Type B Goes To Type A

I’m not sure I’m the classic Type A personality, but fortunately they let me come anyway. They even asked me to speak, go figure.

I’ve always heard great things about the Type A Mom Conference (now Type A Parent — wouldn’t want to leave the dads out of the fun!) but this is the first year I was able to make it down to Asheville.


Although I use the phrase “make it down” loosely. It was more like up, down, and all around. As it turned out, due to a string of unfortunate circumstances beyond my control, it took me as long to fly as it would have to drive. Fortunately the ease of my trip home made up for the hellish trip down. I hopped a plane at 7 AM this morning and was in my car driving home by 10.

This was one of those trips where I gained far more than I spent. I made new friends and potential clients, I found fresh energy for blogging and a renewed confidence that I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing, and I came away with a better sense of where I want to go from here. You really can’t ask for much more than that.

Plus. Asheville? LOVE.






And these girls? Love them too.

PSMMs at Type A Con

Sarah and Janice

dinner at Bouchon

Grace, Jessica, Jessica, Kelly, Trina, Jo-Lynne and Tina at The Biltmore Estate

sherry lisa

me with Not a DIY Heather

And so many others. I always get back from a conference wishing I’d taken more pictures.

Big shout out and appreciation goes to Kelby and Heather and all the others who put so much work into making Type A Con so laid back and fun and worthwhile. They made it look effortless, and I know it was so not.