Fall 2022 Handbag Trends

Happy Friday, friends! We’re going back to the fall trends theme today, I’m going to tackle fall 2022 handbag trends.

Just like with the denim and shoe trends, we’re seeing a Y2K fashion revival in handbags as well with unexpected colors, cool textures, and an element of whimsy… think Lorelai Gilmore, Elle Woods, and Carrie Bradshaw.

Of course, you’re probably more interested in styles and silhouettes than all of the trendy elements, but I think it’s fun to know what’s out there.

Fall 2022 Handbag Trends

I had to do some internet research on this one. Since I like to invest in luxury bags that I hope to keep for many years, I don’t pay as close attention to handbag trends as I do with other fashion categories.

For this list, I’ll share a combination of some of the more fringe trends as well as the styles and silhouettes you may see in the mainstream stores.

Like all other trend lists, take this one with a grain of salt. Handbags are one of the few areas of fashion where function trumps form, in my opinion. I mean, I love a gorgeous handbag, but it has to work for me or I won’t reach for it.

So without further ado, here are some of the top handbag trends for fall 2022…

#1. Crescent Shape

photo credit: Mango

Last year it was the baguette bag and this year it’s the crescent, although I recall seeing crescent shapes last season too. Anyway! This is probably THE biggest handbag trend for Fall 2022. It’s a combination of hobo and shoulder bag, and you may also see it called half-moon or croissant due to the shape of the satchel.

If you really want to lean into this trend, you’ll grab one in a neon hue or some type of exotic leather. I’m also seeing a lot of quilted textures and colorful prints.

This is not one I would spend a ton of money on because I am guessing it will be a passing fad, and they tend to be verrrry small. I do like them, though, so I can see adding a less expensive one to my fall closet as a fun accessory.

#2. XXL Bags & Soft Totes

photo credit: NET-A-PORTER

These are kind of the opposite of the crescent, but I’m seeing a lot of sleek, extra large totes designed in neutral shades. Green is also a popular color this fall, and it almost reads as a neutral. This is the ultimate everyday carryall, and I’m loving it!

#3. Slouchy Hobos

photo credit: Nordstrom

These are almost a combination of the two above, but the hobo is typically a larger shoulder bag with a single compartment, and it has a single strap rather than two. I’ve long been a fan of the hobo, especially a good slouchy hobo, so I’m on board with this trend as well.

#4. Braided Leather & Chain Handles

photo credit: Nordstrom

Now that we’ve covered the on-trend silhouettes for fall, some of the trendy details we’re seeing include braided leather and chain handles. We’re also seeing more embellishments such as studs, zippers, and tassels.

#5. Doubled Up

photo credit: NET-A-PORTER

I’m not really sure about the point of these, but doubled-up bags (micro bags attached to larger styles, like a wallet attached by a chain or a coordinating micro bag) are gaining in popularity right now. I don’t see this lasting more than a season or two, but if you like to be on top of the trends, you will definitely want one of these.

I don’t have as many in the shopping widget as some of the other styles because I had a hard time finding them. I couldn’t land on a good search term. If you find some in a medium price range, let me know, and I’ll add them.

#6. Fuzzy Wuzzy

photo credit: Neiman Marcus

Designers are into all things fuzzy for fall, especially in shoes and handbags. I actually see this one gaining in popularity this winter. Again, I wouldn’t spend a lot on one, but it’s kind of a fun way to add texture and whimsy to a fall/winter outfit.

#7. Bright and Bold

photo credit: Nordstrom

It kind of goes without saying, after seeing all of the examples above, but bold and bright colors are a huge trend in handbags this fall. I think this is a fun way to accessorize an outfit, but I know myself, and I will likely keep gravitating to neutrals. But we shall see!

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22 Responses

  1. I think you should definitely get the $2,750 1970’s orange shag carpet BOTTEGA VENETA and show us how to style it, LOL!

  2. Nice to know the trends, but I think I’ll just stick to my Michael Kors crossbody I got for Christmas! And my black coach purse.

  3. Love to see the trends so thanks for sharing. Will definitely stay with my more luxury structured bag. Fun to see what is in style at the moment.

  4. Because I only reach for a few styles of handbags, this is a trend that I don’t fully engage in. Little handbags just don’t work for me and I have found that chains just add weight to the handbag. I do like to add a pop of color to an outfit with a handbag, but not on an every day basis. And I have to have structure; slouchy and I just don’t get along. I see me buying an inexpensive fuzzy handbag to add texture to some of my outfits.

  5. Thanks for the post! I ordered a bag (arriving today, hopefully) that has the extra small bag included, but I plan on keeping it INSIDE the bag. I guess that I am completely out of it…

  6. I’m not into any of the Fall trend bags but the bigger bag ones….. Totes. I don’t care for the crescent. When it was in before I didn’t. Too small and very hard to get in and out of. Interesting what comes and goes huh? Thanks.

  7. Oh this was a fun post! I’m certainly into function rather than form when it comes to handbags. The oversized totes are so large, one could carry a small dog or their cat in there… so I guess that’s function, right? Hmmm. I think I’ll pass on that one. I do like a hobo style bag, though. I’m glad there’s lots of options, trends or not – so we can each find handbags that really work for us as individuals. I sure am loving these trends posts/series!

  8. Just bought the Mango tangerine colored crescent bag (hits 3 point-bold, chains, and crescent shaped)-great price point for a bag that’s trendy-thank you! So fun!

  9. I love the fuzzy styles. Here in California I feel we are an everything goes kinda style. We were Uggs all year, even with shorts! It’s beach wear! Ha! I can see these fuzzy bags being a cute Fall accessory with jeans and a plaid shirt. Thank you for always keeping me in the know. K

  10. Okay, I loved this!! Thank you! Thank you!

    In the past I’ve always skipped the trends in this category. Last year I decided to play along and purchased a MK backpack, which turned out to be my favorite and most used piece of the season.

    I tried the TB McGraw shoulder bag at Nordstrom’s the other day. Instant love! I’m looking forward to enjoying it along with so many of your other trend suggestions.

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