Save or Splurge: Sunglasses Trends for Spring 2023

I’ve been getting questions lately about what sunglasses are in style for 2023, and where to shop for them, so I dug up this save or splurge post from the archives and updated it for the current season.

Fendi Round Sunglasses

But first, a little story… I used to buy the cheapest sunglasses I could find because I would usually manage to lose them before the season was over. I thought I wasn’t responsible enough for nice sunglasses.

Then one day back in 2008, I was shopping with a friend, and I decided to experiment with a pair of quality shades. My reasoning was, if I actually paid money for a decent pair of sunglasses, maybe I’d be more careful with them.

We spent hours at Nordstrom that day, trying on all the sunglasses, and I finally chose a moderately priced pair — they were Michel Kors or Kate Spade or something in that range. I distinctly remember trying them both on my face and on the top of my head to be sure they looked good from all angles. I even have a picture in them… my daughter was 2 1/2.

Funny that the rectangular shape I was wearing there in 2008 is now back in style in 2023!

I loved wearing those sunglasses, so I was extremely careful and managed to keep track of them for several years.

Eventually I did end up leaving them on a rack in an Old Navy store when I was shopping with several kids in tow, and when I went back to get them, they were long gone. But I got a great cost per wear out of those frames, and I’ve been buying quality sunglasses ever since.

Saint Laurent 55mm Sunglasses // on sale in black!

These days, I usually keep a few pairs of sunglasses in rotation, and I’ve taken to investing in some luxury designer styles, such as Fendi and YSL, but I also enjoy some of the mid-range brands such as DIFF and Quay.

You can find a wide variety of quality sunglasses at stores like Nordstrom and sunglass hut, and I’ve scored a few good deals on luxury designer brands at Saks OFF 5TH.

Gucci 52 MM Round Sunglasses

If you prefer to save on sunglasses, Amazon is known for having tons of on-trend styles at ridiculously low prices. That’s also a great way to experiment with new styles before deciding whether or not to invest in a more long-lasting pair.

And that’s the perfect segue to the trending styles in sunglasses for 2023!

The Biggest Sunglasses Trends of 2023

Quay Call The Shots 48mm Gradient Cat Eye Sunglasses

This year, we’re seeing a lot of styles converging at once. The oversized square frames that have been around for a few years are still relevant, and those are my favorites because I think they look best on me.

But we’re also seeing the return of round styles and smaller frames, and angular geometric shapes are very much on trend right now.

Plus, visor and shield styles are starting to make a comeback, and rounded cat eye shapes are huge this season. White frames and bold colors are trending, as well!

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24 Responses

  1. Great post! I love my Maui Jims, and a heads up for anyone that needs readers in their sunglasses, that if you order off their website, you can get readers in many (most?) styles. I think it’s an extra $30 or $40, but it may depend on the style.

  2. I used to be team cheap sunglasses because I’d lose them or sit on them and then I discovered polarized lenses. Those lenses are great for cutting that sun glare. My current 2 paris are a pair of black polarized Oakleys that I’ve had for about 5 years, those I wear daily. I also got a pair of perscription readers 2 years ago. I picked a brown, subdued tortoise frame from Liz Claiborne with polarized and scratch resistent lenses. Those were a splurge because insurance didn’t cover those. I love them for car rides and now I usually have 3 paris of glasses with me, with 2 being in my purse and 1 on my head. I porbably should add a plain new pair to my rotation but getting polarized lenses will still be a priority.

    1. I completely agree about polarized lenses. They are a must in any style of sunglasses for me. I just purchased a great everyday pair from Warby Parker for $95.

  3. My daughter introduced me to goodr sunglasses a few years ago and I’ve been buying them ever since. Fun colors, mirrored lenses and only $25!

  4. I used to buy cheap sunglasses too, from TJMaxx or Kohl’s. It got to the point that I was breaking them or losing the screws. Finally I tried a pair of Gucci I got from Poshmark. Love! I have since bought another pair of Gucci and even a Chanel I bought at a decent price. My question is this: I have been walking outside a lot for exercise and am now beginning to deal with sweat when wearing sunglasses. I hate to treat my nice sunglasses that way, but having polarized lenses is important to me now that I am used to it. What do you wear when you are outside running/walking in warmer weather?

    1. I had sport sunglasses when I was running a lot. Tifosi is my favorite. They’re super lightweight and they don’t slide down your nose when running or cycling. Similar to this – https://amzn.to/3LzBcNc

      Nowadays I usually just grab one of my DIFF pairs. They’re very lightweight compared to the YSL, Gucci, and Fendi pairs.

  5. I have a pair of Oakley, a tortoise Ray Ban and Maui Jim Aviator sunglasses but my favourite are an inexpensive pair in black. They look good and feel good on.

  6. I, too, have a couple of splurge sunglasses that I enjoy wearing. Also, a year or so ago you recommended “Carfia” from Amazon. I bought a pair of aviators for 19.99/24.99 (can’t remember) and I love these sunglasses! They’re polarized which is a must for me! They have easily become my everyday sunglasses! Can’t beat ‘em! 😎

  7. I can relate to not buying expensive sunglasses due to loosing them, or to be honest I like to spend my money else where. But I was so intrigued by Quay brand. I found a pair I like. They come in several color choices. I wanted to ask for your thoughts from a style perspective. Am I to match my hair, like it seems you do? What are your thoughts on how I should chose a color?

  8. I needed this post, been looking for new sunglasses to replace my SOJOS from Amazon which I’ve had for 4-5 years and they have held up well for inexpensive polarized sunglasses; my face is small so it is a challenge finding them.
    Love the picture of you and ?Becca/Caroline? so sweet, I believe you are wearing ???capris??? ha! but you look cute in them.

      1. I do remember peddle pushers and have had a few pair in my day. In the early 60’s the older girls were wearing black peddle pushers and I remember Mama saying you’re not old enough to wear black just yet, I think they were big too on the movie Grease with the lovely Olivia Newton John. Its funny how the same styles transition and many times are renamed.

  9. For me it’s not as much about the shape of the frame but the color of the lenses. My eyes are sensitive so I have to have just the right tint. I have a pair that my Goddaughter says makes me look like one of those purple things off of Charlie and the chocolate factory cause the frame is purples blue. But the tint is right

  10. I usually buy cheap with UV protect and polarized, but my adult kids go for the good stuff. Yours always look so nice, I may need to reconsider. Do you have a link to the gold chain loop necklace or is it old? Have you done a necklace update lately? I feel like my necklaces are dated and need some ideas since I’m out and dressing up more for work. Looking at some classics I could wear with a lot in the under $150 range. Earrings are easier to find it seems.

  11. Can you please identify the black swimsuit you are wearing in the first photo? I thought you had featured it in one of your blogs, but couldn’t find it. Thanks for a great post!

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