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Greetings and good morning from the suburbs of Philly! It is sooooo good to be home!

We got up before dawn yesterday morning to drive home from Ipswich, Massachusetts — it’s a 6 hour drive with no traffic delays and no stops. We did well on time, the only delay being a busy rest stop on the Jersey Turnpike and my insistence on a Starbucks latte, and we arrived home right around lunchtime.

Savannah (our little rescue pup) was as happy to see us as we were to be home. We had a house/dog sitter staying here while we were gone, which worked out beautifully.

After we got reacquainted with our fur baby and unloaded the car, we all scattered to our various rooms to soak up the silence and solitude — we’re a family of introverts, for sure!

I think we were all a little bit done with the togetherness, although we did have a really nice time while we were away. To summarize for those not following along, we spent a little over a week with my parents in Maine at their home on Green Lake and then stopped in the Boston area for a few days on our way home.

In Maine, we did some hiking and sightseeing and spent a lot of time playing on the lake — sailing, paddle boarding, and towing each other on the Bandwagon.

lake fun in Maine on the Bandwagon

After that, we drove down to the North Shore of Massachusetts and stayed in an Airbnb for a few days.

The North Shore is a beautiful area, and it’s also where Paul and I met exactly 26 years ago. We took the girls over for a walk on Crane Beach the first night.

We spent one day in Boston, did a trolley tour, and walked a portion of the Freedom Trail.

The next day, we went over to Lexington to do some sightseeing and to have dinner with my aunt and her family who lives in the area. And then yesterday we drove home!

It was a long time to be away, and we’re all really happy to get back to some semblance of a normal routine… if there is such a thing in the summertime.

While we still have a whole month of summer left, the kids’ school activities are kicking off this week. R (my 8th grader) is super excited for middle school band camp, which starts tomorrow; and D (a sophomore in college) is going to working with the drum line at a local high school in the area. His first day is this week as well.

C (a junior in high school) doesn’t do any school-related extra curricular activities, and she is determined to eke out every last drop of summer vacation before her cyber charter school starts up at the end of August. She will resume piano and vocal lessons in September.

As for me, I’m happy to get back to regularly scheduled programming here on the blog. I need to get my head back in the game and start planning my August content. I have a few brand collaborations in the works, but not as many as I had in July.

From time to time, I see disparaging remarks about bloggers doing too much sponsored content (not from you guys — but around the ‘Web) and I do try to keep a healthy balance, but I also feel like those collaborations push me out of my comfort zone a bit and allow me to offer you guys some different shopping options from the ones I typically feature.

I’m actually trying to decide right now which retailers I want to continue working with. Some of them are a little off-brand for me personally, but I get a good response from a portion of you all when I feature them, and I’ve been debating about how to proceed going forward.

It’s a bit of a balancing act between being a personal style blogger and trying to stay true to myself, and wanting to be a helpful resource and provide a variety of options for you all as well.

I’m happy for constructive feedback — the brand collaborations you like, and the ones you don’t, and why.

At the end of the day, I know not everyone is going to like every post and I can’t be all things to all people, but it’s helpful to hear what resonates and what doesn’t.

I need to wrap things up here so we can shoot a look before church! Speaking of brand collaborations, Lord + Taylor asked me to do another post for their First Look at Fall before the end of the month, so I ordered a couple of dresses and had them shipped overnight so I could shoot today.

I haven’t even tried them on yet, but they look promising. Fingers crossed that they fit and I like them!

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in summer styles on sale, LOFT has 50% off their full price styles and Boden has 20% off their Heatwave Heros. I updated both pages in the Shop — see my Boden Favorites and my Loft Favorites. I ordered a few things from LOFT, so I’ll do some try-ons when those come in.

I need to update my other Shop pages, but I won’t be able to get to that until tomorrow.

And with that, I’m off to get ready for the day. I hope you have a relaxing and blessed Sunday!

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35 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home 🏡 #CoffeeTalk

  1. I always enjoy your posts. I’m not much help at influencing what you decide for future posts I just enjoy you so much and wanted to take this opportunity to let you know.

