Fall Sweaters: High and Low

Happy Monday, friends! Today C is joining me to share two similar outfits — with two very differently priced sweaters.

I get a lot of requests for more teen style, and C is actually interested in being more involved with the blog, but here’s the funny thing. Her style is eerily similar to mine. In fact, we often tease her and tell her she dresses like a 40-year old woman.

But I guess we can look at it this way — if you like my style, then you’ll like hers.

The main differences are, she’s a smaller size, she has lighter coloring, and I don’t spend as much on her clothing as I do on mine. So I thought we could do a high and low post, and show a similar look at different price points.

C and I both live in sweaters and jeans during the fall and winter, and we like to keep it simple.

We found her rib knit v-neck sweater at Old Navy, and honestly, if she hadn’t ordered it for herself, I would have. I think the knit details on this sweater are so gorgeous, and it has a lightweight texture with a nice drape.

It comes in four other colors, but C loves this camel color. I love a good camel sweater as well, but I think it looks better on her than it does on me.

For size reference, C is 5’6″, and I’m not sure what she weighs at the moment, but she typically wears a size 2 or 4 in jeans and an XS in sweaters. This sweater fits TTS in the XS.

She likes a high rise skinny jean these days, and most of her jeans are a darker wash. She isn’t into rips and tears or anything very trendy.

In fact, when we go out together, I often things she looks more mature than I do. 🤣

These booties are Blondo, and they’re from last year, but I highly recommend any boots from Blondo.

We do spend more on her shoes because she has finicky feet and needs a good, supportive shoe. She also doesn’t keep many shoes in her closet — I think she has a total of 5 right now. #truestory

One other thing C added to her closet this fall was this trench coat. (See . . . I wasn’t joking when I said she dresses like a 40 year-old woman.)

She’s been wanting one for over a year, and she kept bringing me different options until she finally found this one at a great price at Nordstrom Rack. They still have several good options available.

I do think it looks really cute on her, and we’ve certainly been having the weather for it!

Outfit Details:

Old Navy v-neck sweater // similar jeans // Blondo booties (option) // necklace // trench coat options

My job is often a solitary one, so it’s nice to have company on some of my photo shoots and shopping trips, and I’m excited that C is taking an interest in the blog. It’s really fun to see my girls growing up and developing their own styles.

As you know, I’m also a big fan of an easy jeans and pullover sweater outfit.

I shared this Everlane ReCashmere textured turtleneck sweater in Saturday’s try-on haul, and it’s currently available at Nordstrom’s Everlane Pop-In Shop although the sizes are getting depleted quickly. Fortunately, it’s still fully stocked at Everlane.

Everlane hardly ever runs a sale, but they price their products according to fair market value (rather than jacking up the retail price so they can put it on sale every weekend.)

Best of all, their products are produced at ethical factories, which you can “visit” on their website. For example, this sweater was made at a factory in Jiangmen, China.

It’s made with a combination of 60% recycled cashmere and 40% merino wool, and I love the waffle-knit texture and the wide rib detailing.

The turtleneck has a nice and easy relaxed fit, but it still keeps your neck and chest nice and warm without needing a scarf.

It definitely has a looser overall fit, and the front length is about 24″ so it’s easy to throw on with jeans, and you don’t have to futz with tucking or anything.

This sweater also comes in bone, black, and heather sand — all gorgeous neutrals.

I chose this heathered aqua because I don’t have anything quite like it in my closet. I tend to gravitate to pink, plum, or burgundy when I go with a color, so this is a nice change of pace.

It pairs well with dark denim, and I also think I’d like it with my white jeans and a taupe or grey boot — I’m going to try styling it that way next!

As for the rest of my look, I went with suede ballet flats and a coordinating shoulder bag, and I kept my jewelry simple with large pearl earrings and my favorite sunnies.

I added these Tory Burch Minnie travel ballet flats to my closet when they were on sale last month, and I love this “dark tiramisu” color for fall. (Where DO they come up with these names???)

And good news!!! I just discovered that they’re part of the current Bloomingdales Buy More, Save More sale. They come up 20% off with code SAVEMORE.

When it gets colder, I’ll swap out the flats for boots, but for now, I really like the ease and comfort of a ballet flat or loafer.

