2024 Summer Handbag Edit

I’ve always had a thing for handbags, and right now there are so many gorgeous options. I’m loving all of the summery textures — woven details, straw, crochet, and raffia fabrics. Styles range from slouchy bucket bags and oversized totes, to convertible frame clutches and compact shoulder bags, and I am here for them all.


You all have been asking for a summer handbag roundup, so I finally got around to pulling that together for you today! I divided these up into the biggest 2024 summer handbag trends, and I organized the shopping widgets by price point. I hope it’s helpful!

Woven Details & Natural Fibers 

Woven bags are a warm-weather classic, and they’re coming in strong this season. Also natural fibers like straw and raffia, often with leather trim. Relaxed totes exude the perfect beachy vibe, and I’m also loving the ones with the oversized, fan-like shape.

My favorite find from last year is still available, the Dragon Diffusion Santa Croce Leather Tote Bag. The leather on this bag is stunning, and it’s such a good size and shape for everyday.

Dragon Diffusion Santa Croce Leather Tote Bag

I probably should have divided this section into natural fibers and woven textures, because there are so many options in each category, but anyway!

Shop woven bags and natural fibers for Summer 2024:

Slouchy Bucket Bags

This is the shape of the season, and the one I’m feeling drawn to the most at the moment. It’s practical for everyday life, and they reflect an effortlessly chic laidback aura that works well with my casual lifestyle. After eyeing it for a few months, I finally took the plunge and ordered this Naghedi Nomad Hobo Bag in the Cashmere, and I absolutely love it.

NAGHEDI Nomad Hobo Bag

Shop bucket bags for Summer 2024:

The New Shoulder Bag

Shoulder bags are coming in compact and ladylike this season, with clean lines and shorter straps. I’m loving this refined look, but I haven’t added any to my collection as of yet.

photo credit: Kate Spade New York

Shop shoulder bags bags for Summer 2024:

Daytime Clutch

Envelope shaped clutches transition easily from day to night, and they can live in a larger tote when needed. Almost all of these include an optional crossbody or shoulder strap for convenience, when needed.

photo credit: Bloomingdale’s

Shop clutches for Summer 2024:

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15 Responses

  1. I’m in trouble! I want one of each! Such a great round up of cute bags…..Will definitely be shopping today.

  2. Gorgeous collection!
    Do you have any knowledge about ShortyLove bags? I have one coming and I’m hoping it serves my purpose!

  3. I’m sooo in need of one. Need to check these out and order something. I’m a shoe person and I tend to get lazy with my handbags. Yikes!!!!

  4. I’m glad that the sun is finally shining for you! It’s really hot and humid here, so we are only going outside when it’s a necessity. Thanks for this handbag update! I still prefer for my handbags to have structure because I like to be able to put my hand in it, without looking, and grab whatever I’m after. So, I guess my handbags are not going to be on trend.

    1. Ginger same here. Bags have to be functional for me. Even if I am outdated I need my structured bag.

      1. Just because a certain style isn’t featured in a list of trends doesn’t automatically mean it’s dated. There is a vast space in between “hot trend” and “dated”.

        For those who prefer a structured bag, the ladylike bags with shorter straps typically have quite a bit of structure, as do many of the bucket bags and totes I included.

        1. I actually bought a structured bag with a short strap last year. I’m going to start using it more.

  5. I really love most of the handbags this season. The woven ones and the bucket style are both so summery and cute. But I just don’t understand how anyone uses a handbag that has no interior pockets. I can use pouches and smaller bags tucked inside for a lot of smaller things to keep them organized. But I honestly cannot do without a slip pocket for my phone and one for my sunglasses. I need to be able to grab both of those items as quickly as possible so fumbling around in a big open bag is just out of the question. I know you’ve mentioned using a handbag organizer that you switch between bags. Does that really make it easier to find the important items quickly?

    1. I only use an organizer in my large totes. I don’t use one in my bucket bag or smaller woven tote. I just toss it all in, and I rarely have an issue finding my phone or sunglasses. I keep a sunglasses case in there, but I don’t always use it. I don’t carry a ton of stuff on a daily basis, so I don’t have to hunt for long, and my phone is huge, so it’s not a deal breaker for me. That said, I totally get that your bag has to work for you. Some of the more structured bucket bags have internal slip pockets for phones.

  6. Have you ever had a bembien bag? There shipping policy isn’t the greatest. I saw one at Madewell a while bag and it looked ok.

  7. Perfect timing. Was just looking for summer handbag. All great options!

    Can not decide betwwen Cashmere and Ecru handbag. I love the color of the cashmere but think the may go with camel and olive better.

    Also I am very petite, will this bag be to overwhelming?

    You thoughts?

    Thank you

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