  2. Welcome home. No place like home after being away awhile but good to get away. Looked like a wonderful vacay. I’ll be ready for fall by Sept.

  3. I enjoy sponsored post . As you started, it gets me to look at items, stores I might not otherwise give a chance.  I don’t believe you do too many. I am drawn to Nordstrom, Chico’s, Talbots, maceys, Dillard’s. Have you heard of soft Surroundings.? I love the look and feel of their clothes. I would enjoy seeing you display some of their offerings 

  4. Good to have you back home!!  I love vaca but love to be home more, I think!  Fall fashion is starting to show up more & more.  I think fall colors are my favorite! Already, I picked up a pair of olive jeans, as well as a dark pumpkin pair.  Since following you, I feel I’m becoming more sensible in my choices of what to purchase.  My tendency is prints, lots of tops with bold prints!!  BUT I’ve found that unless I pick ones with go with denim or black jeans, they won’t get worn.  Solids seem the way to go, BUT I’ve also got to be true to my real preference!  You always have the perfect balance when styling tops, some neutrals & some prints.  So thank you!!  Welcome home & enjoy getting back into your normal routine!  

  5. I thought your previous Lord & Taylor post seemed a little out of the norm for your style as it was a little edgier – kind of biker chic! 😉 But I loved that it was different and it was one of my favorite looks on you. I’d say it’s good to branch out as long as you honestly like what you are posting.

  6. Welcome home! I enjoy all of your posts…..sponsored or unsponsored. You always style your outfits beautifully and give great tutorials and that is what makes your blog the best, imo.

  7. Thanks for sharing some pics looks like you had a great time and yes it’s always nice to be home. I enjoy all your posts sponsored or not. I have viewed some bloggers my daughter follows and right now they seem to be doing a lot of in store try on sessions( or at home)  featuring transitional pieces other than the Nordstrom sale lol..  these are fun. I’d like to make sure I’m ready for when those temps come. Thanks 
    Glad your back safe and sound! 

  8. Hi Jolynne…I so appreciate your authentic ideas about clothing and personally feel like you have achieved the right balance!  The sponsored posts are nice and I agree they expose us to new ideas. However, I am often frustrated by blogs that once had a balance and now seem more like a commercial.

    It’s not that I don’t like the clothes, it’s just not what I look to blogs for. If I wanted the best photos of Nordstrom’s clothes i would go the Nordstrom’s website🙄. I look to blogs for real people in real life sharing their ideas.  
    Thanks for keeping it real!

  9. Hi Jolynne! What are the denim shorts you’re wearing in the pic on the beach with the gray tank. They’re super cute and exactly what I’m on the hunt for. Short, distressed lived-in look, not too fitted or high waisted. Thanks! 

  10. Welcome home! Thanks for sharing parts of your vacation with us. I love talking travel, so it’s always enjoyable to see & hear what others did on their vacations. I’m a bit jealous of y’all on the East Coast; you have such great access to lots of fun places!

    As for your posts, I like that you’re down to earth with us & we are fairly sure of your likes & dislikes. Sponsored posts are a part of your job, and it’s easy to skip over them if it’s a store or brand we’re not as interested in. I really appreciate that you are always very clear with us about what’s sponsored—I know you’re going to state that at the top of your post.  I also like that you don’t over do it with links to every single thing you take pictures of (some people would have linked that paddle board pic, for example). Thanks for that! I also like your try-on posts because you tell us what you liked & didn’t like about certain items. That’s helpful when shopping. 

  11. I think you have the right balance of sponsored and unsponsored posts. As others have said, it introduces me to stores or brands I might not shop.
    What bothers me is when the side businesses of the blogger take over the blog. I used to enjoy another blogger until her posts became all about the skin care and jewelry she was selling. She showed her outfit but wouldn’t describe it or tell where the pieces were from. The fashion became an afterthought. 
    I have always enjoyed your blog as it is.

