Best & Worst Purchases: Spring-Summer 2022

Now that we’re nearing the end of the summer season, I decided to take a break from talking about transition styles, and I pulled together one of my most-requested posts — my best and worst purchases from spring-summer 2022.

This is always a fun exercise at the end of the season, and I think it helps me make better purchasing decisions going forward. Maybe it will help you too!

My 10 Best Purchases of Spring/Summer 2022

These are things I purchased this season that I have used a ton or I plan to have in my closet for years. The cost per wear on each of these items is low, even if the price tag is high. If you snagged some of these, let me know how they worked for you!

Most of these are still in stock, if you’re interested in purchasing, so I shared sizing info under each picture. For reference, I’m 5’5″ with an hourglass shape. I usually wear a small in tops, a 28 or 29 in jeans, and a size 8 shoe. Gifted items are indicated by c/o; everything else I purchased myself.

Mother jeans (29) // tie dye tank (old) // sandals (8) // sunnies // bracelet

#1. Mother Dazzler in Fairest Of Them All // I bought a bunch of white jeans this year because I had go to up a size. Fortunately, with denim styles in flux, I was going to put away most of my white jeans from last year anyway.

I did a whole white denim post a few weeks ago, and I could have put several of those in here, but for the sake of keeping this list to 10 and having some variety, I decided to choose one pair. I’m pretty sure I’ve worn the Mother Dazzler most often, but The Hustler is a close second. Both were great purchases; it just depends on if I want a straight leg or flare.

dress (XS) // denim jacket (S) // sandals (8) // nails: OPI Cajun Shrimp

#2. Eileen Fisher Jersey Tank Dress (XS) // This dress is a bit of an investment, but I have a similar one by the same designer that is going on its fourth season. I’ve been alternating the two all summer long.

I really wanted a basic black that can be dressed up or down, and this fit the bill perfectly. FYI, I recommend sizing down in this dress. It’s a great price right now, and it also comes in Berry and Lilac.

#3. Dolce Vita Grazie Slides (8) // These are probably my most-worn sandals this summer. They sort of replaced my Millers, which is hard to believe! I love the molded footbed for comfort, and the basketweave strap is very much on trend right now. These are true to size, or size up if in between; I have the Cafe color.

shorts c/o (28) // wrap c/o // tank c/o (M/L) // sandals (8) // sunnies (option)

#4. 7FAM Midroll Short Destroy (on sale at Zappos!) // I’ve worn these shorts so much, it’s a wonder they’re still in one piece, but they’re actually in great shape. They are so soft and comfortable, and I love the distressed details and medium rise. They’re still in stock, but unfortunately at full price. They run true to size, or you can size down if in between.

#5. YSL 55mm sunglasses // These are a ridiculous splurge, but I wear them so often, they really deserve to be included in this list.

A pair of chic sunglasses is one of those accessories that really takes an average outfit up a notch or two. You don’t have to splurge to get the look, either. See my post on Save or Splurge: Sunglasses for lots of options at different price points!

Mother jeans (28) // ATM tee (M) // sandals (8) // sunnies

#6. Mother The Hustler in Au Revoir // I forced myself to pick just one pair of blue jeans for this list, so I think it has to be this Mother Hustler in Au Revoir. I’ve probably worn the Mother Dazzler more, but they were purchased back in January, so I can’t really count them as a spring/summer purchase.

I really like having an ankle-length flare in my rotation, and this light wash is so pretty for summer.

swimsuit (8) // Kate Spade sunnies

#7. Sea Level Cross Front One-Piece Swimsuit // I purchased several swimsuits this summer after my surgery, and I think this is my favorite. It’s flattering and comfortable and so easy to pull on and off. In fact, I like it so much, I got it in both black and red, and there are some other colors too. It’s still well-stocked at Nordstrom, if you want to check it out.

sweater (S) // 7FAM jean shorts (28) // Dolce Vita sandals (8) // DIFF sunnies // straw tote

#8. 525 Cable V-Neck Sweater // This sweater needs no introduction, I’m sure, but it’s one of my spring/summer favorites because it pairs so well with shorts (as seen above) but also with jeans. It’s soft and comfy, and the cable pattern is really pretty too.

tank (M) // AG shorts (29) // Kendra Scott earrings

#9. Lazy Lake Daze Tank // This was purchased later in the season, but it’s one of my favorites for throwing on with casual jeans or jean shorts. It’s so soft, and the slogan is appropriate since we spend a week or two at my parents’ lake house in Maine every summer.

silk tee (S) // Fidelity Denim (28) // similar espadrilles // Lagos earrings // Yurman bracelet

#10. Frame Oversized Silk T-Shirt // I’m going to throw this one in here because while I haven’t worn it a ton, I know it’s going to be in my closet for a long time. It’s such a great quality piece, and I scored it on sale at something like 60% off. I especially love this olive color with black denim, but it also looks good with white and ecru, and I will wear it with blue jeans sometimes as well.

