Fashion Friday: Company Banquet

Kellyn asks: We have a company function in May, our annual sales banquet. I don’t know if I am going for sure or not yet (somewhat fruitless since the support staff doesn’t make incentives) but if we decide to go I am at a loss as to what to wear. The “dress code” is Business Attire – black tie/cocktail dress optional. Does that mean I wear my khaki pants? Don’t think so, since EVERYONE talks about outfits for weeks afterwards. Help!

I say: Please, please, PLEASE do not wear khaki pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Okay, I know you wouldn’t dream of it.  I would probably go out and look for a cute dress knee-length dress or a dressy blouse and pencil skirt — something dressier than what I’d wear to church, but nothing too formal.  Without knowing your style and body type, or the weather where you are, here are a few options I think are cute.

Would this be too dressy?


You can’t go wrong with something like this or this.  And LOOK at those prices!  (Those are from Sears unfortunately I was unable to grab the photos.)

This would be totally chic.


Or something like it.  Because I’d have to mortgage my house to afford that.  I know that you can often find good deals on special occasion dresses at Marshalls or TJMaxx.

Then there is the blouse and skirt or pant option.  Perhaps a top like this with dressy black slacks.  And I’d trade the scarf for some bling.  See the link to the shirt for a photo of it without the scarf.


White House Black Market has a ton of pretty tops that would look great with dressy slacks, depending on your style and taste.  Like this and this and this!  And there are a plethora of items on sale right now.

If you want to be the star of the show, pick a bold color.  But if you’re more like me, and you prefer to keep it understated and, okay, SAFE, then black & white is always a good option.

What do YOU say? Come on, faithful Fashion Friday friends.  What should Kellyn wear to look smashing at her annual sales banquet?