October Favorites

I skipped my September Favorites since I was doing 25 Days of Fall Fashion, and I almost forgot about my October Favorites. Ooops!!! So today I’m sharing a roundup of old favorites and new finds that I’m particularly loving right now.

October Favorites

Halogen Graduated Tube Hoop Earrings

Halogen Graduated Tube Hoop Earrings // I used to wear hoops all the time, and lately I’ve gotten away from them. I spotted these when I was at Nordstrom over the weekend, and I snapped them up! They’re such a pretty shape with the graduated tube design, and they make a statement without being overwhelming.

Mango MANGO Leather bucket bag

Mango Bucket Bag // I’ve been carrying this bucket bag a ton lately; it’s quickly become my go-to black bag. I like that it’s a little different and unexpected, and it can be dressy or casual.

Crate & Barrell Wilder Stoneware Pumpkins

White Stoneware Pumpkins // I love decorating with white accents in the fall, so when I saw these pumpkins I had to get a couple. I love how they’re festive in a modern way.

R Minkoff Mika Loafer Mule
R Minkoff Mika Loafer Mules // These are from last year, and I debated featuring them because sizes are picked over at Nordstrom Rack, BUT they’re a great price if they have your size. The quality and comfort is outstanding, and they’re so chic. I have to stop myself from wearing them every day.

Free People Jaden Rib Knit Blanket Scarf // I get asked a lot if blanket scarves are still trending, and the answer is YES, but not the big square plaid ones that were all the rage a few years ago. Those have been largely replaced by these oversized oblong fringed scarves — usually in solid colors.

I have this one from Anthropologie, and I just ordered the Free People one pictured above when I saw it recommended on another blog. I’m featuring this one instead of the Anthro one because shipping is free at Nordstrom, but both are wonderful scarves.

J.Crew Factory Leopard Teddie sweater
J.Crew Factory Leopard Teddie sweater // This leopard print sweater is so fun. I love the pattern and how it’s more concentrated in the front to create the illusion of curves.

It’s a nice classic cut with on-shoulder seaming and a slightly wider than average crewneck for a flattering fit, and you can wear it alone or layered under a jacket or cardigan.

Caslon(R) Cozy Rib Detail Relaxed Turtleneck

Caslon Rib Detail Relaxed Turtleneck // This is the third season Nordstrom has carried this Caslon turtleneck, and it’s as popular as ever! If you can find your size, grab one. You will love it, I promise. Despite what the website says, I recommend ordering your usual size. I have it in a small.

CND Married to the Mauve // I’ve been wearing this polish a lot this fall. It’s darker on than it looks in the bottle, and it’s a great fall color that goes with more than you’d think! The Vinylux dries super fast, which is nice too, and it also comes in the Shellac.

Articles of Society Sarah Ankle Skinny Distressed Jeans

Articles of Society Sarah Ankle Skinny Distressed Jeans // These jeans are the ones I always link to as a budget option to my beloved AG legging ankle jeans. I have tried these, and they’re great jeans. You can see more of them in THIS POST.

Right now they’re on an AMAZING sale at Macy’s, and I never see these go on sale. They come down to $32.64 with code DEALS, but hurry. Sizes are going fast. They do stretch out some and run a little big, so I recommend sizing down. I had them in a 28.

Gorjana Super Star Necklace // I’m loving Gorjana jewelry right now. They have so many pretty delicates that layer beautifully, and this star necklace is my latest addition. It is so pretty in an open neckline, and sometimes I layer it with this crescent necklace.

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      1. I turn my jeans inside out before putting them in the washer. It’s supposed to reduce fading. I also use cold water and the gentle cycle. Hang to dry.

  1. I am loving these October Favorites, will be purchasing a couple of them today. As far as the eyesight goes, after 40 our eyesight changes. If you don’t like the contacts for distance you have now you could try the multifocal contacts for reading and distance, I did but didn’t like them. So I have to wear contacts for distance and reading glasses for reading. Ask your doctor about the multifocal contacts, some people like them. Your not alone in this.

    1. I actually do have multifocal lenses. He didn’t change my near distance for these new ones. I don’t really like them. I don’t like to have to compromise near or far. I want both to work, lol. I may have to get some reading glasses for close-up so I can see distance better.

  2. I’m loving these fall items, however, I really do not see scarves being worn. I feel like that trend went out two years ago. Maybe I’m the only one that feels this way.

