What I Wore Lately Vol. 85

Well, friends. We are deep into the lazy, hazy days of summer, and I have lost all motivation when getting dressed in the mornings. I could wear the same three outfits on rotation until it gets cold enough to start breaking into my fall wardrobe… and I just might.

All that to say, this edition of What I Wore Lately will probably look a lot like the last one, but this is real life I’m living here, so this is what I’ve got to show for it!

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and I usually wear a small in tops, a 28 or 29 in jeans, and a size 8 shoe. Gifted items are indicated by c/o; everything else I purchased myself.

What I Wore: 2 Weeks of Casual Summer Outfits

This first outfit is one I’ve worn several times over the past few weeks. These shorts are the most comfortable ones I own, and pretty much all I want to wear when I’m here at home, but they’re spendy so I linked up a similar for less option. I also found a pair in a similar wash that’s 25% off. And this tank comes down to $12 in cart.

Gap Factory tank (S) // AG Becke (29; similar for less) // Born slides (8) // Victoria Emerson x JLS bracelet (coming soon!)

The next day, I had a photo shoot with Alison so I got myself all gussied up. Afterwards, I had a doctor’s appointment and a few errands to run. I love the acid wash on this black t-shirt.

I paired it with white jeans, and wore white slides to extend the line of the leg. My tote is because I brought my laptop along with me to work if I had any downtime between appointments.

AllSaints tee (M) // Mother Dazzler (29; more sizessimilar for less) // Tory Burch slides (8) // Yurman earrings, necklace & bracelet

I wore this outfit to a hair appointment. I’m always cold in the salon, so I brought along my Athleta Pranayama Wrap, and I also brought my laptop for working while my color set.

LOFT dolman tee (S; option) // Paige Mayslie joggers (28; similar for less) // Tory Burch Miller Sandals (8) // Victoria Emerson x JLS earrings (coming soon!)

I have no recollection of where I wore this, but it was a Saturday. Oh, wait. I think we visited Paul’s mom.

At any rate, I was excited that I finally figured out a way to wear those turquoise slides I included as one of my “worst spring/summer purchases“. They look really good with white denim, and I love how they repeat some of the colors in this graphic tank as well.

Lazy Lake Daze tee (M) // Mother Insiders (29; similar for less) // Born slides (8) // Victoria Emerson x JLS earrings (coming soon!)

Paul and I went out for a casual dinner that night, and I changed into this cable sweater tank and blue jeans, and I added some of the jewelry from my new collection with Victoria Emerson! It launches on September 15th. Also, this sweater is marked down to $49.

Evereve sweater tank (M) // Citizens Isola Cropped Boot (29; similar for less) // Dolce Vita sandals (8) // Victoria Emerson x JLS bracelet, earrings & necklace (coming soon!)

I wore this dress to church the next day; it is also on a really good sale. Size up in this, for sure.

Evereve t-shirt dress c/o (M) // Dolce Vita sandals (8) // Kendra Scott earrings // Evereve coin necklace // David Yurman bracelet

And then I changed to spend the afternoon in the pool.

Venus coverup (S) // Tommy Bahama tankini + bikini bottoms (S) // Tory Burch Miller Sandals (8)

I didn’t do a whole lot last week. Most days were spent working from home or running mundane errands…

Gap Factory tank (S) // Fidelity Jimi (29; similar for less) // Marc Fisher slides (8) // Victoria Emerson x JLS earrings & necklace

Chaser tie dye tank (S) // Mother Insiders (28) // Birks (39) // pearl earrings

Lazy Lake Daze tee (M) // 7FAM shorts (28; more sizes/similar for less) // Born slides (8) // gold knot earrings

I needed a conservative, business casual outfit for an event last week. I’ve had these pants for years, and I kept them knowing I would be glad I had them someday.

BR dolman top (S) // WHBM bootcut pants (6) // Michael Kors sandals (8) // AllSaints tote // gold knot earrings

Our humidity finally broke last Friday, and it felt like the temperature dropped 10 degrees. I celebrated by wearing my favorite lightweight sweatshirt and shorts.

Maine dolman tee (M; also here) // 7FAM shorts (28; more sizes/similar for less) // Birks (39) // Victoria Emerson x JLS earrings (coming soon!)

And I spent most of Saturday afternoon by the pool. Paul made Enzonis while we waited for the ribs to finish cooking… they always take longer than predicted, but they were worth the wait!

