3 Summer Outfits from White House Black Market

Wow, I think I forgot how controversial capri pants can be! Let’s move back to safer topics… I’ve placed a few orders from White House Black Market lately, and I love what I found.

First up, a dress I wore to the bridal shower I attended in Boston last weekend.

Godet Dress (6) // similar pumps // Coach handbag // earrings // similar necklace // bracelet

The weather was predicted to be cold and rainy, and that threw me for a loop because most of my spring dresses and blouses are sleeveless, and I don’t really have appropriate toppers.

I know, I should remedy that situation. It’s a hole in my wardrobe that’s very frustrating this time of year, but I don’t love cardigans or blazers, and a denim jacket is sometimes too casual. But that’s a topic for another post.

Fortunately, I had ordered this Godet Dress with 3/4 length sleeves.

While they don’t offer a lot of warmth, it looked more weather appropriate than the short sleeved and sleeveless styles I have in my closet, and I like this bold print. I think it’s really fun, and more sophisticated than a lot of the small scale floral prints I’m seeing these days.

I also like how they paired a flouncy skirt with a streamlined v-neckline, and I appreciate that the tie waist doesn’t have an elastic band. It allows me to place the tie where I want it without the top blousing out over top, creating more visual bulk.

All that to say, I feel like this dress gives a nod to current trends while creating some of those clean lines that appeal to my more minimalist aesthetic.

Because of the rain, I wore neutral pumps, but this dress will also look great with my gold ankle strap sandals or beige slingback sandals this spring and summer.

As far as sizing goes, I’m wearing the 8 in these pictures, but I felt like it was a little roomy. I rarely wear a 6 these days, so it never occurred to me to order both sizes.

I didn’t have time to exchange it down here, so I packed it and figured I’d go ahead and keep the 8, but we ended up eating lunch on Saturday right next door to a White House Black Market!

I wandered in, and not only did I find the size 6, it was 25% off! SCORE! So I’m wearing the 8 in these pictures, but I ended up purchasing and wearing the size 6 to the shower.

The v-neckline seemed to demand a filler of some sort, but my more dainty necklaces got lost in the bold print, so I went with this chunky scalloped pendant. Unfortunately, it’s sold out, so I linked a similar style. I also wore coordinating earrings and a pearl and goldtone bracelet.

I’m so happy to see my Coach handbag from last year still in stock! This is such a nice summer bag for dressy events.

I topped off this look with a beige 3/4-length trench, which was perfect for the rainy weather, and it aligned nicely with the formality of this dress.

Another dress I picked up recently from White House Black Market is this sleeveless jersey dress in a black and white geometric print. I love the twist waist detail and the wide, bra-friendly straps.

sleeveless matte jersey dress (S) // Sam Edelman heels (8) // Coach handbag // earrings // similar necklace // bracelet

It’s stretchy and soft and fully lined – very forgiving it you have any extra fluff. The fabric is great for travel because you can pretty much ball it up in a corner of your suitcase, and it won’t show a single wrinkle.

I do wish it were a wee bit longer, but I think it works. Just like with capri pants, you don’t want the hem of your dress to cross the widest part of your calf, and this one falls right below that point on me.

As you can see, I  kept the same jewelry and bag for this look, but this time, I did wear those gold ankle strap sandals.

I like pairing metallics with black and white in the summertime. White or black would work, of course, and nude does too, but a gold or silver metallic sandal is a great way to elevate the look.

This dress runs true to size, and it’s an easy pull on and go style with no zippers or buttons to fuss with.

I also ordered a few tops from White House Black Market recently. This short-sleeve tee has a flattering scoop neck with cap sleeves and a button detail that gives a nod to military styling.

short-sleeve utility tee (S) // PAIGE denim (29) // Vince wedge slides (8) // NAGHEDI St. Barths Tote // earrings // Fendi sunnies

The fabric is a nice and thick pima cotton/modal/spandex blend, which makes it look more polished than a typical t-shirt. I just wish it had a straight hemline, but that’s not a deal breaker for me since it’s so flattering otherwise.

