Help A Sister Out | What to Wear with a Cropped Jacket

Sara writes in:

I recently scored a LOFT cropped dark denim jacket (maybe it’s a bolero style, beats me) at a thrift store and I’m trying to figure out how to best wear it. I was thinking with some tan pants and a top underneath but I’m not sure what type of top would be best. AH, it’s 3/4 length sleeve. Is long sleeve ok? Does it have to be a dressy top or can it be dressed down? Help, I’m so clueless.

She sent along these photos of her and the jacket:

That is so cute! And versatile, although I can see how you might be unsure about it at first. I do think long sleeves are fine. I have a friend who layers long sleeves under 3/4 sleeves and short sleeves all the time, and she always looks so cute and put together.

You could always wear the jacket over a dress — I’d probably to for something fitted and sheath-like under it, to give the outfit structure.

Likewise, you probably want to keep the clothing underneath it rather body-hugging, keeping in mind that you want to accentuate your waist, directly beneath the hem of the jacket. If you don’t wear a long-sleeve top under it, I would wear a bracelet. Bracelets look great with 3/4 length sleeves!

Since it’s denim, the sky is really the limit as far as colors to pair with it. The only thing I probably would not put it with is bluejeans. I could see it with khaki trousers or tan corduroys or a cropped black slim-cut pant and a lime green or pink/purple/fuscia long sleeve tee or tank under it. In the summer it would look great with white jeans or pants and a pretty colored tank underneath – again, one that hugs your body so it shows off your slender waist!

Here are some ideas:

casual chic



Maybe one of these? (I had a hard time finding a dress I was picturing.)

cropped jacket with dresses


Or even this?

cropped jacket with khakis and booties


I admit, I haven’t done the booties with cropped pants yet, but I have fun with Polyvore!

What do you all think? What should Sara wear with her new jacket??

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15 Responses

  1. i agree with the long sleeves under the 3/4, i think it looks great as well. it looked like the stitching is white so i’d also think about accentuating that part…maybe a white top with black pants or some cute white pants (are we allowed to wear those after Labor Day?), a white tank, and the jacket on top. a short chunky necklace would look great too since the neckline is open. i love thrift shop finds!!!

  2. Definitely wear some fitted/skinny pants with that cute jacket. I think denim and black look great together, for a dressier look. I like the idea of a brightly colored, fitted top underneath, too. Great suggestions! Have you seen the blog where she takes a thrifted look and a store-bought look and has readers guess which one is which, or maybe she just shows us how easy it is to copy store looks with thrift store items. I wish I had a link, but I’m sure I clicked on it from the WIWW page.

  3. Adorable! My fave is the last look. you can also roll up the sleeves on the cropped jacket if your bottom sleeves are hitting at the same spot.

  4. I love the look with those zebra flats. It has me thinking I may have to go get some zebra flats. I think I have to lose a little more weight for a cropped jacket, but I’m lovin’ it.

  5. OMG!! I just happened onto your blog…the way that blog hopping so often happens!! and was looking at all of these fun photos and posts…when…whallah! I see this photo!!! I have the same stinkin’ jacket and have NEVER figured out how to wear it…bought it at Loft on super sale!!!!

    so funny…thanks for the suggestions…very cute!

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