Fashion Friday: Coordinating Earrings and Necklaces

On my last Fashion Friday post, Nicole left this comment:

I’m still waiting for the post about coordinating necklaces and earrings without being too matchy-matchy.

I love how y’all keep me in Fashion Friday topics!!

This is a hard one, and one I definitely do not feel qualified to address. I’ll tell you what I do, but I’m still trying to perfect this skill. When in doubt, less is more — that’s my motto, anyway. Basically, I feel that you can only wear one, at most two pieces of statement jewelry at a time. If I wear two, then one is near my face (necklace OR earrings) and the other is near my hands (ring OR bracelet.)

I’ve learned a lot about coordinating necklaces and earrings from my Stella & Dot consultant. In fact, most of my statement pieces are from Stella & Dot because I don’t have a lot of confidence with accessorizing, and I like having a personal stylist to give me some guidance. I highly recommend seeking out one of the home jewelry shows because the consultants are usually trained very well and know how to accessorize in a fun, modern way. Silpada and Stella & Dot are my current faves.

Since I wear a lot of open necklines, I usually wear a necklace. See last week’s post on How to Wear Necklaces. If I wear a statement necklace — meaning something that really stands out, then I tend to go small and subtle for earrings. I love my diamond studs for this. They are always safe and go with ANYTHING. A simple silver or gold stud or small hoop earring can also serve this purpose. The size depends on the size of the person and on your personal style aesthetic. I’m thinking of something like these Essential Ball Studs.

And I love the Soiree Studs for a dressier outfit.

Both of these allow you to wear a necklace that stands out without worrying about your earrings competing for attention.

On the other hand, if I wear statement earrings, I try to go with nothing in the neck, or something that doesn’t compete. But it does have to go. Wearing the same simple pendant with everything just doesn’t work anymore. My current favorite pair of statement earrings are the Rio Chandelier Earrings.

I got the On the Fringe Necklace to go with them. It’s goes without being matchy matchy, and it is substantial enough without competing.

Here is an example of each concept with the same top. On the left, I chose the statement earrings and a more subtle necklace. On the right, I wore a statement necklace with my diamond stud earrings. With both outfits I wore a wide silver bangle so my ring is small and delicate. (No clue why these pictures both turned out blurry. Annoying.)

Color brings a whole new set of complications, which is one reason why I tend to stick to metallic jewelry. I do love this Silpada necklace and earrings with hints of coral. Again, they were made to go together without being too matchy. Neither is what I’d call a statement piece — they are pretty equal in weight and prominence, so they work.

The Stella & Dot website actually has a great section where they show various ways to wear their jewelry in their Trends section. You should totally check it out. Even if you don’t buy from them, it gives you ideas to use where ever you purchase your jewelry. I was going to grab some pictures to post here, but this is long enough. Click on over and get some accessorizing inspiration!!

Again, this is something I’m still learning. I envy people that have a knack for mixing and matching their accessories. I still get stressed out sometimes trying to put pieces together, so I like to buy things in sets so I know I have something to go with them.

Disclosure: I am not affiliated with Stella & Dot or Silpada in any way except that I own way more than my fair share of their jewelry!!

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11 Responses

  1. I LOVE those essential studded balls. I usually wear only a big necklace or big earring so those would be perfect with a lot of different larger necklaces. Great recommendation.

    Thanks for setting up the Fashion link up. I just linked up…and getting ready to check out the others! 🙂

  2. The only jewelry consultants available in my area are Lia Sophia. Thoughts on their jewelry?

    If anyone from Stella & Dot is from NW Iowa (which I do not see on their “events” schedule) and are reading my comments, please contact me. 🙂

  3. I love this topic! I am soooo with you on less is more. I just tend to do to little, lol.
    I need help on coordinating accessories.

  4. I’m loving your jewelry tutorials. I’m one of maybe 50 people left without pierced ears. I think my head would spin if I’d have to figure out necklaces AND earrings. But if I ever *do* make the plunge… I’ll definitely return to review these tips! 🙂

  5. I love the simple silver studs the best, the faceted finish ads a little interest but still are the kind of earrings you can leave in all week and won’t clash with your other jewelry pieces. Can never have enough pairs like those.

  6. nodding completely. My new quest is finding casual rings that don’t overwhelm my hands. All I have are my good ones.

  7. Thanks! 😉

    I think I will be asking for diamond studs for Christmas, if Husband doesn’t faint when I ask. I really feel too exposed if I don’t wear a necklace with any kind of v-neck or low scoop. I wear my Allora Handmade rosette necklace a lot and am still trying to decide what earrings I like best with it. I get the less is more approach though. I guess I sometimes feel like what I’m wearing is boring, accessory wise. Thanks for this post though–love your Stella and Dot stuff.

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