Fashion Over 40 #WhatIWore 11.26.14

Welcome back to my weekly Fashion Over 40 post where I share what I wore this week and link up with other fabulous fashion bloggers around the web! I’m just a mom trying to stay fabulous after 40 and sharing how I translate the current trends to work for a typical suburban mom. I hope you find some fashion inspiration here. Or at least you can laugh at my foibles.


This week’s been a doozie, folks. I am really struggling to stay afloat! And yesterday my foot (the one with the stress fracture, for those of you following along; both feet have been injured this year) suddenly started sending shooting pains into my ankle and up my leg. I think it’s broken again. I’m in denial at the moment. I refuse to put that horrible medical boot back on yet. It threw my back out and basically just made my life miserable. I’m tired of feeling like an invalid, and I’d be lying if I told you I’m dealing with this turn of events with much grace. In fact . . .

I'm having a moment
This mug arrived in the mail last night. I ordered it from DaySpring — who, by the way, has some AWESOME sales running right now on gift items for women. AND the whole site is 30% off with the exception of their Markdown Specials — which are already deeply discounted. Like 70% off discounted. I KNOW! So go forth and shop.

Anyway, it is quite fitting, and I’m enjoying my morning coffee just a WEE BIT MORE drinking it out of this mug.

So I didn’t get photos of all my outfits this week, but here are a few. I wore this exact outfit one day to visit my kids’ school. No reason to take more pictures so I’m reposting these from a few weeks ago.



I love this sweater. I got it at a local shop called Best Friends. The marbled pattern in the knit is fun, and the button detailing and the raglan sleeves add interest. I wore it with these khaki moto-style jeans that I bought last spring (I can’t find anything like them to link to; so sorry!) and my Frye Phillip Harness Boots. I wish I could tell you I’ve found these on an amazing Black Friday sale, but so far I have not. Frye just doesn’t go on sale… unless you want them in black, in which case they are 5% off at Nordstrom. I KNOW. FIVE. But that is still like $20.

My tote is one I dug out of the attic when I got my winter clothes down. I bought it a couple of years ago at a Macy’s Friends & Family sale. It is a classic, so much so that it is still stocked at Zappo’s.

The necklace is Stella & Dot. As most of you know, I’m a Stella & Dot consultant. You can find my shop here. It’s a great time to shop because right now you can earn Dot Dollars — for every $50 you spend, you earn $25 to redeem at a later date! PLUS right now their Black Friday Sale has started, and you can get 25% off on sale products. There are A LOT of items on sale, including my snakeskin tote!!

Which brings me to my next outfit

Winter Outift: leggings with drapey sweater and infinity scarf

I live in this outfit these days… or something with these leggings and boots. In fact, I just ordered new leggings. Mine were starting to show some wear and tear because I’ve worn them so much. Still, for $36 I don’t mind replacing them. I ordered black AND grey this time. The long skinny tee is perfect with leggings because it covers everything that needs to be covered. I still like to wear a drapey sweater over it though. And it’s been so chilly here, I wore this scarf with it. I think I wore this outfit 2 days this week, lol!!!


Shop the look: Hard Tail Long Skinny Tee c/o Shop Adorn // gray drapey sweater (verrry old) // MUST HAVE LEGGINGS (only $36 at Nordstrom) // UGG Classic Cardy // Stella & Dot pendant necklace (old) //soiree stud earrings // scarf via Stitch Fix // Stella & Dot Snakeskin “The Switch” Tote

It was windy outside so I had to take this photo indoors. Now that I’m used to outdoor lighting, I really detest my indoor outfit photos!! Any-WHO. I wore this… I don’t remember for what. My life basically consists of working from home and shuttling my kids to various music lessons. I just remember it being super cold and me wanting to be cozy. This softstripe sweater from the Lou & Grey for LOFT collection fits the bill. And right now EVERYTHING at LOFT is 40% off. YES! You read that right. Gotta love the sales this week.

casual mom style: grey sweater with skinny jeans and uggs

Shop the look: Lou & Grey Softstripe Sweater via LOFT (NOW 40% OFF!) // Florence Skinny Jean in Topeka wash c/o DL1961 // gray UGGs (super old) // silver necklace from a local shop // Stella & Dot Snakeskin “The Switch” Tote

I discovered this photo after I posted last week. It’s actually from my son’s birthday and the night of our church’s anniversary dinner. My husband snapped this shot of me while my son was opening his presents. I thought it was fun to have something more candid to show you!

Fashion Over 40: cashmere sweater with black ponte knit pants

But here are the posed photos. Typically I’d have worn higher heeled shoes, maybe my leopard print or my heeled booties, but with my foot issues, I opted for these comfy wedges from Payless. I cut off my head because my facial expression was dumb. And have you noticed all the headless outfit photos on Pinterest? It is a thing, evidently. The “real” fashion bloggers do it. They say photos without faces get pinned more. So . . . we shall see!

