Good morning, and hello Monday! This outfit was supposed to be for a Nordstrom sponsored post next week, but suddenly this hooded puffer vest disappeared from the Nordstrom website. It was the weirdest thing — the sizes never got depleted, it never went on sale, it just disappeared. POOF!

I was so bummed because this is a GREAT vest. I mean, it’s one of those wardrobe items I want to wear almost every day. I keep finding new combinations to work with it, and it’s so cute!

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Marc New York Hooded Puffer Vest, Halogen Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater, BP. Lance Booties, and Rag & Bone Raw Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans. #falloutfit #fashion #fallfashion #outfit #fashionover40

Fortunately I was able to find it at Lord & Taylor, and it is currently $34.04 with Code DEALS! *cue angels singing*

So what makes this hooded puffer vest so great? For one thing, I love the double zipper design which creates layered look without the additional bulk.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Marc New York Hooded Puffer Vest, Halogen Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater, with Rag & Bone Raw Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans. #falloutfit #fashion #fallfashion #outfit #fashionover40

Also note the quilting design. With the diagonal lines in the front and back, and the vertical lines on the sides, it’s slimming and figure flattering. The zipper pockets are another fun detail, and the attached hood keeps it sporty and casual.

This vest runs true to size; for reference, I went with the small.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Marc New York Hooded Puffer Vest with Halogen Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater. #falloutfit #fashion #fallfashion #outfit #fashionover40

This is the Halogen cashmere turtleneck that Nordstrom carries every year, but this year they’ve made it longer with more of a relaxed fit, so I did a front-tuck to keep my proportions in balance. For a more classic style, check out the Aqua brand at Bloomingdale’s. The quality is comparable to Halogen, and the price is the same.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Marc New York Hooded Puffer Vest, Halogen Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater, with Rag & Bone Raw Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans. #falloutfit #fashion #fallfashion #outfit #fashionover40

I’ve worn this hooded puffer vest a few times already — over a charcoal v-neck sweater with blue jeans for a basketball game, over a black turtleneck with grey jeans for a get-together at a friend’s house, and now with this heather grey turtleneck with black jeans and black booties.

Yeah, pretty much always a combination of black and grey, but I figure, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 

A casual-cool fall outfit featuring a Marc New York burgundy hooded puffer vest with black Rag & Bone skinny jeans, booties, and a grey cashmere turtleneck. #falloutfit #fashion #fallfashion #outfit #fashionover40

These booties are a new addition — they’re under $100, and I love the stacked heel and the arced topline. They’re very flattering and easy to pair with skinny ankle jeans. They’re also quite comfortable to walk around in.

I didn’t wear a necklace because the overall look is supposed to be cool and casual, and I felt like a necklace on top of the cashmere turtleneck was a bit much. Instead, I opted for my oversized pearl studs and my silver link bracelet.

I absolutely love this look. It’s amazing how warm you can be in a quilted vest and a cashmere sweater, even when the temperatures dip into the 30s. It’s a nice option when you’re going to be outside and want to keep warm but don’t want to deal with a bulky coat. When I’m inside, if I get too warm, I can take off the vest and I still have a complete outfit — although if I knew I was going to do that, I’d probably add a long necklace.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Marc New York Hooded Puffer Vest, Halogen Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater, with Rag & Bone Raw Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans. #falloutfit #fashion #fallfashion #outfit #fashionover40

puffer vest // grey turtleneck // similar jeans // black booties // similar tote // earrings // silver link bracelet (budget option) // photo credit: Alison Cornell

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  1. I love this combo the best.  What size did you purchase in the sweater JoLynne?  What’s your opinion on the differences of the Aqua vs, Caslon sweaters (unless you haven’t tried the Aqua brand personally)?

    1. I got the small. I have a v-neck cashmere sweater from Aqua and I believe a turtleneck as well. I can’t remember which ones are Aqua and which are C by Bloomingdale’s. I’ve been happy with all of them, but I do think Aqua is slightly better quality than Halogen b/c it is a tighter knit, which I believe means better quality. That said, I like how soft and stretchy the Halogen cashmere is, so I don’t mind that it’s a looser weave.

  2. Love this outfit. It makes so much sense for my lifestyle, too. And the colors are so nice together. Of course, I never met a gray sweater I didn’t like. 😉

  3. I love vests, they’re so easy to throw on and run errands without the bulk of a coat and I really like the layered look with this one. Do you mind sharing what size you chose?

  4. LOVE this outfit on you! I’m SO in love with the burgundy color this Fall and have several pieces in that color. I can put so many outfits together with the burgundy. I have several vests and would like to have the burgundy but I’m not sure I’d like the hood. Usually not a big fan of hoods unless they lay flat in back! 

    1. I typically agree, but this one doesn’t bother me. I wore it all night at the Sizers game last week, and in the car for 2 hours. Maybe b/c the whole vest is packable, so when you sit back on the hood, it flattens out and doesn’t feel bulky. I should have added that it’s packable and comes with a little pouch for travel.

  5. It was 31 when I got up.  I sleep with at least one window open and a fan in it, so it was rather chilly.  Since I had the central heat off, it was 54 inside, so I have turned the heat on to warm it up just a bit, even though the windows are still open.  It is supposed to get up in the low 70’s.  I love that vest and everything you have paired it with, thus far.  Can you zip up the vest over your sweater and it not be too snug?  If I want to zip a vest, I have to size up.  Of course, I only have one vest now because they make me so hot on my neck and back.  But I really like that one and want to add it to my closet.  I would love to participate in the FB Live sessions, but our WiFii here in the sticks starts and stops so much that watching videos is very aggravating.  Have an awesome day!

  6. I knew I loved this vest when you showed it on your live last week! I love how you’ve styled it here too. Vests have become my favorite piece of outerwear over the last few years. They are just more practical for me toting my kiddo to and from school, and they still allow my arms to move freely while unloading him and his massive chair. JCF did have a similar color last month, and I came so close to snagging it. Wish I had because it appears to be completely gone now, boo.

  7. Such a fun outfit!   I love vests and recently purchased one very similar to that burgundy color.  I hadn’t thought to wear it with gray, but it’s a great look.  Now, I might have to find a gray sweater.  Uh oh! 😊

  8. Love the vest and its such a different style where it looks layered. I love a basic black and grey turtle neck. I have been searching for a grey and each one I find it has wool.. Which unfortunately doesn’t go with my skin . Itch:( I love putting sweaters like these under my black vest. On another note had my visit with the podiatrist today and have a soft tissue injury on my left foot due to hyper extension due to a walk in the mud I had with the family late summer. Who would have thought. Oh well it could have been worst. I have it taped right now for support so I can still do my exercising but a bit of rest wont hurt either. Hope you have a great day it was cool and chilly for the morning walk today, but the colors are beautiful.

    Cheers Karen

  9. Just LOVE the vest.  The whole outfit on you is perfect.  If I’m 5’3″, like 128lbs. What size vest do you think for me….XS or S?  I hate to return items by mail. I wish it was still at Nordstrom.  Also, it looks more berry color on you, than burgundy like it shows on the website.  Which do you say is more accurate?  Sorry for all the questions, but if I order from SAKS, I’d like to get the details. 🙂  Great price.

    1. It’s more burgundy. I think the colors are blown out a bit in these pictures b/c it was so sunny. And I am tempted to tell you to go with XS. I’m very comfortable in the small, it does zip, and I’m 140# and 34G.

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