Fall Color Trend to Try: Salted Caramel

Well, I blinked and it’s October! We’re closing in the holiday season, and I plan to start gift guides very soon, but first I’m wrapping up my series on on Fall 2023 Color Trends.

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Today, our fall color trend to try is what I’m calling Salted Caramel. This isn’t really a specific color, of course, but more or less a range of shades of beige that are warmer than the taupe that was trending hard for the past few seasons, but lighter than what we typically call cognac.

I love this color trend because it’s a fresh alternative to traditional fall colors like burgundy and forest green, and it pairs well with everything from chocolate brown and other earth tones, to rust and red, and even the icy shades of blue that are also trending.

As with most other color trends this season, we’re seeing a lot of monochromatic looks combining various shades of beige and brown.

I did my own subtle version of this below by layering a puffer jacket in what I would consider this season’s Salted Caramel over a sweater in a deep camel color, and kept the shades of brown going with my boots and bag. I love how they pop against the light blue denim.

puffer jacket (S) // sweater (S) // jeans (29) // boots (8) // bucket bag

Whether you wear Salted Caramel in a metallic like this beautiful silk midi dress or add texture and warmth using a classic cable knit, you can’t go wrong incorporating these colors into your fall wardrobe.  They also make a great choice when it comes to outerwear, like this topcoat or this chic jacket.

Don’t forget about shoes and accessories. I find they’re one of the easiest ways to try out a color trend. Ankle boots in this color can be worn with jeans, dresses, or skirts, adding a touch of warmth to your look. These knee boots will pair well with all of your dresses.

Shop Salted Caramel:

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10 Responses

  1. Great post! The BP silk dress looks gorgeous, I think it would be a classic? Party or wedding depending on venue/dress code. The Gap stripe shirt is nice. Thank you for a great post.

    I’ll also add here, as I wasn’t about to comment on the FB group-there was someone who felt attacked by another member. I’d like to kindly suggest going forward if you don’t agree with someone or like what is said please just scroll on by. It’s that simple!!! Why make such an effort to mean to others at this stage in life? Maybe restrict posts to clothing, etc not what’s on television-that’s really to fashion

    1. I totally agree with you Ana and would like to add the saying we all know. “if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all”.

  2. I love this color! It pairs nicely with black and olive green so a great neutral for me! I have a few pieces I added this year. Our fall is either short or long! weather wise we never know what we’ll get from one year to another. We have cool mornings warm afternoons and cool evenings So we change a lot through the day 😂
    Hope you’re feeling better soon!
    This weekend coming is our Thanksgiving 🙈where has the time gone !

  3. As a winter in coloring, I never, ever wore this color. I was told taupe was my “beige” shade. But in the last few years, I have tried it and found some of the lighter shades work for me. This year I finally purchased your favorite Vince sweater, and can’t wait to wear it. Last year, we had a rather mild winter here, and the long sweater blazer from JCrew in that beige worked well as my winter coat quite a bit. The point is, we should try colors we thought we couldn’t wear. Thank you for your fall color series. And I hope you feel better soon.

    1. I agree, I sometimes like colors that aren’t “supposed” to look good on me. Or, I incorporate them into shoes and handbags or pants, if they don’t look good near my face. This color is one I like a lot for shoes and bags.

  4. Great colors, love wearing them with light denim! Rest up and drink lots of water and chicken noodle soup! Heading to the Jersey Shore today in salted caramel sandals and crossbody! Beautiful day for sure!

  5. As an autumn I have a lot of clothing and accessories in this color. I’ve added a Sherpa jacket. I like a lot of what you’ve shown here

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