Coffee Talk 10.21.18

Greetings, friends! I hope this weekend is treating you well. After saying mine was wide open, I ended up filling it quite full. I have a way of thinking I can fit a lot more into an allotted period of time than is humanly possible, so when I saw an empty calendar, I came up with a long to-do list.

I was due for a “long run” yesterday morning (long for me these days is 4 miles, which sounds pathetic, but I’ll take what I can get!) and it was the perfect day for it. Our weather has been one of two extremes lately, but yesterday was the perfect mild fall day. It was about 55 degrees when I left for the trail at 10AM, breezy with some cloud cover. I never run as fast on the trail as I do on the road, even though it’s flat, but I still made pretty good time.

After that, I had plans to go to Nordstrom and to Kohl’s to pick up things I need for collaborations that are due this week. My daughter wanted to go with me, so we made an afternoon of it. I never did get to Kohl’s, so I guess that’s on my to-do list for today, but we did have a good time at the mall.

We ate lunch at the Nordstrom Cafe before we set out on our shopping adventure, which is always nice. Then we did manage to find everything we were looking for, but I was reminded why I never go to the mall on a Saturday afternoon. Ugh, the crowds!

She wanted to stop at Trader Joe’s on the way home, so we did, and now our freezer is stocked with all kinds of goodies that are sure to derail me from my last week of FASTer Way To Fat Loss. I was really hoping to finish strong, so I hope I can withstand the temptation.

I made stir-fry for dinner, and then while Paul, David, and Becca watched the Sixers in the family room, Caroline and I went downstairs and started watching Parenthood from the beginning.

Where are my Parenthood fans??? I had almost forgotten about that show, as we’ve been watching reruns of Gilmore Girls lately, but Caroline asked about watching Parenthood, and so we started it, and we’re both excited about watching it together from start to finish. When I watched it the first time, she was too young to care about it, so I watched alone, laughing and crying through every episode all by myself. I’m excited to share it with her, but I’ve got to figure out some clever ways to hide my tears. Why is it I don’t mind admitting I cry during every episode, but I don’t want anyone to witness it???

And speaking of the Sixers, here’s a picture from the game on Thursday night. I somehow convinced these guys to pose for a picture before we went upstairs to our seats, and I’m glad I did because I didn’t get any when we were in the stands. My family members are not fond of selfies, so I just left them alone and let them enjoy the game, but now I’m wishing we got a picture with the basketball court behind us. Oh, well. Maybe next time.

I guess I don’t have much to show you on the house front. We finally got our shutters and front door painted this week and the new lockset put on, and I ordered a wreath hanger and got my wreath hung up. I still need to get mums for the urns I bought — one has a mum in it, and the other is empty. It looks ridiculous! It’s hard to find them big enough to fill these particular urns, so I’ve just been letting it go, but I really need to get those fixed so the front of my house is complete.

In other house news, my designer came on Tuesday and brought curtain samples for the office and living room, and I had her order the ones for the office asap. I can’t wait for them to come in and get hung! She helped me with styling the etagere, and I think that’s almost finished. I still want to get one more coffee table book for stacking purposes.

We also ordered a chair and a small side table for the corner where I do my Facebook Lives, so I won’t have to move my desk chair and set my computer and props on a box anymore, and she had a recommendation for a new desk and a credenza, but I’m not sure I’m going to invest in those right away. The desk and return I have right now works fine, and there are so many things I want to do elsewhere in the house, I may just wait on that. But it would be nice to have my office complete, so we’ll see…

I’ll do a full reveal on the blog when my office is finally put together, but it will be a few weeks before the curtains and chair come in.

And beyond that, we’re working on finishing up the foyer and the family room, and I can’t wait to show you those, but it will be a little while longer. I’ve ordered a chair for the family room to replace the little white one, but that will take a few weeks to come in, and I also ordered a tray to put on top of the ottoman, but it’s backordered until mid-November. So yeah, I’m just hoping that room will be done in time for Christmas.

Well, I need to get moving here, so I’ll stop rambling. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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