Coffee Talk 10.20.19 ☕️

Greetings on this fine October Sunday morning!

We’re actually gearing up for some rain today, but we had an absolutely gorgeous fall day yesterday, so I can’t complain. In fact, I’m thinking it’s the perfect excuse for an afternoon nap.

I really wanted to get outside yesterday and do something fun for fall with the family, but the girls weren’t feeling it. They had both asked friends to join, and that didn’t work out, and heaven forbid the two of them be friends for a day! #sisters

So we went to Target and Chick-Fil-A instead. I know, it doesn’t get much more basic than that.

I did take the dog for a walk, at least, and I went out to dinner with girlfriends last night.

We’re getting to the point where we have to plan these things weeks in advance, so we had the date on the calendar for a while. We usually get together at someone’s house, with kids and husbands around; and it was really nice to go out and spend some quality, uninterrupted time together. Plus, even better when a group of moms gets to sit and be served!

Other than that, my week has been pretty mundane.

Before I let you go, I want to share a couple of really good deals I noticed.

A few of you were interested in the dress my younger daughter wore to the wedding last weekend.

(Was that just last weekend??? It seems like a month ago!)

It was more than I wanted to spend at the time (although I did get it for like 20% off or something) but now it is marked down significantly, PLUS it’s an extra 40% off today only.

In fact, all of Lord + Taylor’s dresses are an extra 40% off today only. If you have had your eye on something, now is the time to snap it up.

That brings this darling dress down to $87. The quality is really lovely, and it’s a nice style that can be worn to a variety of occasions. She definitely plans to wear hers again.

We also highly recommend the shoes she wore. She found them very comfortable to wear all night, and they’re a nice low-heel style for anyone who needs that. I thought they were really cute and age appropriate for her. (She just turned 14.)

And then the Madewell Kent cardigan in the gorgeous fall stripes is marked down, PLUS an extra 30% off with code BESTNEWS. (And shipping is free for Madewell Insiders!) I have the small, for reference.

(complete outfit details)

There are actually tons of exceptionally good deals going on this weekend (40% off J.Crew coats and sweaters… 40% off at LOFT plus an additional 15% off for rewards members… to name a few), but I shared those plus more in yesterday’s email.

I don’t want to beat a dead horse so if you missed either of those, be sure to check it out!

I hope you and yours have a relaxing and blessed Sunday.

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8 Responses

  1. As I live in Quebec (Canada), I often find that beautiful clothes at Loft or J.Crew are too expensive for me to buy as not only the exchange rate is a little high but the delivery and duty fees are rising the price significantly.

    However, I try to find something similar at stores or boutiques here in Quebec. Usually, I do find nice things thanks to your suggestions.

    On another note, last Thursday and Friday we had a very bad thundershower that lasted about around 24 hours! Some cities like Montreal were without power for a while. But yesterday and today are so sunny (but cold) that we will work around our backyard and “close” our swimming pool for winter.

    Have a great day and I’m always pleased to receive your e-mails.

  2. That’s pretty typical of teenage siblings, especially if they are a few years apart. My two daughters were four years apart. Too big a gap to be close as kids.  I hear you on the problems of planning a family outing. 
    Enjoy your rainy day nap. They are the best and set you up for a rested start to another week. 

  3. I just love that family picture!  Dreary day here as well, feeling an  afternoon nap coming on!   Sibling dynamics are something else, aren’t they?  Our girls are 2 years apart, Oct 11 & 12th.  They never really knew what it was like to have their own birthday, then throw in the nephew, whose birthday was Oct 10th, same age as daughter #1.  There was ALWAYS drama come birthday time….like which day do we pick for the whole family birthday celebration (we also had to throw in a family uncle whose birthday was the 9th).  Not sure I miss those days… #sorry/notsorry   But anyway, you all look fabulous!  

  4. I hope you got in a good nap this afternoon!  The sun finally came out around 2, shooting the temp up in the 80’s.  Yesterday was a fabulous chilly and rainy day for us.  We still need 8+” to get us out of the severe drought.  The day will come when your daughters don’t mind letting others know that they like one another and that they are related, so hang in there.  

  5. You look fabulous in your GNO outfit! The boots are a great color. Hope you had a wonderfully relaxing Sunday. 
    I spent part of the day at the beach and harbor…..A beautiful and hot “summer-fall” day ☀️🌊⛱  Best part was a chose not to do any work this weekend…..🙅‍♀️ Felt great! (A teacher’s work is never done!) 

  6. The weather yesterday really WAS miserable. I slept through most of it because I had an overnight shift at work, we are setting up the bookstore for Christmas. I have to comment thought, that I LOVE the sweater you posted above. Just my style!

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