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Hello and happy Tuesday! I get a lot of specific fashion questions from readers, and I started saving them up because I thought they’d make a good post. I’m thinking of making this a regular feature in my email newsletters — I would pick 2 or three questions and answer them in my emails maybe once a week. Let me know if y’all would like that.

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ShopBop Sale

Also, before we get started, today ShopBop launches their Spend More/Save More Sale Event — up to 25% off your purchase. I wait for this every year and often use the opportunity to pick up a couple of luxury items I’ve been eyeing.

ShopBop carries a lot of higher end designer brands such as AG JeansTory BurchDL1961Clare V.PaigeR MinkoffKate Spade, Sam Edelman, and many more. HINT: the Tory Burch Miller sandals are included!!! As are the Sam Edelman Felicia flats and Hazel pumps. Those styles are often excluded from these types of sales, so it’s the perfect time to grab a pair if you’ve been wanting them.

Here’s how it breaks down:

  • 15% Off Orders of $200+ with code GOBIG18. Exclusions apply.
  • 20% Off Orders of $500+ with code GOBIG18. Exclusions apply.
  • 25% Off Orders of $800+ with code GOBIG18. Exclusions apply.

Everything that qualifies has GOBIG18 under the price. There are some exclusions but most things are included. Sizes tend to go fast, so don’t waste time. Also, if you’re an Amazon Prime member, Shopbop offers Amazon Prime shipping, so you can get your order in 2 days.

I created a Shopbop Sale Page with all of my recommendations, for your convenience. You can access it at anytime through the link under the SHOP tab in my menu bar.

Okay, on to the reader questions…

Fashion Q&A {Reader Requests}

QUESTION // I am looking for smart-looking (no holes) white straight legged jeans, preferably mid waist style size 12.

ANSWER // I would recommend trying this pair by Jen7 or these by Rag & Bone (15% off with GOBIG18). For a pair under $100, this pair at Talbots looks promising, and it also comes in a curvy fit.

QUESTION // Hi Jo-Lynne! I’m looking for a crossbody for a trip to NYC! I’m chaperoning my son’s chorus class they are singing at Carnegie Hall in March! I remember one time you had one on your wish list that was really good. I would love to hear a few a recommendations from you. I want something that is not too small but not big either and not super heavy.

ANSWER // I love the Hobo brand for lightweight leather crossbody bags with lots of organization. I recommend looking at this and this. And this one is larger if you need something that holds more. If you like a higher end bag, this camera bag is really cute and stylish but pricey. This one is similar but for half the price. For under $100, check out this and this. And this nylon crossbody is a great travel bag with lots of compartments.

QUESTION // Looking for a pair of faded (but not distressed/ripped) straight leg jeans.  Any suggestions?

ANSWER // I’m wondering if you want cropped or full length. I just ordered these cropped ones from the Shopbop sale, and these just went on sale; they look promising. Maybe theseThis pair is full-length, but with a 32″ inseam, they may need to be tailored depending on your height and the shoes you plan to wear with them. And this pair is similar but lighter.

QUESTION // I have been wondering about leopard print.  Can it be worn in the spring and summer, or is it more of a fall/winter pattern? I’m thinking mainly scarves and shoes. Would you consider it to still be on trend or fading? I’m considering leopard print slip-on sneakers, but I don’t want to buy them now if they are on the way out.

ANSWER // I think leopard is still here for a while, and I don’t feel it is only for fall and winter, although I definitely wear it more during those months. I think leopard slip ons are fun for spring! I also love these leopard TB Millers and my SE Yaro sandals now come in leopard. This SE thong sandal is another good option for summer.

QUESTION // What length in shorts do you recommend for an almost 50 mom?

ANSWER // I think this question really depends on body type, lifestyle, and general comfort level. I wear mine shorter than most women my age, but I feel like they look better on me than the longer shorts. A 4″ inseam is a nice balance between short-shorts and frumpy mom shorts. But if you have bigger hips and thighs, 6″ or 8″ might work better.

It’s also important to pay attention to leg opening (you don’t want them too wide and sticking out from your legs) and also the rear view — you don’t want them too snug or too baggy. There are a lot of factors, and it definitely takes some trial and error.

I plan to update this post for summer, but there’s still some good info even if the links are old.

QUESTION // What’s in style this year in sneakers?

