Fall Florals

If I’m not in a sweater with jeans and loafers this fall, you’ll probably find me in a floral top and jeans and loafers…and this floral bow sleeve top from J.Crew Factory checks all the boxes. Best of all, it’s 50% off right now, bringing it down to $29.50!

This top has the perfect v-neckline, such a pretty floral pattern, and the colors pair perfectly with black pants, but I can also see it with blue jeans for a more dressed-down look. For size reference, I’m in the 6.

I’m nothing if not predictable, so I paired this blouse with my black jeans. It has a black background, so it just seems to make sense, and you know I’ll take any excuse to wear my black jeans.

These are the Rag & Bone skinnies from the #NSale, and I love the raw hem. They were almost gone, but they got a bunch of restocks in overnight, so if these have been on your wish list, be sure to check for your size! I’m in the 28, but I wish I’d gone with the 29. If in between, definitely go with your larger size. Oh, they’re also 33% off!

These loafer mules are one of my favorite purchases from last winter. I couldn’t wait to break them out again this year. Besides being incredibly comfortable, I think they’re the perfect blend of menswear-inspired loafer and feminine mule. For some reason, I find the backless styles so much more flattering on a woman’s foot than traditional loafers.

Of course, I have to tell you that they’re pretty much gone. I did find them at Nordstrom Rack, and I THINK the black color that’s still pretty well stocked is the black suede that I have, but it doesn’t say they’re suede, so I can’t be 100% sure. They’re $150 shoes marked down to $80, so in my opinion, they’re worth a try if you’re looking for a pair of black suede loafer mules because these are pretty much perfect in every way! They run pretty true to size, but if in doubt, you may want to size down half.

I’m not sure if we took this picture to show you the pretty sleeves on this top or the ring handle bag, but either way, they’re both really fun, yes??? I love how the sleeves have enough of a flare to add interest without getting in my way, and the bow tie is the perfect touch.

This bag is a great budget buy if you’re looking for a good medium-sized everyday bag that’s on trend. I think it really updates a basic look, and it looks more expensive than it is.

Because the bag has gold in the handle, I accessorized with gold jewelry. These double circle earrings have been on major repeat this season because they’re eye-catching and fun without weighing me down, and this layered coin necklace adds the perfect touch of bling to finish off the look.

This is an outfit I’d wear to church, to lunch with a friend, or out to dinner with my husband and kids. If you swap out the jeans for black pants, you could even wear it to work, and of course you can dress it up with heels if that’s your jam. I can totally see this with booties or pumps for a date night look.

floral blouse // Rag &  Bone jeans (option) // R Minkoff mules (option) // Topshop tote // double circle earrings // coin necklace // photo credit: Alison Cornell

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  1. I love this outfit!  It looks great on you (the jeans may be a bit snug, but they are very flattering), and it’s a perfect blend of dressy and casual.  Two questions.  The shoes are tempting – did you find them true to size, and do you feel like your feet slip out of them at all?  I love the look of slides, but often find them too wide (or something).  Second question is unrelated to this post, but I’m hoping you’ll know.  Do you find the Frame jeans run on the large side or the small side?  Do you think that would change if you were talking about a jean that’s 100% cotton?  I’m toying with a pair of Frame jeans at Nordstrom Rack.  They are kooky (for me anyway), but it’s a style I’ve been pondering trying for about a year now (the wider legged cropped) – not sure I can pull it off, but I like the look of this particular pair (not too wide; not too kooky), and the price is decent.  Unfortunately, they only have one size, which would be my size in certain brands (7FAMK), but not for others (Paige).  Thoughts?  Thanks in advance, and have a great day!

    1. The shoes are PERFECTION. I can walk great in them, and I have narrow, flat feet. I can’t remember if mine are 7.5 or 8, but I feel like I sized down to 7.5. I often do in slides and sandals — basically anything with an open heel.

