Faux Wrap Jersey Jumpsuit

Happy Thursday, friends! I’m stepping a bit outside of my comfort zone today and styling a wide-legged jumpsuit.

I always try to have a variety of styles and trends when I do these summer style challenges, and jumpsuits are having a moment right now so I thought at least one deserved a spot in this series.

There’s a bit of a back-story to this post. For some reason I ordered this jumpsuit in a medium, rather than my usual small.

The fit was a little off, but I thought it worked… until I got my pictures back. I had this post almost entirely written when realized, this jumpsuit is simply too big! So I tabled the post, and re-ordered it in a small.

Long story short, the small fits sooo much better!

We took more pictures wearing the small, and I’m sharing both sets of pictures today. You’ll easily be able to tell the difference because when I shot the second set of pictures, I added two necklaces.

The material of this jumpsuit is lovely — soft and drapey — and I love the tie waist and that it’s fully lined on top. It’s also priced right under $100, which is very reasonable for a special event outfit. It also comes in black.

I appreciate the faux wrap styling, and it offers plenty of coverage for my full bust, but it could use a small snap to hold it place. That’s an inexpensive alteration I plan to have made asap.

I styled this jumpsuit for a special event… perhaps a wedding or other fancy summer occasion, so I wore these gold beaded tassel earrings to glam up the look.

And one of my Victoria Emerson boho cuffs adds even more bling, plus I love how these bracelets take the guesswork out of creating a layered look.

I’ve had these Sam Edelman Yaro sandals in the glam mesh jute for several years, and they’re my go-to for fancy events.

The glittery mesh material is the perfect complement to this smooth jersey fabric and helps keep the look more formal.

I love how the champagne-colored envelope clutch works with the shoes. I’ve had both for several years, and they come in handy over and over again — usually with my dressier looks.

Both the shoes and bag are quality pieces that are subtly elegant and classic that go with so much — either together or separately.

In fact, that would make a good post sometime — tried and true accessories I wear over and over again that complement so many different looks. If you’d like a post like that, let me know!

jumpsuit // sandals // earrings // bracelet // clutch // similar pendant // choker

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the summer outfit she’s styling today!

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photos: Alison Cornell

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39 thoughts on “Faux Wrap Jersey Jumpsuit

  1. Hi Jo-Lynne, Love the color on you! I was admiring your watch. I’d like to treat myself with a nice watch with a price point around $800. Any suggestions?

  2. That is a beautiful color on you!  The jumpsuit is very classy.  I’m glad that Paul made it back home safely.  It looks like we are going to have a nasty day, with the possibility of severe weather, and we have to be out today.  Have a great day!

  3. YOU say we can tell the difference bc you added a two necklaces.

    I say we can tell the difference bc there isn’t room for a second person in there, haha.

    This was actually a good lesson for me in getting clothes that fit.   My numbers are in your vicinity and yet I always seem to size up everything.  I think my clothes are often too loose—which likely translates to frump.  The smaller sized jumpsuit fits so much better every where…even the hem Is better on the second one.

    Very pretty outfit btw!  Love the accessories (and that color on you)!

  4. Very classy and yes the small fits much better. I’m enjoying the jumpsuit moment right now.. I purchased one for our daughter’s rehearsal dinner which I can certainly wear again. Plus I’ve picked up a casual every day one too and yup I can add a denim jacket over it.
    Have a great day 

  5. This jumpsuit is beautiful!   The color is amazing on you.  Definitely, the small is your size.  I so appreciate you sharing your “trials and lessons”.  It helps so much.  I would enjoy an accessories post and ideas about using accessories in different ways.  Also, our jewelry can add a “frump” factor if we’re not careful.  Perhaps you could address that as well?  Great post, as always…and those SHOES!!!

  6. Call me oldfashioned but…..first I love the jumpsuit and esp the idea of “dressing” it up and i, personally, would dress it up by adding a beautiful broche (sp?) to hold the neckline closed (although a snap would be useful for casual wearing for sure). I would do either gold or silver depending on the shoes i chose. I have several classic ones that would work perfect.

  7. If you hadn’t said that the pics are of 2 different sizes, I wouldn’t have noticed.  In fact, I had to use the necklaces as a clue to tell the difference 

  8. Such a pretty color on you. We’re going on a cruise in Oct and I think a jumpsuit like this would be very appropriate for dinner. I just have a problem with the length on jumpsuits since I’m petite but I did order one from Loft that fits great, so they are out there. just haven’t gone anywhere to wear it yet 😔. Enjoy your day! 

  9. That jumpsuit looks great on you! Love the color! Thanks for sharing both sizes – I think it is so easy to get into the sizing up slump. I tend to do that as well now that I am getting older and find myself fighting the frump. Would love to see your jewelry ideas too! Have a great day!

    1. That blue looks beautiful on you plus it’s my favorite color! My first thought was that the jumpsuit was swallowing you up until I read your post. The small looks great on you! I really like it when you step out of your comfort zone, this is a good example because you look fab!

  10. Ohhh I love everything about this! Beautiful all around!  I just hate the dreaded restroom situation when wearing one of these 😂

  11. Beautiful color on you JoLynne – thank you for jazzing it up for a more formal event. I often think I need a new dress for an event when all I really need to do is figure out what accessories are needed instead. I would enjoy a post on tried and true accessories.