#11. Born Miarra Sandals // These are another late summer purchase, but one that I’m wearing on repeat and will continue to wear into the fall as long as it’s warm. The navy has ended up being a lot more of a neutral than I expected, and they are so comfortable.

Okay, somehow I mis-numbered, and I ended up with 11 items. Oh, well! I don’t want to take any of those out, so moving on to worst purchases…

My 5 Worst Purchases of Spring/Summer 2022

Before we get started, my standard caveat still applies: These items aren’t bad, and most are things I actually like. I just didn’t end up wearing or using them all that much, and I regret these purchases because I did NOT get a good cost per wear out of them. Please don’t feel duped if you bought any of these off of my recommendation. They might work great for you; they just didn’t work for me.

Okay, let’s get started!

#1. Born Sloane Platform Sandals (8) // This one pains me to include because I truly love these, but I just have not worn them enough to justify the purchase. I even put them on yesterday, thinking that I need to wear them more, and ended up taking them off again and swapping them out for neutral pair.

I think this is an example of “know thyself.” I just do not reach for colorful shoes, even though I love this turquoise. If I had purchased these in one of the neutral colors, I would have probably worn them a lot. Lesson learned!

#2. Dolce Vita Nilton Ankle Strap Wedge Sandal // I love these too, so again, I hate even putting them on here. But I don’t think I’ve worn them out once. Paul and I are going out to dinner tonight for our anniversary, so maybe I’ll put them on and wear them finally!

I just feel like I don’t have many occasions to wear high heels like this… I mean, I used to wear them everywhere. Church, out to eat, whatever, but these days, every time I put them on, I feel like it’s overkill. I think I need to get over it and wear what I want… or create more opportunities to dress up!

dress (S) // sandals (8) // sunnies

#3. Paige Brielle Drawstring Waist T-Shirt Dress // I thought I was going to love this dress and wear it a lot this summer, but every time I tried it on, it didn’t seem quite right. I don’t know if it’s the flutter sleeve, or how it’s longer in the back than the front, or if I just like the other causal summer dresses I own better, but I couldn’t get comfortable in this one.

It’s a shame because it’s good quality, and I could us a navy dress in my rotation, but I finally decided to return it during a big closet purge back in July.

shorts (6) // tee (O/S) // earrings // bracelet c/o

#4. WHBM Pret-a Play Shorts // I actually have these shorts in THREE colors — olive, black, and this pretty lilac. I like them, but for whatever reason, I don’t reach for them that much. I actually wore the lilac pair last week because I realized I hadn’t gotten much wear out of them this season. I will probably keep all of these because they fit and I like them, but I decided to include them in this list because I regret buying so many. Or maybe I just regret not wearing them, haha.

Someone pointed out in my last edition of What I Wore Lately that I wear jeans a lot in the summer, and that is true. I think I just go to them first because I find them comfortable and easy, but I really should wear shorts more. In fact, I just went and put on the olive pair to wear today!

jumpsuit (S) // sandals (8)

#5. Cloth + Stone Sleeveless Belted Jumpsuit // I shared this in my last What I Wore Lately as well. I tried to wear this jumpsuit last weekend, and it sits really funny in the front, above the waist. I couldn’t fix it so it looked right. Maybe it wouldn’t have been noticeable to anyone else, if I was wearing it and moving around naturally and not posing in a mirror. But I couldn’t deal with it, so I took it off and put it right into the donation pile.

So that’s that! Again, please don’t feel offended if you bought any of these items on my recommendations. I truly like each one. They just didn’t work out for me.

I often get asked about what I do with the clothes that I pass on. I return unworn items, but the rest either go to friends and family or to a resale shop. My theory is, I’d rather have someone else enjoy them than let them clutter up my closet until they’re out of style. Because I do buy new clothes so regularly, it just doesn’t make sense to hold onto things I’m not wearing.

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53 thoughts on “Best & Worst Purchases: Spring-Summer 2022

  1. I ended up returning the Paige navy, too. I also liked it but realized I felt a little out of place in it for whatever reason.