Anthro beach wrap // Bleu Beattie swimsuit (8) // Tory Burch Miller sandals (8) // YSL sunnies // Enzoni cocktail

This is what I put on after we were done in the pool, for the rest of the evening here at home. This tank is old, but so comfy.

Treasure & Bond tank // AG Becke (29; similar for less) // Tory Burch Miller sandals (8)

And then it was another Sunday, and another casual dress…

old Eileen Fisher dress (XS; similar color) // Dolce Vita sandals (8) // Madewell necklace // Victoria Emerson x JLS bracelet & earrings (coming soon!)

I threw on shorts and a t-shirt for the rest of the afternoon.

Chaser tie dye tank (S) // 7FAM shorts (28; more sizes/similar for less) // Birks (39)

I didn’t go anywhere on Monday, so I didn’t bother with makeup or anything.

I had some errands to run on Tuesday, so I decided to get myself fixed up. I really need to prioritize getting fixed up whether I go somewhere or not. It has a way of messing with my mind if I let myself go for too many days.

In fact, that reminds me that when I started sharing my daily outfits on Wednesdays, it was to hold myself accountable for getting dressed in “real clothes” every day. The irony is, I think I saw more people back then as a young stay-at-home mom than I do now. I was always taking the kids somewhere, but now that they all drive and I work so much at home, I hardly have a reason to leave the house.

That is why I put on a silk t-shirt and jewelry to go to Trader Joe’s! Where else am I going to wear it, lol?

Frame silk tee (S) // Fidelity Denim (28) // similar espadrilles // AllSaints tote // Kendra Scott earrings // Victoria Emerson x JLS bracelet (coming soon!)

Unfortunately, I got chicken juice on it (ew!) so I had to change when I got home. Plus, it was kind of hot for jeans and closed toe shoes. I decided to keep the olive and black theme going…

LOFT dolman tee (S; option) // WHBM shorts (6) // Dolce Vita sandals (8) // Kendra Scott earrings // Victoria Emerson x JLS bracelet (coming soon!)

And then yesterday I hosted friends at the pool for a large portion of the day. I wore the Tommy Bahama tankini and bikini bottoms with Venus coverup again.

Afterwards, I threw on this outfit, planning to meet up with another friend in the evening, but I was so exhausted that I canceled on her and then promptly fell asleep on the couch for several hours. It was that kind of tired where I felt like I was drugged.

When did I get to the point that hanging out in the pool for a few hours wipes me out for the rest of the night? Is this what it’s like to get old? At least I’m partly consoled by the fact that Savannah felt the same way… of course, she’s old too.

old tie dye tee // Fidelity Jimi (29; similar for less) // Dolce Vita sandals

And that’s a wrap!

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34 Responses

  1. I received a pair of flare jeans from loft. Can someone over 70 pull that off? I’m debating. So over skinnies but see everywhere.

    1. I absolutely think you can, Mary. I love seeing more mature women (like me!) rocking a current style. I think we should wear what makes us feel good.

  2. Yes, for me…as an Empty Nester for 20 years at 63 years old now—more often than not, when I leave the house, I am what my friends would call “dressed up”. When I was going through chemo during Covid in 2020, I went NOWHERE except chemo treatments and doctors appointments, so you’d better believe I dressed nicely, meaning not sweats or T-shirts, which I was wearing at home all the time. I really believe it makes you feel better and I think people treat you differently if you dress like you care.

    1. Patt……So glad your chemo is over and that is reason enough to celebrate and “dress up.” My friends think I’m dressed up all the time too, but I like any reason to wear my clothes in my closet that I don’t put on when just hangin out at home. I’m retired with my husband still working long days, 5 days a week. Need to decide what I’m wearing to meet a friend for coffee this morning. 🙂 LOL

  3. I SO relate to your wearing a silk t-shirt to Trader Joe’s. I’m retired, so I have even less reason to dress up. But I’ve got a closetful of cute clothes, so there you go.

      1. I can relate to Sue, wear what makes you feel good even if a little overdressed. I wore scrubs most of my working life but still love cute updated clothes, not dowdy clothes but I tend to wear my same old stuff around the house as I am always getting splattered when I cook/clean so my good stuff really lasts me a long time.

  4. Your daily outfits look like mine this past week! Enjoying every last minute of summer here in Jersey. I am currently on my way to the Jersey Shore for a 2-day getaway to celebrate our anniversary! Dug out my favorite denim shorts, tanks, and one cute sundress to wear for dinner tonight.

