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When I went to write in the title to this post, I got a terrible sense of déjà vu. After a quick search thru my archives, I found this post that I wrote two years ago, basically dismissing the notion of wearing shorts, unless they touch the knee.

I truly thought my days of wearing shorts had come and gone, but recently shorts have come back into vogue — and not just for casual everyday wear either. The latest trend is to wear shorts with heels. When I was at the Disney Conference last month, one of the presenters wore shorts with pumps and a blazer. It’s all the rage.

Last summer, on a whim, I picked up a pair of shorts at Banana Republic.

I was surprised to discover that I really enjoy wearing them, and I don’t feel self conscious at all. Now granted, I wear them with flip flops and tank tops — not blazers and heels. I’m not QUITE ready to go there just yet. But never say never is my motto — in fashion AND in life!

Finding shorts that fit well can be dicey. I went to Twitter and inquired for advice on wearing shorts. I got more questions than answers.





I think one key to keeping shorts fashionable is to make sure they are streamlined — nothing too baggy. They should be a slim fit, but not too tight.

It’s also important to wear the right top and shoes — no socks or gym sneakers puh-leeze! Keeping the correct proportion in mind is ALWAYS a good thing when it comes to style.

And also? Self tanner is your friend.

In my google “research”, I didn’t find much that was useful, but this post on The Iron Chic cracked me up. It’s worth a read.

What say you? Shorts or no shorts? Do you have any tips for wearing shorts stylishly??

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20 Responses

  1. I like those shorts and they look great on you. And a big AMEN to the “NO athletic shoes/tennis shoes, etc. with shorts!” For all the women out there who say “Why not? I do it and it looks ok.” Yes, you may do it. But it adds about ten pounds to your legs. Seriously.

  2. I never find shorts that fit me. My bottom half and legs are my most difficult parts. I usually just skip them and go with a skirt instead, because I am lazy. Shorts look great on you though! I bet you could wear any kind.

  3. I love Old Navy’s perfect fit khakis with the 5″ inseam. They are not too short or too long on my petite frame. I have khaki and white currently and I might be buying some black ones. This year’s have pocket flaps on the back, which is not my favorite, but tolerable. I’m pretty particular about shorts. I am fairly certain I will never wear them with heels–I just don’t have a life that lends itself to that kind of forward fashion! I am having a harder time finding denim shorts that I actually like. I always end up buying Old Navy ones but then I never like them past one season. I need to just suck it up and buy pricier ones I guess.

  4. I suppose when it’s REALLY hot, a pair of shorts is the answer- but you are so right in the cut and style must be perfect. A long, loose pair of baggy bermudas does nothing for a gals figure! These shorter ones make your legs look nice and long.

    You look adorable!

  5. Ugh, shorts! I find that I am starting to get ‘saggy knees’ – I hope it never happens to you! It’s skirts all the way for me now…

    That being said, yours in the photo look great on you.

  6. Oh man you guys obviously are Southerners. Shorts from March through September and even into October down here in Birmingham! 🙂 However there are WAY too many women wearing ill fitting shorts to the chagrin of passer-byes.
    Keep them mid thigh or longer, hitting about where your fingertips hang. The cleaner lined and simpler they are the better. Let the shorts be about your legs and not the shorts. Always dress them up a touch with a nicer tee or tank and some cute accessories. I would LOVE to get out in some nice shorts and heels – come to think of it, that’s what I’ll wear out on our anniversary date next weekend!!!

    I both agree and disagree with the “no athletic shorts and sneakers” rule. I think that if you are dressed head to toe in nice workout/yoga/general athletic apparel, running shoes with ankle/no show socks look “nice” (as in a step above house-wear nice). But wearing any higher than no show socks causes one to visually loose the curve of the ankles and will then make anyone’s legs look fat. The “mom” look of too big athletic or khaki shorts with clew or higher cut socks is horrid no matter how hot it is outside!

  7. I hadn’t worn shorts in close to 6 years, 5 of those in Texas, but I decided to try some on and was surprised to find that longer didn’t equal more flattering for me. I found a good middle ground length-wise and actually wore them in public when we went to an amusement park a few weekends ago. That was a HUGE step for me!! :o)

  8. JoLynne, I think your shorts look so cute. I think wedges with shorts would look nice, but I don’t think sky high heels would be right with shorts. I agree about no athletic shoes!

  9. Here in Texas all the younger girls (and a few pitiful older ones without a clue) are wearing boots (cowboy boots) with shorts and dresses. Contrary to popular ideas all of us don’t own boots, hats or even horses! I am afraid this boot/short trend is setting us back years in the world of stereotypes!

  10. I think you look great in the shorts! Here in Los Angeles pretty much anything goes, so I don’t really think there are any rules. Wear what makes you look and feel great.

  11. Im not a fan of shorts really, but mostly because I’m not a fan of my thighs. In the summer, I stick with skirts, sundresses and capris.

    I used to also be really self-conscious about showing off my legs in the summer because I’m so pale. I dabbled in self-tanners and the tanning bed and then, one day in my early 30’s I realized my pale, white skin is nothing to be embarrassed by because it’s proof that I’m smart and responsible when it comes to sun exposure. No melanoma for me, thank you very much.

    I don’t judge people who suntan, or use self-tanners or tanning bed, but in return, I expect people not to judge me for skipping all of those in my efforts to be my natural, safe and heathy self :).

  12. Well, don’t you look fantastic! Really you do look cute and I love your hair!

    I don’t usually go with shorts because I have to deal with chubby knees, so I stick with capris. Also, my white legs often frighten small children!
    Which brings me to my question – what self tanner do you use? I can’t find one in a reasonable price range that doesn’t look – I dont know – fake. I know that sounds silly, huh?

  13. If I had your legs I would wear shorts too! Unfortunately I stick to the knee length (to hide those chubby thighs). Would love to hear your thoughts on self tanners.

  14. I absolutely 110% agree on this self-tanner thing. I invested in the Jergens lotion that graduals gives color over a few uses and it made me so much less self-conscious about my legs. It hides so many flaws/imperfections. Definitely enjoying wearing skirts more since I invested in this. Love the shorts you’re wearing in this picture, by the way – definitely a great length.

  15. I am with the last few comments…what are your thoughts on self-tanners? If I could find the right self-tanner, I would love to wear shorts.

  16. Shorts, I love where them I could not wear short shorts yet but I will next summer. You look great. I noticed the girls comment above about self tanners.. yea.. I just turned my legs orange, they look better if you do them 2 day before you need great leg colors..(aka my legs are milk colored) I used Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta® Glow Pads

  17. The shorts you have look great on you. I stopped wearing shorts after college for some reason, not sure why but probably because I hated shopping for shorts. We moved to AL a year ago and there is no way to go through a humid summer without shorts in AL. So I have started wearing shorts again. I have found that the shorts that hit my knees look worse on me then the shorts that hit mid thigh. I think it is all about what looks best for your body. I do not “fake tan” and dont tan very well outside so I dont worry about having white legs:) I always say God gave me white skin so I’m going to enjoy it!:)

  18. You look OUTSTANDING. I definitely need to buy a pair of shorts or two for this summer (Arizona summers are hot!). Can you do a round-up of your favorite shorts for this season?

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