      Frame jeans are weird. I have 2 pairs, and I went with the 29 in both, but the skinnies I have do slide down as I wear them, even though they fit snug and never bag out. I’ve been told to size down in them and they will mold to your body, but I was afraid to go too small with those. With the straight leg ones, I bought a 28 at the #NSale and ended up changing them for the 29 b/c the waist was bulging. They’re super high rise, so the 29 do not slide down, but I thought they looked a little large in the front in the pictures in my post last week, so maybe I should have stuck with 28. All that to say… I would try them if I were you. They might work, just beware they will likely feel snug.

  2. Just a comment on your eyes (not the fashion haha!) I had the same problem, but I was able to get used to one eye seeing near and one seeing far (with corrective lenses). It took awhile, I will admit. Then I had lasix in one eye to be able to see far and left the other one alone to see close up. Now I never have to wear glasses, except for medicine bottles where the writing is minute. I have no problems at all with my vision, even at my age! Best decision I ever made. Good luck today!

      1. I was as well. They offered me a pill (maybe Valium or something like that), and I took it. It was over in a few seconds, and I didn’t feel a thing. Although my vision was a bit blurry on the way home (you cannot drive that day), I could read the signs as we drove. Hurray! My eye was “achy” that afternoon, but the next day I woke up and could see everything! Hurray!

      2. I would be terrified of lasik’s too. I know 3 people who have done it and had to go back and do redoes as they had blurriness etc. after surgery.  Its not always full proof. I have similar problem.  I’ve only needed reading glasses, then needed for computer and now the older I get I need a little help for far off.  So I wear transition lenses in glasses ALL the time. I get frustrated when I have to wear sunglasses because then its the on and off all day. Its really hard in the summer time when you are on vacation, going in and out of stores etc.  I’ve heard if I get contacts then there is adjustment there too, so not sure what to do. Buying regular and sunglasses is expensive too.  Anyway, I’d think about the lasik’s, it could be worse afterwards.  Just the idea of it freaks me out.  

    1. Arna, that sounds amazing! I have been wearing mono-vision contacts for years now and I love them. How old were you when you had the lasik done? I would so love to be without contacts and glasses!!

  3. This outfit is so cute! I’m thinking about getting those shoes! Good luck with your eye doctor appointment! I have the same issues you describe. I wear contacts for distance only (because the multifocal contacts and monovision have not worked for me) and wear readers on my head (lovely looking but I want them near). I have multiple powers of readers because the computer requires a lower power than reading my phone or a book. I also have glasses with trifocal lenses which work great but, like you, I don’t want to wear them all the time. I’ll be very interested to hear if you find a solution to this dilemma. I’m thankful that I can see, but I do miss my younger eyes!!

  4. I love this outfit on you– very flattering! How would you compare these jeans to the black AGs you recently featured– which would you choose?

  5. Gorgeous fall top and the whole outfit looks amazing on you. I purchased some similar mules last year but the brand was Me Too and I think I found them at DSW, but they look identical to those ones you  styled, if anyone is interested? I tried the mono vision contacts as well and had the same issue you did, ugh 😑 so I went with the contact bifocals in one eye and it seems to do the trick. Good luck with that today because I know the struggle is real. Also enjoyed your FB live when I finally got to watch it last night. Good stuff! 

  6. Great news on your daughters tooth!  Good luck with your eye appointment!  Having my eyes dilated makes me feel yucky all day.  Like you, my eyes would not adjust to the multi prescription contacts.  I’ve come to see eyeglasses as an accessory that can change your look, and since I now order mine from Zennioptical, which has tons of options at a much much lower cost, I’m okay.  I have added the handbag to my wish list.  I think it’s okay to have duplicate handbags in the same color, if the style is different.  Have a great Hump day!

  7. Love this outfit. I’m trying to convince myself that I don’t need this top since I have TWO other black floral tops PLUS one navy floral top. #addicted But I do love the print on this one that you’re wearing.