Outfit Details:

Everlane textured turtleneck // Rag & Bone Cate skinnies (option) // Tory Burch ballet flats (option) // similar shoulder bag (mine is bigger) // similar earrings (mine are 11″) // sunnies c/o Maui Jim // nails: CND Masquerade

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photos: Alison Cornell

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  1. Love your daughter’s sweater. I think the cassia marl is a pretty color for fall/winter. I wish I had my daughter’s style since she has the fashion style gene haha! Luckily she didn’t get my fashion style (or lack thereof). Love this post with the two of you.

  2. Love this post! I can’t wait to share with my 15 year old daughter! Her style is so similar to Carolina’s style. (Not surprising since my style is nearly identical to most of the pieces you style on the blog.) Thank you for sharing this post!

  3. Love that you are doing posts with your daughter. Not only is she so pretty and stylish, it’s nice to have different price points, and someone with a different body type. Two similar outfits but on different bodies, and in different price points is very helpful! I’m actually more of the same height and shape as your daughter so it’s particularly relevant to me.

  4. What a great post!!! I totally get the dressing with the same style as my daughter who’s 25 and I’m 51 have very similar tastes. We will often text each other when getting together to make sure we aren’t going out as twins lol… I don’t mind the odd distressing in jeans, I love the on trend long cardigans and we both also like our mules or booties ( when it gets colder). I think we both keep it fairly modest and classy when choosing our clothes.. you two look great and Caroline looks like a well put together teen:) I will also pick up items ( of good quality) at Old navy so this was fun to see as well.

  5. How fun that you and Caroline have so much in common! You look so happy being together! My daughter and I are very close as well and I consider that such a blessing! I absolutely love Caroline’s whole outfit! I’m going to check out the Old Navy sweater. I’ve been wanting to find a camel sweater but most are too yellowy for my coloring. Your aqua blue sweater is calling my name too, or at least something similar. Jo-Lynne you could say Caroline dresses like a 40 year old but you might also say your style is modern and youthful! Regardless you both are spot on and looking very age appropriate!

  6. I think it’s awesome that Caroline is interested in joining you on the blog! Fantastic idea and she’s a darling young woman. You both look terrific in your outfits and a great way to show different price ranges in similar looks! Who knows, some day, she may have a blog of her own mom!

  7. I like the booties from Blondo that Caroline is wearing because they heels aren’t as high. They’re described as waterproof. Does this mean that your feet won’t breathe like when you wear rain boots?

    1. They do breathe fine, just like with ordinary leather. I know it seems like it makes no sense, but I have a few pairs of Blondos (all waterproof) and my feet don’t sweat at all.

  8. I think it’s very strange that people ask you for more teen styles? Don’t most teens have their own bloggers they follow? Anyway I think it’s great that your daughter has an interest in fashion but unfortunately that color sweater washes her out because she is so fair skinned. My daughter has a very light  complexion too so she stays away from nudes and taupe colors but I love them. 

    1. I wasn’t aware of that, but she watches a lot of YouTube so that’s probably where she’s been influenced. She’s also very disappointed that we aren’t taking her to Paris with us next May. 🙂

  9. I love it when you feature an item from Everlane, Jo-Lynne. I’m thinking more and more about buying ethically produced clothing. Yes, they cost more, but I’m working toward fewer pieces in my closet anyway. Maybe a post sometime featuring only ethical clothing? I was just reading this morning that Athleta has set new goals for 2020. I didn’t even realize they were heading in that direction. Happy Monday!

    1. Just started reading the Saturday post which I missed. (#crazyweekend) Apparently I’m not the only one leaning toward more sustainable fashion!

  10. Great post!  It’s great seeing Caroline sharing a lower priced outfit, which is perfect for this retiree.  I can’t believe that a teenage girl has so few shoes in her closet.  I’d love to know how her feet are finicky, since I too have finicky feet.  I might can learn from her by reducing the number of shoes I think I HAVE to have.  The design and fabric content  of the ON sweater is really nice, and the knit of your sweater is fabulous.  And that color looks great on you!  Have a fabulous day!

    1. She has bunions, so she finds a lot of shoes uncomfortable, and I try to make sure she gets good support so they hopefully don’t get worse. She likes vionics a lot, and these Blondo booties have been great for her.

  11. I just got lucky and found a pair of Blondo boots at Nordstrom Rack. I sized up 1/2 a size based on other recommendations I’ve read. 

