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As far as I’m concerned, one of the best parts of blogging is the fun events I get to attend, and there is certainly no shortage of blogging-related events these days. Last week I had the opportunity to co-host a fashion event with our local Bloomingdales during their annual PINK campaign to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. We mingled over pink cocktails and sweets, received complimentary mini-makeovers, and then we all enjoyed a fall fashion presentation.

Afterwards, we did a little bit of shopping . . . the results of which you saw on my What I Wore Wednesday post. Just doing my part to raise money for breast cancer awareness, dontcha know.

No, seriously, I have a dear friend fighting the nasty beast, and I am all for any organization that is striving to find a cure for this hideous disease. I often wonder if events like these really do any good when all’s said and done, but I can attest that it’s a lot easier to part with your money when you think it might actually be serving a cause beyond expanding your fall wardrobe. And since their partnership in 2005, Bloomingdales has donated over 3 million dollars to the BCRF, so they must be doing something right.

But that wasn’t the only incentive to shop. The personal shopper at Bloomingdales hosted the event, and I am now spoiled for life. It is so nice to have second and third opinions when you’re trying on clothes, especially when those clothes test the boundaries of your comfort zone. While bringing a friend along is always helpful, there is nothing like shopping with someone actually trained to know what fits and what is flattering. I am sure I would have hemmed and hawed over the size and fit of both items I purchased if I hadn’t had someone knowledgable pointing out which features to consider.

Since you’ve already seen what I bought, let me show you some of my favorite outfits from the fashion show.

Fall 2011 Fashion

Fur is hot this season — jackets, vests, scarves, you name it. Fur is the fastest way to update your wardrobe. That said, it’s not exactly everyday wear for most of us mommies, but it’s fun to dream.

Melissa got to model this fabulous fur scarf.

It wasn’t all haute couture, however. I love how they also showed us some fashionable activewear. With Race for the Cure becoming so popular during the month of October, Under Armour has come out with this line of activewear called Power In Pink, and a portion of all proceeds are donated to breast cancer charities. I particularly like the shirt where you can write who you’re running for on the back.

But the piece I’m really coveting is the turtleneck top. I run outside in the wintertime, and I’ve never seen a shirt like that to keep your neck protected from the elements. Plus it’s just super cute.

At the end the models came out in these amazing cocktail dresses. Oh and the shoes . . .

I was absolutely drooling over the teal one on the left. The second that model came out of her room, Melissa looked at me and whispered, “That’s YOU!” Oh she knows me well! Unfortunately I don’t really have the occasion to wear such a fabulous dress, so I didn’t even try it on.

My favorite look of the night was probably this casual outfit by Elie Tahari. The detail on the sweater is just exquisite. (I wish I captured a shot of the back, but that one didn’t turn out.) I can totally see this with boots instead of pumps for a great, casual everyday mom look (the price tag notwithstanding). And I’m drawn to the neutral color palette, even though I know I probably look better in bolder colors.

They also had a display of their designer jewelry laid out for us to drool over.

I love the trend of layering pieces of jewelry for more of a statement, but I can’t help but think what a brilliant marketing ploy that is by someone who stands to profit handsomely from this trend.

Always a sucker for shiny things, I fell in love with a piece from a local designer that would make a wonderful Christmas gift. I’ll have to wait and see what Santa has in store.

All in all, it was a fun evening for a good cause, and I think everyone had fun.

Check out their Give Pink Get More promotion and find out how you can save while also supporting a great cause.

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  1. Such a fun event Jo-Lynne! So glad I made it in time! The cable knit sweater by Elie Tahari was my favorite too! The detail on the back was just adorable. Definitely something I’d wear!

  2. 1. No power at home since 5 pm on Saturday.
    2. Church was canceled Sunday.
    3.Kids desperate enough to pretend to play wii in front of a blank screen (heaven help you if you get in their way so they can’t “see”).
    4. Power restored at church. Served 50-75 people at a community dinner last night. Will continue doing so until need no longer exists. Praying that the blessings grow.

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