It seems to be more of the same with some more exaggerated soles and platform styles emerging. Slip-on styles are still popular, and some classic sports sneakers are becoming fashion sneakers (such as Adidas Superstars and Gazelles, New Balance Classics, and Nike Zoom Pegasus.

I would go for a lighter color, like these off-white/white/gold Gazelles or these pinked suede Vans slip-ons.

So that’s about all I have time for today! I hope y’all have a terrific Tuesday!

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42 thoughts on “Fashion Q&A + ShopBop Sale Picks

  1. LOVE Q&A posts….esp when the are varied. I have a hard time finding pants that can be worn under tunic or blouses left out that don’t have belt loops and buttons to leave the bulge under the clothing. Seems when I find the style the fabric is such that is “grows” throughout the day leaving you feeling like you needed a belt. Suggestions for this style of jean with some good stretch without the sag?

  2. Great information!  I like the idea of you answering questions this way in one of your weekly posts.  

  3. Definitely a good idea for this post. I found that I was interested in knowing the majority of the answers; so it was helpful to me too. We’re back to having rainy weather again in San Antonio, after only two days of sunshine. But I’m not complaining and was glad to have a break, even if it was a spring tease. 

      1. Tennessee looks to have nice weather this weekend. You picked the right time. Raining now and until Friday morning, but nice Saturday & Sunday. Yeah!

  4. I love this idea for questions we have! Thanks for taking the time to answer and including ideas for us! Please continue this weekly if you can! 

  5. Such a fun post; loved the variety.  Definitely keep going with it although I do see a lot more questions coming your way.  Thanks for doing what you do for all of us.  

  6. I LOVE Q & A posts!!! Im sure you get the same questions over and over!!!! Such cute options from every price range!!!! Thanks so much!!!!

  7. I like the Q & A series. Keep them coming. I also reviewed the Best Neckline post. A good reminder of what a narrow shoulder, small busted girl should wear in a top. 
    Have fun in Nashville!

  8. Containing so much valuable info, this post is fantastic! So fun to peruse a new format. Would love to have you model some longer shorts periodically. For an older woman, my legs are in relatively good shape, but I still can’t wear those short ones, ha, ha!

  9. Q & A is a great idea for a post and I thoroughly enjoyed the variety of questions. I’m seeing a lot of pink and blush this season. Is there any other pastel trending as I am so not a pink girl?

  10. Your new email format is terrific–I loved being referred back to a year ago with your post on necklines (a really good explanation of so many things that I knew but didn’t know!).  The Q&A is nice too, especially for those of us who aren’t doing the FB talks…Thanks, as always 🙂

  11. I have a wedding to attend on March 23. It’s a hard time of the year to dress for! It’s officially spring, but might be cool. I’m thinking of wearing a navy dress. I think I remember you wrote one time you like to wear stockings with dresses in the winter. Is that right? If so, do you have a brand and color you recommend?
    Love seeing your daily messages. I’ve gotten several things you’ve posted and they are always a hit.

    1. Hey Michelle, I love the nude patent (but they are excluded from the Shopbop sale, for some reason) because they are so versatile and the patent leather holds up a lot better than the soft calfskin leather. That said, I feel like the gold and the light makeup colors are more modern and of the moment. It partly depends on what colors you wear a lot and what works with your wardrobe, though.

  12. Question for the blog(Love, Love, Love): I will be attending a college sorority mother/daughter tea in March in South Georgia, (live in Savannah) any ideas on what to wear? I would like something classic but modern.

  13. I loved the Q & A post and would love to see it continued! You do a fantastic job!! Thanks for all the hard work, you are appreciated! ☺

  14. Wondering how often you purchase a new pair of black jeans? I tend to wear them often in fall and winter, but even with washing them inside-out, they fade and I need to buy a new pair every year or so to keep a dark black pair in my closet…ugh!

  15. I have tried to order the Tory Birch sandals with another item to get me to the $200 but it states it’s excluded from the sale?

  16. Really appreciate this blog and all the helpful advice! I have a question for the Q&A – what type of necklace and length of necklace looks best with a keyhole type neckline? I’m never sure…

  17. I thought I saved the email but I cant find it. You had a post recently with a suggestion of an eyeliner. Could you tell me what it was. Sorry I cant be more specific.

    Thank you,

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