  12. Happy to know you are all home happy and safe. It is always nice to get back to routine after time away. Hope you feel revitalized and ready for a little more summer before the transition to autumn.  I have t noticed to many collaborations, I realize you need to make a living. So do what feels right for you!  I have noticed that more stores are using borderfree shipping to Canada, Chico’s was my latest discovery.  This service  makes shipping easy with no border surprises!  Thanks for all you do 

  13. Good morning and welcome home.  I’m another that appreciates you and your blogging style.  You describe items and show us each piece beautifully, it’s not a bunch of click bait.  Sponsored posts go with the gig and I think we all understand that.  I’ll fully admit to loving Coffee Talk and Try On Sessions but there’s something fun about a sponsored post too.  Stay true to you and we will be here.  
    Enjoy your Sunday at home and getting back into the semblance of a routine.  There’s nothing like home.  

  14. I appreciate you giving us the opportunity to express our opinion on the collaborations you do, even though I don’t have a real opinion one way or the other.  I get that you have a boat load of followers with different taste and stores that we like and don’t like for whatever reason.  So, when a store and/or outfits are featured that don’t suit me, I still look at the photos and read the posts so that I can be informed and maybe even see something that is applicable to me.  As you said, there is no way that you can please all of us with every post.  Have a blessed day!

  15. Welcome home! It looked like a wonderful vacation, and you have a beautiful family. You are a favorite of mine and I love all your posts. I think you always stay true to your style and it it shows! Keep up the great work!

  16. I really like all your posts including sponsored content. I have regularly purchased from links in your posts which is unusual for me. But maybe because we are almost identical in size when I see something that looks good on you I feel like it’s a good choice for me. I buy both high and low end but woukd never have shopped the J crew factory skirt you featured on my own. I get tons of compliments on it every time I wear it and it was an amazing price point. I also buy jeans in the same price range you seem to favor and love all your try ons. 

  17. Glad you had a great vaca but agree there’s no place like home. I enjoy your posts and feel you are clear on sponsored posts. Personally, I lean toward Nordstrom, Macy’s, Loft, and Ann Taylor.  Some of the other retailer posts help me branch off into lines I might otherwise skip. I like when you post a few Old Navy pieces as they can be a good source for some pieces as long as a keen eye is applied. I have ON in my closet and several are great staples.  I also keep some ON up at our lake house to avoid hauling my closet back n forth on weekends and being able to flow with sudden weather changes. It’s a sanity saver for sure. Not a fan of WalMart posts but I understand you are a source for everyone’s taste and the various budgets that go along with that. Sometimes the pricey items aren’t worth it to me and sometimes they are.  I have the TB Millers and find they aren’t as comfy on me as my Sam Edelman Circus similar version. Just the way it goes sometimes. Thanks for not hawking side businesses or linking everything in the photo.  I appreciate your focus on the clothes and your inclusion of size and fit details. I’m close to you in height/size so the detail is incredibly helpful. Thanks for not featuring the more matronly leaning lines. I turn 60 next year and I am VERY careful about my styles and fabrics to avoid aging myself. I don’t want to dress silly for my age but I don’t want to add on years either.  You provide that balance.  I look forward to your blog in my daily email. Keep up the great work. 

  18. Thank you for all the terrific work you do! You are one of my fav bloggers for your authenticity and sharing your “real life”, not just “photoshopped” life.

    Living in western Canada, we don’t have stores such as Loft, Target, Macy’s, Kohls, or JCP here – too bad! Even Walmart Canada doesn’t carry the same items as in USA. We don’t have your Time & Tru collection for example which is frustrating and annoying. There is on line shopping though! Thanks for letting me rant!😉

    I don’t have any specific suggestions on brands. We understand that you make a living off affiliates and sponsored brands. Keep up the hard work!! Glad you had a lovely vacay in Maine and Massachusetts.

  19. I love all your posts – sponsored or not! The sponsored posts are good because it might be something new I haven’t thought of.  But, I truly love your own posts, too, because they are you.  You do you, and keep having fun with it!  Your pictures from the trip are great.  I love seeing different parts of the country and families enjoying vacations!  Enjoy the last month of summer with your family at home, and I will enjoy your last month of summer posts. We may finally have summer this week now that it’s nearly August.  Ha ha   It will be in the 80s and I am actually  getting to wear my short sleeve tops.  Everyone will be talking fall clothes and I’ll be hanging into my 
    summer clothes for dear life!

