Game Day Style

There’s a certain football game coming up next weekend. You might have heard about it.

I don’t give a lick about football, but if I had to root for someone in the Super Bowl this year, it would definitely be the Patriots. I spent four years at college near Boston, and my mother’s family hails from New England, so I definitely identify more with the Patriots than the Seahawks, even though I do have a soft spot for the city of Seattle after traveling there twice.

But the only reason I even know who is in the Super Bowl is because I asked my son so I could write this post. Ahhh… priorities.

Even if you’re not a sports fan, you ought to look cute and festive at your Game Day party while you’re noshing on appetizers and rating the commercials, right??

If you’re a SERIOUS sports fan, there is always something like this cute fitted Seahawks t-shirt. But you don’t have to be quite so literal. I’m a big fan of taking the team colors and putting a “regular” outfit together. Like this.


Just layer on a few different pieces in your team’s colors. Simple!

Or how about this, if you’re a Patriots fan? It’s a little bit more of a sporty look, which might be more appropriate for a Super Bowl party. It all depends on your venue and your personal style. 

patriots game day outfit

Sorry, I don’t have product links this time, but you get the idea, right?!!

If you don’t want to get all decked out in your teams colors, consider at least accessorizing a bit for the occasion.

Like, how CUTE is this manicure for a Seahawks fan??? And so Patriot fans don’t get left out, here’s an idea for you too.

Are you attending a Super Bowl Party? Do you plan to dress up?? How do you do Game Day Style?

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