  12. Thank you for this post Jo-Lynne! Isn’t it fun having a daughter to shop with? 🙂 You two look great in this photo shoot!

  13. I love this ! I wish my 18yr old would dress more conservitive, she is still into the ripped jeans and tshirts! Someday, hopefully she will realize that you can still dress easy but dressier, if that makes sense. Tell Caroline she done good! 🙂

  14. Love this post!! Caroline is so pretty and I love her classic, chic style. It’s fun seeing your children evolve into young adults with their own sense of style. This type of post should be a regular feature!!

  15. You both look great and your daughter, rather than dressing ‘older’ evidences a very chic French sophistication!  Good for her- it took me years to appreciate and emulate the elegance of such style but again she is lucky to have her Mum as a role model!!
    Lovely post 👍

  16. Great post! I love seeing the difference with similar styles. I’m sort of in between both of you in body shape except short. . really short. LOL! It would be fun for Caroline to give her take on why she likes the sweater, jeans, booties, trench – items she models as an added point of interest. How fun! Keep ’em coming!

  17. Love this post… and love seeing Caroline get involved! My daughter is about the same age with a similar style. She just got a trench coat, too, lol! She is a senior and I’m thinking ahead to college packing next year – thinking along the lines of a capsule wardrobe of sorts for her as storage will be at a minimum. Something with basics that allow for a variety of outfits and occasions. Would love to see Caroline’s input on something like that… 😊

  18. I liked both looks with two beautiful young women :). Maybe Caroline should start her own blog? I know someone that could help her, lol.

  19. I love shopping with my daughters and they often shop my closet. We are fortunate in that we wear the same size shoe and top. My pants are a size larger. 😢  For the most part we like the same things so it’s not surprising to me that Caroline has similar taste as her mom. She looks great in her trench and dark wash jeans. Perhaps, she will follow in her mom’s footsteps and start her own blog for young people who have a classic aesthetic. 

  20. I love this post! It’s great that Caroline loves to dress conservatively & in a traditional style. Loved the Mother/Daughter post.

  21. What a cute post! Sweaters bring to mind two questions I have! What do you wear under them? How often do you wash/dry clean them?
    Thank you so much!

  22. Love this post. That trench on Caroline is so, so cute! I’m looking forward to seeing more of Caroline on the blog. 

  23. Love this post with your beautiful daughter! My daughter often get’s told she dresses like her mom and she’s proud of it. She’s always in my closet. She’s 15 and I’m 47 so there you have it. I guess that’s what happens when you take a mature teenager and a stylish mom and put them together. I certainly don’t mind it one bit. <3

  24. Love this post! I am losing weight and have to buy some clothing to get me by since I’m just passing through this size to get to my goal weight.  I need some less expensive recommendations and the sweater your darling daughter is wearing would be perfect in this situation. More of these type of posts please! 

  25. I love this post with your daughter.  I love your blog, but my coloring is closer to Caroline’s than yours, so I occasionally  think I won’t order something because it looks good on you, but I can’t find a good color for me.  I love that she is willing to share her style too!

  26. What a great post! I really enjoyed seeing what someone Caroline’s age likes to wear. I love my skinny jeans so it was interesting that Caroline is wearing skinnies and not the cropped flare.

  27. Good on Caroline for knowing how to dress appropriately and stylish!  Most teenagers today dress so inappropriately, and should be embarrassed and ashamed for stepping out of the house looking like they do.  Trends come and go, and some trends can be down right ridiculous, and best left to the Kardashian’s.  Your daughter obviously is confident in her style choices, and it says a great deal about her character as a young, intelligent and beautiful, young Christian woman.   You both look so stylish, and a great example for the everyday woman like myself and many others.

  28. I really love Caroline’s style – right up my alley and I think her price points are more in line with my own as well! She is a pretty young lady!

  29. Oh you both look so pretty! She is so mature for her age, and it’s really nice that she’s becoming interested in working with you. Enjoy ❤️

  30. Your daughter is beautiful.  I love her style, she looks youthful and classic.  She looks like a natural, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! 

  31. Our daughter (15) dresses very similarly to yours.  Classic, very simple accessories, We are always looking for ways to incorporate patterns (other than stripes) that she likes.  Given some of the options/trends for teen fashion, I am thankful for her chosen style.

  32. Thank you, Caroline, for styling the ON sweater. I bought it in the maroon color and am wearing it today (with jeans and booties).

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