25 Days of Winter Fashion: Red Fringe Scarf + Denim Under $100

Greetings, friends! Today Cyndi and I are wrapping up our 25 Days of Winter Fashion style collab, and I’m sharing a casual winter outfit with some of my favorite wardrobe basics along with a new red fringe scarf and denim under $100.

denim under $100 - Articles of Society Sarah Skinny Jeans - a great option to the AG raw hem legging ankle jeans!

These are the Sarah skinny jeans by Articles of Society that I often link as the “similar for less” option to my beloved AG raw hem legging ankle jeans. I figured I ought to actually try them since I recommend them so often.

I like the fit and feel of these quite a lot, but I definitely notice a difference in the treatment of the denim and the deconstructed details.

denim under $100 - Articles of Society Sarah Skinny Jeans - a great option to the AG raw hem legging ankle jeans!

One of the hallmarks of premium denim is the quality of the washing and distressing process, and that’s one thing I really notice when comparing jeans. There’s even a notable difference among premium brands. (If anyone wants to read up on the differences in denim, this article is interesting.)

I can definitely see those differences with the jeans, but on the other hand, these are really soft and comfortable and they have a great fit. That is usually my biggest complaint with less expensive jeans — they usually don’t fit me as well as the premium brands, and I don’t like how they feel after I wear them for a while. But these fit great, and while they do stretch out some, they don’t get baggy. They’re also really soft and thin and comfortable. I wore them all day and didn’t mind them a bit.

All that to say, if you’re looking for a lower priced version of the AG pair, I definitely recommend trying these. The inseam, rise, and leg opening measurements are almost the same, and the distressing pattern is similar. They do stretch out some and run a little big, so I recommend sizing down.

The length is a bit awkward with my booties. I played around with cuffing them and leaving them uncuffed, and I don’t love either but I guess I prefer them cuffed. I also tried them with ballet flats so you can see how they look on their own with no booties to interfere with them.

Because of the length, I like the jeans best with the flats. Of course, I’m 5’5″ so if you’re taller, they may be the perfect ankle-length jeans for you. The nice thing about the raw hem is you can always cut them if you want them shorter.

I also like the way the burgundy ballet flats echo the burgundy in the scarf, but my feet were cold. In fact, when I got back home, the big toe on my left foot actually looked frostbitten. It was grey and numb, and the others were normal. I quickly googled what to do and soaked it in warm water for 10 minutes until it came back to normal. #crazytown

All that to say, I’ll opt for boots when it’s under 30 degrees from now on! (And boots with socks.) No, I wasn’t wearing socks, but I do wear thin black crew socks with these boots sometimes. I like the crew version of this bamboo knee sock, which seems to be out of stock at the moment.

denim under $100 - Articles of Society Sarah Skinny Jeans - a great option to the AG raw hem legging ankle jeans!

So let’s discuss this scarf. I found it on Amazon, and I was skeptical because the price is so low, but when it came in I was thrilled because it’s really soft and pretty and feels more expensive than it is. It comes in a TON of colors, and it’s big enough to be used as a wrap but thin enough to work as a scarf without being too bulky.

I love this rich shade of burgundy, it’s perfect for topping off the neutrals that I wear so much. (It is the burgundy, by the way. They have a few shades of red, but I checked my order to be sure.)

Speaking of Amazon, I was invited to create my own Influencer page, where I can curate my favorite Amazon Fashion finds. You can take a look at it HERE, and I’ll be adding to it as I discover new things to recommend.

Some of you have asked for tips on styling scarves, and maybe that’s something I can show you on my next Facebook Live (Wednesday at 1PM!!) I’m not sure how much help I’ll be, though. In all honesty, when I wear my scarves like this, I pretty much just throw it on and go. In this instance, I didn’t even have a mirror, I just wrapped it and fluffed it and hoped for the best.

I think this is the easiest way to wear a long scarf, and the most practical. Sometimes I pull the ends thru so they hang together in the middle, that’s another option. It depends on what I’m wearing underneath, how cold I am, and the length/thickness of the scarf.

My black leather jacket is being put to use once again for this outfit. For size reference, I have the medium in this jacket. I think it runs a little small, and I wanted to be able to layer it over bulky sweaters and still be comfortable.

Underneath, I’m wearing a wool blend sweater in a dark heather grey tweed. I love the Joie brand but it’s pricey, so I occasionally search places like Nordstrom Rack and Saks Off Fifth to see what I can find, and that’s how I discovered this.

I prefer Saks Off Fifth because they have Shoprunner, and I can get free 2 day shipping and free returns. Nordstrom Rack charges return shipping, or you can return for free in one of their stores. Just keep that in mind.

Amazingly, this sweater is still available in most sizes even though I bought it months ago. I have the small, for reference. You can see more of it in THIS POST, if you’re interested. I like the relaxed but not oversized fit and the boatneck as well as the tweed look to it.

denim under $100 - Articles of Society Sarah Skinny Jeans - a great option to the AG raw hem legging ankle jeans!

There’s a nice mix of textures in this outfit — with the tweed sweater, the smooth leather jacket, and the luxe scarf. I like how the distressed denim gives it some toughness while the handbag adds a touch of elegance. I actually would prefer my black satchel with this outfit since it has silver hardware and is a little less dressy, but I grabbed this one as I headed out the door, and it certainly works.

I always try to end these styles collabs with one of my favorite outfits — one that I’m really proud of and feel truly represents my personal style, and I think this one pretty much nails it. I would wear this or some variation of this outfit every day if I could.

Sarah skinny jeans // MaaMgic pashmina (burgundy) // moto jacket // Joie Emari wool blend sweater // Tory Burch McGraw slouchy tote // Rag & Bone Margot booties (similar here and here)

Nordstrom just did a new round of markdowns, and I linked to a bunch on my Facebook Page. I also put together some denim recommendations after someone asked for them in the comments, so I thought I’d share them here too since they sort of go along with today’s post!

denim under $100:

premium denim:

I hope you’ve enjoyed this winter style series!!! I always feel a bit at a loss when I finish one of these, not sure where to go next. I have some fun ideas for January, but I haven’t thought much about what I’ll post for the rest of the year. If you have any requests or ideas, feel free to let me know.

One question I have is, are the recaps helpful? I know you can click on my 25 Days of Winter Fashion link and see them all, but I usually do a recap post. If that’s helpful, I’m happy to put one together.

Don’t forget to visit Cyndi and see her last outfit of the winter series!

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