  2. I only have the Navy Borne slide from this list. Love them. I have wanted the Dolci Vita slides but don’t really need them…… I have way too many shoes and now that it’s getting late in the Summer I’ll wait for next years neutral style. They really are a great style. I am grabbing my more padded sandals these days

  3. I was just thinking yesterday the money I could have saved over the years by not making quick “ I need purchases”🙈! Things that ended up not being worn or worn enough!( or do I even need it?) I have learned my lesson over the years especially the older I get ! I find each season I will have those favorites that I will continue to reach for over and over and change up a bit! Definitely worth investing in those staple pieces! I’m glad I didn’t get on the color shoe trend because I knew I wouldn’t wear them . I guess it’s true with age comes wisdom!
    Ps you’ve taught me to really look at my Cost per wear! So thank you for that.

    1. Karen, I wish I could learn like you. I feel like I am still wasting my money. Lol. At my age I should have learned by now.

  4. These are by far my favorite posts that you do! I love it! It is nice to know I am not the only one that makes buying mistakes. Trying to keep it to a minimum. It is interesting that much of your worst purchases are shoes. I don’t have that issue because I wear a size 4.5. I have baby feet so I hardly have any selection to begin with. Most of the shoes you recommend are not made that small. My husband owns double the shoes that I do! You do wear a lot of jeans in the summer which is surprising. I get too hot so I don’t even wear jean shorts. Maybe it’s my age but I hate sweating.

    1. I hate sweating too, but I’m usually cold not hot. In fact, I am sitting here in the olive shorts, thinking that I will have to change into jeans when I go to the hair salon. I am always cold there.

      1. I was also surprised at how often you wear jeans in the summer! I think I wore my blue and white denim in early June and haven’t reached for them since! It’s been a hot summer !

        1. We all seem to be surprised at the notion of jeans in summer! I assume it’s due to the fact that you live in such a cool climate. Here in the south, we put all the long pants (except linen ones) up in March or April and don’t break them out again til October! I’m jealous of your cool summers, but then when you talk about snow and sleet in the winter I’m happy to stay put! Lol

          1. I’ve always worn jeans in summer.In fact,I live in jeans all year long.I can perfectly wear jeans six times a week and sometimes I also wear them on Sundays 😂 Different jeans,of course!🤣

      2. I love my shorts but also like to change into jeans for hair salon appointments, etc for the same reason plus feel more comfortable sitting in the public chairs with my jeans on and always cold in grocery stores.

        1. Yes… the grocery store! I feel like I only go to doctor appointments, salon appointments, the mall, or the grocery store… and restaurants and to church. All of those places tend to be cold, so I like jeans. At home, I do wear shorts sometimes, when it gets too hot for the a/c to keep up, but otherwise, I’m comfortable enough in jeans here too.

  5. You look good in what ever your wear 😊
    I also haven’t worn shorts in years , mostly just cropped jeans in summer , I love the light faded ones that are popular this year and occasionally wear white ones which I think are a bit more dressy and I do have a black pair . My grand daughter still wears shorts but mostly those ripped jeans . I LOVE the wider leg jeans now also but kept a few skinnies for tucking into my boots this winter . Thanks for all the great posts , I love your casual style as that’s what it’s about today .
    Take care 🤗

  6. I purchased the Paige navy dress and love it! This dress was my best purchase this Spring…thank you for having it on the blog because I would have never purchased it! I have worn it so many times with wedges and flats, dressed up and casual.

  7. You can donate the cloth and stone jumpsuit to me! I love it, and wear the same size as you but probably have a longer torso so it might work.

      1. I was going to volunteer for that too! Lol. In all seriousness, have you ever considered selling items like that, particularly designer ones, instead of donating? You could then donate the profits to a favorite charity. I’m sure all your readers would be excited to shop your “rejects”, especially since they are trendy items at a steal. You could use a site like Poshmark but just do it seasonally, like a flash sale, then delete and donate any items that don’t sell. Just a thought, but I’d definitely shop it!

  8. Thank you for this honest post. I think it makes a lot of us feel better!! I smiled when I read the part about the shoes. I am the same with bags- I think bright colours bags look great when I see them on other people but when I have occasionally bought one myself (mustard yellow, red…), I have not used them!

  9. I really enjoyed this post! I have a regret purchase from the summer, but due to how long I’ve had the item, I suspect that I am stuck with them, even though the tags are still on. That item is the white Good American jeans. I have not wanted to wear them one time. As much as I like white jeans on you and other ladies, I just don’t reach for them.

  10. Just wanted to drop a quick note that I appreciate this post. It is nice to know what you just didn’t end up liking or wearing often. I appreciate the authentic feedback.

  11. I love those 7FAMK shorts! I’ve worn them so much this summer that I ordered a second identical pair when they were in the NAS so I wouldn’t have a laundry bottleneck. Those shorts and the ATM schoolboy v necks have been on repeat all summer.