  8. Great news about your daughter’s tooth!  Hoping you find a solution for your glasses/contacts.   I wear glasses full time and it’s still an effort to get them right each time I have to get a new prescription.  That bifocal thing is tough.  Ahhh…to have young eyes again!  Your top is so pretty.  I love that print and the sleeves are fun!  On another note…I finally found a gray sweater yesterday.  I have no idea how I went this long without one!  😊

      1. I found it at Kohl’s.  It’s a light gray V-neck cable knit by Croft & Barrow.  I have trouble finding sweaters that aren’t too long.  This one was a bit shorter.

  9. Cute top. I am now talking as someone who has been in the eye business for 30 years. When it comes time for the need for distance and near, you will never see as good with contacts as you do with glasses. You will always have to decide which you are willing to sacrifice. Most people end up back in glasses because the distortion bothers them. LASIK is a great option. Jo Lynne there is absolutely no reason to be afraid of it. The Dr. I work for is one of the top 5 LASIK surgeons in the country. Believe me, nothing goes wrong. It is the easiest thing you will ever do. PM me if you want more info. Sorry to rattle on in this post.

  10. Such a great outfit. I love how you paired a very feminine top with menswear inspired shoes. I wouldn’t normally gravitate towards this kind of footwear but the mule makes this outfit so cool. I have said this before, but you have such a knack for elevating an outfit without going over the top. I learn so much from you.

  11. Florals look great on you! I had monovision Lasik 14 years ago, and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I can see both far and close. The surgery is easy; it’s the anticipation that is tough. They will give you a Valium. I woke up the next morning and couldn’t figure out why we had a little red light on our wall. It turned out to be the little light on our security system. I had never seen it before, LOL. Something to consider.

  12. I’ve never been a floral girl before, but I’m finding myself a little more drawn to them and adding them to my closet. This is a cute top and perfect with your jeans. I swear, jeans are so hard. You never know if you should buy the skin tight pair thinking they’ll stretch or risk it and go up size praying they don’t bag out. UGH. The struggle is real! I’m finding myself and my menopausal body to be kind of between sizes. YUCK!

    1. Yep, it pays to know your brands and how they wear over time. And the in-between sizes thing is for the birds. I cant’ seem to quite get back where I need to be to be a solid 6.

  13. Question: What color shoes do you recommend wearing with navy blue dress pants-for an office/work environment? Would love to hear your thoughts!

    1. That’s always a conundrum! I think nude are safest. You can also do burgundy or grey (or leopard if it works with the outfit?) And honestly, I’ve seen a case for black, but I would want to have black somewhere else in the outfit.

  14. What weight is your shirt? My arms are always cold due to a physical issue I have so I need at least a medium weight this time of year.

  15. I love a floral on a black background! The detailed sleeves make this floral blouse feminine without being frou frou. And, black jeans are always a winner! 
    I love the soft curls in your hair. Do you use a curling iron to attain this look? 
    Also, a question about Nordstrom Rack. Does it carry current items made cheaper or discontinued items? One opened close to my daughter and I’m wondering whether I should skip it for Nordstrom a little farther away. 

    1. I use a curling wand. Sometimes it goes on sale: https://shopstyle.it/l/T4qP

      So Nordstrom Rack… they do both. I think they do make products for that store, but they also carry a lot of discontinued products and I often find things there that I bought from Nordstrom after they’re gone from the Nordstrom website. I much prefer shopping the Rack online. I search for the brand names and even style names I want to find. Just perusing the site doesn’t usually turn up much, and the store is much the same way. If you know what brands to look for you can find some great things, but you have to pick through the racks (which I detest.) If you like Marshall’s and TJ Maxx, you will like Nordstrom Rack.

