Greetings from Maine! #FamilyTravelDiary

This edition of Saturday Coffee Talk is being broadcast from the great state of Maine! Warning: you are about to be bombarded by vacation pictures. You have been warned.

I took this photo our first morning waking up at the lake. I took this with my Moto X that I’m testing as part of the #VZWBuzz program. Pretty impressive, yes?

morning on the lake

Morning on the Lake

We’ve had quite an eventful trip already. It all started last Saturday when I was on my way to The Color Run and got an email from my uncle who had managed on very short notice to hook us up with tickets to a Red Sox game AND a Fenway stadium tour on Sunday. This meant we had to leave a day early for our 2-week New England vacation. So after The Color Run, we quickly packed and hopped in the car to see how far we could make it that night.

We got as far as Farmington, Connecticut, where we stopped and had a fabulous dinner at a place called Wood-n-Tap (thank you, Trip Advisor.) I was too tired to even take food photos, so you KNOW I’d had a long day.

Sunday morning we got up and took the T into Boston, and I was surprised and delighted to find my cousin Lauren waiting for us. She is interning at Fenway this summer, and my uncle had arranged for her to take us on a tour of the stadium. She led us down onto the field where we saw the Kansas City team practicing, and one player even tossed Becca a ball. Then we got to go up on the “Green Monster” and catch the view from up there before we found our seats in one of the membership boxes. Pretty sweet, yes? Thank you, Uncle Brent!!

JL and Lauren

Jo-Lynne and Lauren

fenway park

Fenway Park

view from the Green Monster

View from the Green Monster

Shanes at Fenway

Shanes at Fenway

After the game, we drove up to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where we stayed for the night. We love Portsmouth. We would love to come back and spend a few days in this area. We decided to tour the Strawbery Banke Museum before heading on up to Maine. I’m going to write a whole post on our Portsmouth stay, but here is one of my favorite photos. The museum is actually a group of buildings, each restored to a different point in history. This was the 1940s grocery store that the kids enjoyed exploring.

kids at strawbery banke

Shane kids at Strawbery Banke Museum

After that, we had lunch and drove on up to our family’s lake house in Maine where my parents were waiting for us. I’m so grateful to them for coming up ahead of us and getting everything ready so we can move right in when we get here.

Paul and I’ve been enjoying relaxing on the dock while the kids play in the water, and he’s been playing around with his camera at every opportunity.

JL and Paul


becca and caroline

Fun on the Lake

We had a few relaxing days on the lake and then yesterday we took the kids into Bar Harbor for lunch and a scenic hike. I was clearly dressed for hiking, not photo opps.

JL and Paul in Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor

Hiking down to Cooksey Drive Overlook

Hiking down to Cooksey Drive Overlook

Cooksey Overlook

Cooksey Drive Overlook

Hunters Beach Trail

Hunters Beach Trail

Hunters Beach Maine

Hunters Beach

And last night I finally got my first taste of lobster at the Union River Lobster Pot, one of our favorite seafood restaurants.

I have so much more I could write about places to eat and things to do. I hope to eventually cover all that in dedicated posts for those who might be traveling up this way and want more of a resource, but I also wanted to record our trip so we have a diary of our family adventures. Believe it or not, I tried to be selective with the photos! I have soooo many more.