  20. Love the pics💕 had to laugh at the family of introverts, sounds like us with our teenagers!!
    We vacationed in Maine every year growing up, so pretty…on our way right now to the Connecticut shore…I’m curious, how did you find a good reliable honest house/pet sitter? We left our dog with my parents, but they are getting on in years.  

  21. On Instagram you showed a Victoria Emerson single bracelet. You said you didn’t know if it was boho or wrap. I would like you to link to it please. Thankis

  22. I enjoy all your posts, JoLynne. I find you are true to your style. I like when you show us different ways to wear an article of clothing or how to up the style by adding that third piece. 
    Your Coffee Talks on Sunday are always read and enjoyed. I think you have a good balance.

    “There’s no place like home.”

  23. As I am retired I don’t do a lot of shopping these days but I so enjoy your posts and find I can shop my closet with your looks.  And, of course, occasionally there are those ‘must haves’….
    Thanks for you daily updates but take time to enjoy those precious kids while you can! 

  24. I love all the posts you do and what I admire about you the most is your honesty. Particularly that you stay away from fad diets and that you are not a narcissist. Your honesty and humility are greatly appreciated.

  25. I really enjoy your posts. I personally like a variety. I also think it’s ok for you to style an outfit that you personally wouldn’t wear and say “this isn’t my style but the elements of the outfit work together and are in balance if it’s a style you enjoy” and then let us decide about ourselves. I also really like when you tell us why an outfit doesn’t work for you. Those are actually some of the most helpful because it helps me know what to analyze better about my own looks. 

  26. I’m so glad you had a good family vacation. I giggled at your family of introverts & how everyone scattered to their own rooms for solitude.  I completely understand. 

    Thanks for all you do to keep the blog relative and age appropriate. I have no preference really regarding to what affiliates you continue with…totally up to you. 

    Have a great week…enjoy your day. 

  27. Wow! Such nice feedback from your readers. I completely agree with what was said. You are doing a great job of finding content to touch each of us.

  28. I always enjoy your posts, sponsored or not – I get lots of great ideas to remix what’s already in my closet or strategically purchase new pieces. If you’re looking for ideas for new content, I’d love to see something on the cropped wide-leg chinos that seem to be having a moment this summer. I love my skinny jeans and girlfriend khakis, but I picked up a few pairs of wide-leg crops at Loft and BR Factory, and they are so much cooler here in the Phoenix heat. I’ve been wearing with slim cut, scoopneck tees, but would love some additional styling ideas for them. Thanks!

  29. Love all your posts and enjoy seeing your family involved!
    Your fashion advice has helped me so much!
    My favorites Nordstrom’s and Loft….even Kohl’s for

  30. I enjoy your wide range of posts. Some weeks I am only able to get to wal-mart so seeing a sponsored post form them was a pleasant surprise. I do not live in an area with an easy-to-get-to mall, so stores like WM or Kohl’s are often my only options.

  31. I’ll weigh in on the the balance question–I agree with Marie’s response. The only “quibble” I have is that sometime the price points are a bit high. As a single woman, I don’t have the budget to buy more that a couple of $100 or so items per season. But there is merit in the argument to buy quality, classic pieces to gradually upgrade your clothing stock. For instance, a pricier cardigan or pair of jeans will last for years and be worn countless times with proper care of the item, and a person will always look and feel great.
    I enjoy your taste, and you take me to some places I might never venture! Im short, keep up the good work with fashion, make-up, life sytle tips, etc. You are always entertaining!

  32. As to collaborations – I honestly don’t want to buy my toothpaste at the same place I buy my shoes. I think big box stores like Target and Walmart have their place but I think there are better long-term options out there for clothing/shoes. You have a wonderful sense of style balanced with staying current. I enjoy seeing your choices.

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