Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours!!!

happy thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I hope your day is full of good food and dear friends and family. We will be headed out later to my sister-in-law’s house for a big family gathering, and we’re all looking forward to that. I’ll probably spend this morning prepping my Black Friday Sales Guide. No, bloggers never get a day off, in case you were wondering. Ha!

I really hope to make this guide as comprehensive as possible. I know how overwhelming it can be to siphon through all the sale emails in your inbox, or maybe you’ve unsubscribed to a bunch in an effort to declutter your life. Either way, my goal is to be a one-stop shop so you can save time and accomplish your shopping goals with the most savings possible. There are some fantastic sales, and some have already started, like 50% off everything at DL1961 and LOFT, and an extra 20% off all sale styles at Nordstrom.

Not only will I round up the best sales I find, but I’ll try to come up with some top picks too. If you have anything specific you’re shopping for, let me know in the comments, and I’ll see what I can find!

In addition to being a resource for you, I’m hoping to make a big dent in my holiday shopping this weekend. If all goes well, I’ll finish it and be able to enjoy the rest of the holiday season without scrambling at the last minute and paying overnight shipping costs. I’ve been there, and it’s stressful! I’m hoping to avoid that this year.

So anyway, make sure to check my shopping guide before you do any shopping online tomorrow!!! It will be up early.

In other news, because I do have interests other than shopping (haha!) I decided to bag the Turkey Trot today. I don’t have anyone to join me, and I ended up running yesterday afternoon so I feel like I can skip this morning guilt-free. It looks cold and grey out there, so I’m glad I fit it in when it was warmer. I don’t really like running in the afternoons, but this time of year, it’s a lot more comfortable than bundling up to brave the morning chill.

I do plan to go to my son’s band performance. They play pre-game, so we can go, watch, and leave and come back to pick him up when the game is over. I’m a fair weather football fan. I don’t love the game enough to brave 40 degrees plus a windchill factor. In fact, I don’t love the game at all. I can’t even tell the difference between a touchdown and a field goal.

Now, if it were basketball, I might brave the cold, but then again, one of the reasons I love basketball is because it’s an indoor sport and you don’t have to brave the elements to be a superfan. Too bad the marching band doesn’t play for basketball games… but I digress.

Usually Thanksgiving weekend is when we go cut down our live tree and decorate it, and I would love to do that tomorrow, but we are waiting till next weekend because we’re carpeting the family room this week. I’m pretty sure the carpet installer isn’t going to want to move my fully decorated Christmas tree. I guess we could cut it down and leave it in a bucket of water in the garage for a week, but where’s the fun in that? We’ll just wait. I might put up some outside lights, though.

All that to say, we are looking for something fun and festive to do tomorrow. Our weather looks chilly, damp, and cloudy for tomorrow so it’s not really conducive to hiking or other outdoor activities. I suppose we could drive into Philly and do something Christmassy, but that’s a haul. (We live about an hour’s drive from the city, given traffic, etc.)

What do y’all do on Black Friday? Do you have more family gatherings? Do you shop? Inquiring minds…

Well, I’m off to grab another cup of coffee and make some breakfast, and maybe I will fit in a quick run, after all. Every time I look out my office window, I see someone jogging by, and it’s giving me the itch to get out there. Considering all the goodies I plan to consume today, I could stand to burn a few calories — at least enough to justify a small slice of pumpkin pie.

I hope you and yours have a blessed Thanksgiving Day! And for those in far off lands who don’t celebrate our American Thanksgiving, I hope your Thursday is safe and productive!!

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28 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours!!!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to u! Headed to my in-law and I’m bringing green bean casserole. Looking forward to your sale guides. Thanks for all the work u put into them!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you! I get overwhelmed this time of year with all that has to be done. The shopping, the wrapping, more shopping, decorating etc. I take care of my elderly mom and my granddaughter as well. I just pray I can have some joy about the season! ????
    One of my daughters lives about an hour away and is spending a few nights here so we can decorate together! I really appreciate that.

    I made most of my Thanksgiving foods yesterday so all we have to do today is heat ‘n eat!

  3. Very thoughtful Thanksgiving post. I don’t always comment but I do look forward to your blog. Enjoy your day. ~Lisa~

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, JoLynne! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It goes back to my childhood when each Thanksgiving was spent at my great-aunts’ home. The two sisters lived together and were reminiscent of Ms. Mayme and Ms. Emily on the Walton’s t.v. series. Born in the late 1890’s, they both graduated from college (which was quite a feat back then, especially for women). They were interested in everything and had kept almost everything throughout their lives, so their house was like a treasure chest to me. And I just loved listening to them talk about their experiences!

    We go to my sister’s home for Thanksgiving which is an hour-and-a-half from here and next door to the house my great-aunts lived in. Their house belonged to our great-grandmother who died before we were born. It’s like a homecoming every year as I can almost sense the presence of so many I lived who have gone on.

    As for requests for shopping suggestions and links, it sure is nice to be made aware of pants and jeans that come in tall sizes! Thank you!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving! When we lived in the US, we stayed at home, and usually ended up cleaning out our storage room and general declutter the house. I’m a big online shopper for Christmas. Now that we live in the UK, it’s just another Thursday and Friday! We plan on having a big dinner on Saturday with another ex-pat. We will miss spending today with our family.