  12. Love this jumpsuit on you – the color is outstanding. I am thinking of giving a jumpsuit a whirl this summer, just haven’t found the right one yet. I do find that I wear the same accessories over and over, because they just go with everything – I think that would be an interesting post! I do have to invest in a new clutch because my dog chewed up my last one. He is two and it was kind-of my fault as I left it out on the floor in my suitcase after I came home from a trip. 🙁

  13. I will confess, I haven’t seriously considered the jumpsuit trend (my daughter loves them), but that one looks great on you (in the size small).  It also looks like it would be comfortable and relatively fuss-free (as long as the front stays closed).  I would enjoy hearing your thoughts on your favorite accessories.  I have one necklace that I wear over and over – I love it but wish I could get myself out of that rut.  

    Unrelated question and comment – Q: have you tried Third Love bras (I know you did a bra post a year or two ago, but didn’t see them in there)?  I’m tempted because they have a good variety in my size (I’m an A cup and many brands don’t have much smaller than B), but would love to have a personal reference (even though our sizes are different).  C: a while back I purchased the Splendid waffle cardigan on your recommendation.  I love it, and get so many compliments on it!  Well worth the money.  So thanks for that!

    1. I have tried Third Love, and I didn’t love them. Go figure. I thought the material was stiff and scratchy… but maybe that’s just me. I know a lot of people like them. I will say, they are the ones that got me to try a 32G when I’ve worn 34F forever.

    2. Oh and I’m so glad you love your Splendid cardigan. I’ve been wearing mine all day! I had a nail appt and the salon is always fuh-reezing, so I usually bring it with me, even in the summer.

  14. You look beautiful.  Love the color and style of the jumpsuit. Last week I ordered my first jumpsuit from LOFT and waiting to see how it goes. Yes, the small on you is much better fit.  I would like the post of the tried and true accessories you use over and over again.  

  15. Looks so great on you! Thanks for pushing your fashion boundaries for our benefit 😄. I wasn’t into the kimono trend until you styled the Loft one. I received mine last week and love it. Now I’m eyeing that pretty jumpsuit suit on you and am very tempted to give it a try. It’s so helpful to see it on someone my size! (I tend to assume all the website models are 6 feet tall, which may or may not be true, haha)

  16. Love the jumpsuit, looks very dressy.  So I am wondering, for those of us who want to cover our arms…is there any way to use some kind of jacket or sweater with it?  And can it be dressed more casually with a jacket or something?

  17. I do love the jumpsuit trend now – very pretty one today. I have a question for you to help with. I have ordered so many of the suggested outfits and shoes, and have had to return most of them. I am now all of a sudden being hit with very high return fees. Since shipping is added to most orders to begin with, and then to have to pay again to return, the item becomes very pricey. Can you offer any help? I am about ready to never order online again and just go back to the stores (which isn’t a bad thing!)

    1. Hey Penny Jo – that is a bummer. I’m sorry so many haven’t worked out for you.

      I HATE paying shipping b/c I live in a large metropolitan area with almost all of these stores within a 30 min drive. But I also prefer the ease of shopping online. So these are my best tips.

      #1. I primarily shop at stores with free shipping and free returns — Nordstrom, Madewell (join their Insiders program), Bloomingdales, and all the Gap owned stores (Banana, ON, etc) have free shipping and returns.

      #2. Join Shoprunner to get free 2 day shipping and free returns at a large selection of stores.

      It is free to join Shoprunner with an AmEx or Mastercard. Some stores that are Shoprunner-eligible are Lord + Taylor, Shopbop, Tory Burch, American Eagle, Saks, Soma, and there are more…

      When I do want to shop at stores like LOFT or J.Crew that charge shipping, I usually order the minimum amount required for free shipping, and return I what I don’t keep to the store, to save on return shipping fees.

      And yes, some stores, I just don’t shop b/c it’s too expensive to deal with shipping fees.

      I hope that helps!

      1. Another option for free shipping is to order an item from within the store. They initiate the order for you, it’s delivered to your home, and shipping is free. Loft and Talbots do this. Macy’s will it if the order is for $50 or more.

        Macy’s automatically gives free shipping to Gold Card members. You qualify if you spent $500 at Macys in the previous year. What with housewares (sheets, towels, kitchen appliances, etc.), gifts, and clothing I’ve qualified in recent years.

        1. Oh, I should have added I often opt for the Store Pickup to save on shipping — esp when I just want one thing.

          And good to know about Macy’s! Most dept stores offer a similar program, I think.

  18. Thanks for sharing images of the different sizes, great way to demonstrate fit. The color is quite flattering on you.

    Would love to see a post featuring “tried and true accessories”, think it could help reduce the stress of putting an outfit together.

  19. The outfit looks great on you but I was wondering if the top was comfortable? I don’t even try on wrap tops anymore. They drive me crazy because they move around. You have an hour glass shape as I do and all the fashion experts recommend this style for our shape. They frequently are also too low. Any thoughts?

  20. This is a great look on you and I love the color on you. Gave me an idea for a wedding we’re attending in Sept.

  21. Yes, a tried and true accessories post would be great. The jumpsuits look lovely on all, but I cannot get myself into them for two reasons a) I’m short and b) don’t want to undress for every bio break! 🙂

  22. That does look great on you! I sure can tell which pics have the small jumpsuit compared to the medium! What a difference the correct fit makes!

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