Fall Soccer Mom Outfit

I’m not a soccer mom, but I do jokingly refer to myself as a band mom from time to time, and I spent many a spring afternoon sitting at the baseball field when my son was younger. No matter what outdoor activity your child participates in, one thing’s for sure, you’ll be spending a lot of time on the bleachers so you probably have a go-to “soccer mom outfit.” This is mine.

Fall Soccer Mom Outfit: cozy fleece North Face hoodie with Wit & Wisdom skinny jeans & Adidas Superstars

This isn’t the time to go all out and dress to the nines. This is the time to pull out your favorite activewear pieces and be comfortable. Of course, comfortable doesn’t have to mean frumpy.

There are so many cute pieces of activewear and outerwear available these days, and if you combine them with jeans and a pair of stylish sneakers, you can look put-together AND be comfortable and practical at the ball field.

Fall Soccer Mom Outfit: What to Wear to the Ball Field

My son plays the tenor drum in the high school marching band, and that means our fall calendar is full of Friday night football games and Saturday marching band competitions. Here in Pennsylvania, it gets pretty cold before band season is over, so I always like to have a couple of cozy sweatshirts I can rotate to throw on with my favorite t-shirt and jeans.

This North Face ‘Crescent’ Fleece Jacket is my new obsession. It looks almost sweater-like on the outside, but the inside is the softest, coziest fleece. I want to live in this all winter long. I found it at Nordstrom. They have a great selection of activewear and outdoor attire.

Fall Soccer Mom Outfit: cozy fleece North Face hoodie with Wit & Wisdom skinny jeans & Adidas Superstars

Right now it’s unseasonably warm here in PA, but it was quite chilly the morning we took these pictures a few weeks ago. It was only in the low 40s, but this jacket kept me plenty warm, and I was only wearing it over a short-sleeve tee. When it gets colder, I’ll layer a long-sleeve tee underneath or maybe even a turtleneck.

It is fitted through the waist and has some nice seaming details so it’s flattering as well as cozy. It comes in black heather (which looks more like charcoal to me) and the quail grey heather I’m wearing. I like how it has a hint of purple to it. It’s not just your basic grey hoodie.

Fall Soccer Mom Outfit: What to Wear to the Ball Field

I see a lot of yoga pants at these events, but I prefer to wear jeans. If I’m walking the dog at the park, yoga pants are perfectly acceptable, but if I’m going to the high school football stadium where I’m going to see hundreds of people, I wear jeans. A good pair of jeans is every bit as comfortable as yoga pants, and they look a whole lot better.

Fall Soccer Mom Outfit

These Wit and Wisdom Ab Solution Skinny Jeans are perfect for outdoor activities when you may not want to wear your most expensive jeans but you still want to look and feel great. They’re a lower price point than what I typically feature but I’ve been very impressed with the comfort and quality. They’re soft and stretchy, but they don’t bag out. Plus the waistband has interior control and booty-lift construction, and the ab-solution power-mesh panels slim you down and hold you in. Now I ask you, who couldn’t use a little bit of that!?!

Fall Soccer Mom Outfit

I put my Adidas Superstars with this outfit, and I also like my Converse Shoreline for casual wear. These Adidas have more support than the Converse and are my first choice when I know I’ll be doing a fair amount of walking.

Fall Soccer Mom Outfit: What to Wear to the Ball Field

I finished off the outfit with my favorite crossbody bag and some simple jewelry. I prefer a smaller crossbody for events like these when I don’t want to set my purse down. Who knows WHAT is on those bleachers???

My bag is no longer available, but I also like this nylon version — especially for outdoor events such as ball games. It’s more casual than my leather one and goes well with this type of outfit. This Halogen Tassel Leather Crossbody and this Minimal Faux Leather Crossbody are other good options.

I wore simple hoop earrings and a delicate bar necklace to complete the look.

Fall Soccer Mom Outfit: cozy fleece North Face hoodie with Wit & Wisdom skinny jeans & Adidas Superstars

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North Face ‘Crescent’ Fleece Jacket // short-sleeve tee // Wit and Wisdom Ab Solution Skinny Jeans // Adidas Superstars // similar crossbody bag // hoop earrings // similar bar necklace

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22 thoughts on “Fall Soccer Mom Outfit

  1. I LOVE this post. This is exactly the kind of outfit I need because my life is spent at soccer fields. I want to be comfortable but put together. You nailed it. Thanks!

  2. Great casual, cozy outfit! I am wondering how much spandex you look for in jeans to be comfortable. I am plus size so I can’t wear the jeans you post but would like to shop for something similar. Also what is premium denim?

    1. Hey Anne. I don’t ever look at the fabric content of jeans. I go more on the feel, lol. I guess that’s not very helpful.

      Premium denim basically refers to designer jeans. There are no specific industry standards to define premium denim but the quality and fit and attention to detail is superior to what you find at places like Old Navy and Gap. Most premium denim brands are made in the USA, for one thing, and it’s just made really well, lol. I actually googled it to be sure there weren’t any specific qualifications for the label, but there aren’t. It’s just a general classification people throw around to differentiate between more high quality denim and other low and mid price brands. I hope that helps!

  3. I think you’re right Jo-Lynne….active wear does not have to be sloppy. And I think the biggest key is fit.
    I know my stepmom was just telling me yesterday that she thinks she used to almost always buy clothing too big. She was always concerned that she didn’t want them too tight. But sometimes, too big makes us look bigger or even sloppy!!
    Even your sweatshirt has some nice lines on it and it looks like it fits wonderfully!!

    1. Yes, I tend to do that as well. I know that clothes look better when they fit right, but I do tend to err on the side of going for the larger of two sizes, if I’m in doubt. I hate to go into my closet and have to pick clothes based on what I ate for dinner last night (lol) so I like my clothes to have some wiggle room. That’s the biggest issue I’m having with my recent weight loss. I keep buying the mediums, assuming I’ll gain the weight back b/c I always do… but I seem to be keeping it off so I think I need to start buying some smaller sizes. This sweatshirt is case in point. It is cozy and comfy, and I thought it was flattering, but in looking at these pictures, I am wondering if I should have tried a small.

  4. Are you wearing your normal Medium size in the Northface? Or do you size up in outerwear? I see the Large is sold out which is what I would typically get in outerwear even though a medium is my normal sweater and shirt size.
    Love this look! I suffer from not having nice casual clothes! I put money in my work wardrobe and then I have sloppy barn clothes, so I appreciate this look!

    1. I am wearing the medium, although I kind of think I should have tried a small. It is looking a little big to me in these pictures. I think it’s supposed to have some room to layer things under it tho.

  5. You look great in this outfit JoLynne. However, I think you’re right about the size. I think you could have gone with the small in the hoodie. I hope you don’t think I’m being negative, because I’m certainly not. You can definitely tell you’ve lost weight. Your hoodie still looks great on you, and you will have room for heavier layers. I hope this makes sense. 🙂

  6. P.S. The whole outfit looks great, and is perfect for soccer fields, football stadiums, etc. You’re beautiful as always.

  7. Love this post! In general love all you show, but with three young children this is the most practical look for running around all day. Thanks!

  8. Cute outfit! Typically, I find that Northface jackets run a bit on the smaller side, and I really like them. What is your opinion on the fit of this jacket?


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