      1. I’ll stick to Nordstrom! It’s big, well organized, wide aisles, and has a great selection of brands. 
        I just wanted to add that you look beautiful in your glasses so why not wear them most of the time? You just need a few more pairs that will coordinate with your mood and/or style of the day. 😉

        1. My main issue is that I have a large collection of sunglasses that I enjoy wearing. I mean, I work with Maui Jim, lol!!! They’ve sent me a bunch this year alone. I do have a pair of prescription sunglasses, but the lenses are really dark and don’t look like regular sunglasses, plus I only have the one pair and I don’t like them nearly as much as my MJ sunnies.

          Oh, and the other issue, a bigger one, actually… I can’t see to put my makeup on without my contacts. It’s miserable. I don’t know how anyone does it. I would almost have to wear them to put on makeup and then take them out and put on glasses, ha!

          1. Oh, that is a conundrum! Would a magnifying mirror work? That is what I use. Not a pretty sight looking at everything magnified first thing in the morning though. 😑 

          2. I’ve tried it, and I can’t seem to use those. They make things too exaggerated… my mom loves hers tho, so I don’t know why I can’t seem to work with them. I know, I’m difficult, lol. I just want my eyes to work. Hmph. 😉

  16. I Love J crew factory and I love this outfit. The floral blouse looks really good on you and I like that you styled it with black jeans. I have been trying to get used to wearing black jeans more as I am a blue jean girl all the way. My daughter loves her black jeans so she convinced me to get a pair last year. I just bought a leopard print blouse with a ruffle sleeve to wear with them and my beige mules… I really am fussy as to what I pair with the black jeans. This has given me some ideas… Thanks… Glad to hear your daughter made out ok ,,,, good luck with the eyes… Aging is not fun:( at times.
    Hope you have a great day…we are back to double digits today with sun and then cold again starting tomorrow… So basically a yo yo affect right now.

  17. I’ve been looking for a floral top for fall and I love this one! Such a pretty print. I like that it’s polyester rather than rayon. Polyester washes easily (no shrinking), wrinkles less and keeps its color. I’m going to give this one a try.

  18. Hey Jo-Lynne, I had lasik surgery 11 years ago and it was one of the best decisions of my life! I had one eye done for near vision and another one for distance and I’m so glad that I listened to my surgeon when he suggested it. I understand your fear as I was petrified before my surgery and I almost cancelled it out of fear. I had no problems whatsoever and I was totally amazed that I could see without glasses within minutes of the surgery. If you have questions, please feel free to send me an email. Now on to your outfit……love it! The only comment I have is about the necklace you chose. I always feel the need to “fill the space” with my necklace and seeing your outfit makes me say to myself, it’s okay if I don’t. Glad you got good news about your daughter’s tooth.

    1. I’m so glad it worked for you! My dad had a bad experience, but everyone else I know swears it was the best thing they did. Yes, I’m also recovering from the need to fill my necklines and realizing that sometimes it is nice to leave that area open. 🙂

  19. Love the floral blouse.  The colors are stunning on you and the style is so cute with the bell/bow sleeves.  I just watched your LIVE and it was really good. When you were talking about you and Cyndi doing a Winter series you said you’d be adding what to wear for Thanksgiving.  I have something you could add in that post.  What to wear when you are staying home and doing the cooking.  I find it hard to dress up too much when I’m in the kitchen most the time.  This might be a good LIVE question instead. 🙂   

    1. Yes, I will try to include that — people always complain that my Thanksgiving looks aren’t practical for cooking. I never cook Thanksgiving dinner, so it never even occurs to me!

  20. Hi Jo-Lynne! Great news about your daughter’s tooth! I was just at the eye doctor this week after two years! I’m with you – I don’t like dilation and after a 10 a.m time for that, my eyes were still somewhat dilated later that evening! I think I may be allergic!! I wear one contact for reading and my other eye is ok for distance so I feel blessed for that! I do hope you can get some answers today! I love the floral top – I have not done much with florals so I think I may need to try! Anyway, you look beautiful, as always! Thanks for all you do!

