One & Done Dressing

While I feel most at home in a pair of jeans, the nice thing about a dress or jumpsuit in the summertime is it’s one and done.

Floral Print Smocked Waist Maxi Dress

No need to figure out pairings or proportions, no need to futz with tights or pantyhose… Just pick out a cute pair of shoes, throw on some earrings, and you’re out the door!

Melrose Ave Women's Without a Doubt Vegan Platform Wedge

Today I’m working with Walmart to share some budget-friendly one-piece outfits from their We Dress America initiative for your summer style inspiration.

Floral Print Smocked Waist Maxi Dress

Melrose Ave Women's Without a Doubt Vegan Platform Wedge

Floral Print Smocked Waist Maxi Dress

Floral Print Smocked Waist Maxi Dress

Outfit Details:

smocked waist maxi dress // platform wedge sandals // leather chain strap tote (option) // two-tone hoops // Alex and Ani charm bangles

Unfortunately my floral smocked waist maxi dress has already sold out, so I rounded up a few more one & done outfit ideas from Walmart for your summer style inspiration below!

Mom on the Go: One & Done!

Girls’ Night Out: One & Done!

Backyard BBQ: One & Done!

Casual Church Outfit: One & Done!

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the summer outfit she’s styling today, and see all of my 25 Days of Summer Outfits for more summer style inspo.

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19 thoughts on “One & Done Dressing

  1. This dress was so cute – too bad it’s already sold out. But I do like the style & ease of a maxi in the heat of the summer for sure. 

    However – I’m not going to need a lot of clothing for this summer – I’ve been put on bed rest for 4-6 weeks as I have a fracture in the ball socket of my right hip. It’s an odd place for a break – very painful & yet can heal itself….so the doctors decided the bedrest was the way to go!  I’m only a few days into the bedrest & I’m wondering how I can do 4-6 weeks?? I probably need a lot of prayer. 

  2. What a beautiful outfit, especially for an outdoor wedding/shower, etc.  You certainly wouldn’t have to worry about heels getting stuck in the grass with the platform sandals. Although I’d kill myself wearing that height platform!  And yes, I wholeheartedly agree with you about this week being sooooo long!  Between the incessant rain and the grandkids being trapped inside most of the week, yes, it was a looong one!  We head for Maine Sunday, thank goodness!!!  Enjoy your weekend!  

  3. I love the idea, especially in the summer, of one and done. I bought a Lou and Grey swing dress on sale in olive, not usually a color I like or choose. I thought I would wear it as a cover up after the beach (to stop off for a drink on the way home) or throw on at home if friends come over. I have worn it twice, out and about, and I received compliments both times. One time I wore it with flat sandals, the other time with platform wedges. This is now my “go to” outfit. Thank you for your styling and ideas (and some choices in less expensive lines.) Enjoy your weekend! We are supposed to have warm, sunny weather (rain again today.)

  4. That looks really cute! I’m still not on board with the jumpsuit trend because of the problematic ladies room visits. But I do love the ease and femininity of the maxis. Well done, Walmart! Haven’t been in awhile.

  5. I could do with some maxi dress inspiration. I would love to purchase one but never know how to wear them. It’s it that easy? Ha ha, happy weekend! Hope to see too I on my Fancy Friday link up party!

  6. That’s one of the prettiest maxi dresses I’ve ever seen on you. 💜 Cannot believe it’s from Walmart!!! 

  7. That’s weird. My previous comment was automatically deleted. I got a message saying comment was “awaiting moderation” – never got that before. 
    Anyway, just wanted to say that I think that maxi dress is one of the prettiest I’ve seen on you & cannot believe it’s from Walmart!! Looks so much more expensive. 

  8. I LOVE this maxi dress on you. It is really too bad WalMart Canada does not carry the same stuff as the US. 🙁 I have found that I am definitely wearing more dresses to work this year, as there are so many cute ones out there.

    1. I agree . What’s up with Walmart Canada anyway? I see so many cute outfits on bloggers.. I try to hit a few Walmart’s when I’m the USA but be nice to have it daily available 

  9. I love that phrase one and done and I agree! It’s so nice to just throw on a jumpsuit or dress and out the door. This dress is so pretty on you. 
    Have a great weekend 😎

  10. Thank you so much for this post!  I know that a lot of ladies are still at the point in their lives where they like to have some ‘investment’ pieces, but I suspect that I am not the only one that is well beyond that point.  But, we still want to look current, nice, and put together without breaking the bank.  I am going to look at the short Tine and Tru dress with pockets when I am in the store next week.  

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