  6. What a sweet Thanksgiving post. Thank-you for joining me with my first cup of tea this morning, Jo-Lynne. I Internet shop on Black Friday and have a lazy day after a fun-filled, busy Thanksgiving. So I’m excited to see your post tomorrow! However, I don’t like to have ALL of my shopping done in November because I feel as if it takes away from the fun of December. I love to buy friends and family gifts so I spend a lot of time thinking about the best gift for each one and I do like to hit a store or two. Or at least walk through the mall! And I have 6 grandchildren ages 1 month to 6 years so I am buying toys again! Happy Day, everyone!

  7. I love getting your positive and fun posts everyday! I am thankful for you and how you help us all stay looking good!

  8. Happy thanksgiving to you also! Black Friday we decorate for Christmas plus my daughter is moving into her own apartment so I imagine we’ll be helping.

  9. Jo-Lynne, You, @CyndiSpivey, and this group continues to be such a blessing to me in so many ways. I am so very thankful y’all are part of my life now! I have finished my morning readings and am enjoying my first cup of coffee. I have many fond memories of Thanksgivings gone by, but there are also some not so good ones mixed in there as well. This is my first one since my mom died on May 5th, so a friend opened up her cabin outside of Cashiers, NC for Larry & I to come and have a quiet week. I am one to not dwell on missing my mom because I want to enjoy the here and now, but I did not want to be around a lot of people either.

    I am one to shop throughout the year for the small number of people we buy for. That prevents me from getting stressed out now and it keeps us from forking over so much money all at one time. I keep a log of the gifts purchased for each person and store them in a big plastic container in our attic. We find other activities to do to help us feel the extra excitement that is in the air, like going to a place that is all decked out and just watching the people scurrying about. The small towns really go all out decorating, which I love to see. On Dec. 7th we will go watch the lighting of the Christmas tree in the town closest to us, Butler, GA, if Larry feels up to it after his first chemo treatment.

    I would love to see your sons marching band before today and watch the football game! I love football and was on drill team for four years in high school, so I’m into all of that.

    Thank you!

  10. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! I am grateful for the effort you put into your blog. I have learned a lot from your posts! We will be putting out our Christmas decorations on Black Friday. Any shopping I do will be online since I can’t stand the crowds that day. I’ll be looking forward to tomorrow’s post for ideas.

  11. Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family. Nothing better than the smell of roasting turkey—that someone else is cooking!! Great post today, but then they always are! We head to my sister-in-laws for an all dayer! One daughter & her family are headed down your direction to West Chester to spend a few days with her in-laws. Other daughter leaves at 5 to spend evening with her in-laws. These gals have a lot to balance between families! Most of my Christmas shopping is done on-line, I start right after Labor Day. Right now it’s all about the grandkids! I’m looking forward to starting my Christmas decorating. Enjoy your family time, nothing is better!

  12. Happy Thanksgiving ????
    I hope you enjoy your day and get to have some down time. Black Friday shopping is not for me I may go on line and shop and i do plan to make a very late day visit to target and maybe the craft store but thats its. Im staying home were its warm and less crowded lol May start Christmas decorating

  13. Happy Thanksgiving Jo-Lynne to you and your family. Here in Canada, we celebrated Thanksgiving in October. I am very thankful for the fact the both my husband and I still have jobs in this economy and that my family is happy and healthy. I really enjoy your blog and love your style. Thanks for this and keep up the good work. 🙂

  14. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your lovely family! I am inspired by your creativity with your blog and your beautiful heart! May God bless you this season with unexpected joy, fun and love!

  15. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Jo-Lynne! I really enjoy reading your blog every day and am thankful that a friend told me about you! have a great weekend! ????????????????

  16. Happy thanksgiving to you and yours. I am so thankful that I came across your blog. I’ve learned a lot of fashion sense from you and LOVE your many style suggestions and how you share your personal life with us.

  17. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. You are always a wonderful start to my morning. Very low key Thanksgiving here. Just my youngest son and his family over for dinner. I got a little carried away with my baking yesterday (cherry pie, pumpkin pie, apple crisp, banana and pumpkin bread) so I’m going out to walk my 10,000 steps this morning! Then dinner and desert sampling!

    On Black Friday we take my mother in law shopping for the day. This year she had her knee replaced so we will be pushing her through out shopping. We call that our workout along with the walking. Enjoy the day with your family.


  18. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving JoLynne. I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and dedication to your blog followers. You respond to comments and help with questions. Not all bloggers do that. So, I wanted to say “Thank you!”.

  19. Thanks for the nice Thanksgiving Candle Foto JoLynn and enjoy this special day.
    Overhere in Germany we celebrated the “Erntedankfest” (translated crops thanks celebration) on October 2nd this year. We never had the Black Friday like the american tradition. We have the Black Friday with quite another meaning. The history is complicated developed over the centuries. These Black Days can happen anytime in the sense beeing full of bad luck mixed with a sort af superstition.
    But last year the american Black Friday came over to Germany exactly the same Friday like yours after Thanksgiving Day. The main reason is the shopping day. So this year we have it the second time. Let see how it will go on.

    A great time to you and yours. Thanks a lot for your great work on your inspiring blog.

  20. Hi Jo-Lynne – sorry for the very overdue comment! I am sitting down here in New Zealand enjoying our summer holidays, catching up on blog posts and looking forward to a beachy Christmas! We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving down here but I have lots of American friends. Two years ago I was lucky enough to be included in an American Thanksgiving dinner and it was fabulous! While we may not have an actual celebration I do love the sentiment of gratitude and I’ve kind of adopted your Thanksgiving as a time for my own reflection on all that is good in my life. Thank you for another great year of gorgeous posts ????

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