  21. I, too, am loving fall florals. But for some reason I don’t actually own any! Ha! I’m going to have to rectify that!

    On another note, I’m sure you’ve already had your eye appointment by now, but have you considered just going with the contacts that suit you best for daywear and then adding reading glasses when you’re working? I recently got bi-focal reading glasses. By that, I mean I only wear them when I read, but they are one strength for the computer and one strength for reading my phone or books/magazines/etc. I thought I needed glasses for distance, too. But it turned out that when the eye doctor prescribed these two-level reading glasses, my eyes became less tired and my distance vision has corrected itself.

    So maybe one of the bigger issues for you is that you need one level of reading glass for your computer and one for up close. That has made a world of difference for me.

    Also, I saw a little blurb at my eye doctor that said if you’re on the computer a lot (like we both are!) you need to practice the 20/20/20 rule. Every 20 minutes look at something 20 feet away and focus on it for 20 seconds. That is suppose to keep your eyes healthier after spending so much time staring at a screen. Just food for thought!

    Sorry for such a long-winded comment! oops.

  22. Regarding all the LASIK talk. How old are you when having the surgery? Three people in my office have had it done. A man in his 20’s and a woman in her late 30’s raved about their successful surgeries. A man in his late 40’s ended up back to glasses. I’ve always been told when inquiring about LASIK that the older you get, the less likely the surgery works.

  23. I love this outfit! I can’t seem to jump on the mule bandwagon. They just remind me of house slippers for some reason lol, but I love the top and the outfit is so pretty on you! Regarding your eye issues, I have the exact same problem. I’ve just started wearing the multifocal contacts, and I can tell my distance vision isn’t as good as with my old contacts. They have helped with my near vision, but I’m still not sure I love them. I’m considering going back to my old contacts so I can have the good distance vision, and then just wearing readers for my near vision when I’m on my computer or phone. Why can’t our eyes just stay young?! Lol

  24. I think your outfit is very cute. About your eyes, this is what works for me. I wear contacts for distance, and then reading glasses over the contacts for seeing up close. I hope that you are able to find a good solution.

  25. I also have a similar issue with my eyes. I sacrificed distance so that I can read with my contacts. How do you handle driving? I’m nervous to drive with my contacts, I end up wearing my glasses more often than I want to so that I can do the driving instead of my husband. Love the outfit today!!

    1. I shouldn’t be driving with these, honestly. In fact, the optometrist confirmed it. My prescription has changed drastically in the last 2 years and he was shocked. I’ve got new contacts to try out today. 🙂

  26. Very cute outfit as usual! The shoes are tempting me, but I’m just not sure about mules again. I bought the black tweed dress from Loft that you featured awhile back and I’m wondering if you could provide a different shoe option for it in case I wanted to wear with tights. Would that look good? Also, I have the same issue with seeing distance and close up. I chose the opposite remedy and it works for me although a pain. I wear contacts for distance and slip on my readers when I need to read something. The font size on my phone is pretty large lol, so I can usually read it. I use a makeup mirror that has a light and magnification and I don’t have a problem putting on my makeup at all. Hope that helps….just another solution. 

  27. I have been meaning to post and just getting around to it now.  I had LASIK done  almost 16 years ago. It was well worth it for me despite developing glare issues at night.  I had to wear glasses since I was a kid and once I started wearing contacts they had to be custom made b/c I had a high astigmatism so LASIK for me was a no brainer.  I think your decision should be based on how bad your vision is and being aware of
    the side effects.   The doctor should explain this during your visits as there is risk with any surgery.  I was 26 when I had it done and I could see perfectly and so could my co-workers around my age that also got it at that time.  One older person at my work in their late 30s/early 40s wasn’t as happy with their outcome b/c it messed up their ability to read small print.  
    If you have any questions email me and I can  go into more detail about my experience with it. 

  28. Love this outfit! The floral top is so pretty. This is another outfit I can see myself “winterizing” since I seem to have missed fall! 

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