Fashion Friday :: Shorts!

When I went to write in the title to this post, I got a terrible sense of déjà vu. After a quick search thru my archives, I found this post that I wrote two years ago, basically dismissing the notion of wearing shorts, unless they touch the knee.

I truly thought my days of wearing shorts had come and gone, but recently shorts have come back into vogue — and not just for casual everyday wear either. The latest trend is to wear shorts with heels. When I was at the Disney Conference last month, one of the presenters wore shorts with pumps and a blazer. It’s all the rage.

Last summer, on a whim, I picked up a pair of shorts at Banana Republic.

I was surprised to discover that I really enjoy wearing them, and I don’t feel self conscious at all. Now granted, I wear them with flip flops and tank tops — not blazers and heels. I’m not QUITE ready to go there just yet. But never say never is my motto — in fashion AND in life!

Finding shorts that fit well can be dicey. I went to Twitter and inquired for advice on wearing shorts. I got more questions than answers.





I think one key to keeping shorts fashionable is to make sure they are streamlined — nothing too baggy. They should be a slim fit, but not too tight.

It’s also important to wear the right top and shoes — no socks or gym sneakers puh-leeze! Keeping the correct proportion in mind is ALWAYS a good thing when it comes to style.

And also? Self tanner is your friend.

In my google “research”, I didn’t find much that was useful, but this post on The Iron Chic cracked me up. It’s worth a read.

What say you? Shorts or no shorts? Do you have any tips for wearing shorts stylishly??

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