  12. Question about the YSL sunglasses… do they leave a dent on your nose after you have had them on a while? I have Tory Burch, Dolce and Gabbana and Burberry, all of which leave a terrible mark on my nose. I can stick on the tiny silicone nose inserts, but those aren’t super comfy either. just wondering – thanks! PS – I’m really loving your posts!!!! Thank you!

  13. Love when you do this post! I bought the navy born sliders and absolutely LOVE THEM! I never would of bought them since sandals like these do not stay on my feet. But, this do! They could be a little tighter but as long as I don’t walk super fast I have no issues at all. So , Thank You!

  14. I really appreciate this post, and it always makes me feel better when you end up not wearing things too. I purchased the Eileen Fisher dress in black and loved it so much that I purchased the berry when it was on sale for about half price. I also purchased the Paige dress. I purchased the small at first and it didn’t look right, so I returned it for the x-small and that worked great. I loved the white Good American jeans, and the Mother also. I kept both. I am interested in the Mother jeans in Au Revoir. I usually wear one size smaller than you because I am only 5’1”. Do you find the size 28 to be comfortable? I usually size up one in Mother jeans and I thought you did also.

    1. I personally found the Au Revoir to run a little large and got a 26. It fit perfectly. Almost all my other Mother jeans I have in 27 but Au Revoir is pretty stretchy.

  15. Bonjour! I had to jump back on here and say that I brought the Paige Brielle dress with me to France (it was the only short dress I brought) but I never wore it! I threw it on to go downstairs to breakfast one morning when we were in Bayeux but it is pretty darn short on me (like a mini) and IDK I just didn’t feel my best self in it (if that makes sense). It’s really cute, but don’t think it was my best purchase either.

  16. I am only guessing, but I seem to recall that you are short-waisted. It may be that the jumpsuit is too long in the body for you. And that is why it bunches up like that? You could have it altered but it may be too costly? I almost ordered it back when you posted it but I’m glad I didn’t as I am also short-waisted.

  17. It’s nice to see a post like this. I don’t buy as much as I used to. When you get to a certain age you feel like you have lots of everything – clothes, jewelry, shoes etc. Lately I’m more in purge mode. When I do shop it’s just select items here and there to add to what I have to try and stay current. Still, I manage to purchase things I don’t end up wearing or not wearing as much as I think I’m going to. Maybe it’s a matter of too many choices?

    1. I think that’s definitely true for me. I really don’t like having too many choices, which is why I’m always purging, lol. I would be a great candidate for a capsule wardrobe, but that doesn’t really work with this job. 🙂

      1. My purchases sound a lot like Kim’s; I try and just select enough to stay current because when you reach the magic age you don’t feel like you need as much but still don’t want to look frumpy. Having Jo-Lynne’s fashion advice and so many ideas helps so much since she’s already put outfits together and done the legwork for us! Thank you Jo-lynne!

  18. I bought the Turquoise Sloane Born sandals. Reach for them often &?have worn them over & over. They are very comfortable & my favorite color so it was a great purchase for me. I also got the Born (love this brand) Miarra sandals in a gold type leather. Love those too for a flatter version. Enjoyed this post!!

  19. I appreciate your honesty! We all buy things that don’t workout. I offer mine to a friend or take to a “share” store. They sell donated items, then the money is used for mission trips.

  20. I love the Dolce Vita sandals but the heel is too high for me. I searched for similar sandals. I found a sandal by Lucky Brand. They’re natural and have tan straps. I wore them with my navy dress because you inspired me when you first wore that navy dress with the Dolce Vita sandals. I copied you by wearing a similar necklace too. You’re inspiring!
    This summer I didn’t make too many mistakes like other years. It’s been over 100 for two plus months. All I wear is gauze tops, cotton t-shirts and bermudas. We didn’t have much of a spring so I didn’t get to wear a lot of my tops that I wear in spring. Now I can’t wait for fall.

  21. All your best purchases look good on you and that last sleeveless jumper doesn’t look so great. Definitely doing something weird in the middle! I’ve probably worn shorts more this summer than I have since I was a kid. But, we’ve had record highs for weeks, triple digits in Texas aren’t fun!

  22. I wish I had those lilac WHBM shorts because they are such a pretty color and because they have zippered pockets, which are like my favorite thing ever for casual shorts/pants. But I totally understand what you mean about having things that you like but that you just don’t reach for.

    1. I think I just have too many things I like, lol. And then I tend to fall into the habit of wearing the same comfy things over and over. There are worst problems to have, right? 🤣

  23. Hi ,
    I am wondering where you think I could look for some casual summer dresses. I don’t wear a lot of dresses but sometimes it would be fun. I am petite curvy so loose styles do nothing for my body type. Thank you! Love reading your posts everyday!

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