  5. I love all of these outfits. I’m definitely on repeat lately. But it’s been too hot to care lol. I love those whbm black pants. They look sooooo great on you. Legs for miles. I may need to add these to my wardrobe. Always need black pants!! 😊

  6. Love the post! Always look forward to it. We’re still pretty warm in NC. We had a little break from the hot and humid the last few days. But we’re gearing up for more this weekend. I really love your outfits. My style is the same as yours. I have grasped the wide and flare leg pants but with my height the straight leg is my favorite. Love the outfits you wear and the color combinations. Hope you’re doing well after your surgery. Hope you have a great day and enjoy your beautiful weather!!
    Linda W. 🌻

    1. Thanks, Linda! I am finally at that point where I almost forget I had surgery, which is really nice! 🙂 So glad I did it. Even though it was uncomfortable for longer than I anticipated, it was so worth it.

  7. I LOVE how real you are. I could relate to everything you said. Yes, it is what empty nested is like but you do get use to the quiet and non active days of no kids, but its still hard at times. Especially if you work from home or retired. I was so connected and involved with my kids and a stay at home mom, so it makes it harder I think. Now I have 3 grandchildren who live from 3-4 1/2 hrs. away and its harder on me than my own kids. I long to be with them and I don’t like being a FaceTime grandma. My 1st grandchild was an 1 hr. 20 min away until they moved in April, so that was really hard. Life gives us different stages for sure and with the Lord you adjust and move forward. I like all your outfits and its just about how I’ve been dressing daily too. I’m ready for Fall clothes, but our weather is doing high 80’s and 90’s with humidity also. Its going to be 96 today and this is for the Pacific NW. I enjoyed your post today. Have a great day.

      1. We have 3 grown children and the farthest one is only 20 minutes away. Two of them live within 5 miles . Just around the corner from each other. It’s great to have our grandkids so close. We have 5 and one step granddaughter who is only a few hours away. You will get used to the empty nest especially when you have grandkids that you get to hang out with!

  8. I really like the red tank from Gap Factory and the chaser tie dye tank. I am starting to wear a few of my new fall tops since I’m tired of my summer pieces. Fall will be here soon, I hope! As you age, one thing that you have going for you is your group of friends. I suspect that y’all will continue getting together. But yes, there is a lot of solitude which can be good and bad. I had said that I was going to start putting some makeup on whenever I have to go to Warner Robins, but I’m not doing it because I really need to wear a mask since I’m immunocompromised. With the lenses in my glasses being transitional, my eyes aren’t seen as much as if I didn’t wear glasses.

  9. I feel the same way these days grabbing the same outfits! We have had a lot of humidity so I’m either in a bathing suit by the pool or a casual dress ! Like someone said too hot to care! I know what you mean by feeling tired after doing nothing but laying by the pool ! I’m the same way🤷‍♀️! I’m exhausted by early evening.. you’d think I had re painted the whole house! Someone once said the sun can zap our energy so I’ll go with that lol!!
    Looking forward to your line with Victoria Emerson 🙌🏻

    1. Well, in my defense, I was actually in the pool. We had like 16 kids here, and I was with the baby for a portion of the time so his mom could be with his older siblings. But yeah, I think the sun has a lot to do with it. And just a change of routine, maybe. I am so used to being at my desk for hours on end. It can’t be healthy.

      1. I agree! God didn’t create the sun for harm. I like to get my vitamin D the natural way and you tell by the shade of my skin.🙂 The effects of vitamin D deficiency can be more serious and more difficult to “fix” than skin cancer.

  10. I purchased both the AG Becke and FIdelity Jimi shorts you recommended and I have to say after purchasing MANY shorts this summer they are the best I have found so far. I am curious if they loosen up and stretch at all? Both are tight in my thighs (I am blessed with athletic thighs) and am looking for shorts that don’t squeeze the life out of me. These may be winners if they will give just a smidge and a half with wear. Love your recommendations. Thanks in advance!

  11. Your What I Wore Lately are my favorite posts, so please keep them coming even if you think not much is new. I actually have gone back to these posts for reference later when I need inspiration, simply because I value “real life” outfit choices more than try-ons (which I also love though). Thank you!

  12. Like you I have many Yurman pieces and love all of them. However, I find they tarnish even if I store them in their fabric pouch. Do you have the same issue? How do you keep them shiny and clean? (Not that I”m lazy but I don’t want to have to polish my jewelry!)

    Thanks and love your style.

    1. I don’t notice mine tarnishing much, but I wear them a lot. I hear that is important to keep silver from tarnishing. Also, I do take them into the David Yurman store and have them cleaned every year or two. My link bracelet is 15 years old at least, and it looks almost like new.

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