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I am on a roll, I’m tellin’ ya what. Another week of photos down the hatch. I only missed one day this week, and trust me. You don’t want evidence of that. But here are the other six days. One thing’s for sure. I need more color in my fall wardrobe. You’ll see what I mean.

WEDNESDAY: Early meeting at the kids’ school, working at home, and then to a {new} hair salon.

what I wore

white tee and navy sweater – both from Banana Republic

tan cords – Joe’s Jeans

burgundy suede handbag – Coach Outlet

bronze ballet flats – Aldo

necklace – Old Navy

You know what would have looked really cute with this outfit? That burgundy necklace from Target that I showed last week in the first outfit. Live and learn, right?

THURSDAY: Met a good friend for lunch and shopping. It was a cool, grey day with the threat of rain so I wanted to make sure I’d be warm and comfortable.

mom fashion

orange sweater :: Banana Republic Factory Outlet

grey jacket :: LOFT

blue jeans :: Citizens

brown boots :: Aldo, two years ago (don’t ask me how I know that)

necklace :: Target

FRIDAY: Drove to Lancaster to stay at Willow Valley for a family weekend getaway. I knew we’d be getting in and going right to dinner at their Cafe 24 Hundred so I dressed for that. (It was another rainy day and my hair was all frizzed out. GAH!!)

mom fashion | dinner out

magenta top :: Banana Republic last year

black hooded cardi :: Nordstrom in Seattle last fall

straight-leg jeans :: Paige (these babies are starting to look tired, aren’t they?)

silver flats :: Aldo

necklace :: no idea, it was a cheapie

SATURDAY: Finally the rain moved out, and it was a gorgeous, crisp but sunny fall day! We were touring Lancaster County, so I dressed comfortably. I actually ended up putting back on the magenta top from Friday because it was long sleeved and I wanted the layers for warmth.

mom fashion | sightseeing

grey sweater :: Nordstrom in Seattle last fall

purple tank :: it’s old, I’m not sure where I got it

straight-leg jeans :: Paige

silver flats :: Aldo

moss green suede handbag :: Clarks Outlet

SUNDAY: Our last day in Lancaster. After having breakfast at a hole-in-the-wall diner that turned out to be delicious, we drove home and spent a few hours recovering before we had friends over and hung out over wine and cheese — the perfect end to a fun and relaxing weekend!

mom fashion | casual weekend wear

oatmeal sweater :: Banana Republic (wait for it  . . .) in Seattle last fall (yeah, I had QUITE a shopping spree when I was out there!)

black long-sleeve tee :: Nordstrom

straight-leg jeans :: Citizens

black flats :: Nine West

This outfit needs COLOR. I couldn’t figure out until this weekend why I hardly wear it, and I realized. It is DRAB. I love the oatmeal sweater, but it a color with it. I’m putting a plum or burgundy top on my fall shopping list.

MONDAY: I won’t lie to ya. I didn’t even get myself out of my sweatpants. I was recovering from the weekend away and fighting a mild headcold or something, and I kept thinking I’d do it, but I never did. I at least put on makeup so I didn’t scare the mailman, but I didn’t bother to grab a photo.

TUESDAY: It wasn’t much better than Monday. I forced myself to work out in the morning and then when I got home I didn’t want to bother getting dressed, but I rallied. This outfit is none too impressive, but at least it’s not pajamas or sweatpants.

casual mom style

white tank :: Banana Republic

navy hoodie :: Gap, many moons ago

khacki cargos :: Banana Republic Factory Outlet

green Privos :: Nordstrom or Zappos, can’t remember

hand-stamped necklaces ::  The Vintage Pearl and Swede At Heart

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  1. I love the gray and purple together. You look great in purple. So who do you get to take your pictures? My husband politely says no and my kids cannot stop moving..lol I need a tripod….or to pay my kids more.

    1. Many of them are taken on a timer with my camera perched precariously on some nearby ledge. 😉

      The ones outside are almost always taken by my husband, and the ones in the hotel were. He will do it if he’s around.

  2. The Sunday outfit would have been great with even just a bright statement necklace and bright shoes. And very soon, it’ll be scarf weather so that’s an option, too. Funny too, that I love your Tuesday outfit! 🙂 I mean, really, we’re not always out there on the red carpet, right? and you look really comfy and adorable.

  3. They are all cute! I really love the orange top for this time of year – the tiny hint of poof-sleeve is so feminine and flattering, too.

    You could totally do Sunday’s look with a black/white stripe or another b/w pattern instead of solid black. I tried that this week and felt like it worked, esp. with a red purse to add some zing.

  4. Hi! I haven’t done WIWW for very long, so I thought I’d say hello! Just stopped by from the Pleated Poppy. Love your orange t and the cute shoes!

  5. Lovin your outfits! And you look marvelous as always in coral.

    Do baggy knees bother you with boots? Mine bother me.

    Hugs and kisses,
    the clothes fusser

    1. Yeah, you have to make sure you are wearing really tight skinnies. I have a pair I only ever wear under boots. And the ones in this post are pretty snug at the knees too, although they have a straighter leg so I can wear them both ways.

      1. Ok, I just modified a pair of jeans and made them into skinnies (via Grace’s advice on her blog). I like them so far, cuz I can wear ballet flats now too and actually SEE them. I’ve always been afraid of a skinny jean. But I’m starting to see the value.

  6. Love the Coach bag (that color rocks for fall) and the cheapie necklace! I need brown boots. I have two different black pair and I just got rain boots in, wait for it, black. Cute outfits girl. 🙂

    1. I need rain boots! Every time I go looking at them, I leave empty handed. They are either too $$ or the colors seem like they will limit my wardrobe choices too much. And I do refuse to get black. 😉 But you’re probably smart. They will go with everything and look chic.

  7. I am a first time commenter but I always check out your WIWW posts. I love your style! But today I wanted to let you know that I love your new haircut!! Great cut on you!!

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