regular sunglasses, I have to get prescription glasses. I loved all the ones they sent you. You look great in them! At least I can order clothes, shoes and bags that you style!! LOL Have a good week! –Anne

  8. Jo-Lynne, You look great in all of them. Because I wear eye glasses during all waking hours, I have to wear sunglasses that fit over my eyeglasses. The Cocoon brand has fit the best thus far and they are wide enough on the sides to keep the Suns rays from peaking in. While the lenses on my eyeglasses are transitional, they don’t get dark enough to prevent squinting outside. Sunglasses are super important! A former co-worker of mine never wore them while driving to/from work. He ended up having serious skin cancer very close to his left eye, and underwent surgery to have it removed. After that, he realized the importance of sunglasses while in a vehicle.

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed you vacation photos. Safe travels home! God bless!

  9. I’ve been wearing Maui Jim exclusively for 15 years. Bought my first pair of MJ sunglasses with readers in the bottom this year– like bi-focals. I only wear them for specific things, but they’re amazing. So glad you found Maui Jim, Jo-Lynne. Sorry you have to head home. I’m still recovering from coming back to the real world.

  10. I have a pair of Maui Jims and LOVE them!! I just returned from a vacation in Jamaica and kept making my husband and our friends try my glasses on. (I’m sure I was annoying them so much but) the water was the most incredibly beautiful blue green!! Since I rarely lose sunglasses and can keep them for years I felt the investment was worth it. Plus they have wonderful customer service and a great warranty. Glad you enjoy yours!!!

  11. My husband wears Maui Jims and loves them. We live here in Phoenix where the sun is intense and he swears that his Maui Jims are the best sunglasses he has ever owned. Like the other reader said, you get what you pay for, I may have to get a pair, but I wear prescription so I will need to add that expense to them.

  12. I am all about the polarized lenses…what a difference they make!

    Although I happen to chronically lose my sunglasses…I’ve been able to hang on to my investment Ray-Ban Wayfarers for several years (my seeing-eye-dog-prescription lenses only added to the price tag…and my resolve NOT to lose them).

    Love the pairs you’re styling! I’ll be looking into those (unintentionally horrible pun).

    AND I love your boat-neck pink tee with the open trim work. New?

    1. It’s relatively new. I’ve posted it on Instagram, I think. It’s LOFT – I just added a shop the post widget. 🙂

      I used to always lose my sunglasses, and then I decided that perhaps I’d take better care of them if I invested in a good pair, so I did. I do better now, but I have lost a couple of pairs. It’s painful to lose a good pair of sunglasses! I know people who have had theirs for many years. I’m always in awe.

      1. Thanks! Just made my first-ever post-connected purchase 🙂

        All three available colors, half off at ~$17.50ea…told you I liked it 🙂

        Thanks for making my shopping experience so easy! And to think I was just at Loft yesterday!

  13. I bought a pair of these 3 years ago at my eye doctor and had my prescription put in. Even though I guard them with my life, they’re one of the best investments I’ve ever made!!

  14. I only wear Maui Jim sunglasses. They are by far the most comfortable frames with the best polarized lenses. Sometimes I can find them at my local Costco eye center for a fraction of the price. Costco never has them on their website and their stock is limited in store but it’s always worth a look-see when I go there.

  15. I broke down this spring and bought my first pair of Maui Jim Sunglasses. I am one who is constantly wearing sunglasses. However, I am one who is constantly wearing them on top of my head. It’s always worked well for me and because they’re always on my head I NEVER lose them. I love my Maui Jim’s but my one beef with them is that they do not keep their shape when I push them up on my head. They quickly get so loose that they are constantly sliding off my face. I have been in countless times to my Optometrist office to have them adjusted.

    I tried to break my habit of wearing them on my head and started taking them off when not needed. Guess what happened – I LOST them!!! I was soooo aggravated and had to resurrect my cheapo frames – which do not lose their shape. Well thankfully I found them again!! However now I am so worried about losing them that I quit wearing them……ugh!!

  16. Nice sunglasses, don’t have Maui Jim, but love my Ray Ban polarized sunglasses for sure. I do have to ask again, you husband has really stepped up in his photography. Is it editing that is the change or camera? I am dying to know? I love photography and am a beginner myself in it. I even took a class last year and going to take another one this fall. I know you are all about fashion, but would love maybe a post about what camera he is using, filters, lenses any tips? Did he take a class, read any special books??? I thirst for knowledge. 🙂

    1. Hey Cheryl. I’m glad you asked again. I remembered that someone asked but I couldn’t remember who or where. 🙂

      He got a new camera a while ago – the Nikon D750 – https://amzn.to/2axwYVH

      He has a few lenses, I can’t keep up. I know he really likes the 85 fixed lens for my outfit photos, but he has some others he uses sometimes. He is always reading stuff about photography and experimenting. He loves Scott Kelby, but that’s the only name I can remember off the top of my head. 🙂 https://amzn.to/2agrElj

      1. Thanks for the info. I have a canon, and a lot of people in my class have Nikon. Really enjoying his pics and your fashion.. 🙂

  17. Hi Jo-Lynne, I own several pairs of Maui Jims. When we fly in our small plane, my Mauis are the difference between seeing another airplane and not seeing another airplane. I just bought a pair that fold in quarters which I thought would be so cool until I realized they get lost in my purse. Now, with that said, they are great for small purses. I live in Florida and quality sunglasses are just as important as sunscreen. Also, ask any outfielder and they will tell you how important it is to have a quality pair of sunglasses. No see, no catch.

  18. I fell in love with Maui Jims last year and I have never looked back. They are the best quality sunglasses and the polarized lenses make all the difference. I did cringe a bit at the price when I bought them but totally worth the investment. You only get one set of eyes, you need to take care of them, might as well look stylish at the same time! Lol!

  19. I always knew Maui Jims were great glasses, but thanks for explaining why! I’m leaning towards the beach baby style as they seem to fit better than a traditional aviator. Great photos of the glasses and your beautiful view!

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