Fashion Over 40: Classic Outfit for work or lunch with the girls

I wore my leather jacket on top. I’ve never been happy with the fit of this coat. My husband bought it for me for Christmas a few years ago. He bought a medium because I’m almost always a medium in outerwear, but it was snug. So I exchanged it for a large, and I always feel like this looks like I’m playing dressup in my mom’s coat. Looking at this picture, I’m thinking it might be time to give it up. Which is a crime because, hello, LEATHER.


The perforated clutch is from Stella & Dot . . . I think it might have just barely saved this outfit from being frumpy. Or maybe not . . . LOL.

Stella & Dot Perforated Clutch: Perfect for a night out!

Everything else in the outfit is old so I don’t have anymore links for ya. Oooh. Except the goddess teardrop earrings are still at Stella & Dot, and I am finding that these are my current go-to earrings. I LOVE THEM. They are large enough to be seen but not so large that they’re too fancy for everyday. Plus, they’re lightweight and comfortable. The renegade bracelet is also still available. They’re not part of the sale, but you can earn Dot Dollars, which is almost just as good!

As for the sweater, you can always find V-neck cashmere sweaters at Nordstrom, which is where I got this one (similar; $58). Although I’m not loving the quality. It is only 2 years old, and it is pilling. Boo.) I have had better luck with Ann Taylor’s cashmere. They last YEARS, but they do cost more. I think it’s worth the investment. In fact, I might just order this one, because it is 40% off this week! A cashmere sweater makes a lovely Christmas gift for moms or daughters, if you’re looking for a luxurious gift she will love. Ann Taylor has a wonderful selection to choose from.

Finally, I wore this outfit to church. It’s another one that you’ve seen before, but the pieces are still available at LOFT and of course, 40% off this week!!! I wish I had a closeup of the booties. They are seriously too cute and so very comfortable.

Fashion Over 40: Fall Outfit

See how much more flattering this jacket is than the leather one??? CRAZY, right!??


Shop this look: coated moto jacket via LOFT (40% off!!) // animal print scarf via loft // skinny jeans (old, but these are similar AND on sale!!) // grey tee via LOFT // Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Fran Shopper in Putty (similar) // Umberto Raffini Kyra Bootie (ON SALE at The Walking Company!!)

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23 Responses

  1. I’m so happy I just found your blog on pleated poppy! I just turned 40 last weekend and I feel like I’ve hit the “mark”. The mark to be over the hill or the mark to make mountains move! I choose the latter. Either way, I’d love for you to check out our blog as we have the same goal as you. You look gorgeous in everything. I especially thought the outfit with the Frye boots and zipper pants were fun! My best, Tammy


    1. Hi Tammy! Thanks so much for the kind words. Yes, everything definitely changes when you hit 40, but you take the good with the bad, right? 🙂 I’ll definitely hop over for a visit!

  2. Loving that candid photo of you 🙂

    I want to jump in that leggings outfit today. It’s cold and rainy here and it looks so comfy. Do you have a post on what leggings you recommend? I want some that are thick and high-waisted.

  3. I love ALL of these outfits but my fave is probably the first one, which is no surprise because I practically LIVE in my brown riding boots. I understand what you mean about the leather jacket – I have a black leather bomber jacket from years ago when I was heavier and I kept putting it on last year since I was seeing bomber jackets in stores but I just couldn’t wear it b/c it was too big and puffy. Also, I love your candid shot – very pretty. ☺ Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Oh, I also wanted to make a recommendation for cozy-winter-day-at-home dressing. I recently picked up a pair of Climate Right by Cuddl Duds fleece leggings at Walmart. They are AMAZING and were only $10. They are so warm and actually fit much better than a more expensive line of Cuddl Duds fleece leggings I got at BonTon. They don’t stretch out at all and have a great non-elastic waistband. I want to wear them around the house every winter day.

  4. Hi jls!! I love ur stuff – follow u everywhere!! Gotta question for ya?? I am currently undergoing serious chemo treatments and my hair is thinning (has always been long luxurious and my signature part of me!!) but as long as I get to keep most of it I am happy!! Lol – I am looking at ur hair thinking hmmmmm this might be my solution – a shorter cut/color that is easy to maintain- how do u “do” your “do”????? Is it hard to maintain?? It is adorable!!
    Love ya girl!! Hang in there with the foot thing – I feel ya babe!!

    1. Hey Kim, so sorry to hear you’re going thru chemo. I think that is my biggest fear. I do like this cut, although it takes some “doing” – I blow it out with the big round brush, pin it up in sections, all that jazz. It is thin, though, so it only takes 10 minutes. Best of luck to you!

  5. You know, I have a moto fake-leather jacket and I find it doesn’t flatter me completely, either. I think it’s another Busty Girl Problem. The v-neck with the collar on that second jacket is more slimming instead of adding visual bulk up top, you know?

      1. I think it’s because that straight zipper line doesn’t fall straight; it makes a reverse hourglass shape, whereas the collared styles make the hourglass shape by default. It’s not necessarily *unflattering*, just not *as* flattering. It makes me sad, because I love the simplicity of the collarless cut, but I just wear my jacket anyway. Ha ha! I usually just pop on a scarf and it helps cover that up a bit.

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