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Somehow it’s Friday again, and you know what that means… it’s time to talk fashion.  I had considered taking a break from Fashion Friday for the rest of the summer, but suddenly there are all these things I want to show you.  I feel a list coming on.  Just pretend I planned it all along.

*clears throat*

Allow me to present…

My Top 5 Favorite Summer 2010 Fashion Finds:

(Did you fall for it? Yeah, me neither.)

1. Miraclejeans. Yep, you read that right.  When I was at BlogHer at the Getting Gorgeous event, I discovered Miraclejeans — jeans they claim make you look 10 pounds thinner instantly.

Everyone at the event got to try them on and bring a pair home, because Vera and Audrey are awesome like that.  I admit, I was skeptical at first.  I’m pretty picky about my denim.  But when I got them home and tried them on again, I was pleasantly surprised with the look and feel.  In fact, I wore my new Skinny Minnies all day yesterday.  They are THAT comfortable.  As for that 10 pounds…  check out my review on Chic Critique for the full scoop (AND A GIVEAWAY.)

Also, if you’re into the jeggings (jean leggings) trend this summer, they have those too.

2. Swim Shorts. I mentioned these a few weeks ago, and I went ahead and ordered them!  I got plain brown because they go with the floral tankini top I already own.

I like the swim skirt, as a rule, for modesty’s sake, but if they are at all too long or too flowy, I start to feel like Granny Clampett.

Swim shorts are the perfect solution.  They are modest and comfortable and sporty and flattering.  I’m sold.  I may order another pair or two while swimwear is on sale.  Actually, I’m sure I won’t, and then I’ll be kicking myself next spring.  Just you wait.

3. Wedge Sandals. I’m such a fan of the wedge sandal.  Wedges are much easier to walk in than heels, and a strappy sandal stays on my foot without digging into my ankles and giving me blisters like pumps are prone to do.  (The blisters on my ankles after wearing those red patent leather pumps at BlogHer were fit for a horror movie.  In fact, they’re still raw.)

Unfortunately, I lost my go-to pair of gold wedge sandals earlier this summer, so before BlogHer, I spent several days looking for the perfect replacement pair.  I never did find exactly what I was looking for, until yesterday, of course.  The Nine West Getby in light brown is EXACTLY what I had in mind, and I ordered them on the spot, as they only had one pair left in my size.

I can’t wait for them to come in; I hope I like them as much as I think I will.  Nine West shoes usually fit my foot like they were made for me, so I’m optimistic.

4. Pencil Skirts. I’ve long known pencil skirts are my most flattering style, but they’ve been hard to find for a while.  I’m so glad they’re making a comeback.  I ordered this Bettona Pencil Skirt from Athleta when I ordered the swim shorts, and I get positive comments every time I wear it.  Mostly people just want to touch it because it looks like denim but it wears like a sweatsuit.

Bettona Pencil Skirt

I LOVE IT.  It’s so comfy and cute, and it holds its shape even after a long day of travel.  It’s even moisture-wicking and breathable.  I ordered it in black, but I’m tempted to order another in brown, especially at that price.

5. Snakeskin. Evidently, snakeskin is the new black because when I was shopping before BlogHer, there were snakeskin shoes EV-ER-Y-WHERE.  I actually bought this pair when they were 70% off at Bloomingdales.  I’m not a fan of the bow on the ankle, but otherwise, I adore them.

If money grew on trees, I’d wear a different pair of snakeskin every day. I just signed up with ShopStyle, and I’ve been having fun making a spread. Indulge me for a minute, will you?  I mean, SERIOUSLY.  How fun is this?

What’s your favorite trend of the summer? Do share!

And for the love of all that’s aesthetically pleasing, I cannot seem to get a space between my ShopStyle spread and that paragraph below it, and I didn’t get much sleep last night so I’m not going to spend the next hour trying to figure it out. It will just have to stand as is.

Word on the street is that Big Mama is back to hosting Fashion Friday, so make sure you click on over and check out her words of fashion wisdom.  And for even more fashion tawk, Sarah and Melissa have Fashion Friday posts up today.

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22 Responses

  1. I bought the Athleta shorts and tankini top when you linked to them a few weeks ago because I procrastinated on getting a new swimsuit this year. They are so comfortable and perfect for the beach and I just bought another one when I saw how much they were on sale. Thanks, Jo-Lynne, you saved me a lot of time at the mall!

  2. I have to say, your Fashion Friday posts are dangerous for me….I already have the Athena website open, have entered your skinny jeans contest, and am ready to go shopping for new shoes! This isn’t good for my wallet… 🙂 (actually, just wanted to say that I appreciate the sale items that you point out, those are great!)

    1. These Fashion Friday posts are dangerous for me too! I’ve already bookmarked a couple things I want from the sites Big Mama linked to today. 🙂

  3. I love the pencil skirt and that’s a great price! I read through the reviews and there was a mixture of too tight, too big?? What’s your take?

    Love the wedge sandals!

    now off to sign up for the jeans giveaway!

    1. HM. Interesting. The Medium fit me perfectly, but since it runs S-M-L, I can see how it might not fit everyone just right. Maybe they should make it in numbered sizes. B/c it’s stretchy, it probably depends a lot on body shape. I have wide hips for my frame, so I filled it out. 🙂 The waist fit me nicely, but I don’t have a small waist. Those that do might find it kind of roomy in the waist?

  4. Swim shorts – definitely! Adore.

    My favorite find this summer have been Teva flip flops w/all the fun colors.

    I’m gong to go look at those pencil skirts. I love anything Athleta.

    1. That’s a look I love but have a hard time pulling off. I like that black top with turquoise details you posted, though. That’s tempting.

  5. Oh my goodness, I love the sandals. I have been looking for something like them… how I missed them, I don’t know. They are out of my size. SO bummed.

  6. I am a HUGE fan of wedge sandals in the summer… and wedge heeled shoeboots in the winter come to that. I can wear both for a long time without suffering. Whilst I’m often prepared to suffer for my art when it comes to shoes – I’d rather not! Love Nine West shoes – there’s always something good to buy in there. xx

  7. I want to get some shorts too {I have a skirt right now} but need something much longer than those…because my legs are way too long and those would look hilarious on me. 🙂

    1. Isn’t it adorable!? I got the shoes and they don’t fit right. 🙁 But I ordered another pair from 6pm.com that fit great and are almost as cute. So yay!

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