I did a front tuck because it’s too long to leave untucked with these pants… or any pants, really, but especially a crop style. I just wish I’d thought to bring along a skinny black leather belt. I feel like that would add just the finishing touch this outfit needs.

I paired the black and white stripe tee with white crop wide leg jeans. I like how these have the look of linen pants, but with a bit more structure.

And to keep the black and white theme going, I wore my black Vince wedge slides and carried my NAGHEDI St. Barths Tote, and I wore goldtone jewelry to coordinate with the buttons on the top.

I think this outfit is so chic and elegant for a dressed-up casual summer look. Sure, you could wear full length pants or a nude shoe, if you prefer a more leg-lengthening silhouette, but tucking the shirt keeps the proportions in check, and exposing your ankles is generally slimming because that’s the thinnest part of the leg.

And again, a nude shoe might make your legs look longer, but I like how the black wedges along with my dark hair (and the black in the top) bookends the look. And the wedge heel also helps offset the leg-shortening effect of the crop pants.

I won’t argue with those who say this silhouette isn’t as conventionally flattering as some straighter styles of crop jeans, but they have a loosely tailored shape that feels timeless and sophisticated in the crisp white denim.

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photos: Alison Cornell

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27 Responses

  1. The dress is really pretty that you wore to the shower. Imo, you will look back at these white crops are not a flattering fit. It might just be the pictures. Sometimes items look much better in person.

  2. Wow! That first dress looked great on you. If I were to see it hanging…I won’t give it a second look. Everything looked nice but I’m amazed at the first dress.

    1. I’m the same….would never have given that dress an opportunity but it looks lovely on you. The white pants outfit is also very nice and thanks for the detail on belt color if you were to wear one (sometimes I’m not sure what color to wear) and shoe color tips (with height I don’t want to accentuate that, I know I’m minority). Have a great week.

  3. Super cute outfits! Somehow after following you last fall, I got linked to a pair of WHBM flair jeans which I absolutely love. So I check there for jeans, too, although they seemed to have an abundance of skinnies! Seeing those dresses reminded me to ask if you have a good recommendation for foundation items like body shapers, etc. That’s the first thing I need when wearing a dress. I looked for one in the fall before my son’s wedding and never found the right thing and ended up altering an old one which was ridiculous! It worked, but you’d think that someone would come up with better solutions. Anyway, thanks for the post!

  4. You look amazing in all three outfits! I love WHBM. There’s only an outlet near me now. They are great for basics, but they don’t have new arrivals. I especially like the dress you wore to the bridal shower. I agree about the small floral prints out there now! And tiers, I’m really over them. Definitely a safer post than capris 😅

  5. Love both dresses on you, glad you kept the second longer dress, I remember when you showed it a few weeks ago and I liked it on you. I think those wide leg crops work on you with your height and since they look a little flowy as well, they just don’tseem to work well for me being 5’2. Such pretty photos with the backdrops.

  6. Love the shower dress on you. I think it looks much better on you then the model. I’m never ready for something for dressing in a dress for Spring around here. I don’t have the right toppers for my dresses either. I wore pants and blazer for Easter. I also need nude pumps that have lower heel ready to go incase of weather like you had. No one around here dresses up much and since Covid it’s gotten worse. So I find myself dressing down at events lately in my small town so as not to stick out. Ugh. Remember the days….. when my mom was young….. they wore hats and white gloves and dresses and heels for Easter. Well, every Sunday. So, ususlly WHBM is too dressy for my daily wear, but love the black and white outfit on you. I like the pants on you. Easy breezy look. More confortable when the weather gets hot. Keep wearing them. The 2 nd dress a keeper too. Just not like you to buy so many dresses. Lol. Did you see Caroline at the shower?

    1. Kathy, I was one of those 50’s children in the Easter dress with the puffy skirt, hat, white gloves and either white or black patent leather shoes with socks to coordinate with my dress; oh and don’t forget the corsage with baby’s breath! Our little town was something like Mayberry. I wish now that we could see a little more formality and less dressing down; throwback to the past!