    1. Yes, as I said, the big square plaid blanket scarves are on their way out. But the oversized oblong ones with the big fringe are all over the fashion blogs I follow — at least the younger ones. I don’t think scarves are ever “out” — they’re too practical. I will always need one with a coat in PA winters. The oversized ones are kind of silly, I’m not sure I can get on that train, but I’m going to shoot a look with my Anthro one this week and see how they turn out. 🙂

  3. Holy heck!  Your eyes have decided to go crazy, haven’t they!  I sure hope the new contacts will help.  Once I started working in corporate America, using a computer a lot, I had to get eyeglasses.  I have been wearing them over 35 years now.  I enjoyed seeing what your October favorites are.  I love wearing sweatshirts and am thrilled to have some nice ones, from ON in my closet.  Have a great day!

  4. I love Gorjana! And I love that necklace! It seems like “symbols” like stars, moons, horseshoes, etc. are really trending right now. They’d make great BFF gifts! Did you know that if the 18K plate ever wears off, the company will re-plate it? At least that used to be the case. It’s good bc I wear my big hoops almost daily! 

  5. I’m there with you sister!
    Oh the changes in my eyes…irritating at work to
    Constantly be looking for our glasses!
    My treat next year gonna try contacts.
    Love the October picks  and I’m sure I will need
    the longer turtleneck next month.

  6. Same thing happened with my eyes in my early 40’s (I am now 49). Funny thing is my distance vision started to get better as my near vision got worse! LOL! I now have progressives for everyday wear and “computer” glasses for work. Not sure how that would work for contacts – Good Luck!

  7. I’m with you on the reading glasses. I have a million pairs laying around everywhere! I consider them a fun accessory!
    Meanwhile, I’m wearing the camel pants, burgundy sweater, black open-toed booties, and a leopard scarf today. No one has laughed at me yet, so I guess I’m “workin it!” 🙂

  8. I love the white pumpkins!  And that scarf is so pretty.  I just got my gray sweater…might need a gray scarf to my wardrobe, too!  😊

  9. Lasik eye surgery is not for everyone. My son in law had it done two years ago and loves that he can see long distance. My husband had it done and has to wear readers anyhow. I asked my optometrist about it and she said it won’t correct my vision. I have progressive lenses. It took me about two years to get used to them and now I need to add some “fun” ones to my eye glass wardrobe. I know you don’t want to wear glasses ( neither did I) but it may be your best solution. Protect your eyesight! 
    How is your living room coming along? I’m dying to see what you & your decorator have been up to! 

    1. It’s a waiting game right now. I just spent my son’s 2nd semester college tuition (haha, not really, but…) to order things to finish up the foyer and family room, but it will be a few weeks as things trickle in.

  10. Being 40+ ain’t for wimps. Relieved to know that I’m not alone with vision changes but sad to hear that your vision has changed. Let me cheer you up: I’m – 6.50 in each eye. 😵Contacts are a no go with my astigmatism so just choose funky eyeglasses and pay big bucks for the high index lenses. Too chicken to do Lasix. Good luck with the new prescription. It can take up to 2 wks to adjust.

    Love the stoneware pumpkins and fashion trends. Grey seems to be on trend.

    1. Yikes! I have astigmatism too, and I used to have a contact designed for that, but when I went to multifocal lenses, I had to forego that. I so agree, being 40+ ain’t for wimps. I guess what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger…🙄

  11. Ha!! its not hard to forget the round ups of favorites, the months are over when it seems they just started. Love all the favorites you posted. Hope your eyes start to adjust. That must be so aggravating.
    Have a great day

  12. I finally tried the CND Vinylux polish. They are now carrying some of it at Target. It’s kinda of spendy, but I love how it goes on, it lasted longer than many others I’ve used and it also came off really easily with polish remover. I think I even have that same color. Love it!

  13. Love your suggestions lately. So I purchased the leopard J Crew sweater and last night I saw a news anchor on tv wearing it and she styled it with a white collared shirt and cuffs under it peaking out Looked great on tv. Thoughts.? I’m built similar to you 

  14. Just thought I would chime in on the lastik surgery. I had one eye done 3 years ago, at the age of 53. Have the best of both worlds. Can see distance with the corrected eye and read alright with the other. I trained my eyes pre surgery by wearing one contact. , If i had had both done, I would need readers.  I also,  am loving the October favourites! 

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