  7. I really like both dresses and the top on you. The twisted front on the b&w dress adds that extra touch. And the scoop neckline on the top is great. While I didn’t comment on yesterday’s post, I admit that I still own a few pair of capris, however, I only wear them at home doing chores because I know they are dated and not that flattering.

  8. Thank you for all your posts! I went back to your swimsuit and swimsuit cover posts and ordered via your links. I absolutely love the cover ups and ordered a couple you modeled. It really elevates the look and makes such a difference. I got the black & white striped pareo and black tunic. I am thinking about adding the blue dress one you styled as it is such a fun color. I agree with your comment in previous post that cover ups are where it is at…they make such a difference!

    I also purchased the blue Splendid dress you styled…the quality is amazing! Like the Eileen Fisher dresses, it is one that is a timeless piece to add to a wardrobe.

  9. I’m not a blazer person, either, but I recently bought a sweater blazer from J Crew to fill that gap in my wardrobe, and I like it! Regular blazers feel so stiff and corporate, and just not me at all, but the sweater blazer hits the sweet spot between casual and dressy, plus it’s comfortable.

    1. I bought the JCrew sweater blazer too. I bought the ivory for spring and the camel for fall and winter. I really like them.

  10. I would love to see you do a “topper” post for outfits that call for something nicer than a jean jacket. I just had this issue lately for a dinner fundraiser. A cardigan looked dowdy, a blazer looked too corporate, a leather jacket too heavy to be wearing inside, and the jean jacket was definitely on the casual side – but was the best of the options I had. I’m wondering if a white or colored denim jacket would have looked better…

    1. I second this idea! I don’t have as many 3/4 length sleeves dresses and tops as I’d like for this in between weather. Once I put up my winter stuff, I’m left with a lot of sleeveless and no good “topper” options! I have found kit blazers sometimes look more casual and less corporate than traditional ones. But I could definitely use more suggestions!

  11. I love all three outfits, especially the floral dress and the black and white look with the wide leg pants. I may have to recreate that last look. It’s so fresh and classic. Thanks for the post!

  12. Love the dress!

    A quick question, which may in itself be controversial. So are full length classic stone colored chinos in or out. Will I look like Barbara Bush or is there a way to pull these off? I cannot find an ankle length chino in stone…everything is peat moss green or a deep beige. Help!

  13. I love all these looks! I’ve not been a WHBM shopper much but I just bought a pair of lighter wash girlfriend jeans and I love them! I went back for another color today!

    Capris….I watched a FB live last night and they mentioned capris twice to wear with a certain shoe… I admit I cringed 😬

  14. All the outfits look good on you. I especially love the first dress. I like the crop wide legs pants outfit. I think one reason women don’t like wide leg pants or crops is because they don’t look good with flats. I don’t wear mine often because my lifestyle doesn’t call for heels. Thanks for keeping us current.

  15. So funny that you would mention WHBM today as I am at Disney World wearing one of my three pairs of Pret-a-Play shorts! I bought two pair last season after your recommendation even though they are just a tad short for my comfort level. But not at the beach or on vacation! Bought a third pair in black for this season!! They are so comfortable and flattering and a great alternative to denim shorts!!

  16. Absolutely love the first dress, now I want one! I agree the larger florals are so much more sophisticated than the small “chintzy” ones.

    1. Forgot to add, I really enjoy seeing posts with dresses. Obviously for special events but I also enjoy wearing a dress to church sometimes. It’s hard to find a good “in between” option that’s not super casual like a tshirt knit dress, or alternately too dressy like a cocktail dress. These both fit that in between range perfectly! I’d love to see more similar, even if it is just in a widget at the bottom of the page. Thanks again for all the time you spend searching for specific items like this. I don’t have as much time to shop as I used to, so it’s greatly appreciated!

  17. I absolutely love the first dress on you! I like the second dress, and the third outfit! But that first dress looks amazing on you! I always appreciate your input and advice!

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