What I Wore This Week 10.20.18

Greetings and salutations! How is everyone’s weekend going so far? Ours is pretty quiet. We actually have no plans… zero, zilch, nada! That is practically unheard of around here. There’s plenty of stuff to do around the house to keep us busy, and I’m going to have to run out to the mall to pick up a few things for my photoshoot on Monday, so I’m sure we’ll end up filling our day without a problem, but it’s nice to have no commitments or time constraints.

Today I’m sharing my outfits from this past week. It’s been a busy one, so I have something from just about every day.

These looks are more winter than fall, and that’s because we pretty much skipped fall and went right into winter around here. Everyone I know is complaining about it. I’m trying to just go with it because I’ve been saying I want to wear my sweaters for weeks, but fall in Pennsylvania is usually beautiful, and it’s kind of a bummer that we’re not really getting one this year. I’m hoping we’ll swing back into more moderate temperatures for a week or two so we can get some more fall-like weather, but it’s not looking very promising. All that to say, these outfits are all pretty cozy!

What I Wore This Week

First up is an outfit I wore to a friend’s birthday party last Saturday night. It was right after the weather turned cold, and I was so chilly, I went right for one of my favorite turtleneck sweaters. I tried on a few other looks with lighter tops and more open necklines, and I was too cold.

I went for grey jeans instead of my usual blue, attempting for a little variety, ha! And then I just I kept it simple with black booties and a black bucket bag. I love how the bag adds texture. You can shop this look HERE.

I also added a puffer vest when I left the house, but I took it off after I got to the party because it was too warm inside for that. I did actually think to snap a picture, though!

This vest is SO good, and it just suddenly disappeared from the Nordstrom website, which is where I bought it, but I just found it at Saks Off Fifth for 50% off!!! Bummer for me, but good news for anyone who wants one because that’s an amazing price. This brand may not be familiar to many, but I have one of his full length puffer coats, and it’s excellent quality.

Okay, moving on, this is the outfit I wore to church on Sunday and then afterwards to our church picnic. It was another damp, chilly day, and I knew we’d be outside a lot, so I went with another puffer vest and a super soft, cozy sweater. My vest is from J.Crew a few years ago, but the J.Crew Mercantile quilted puffer vest at J.Crew Factory is a great budget-friendly option, and it’s currently marked down to $34.50!

This time I did opt for a crewneck instead of a turtleneck, and it worked out fine because I was moving around a lot, setting things up (I helped run the picnic) and keeping things going so I didn’t really have time to get cold. This striped sweater is from Old Navy, and you can get 20% off today, so it’s very affordable. It comes in a lot of solid and stripe color ways, and it’s really soft and nice to wear. The navy and white stripe is a great closet basic.

And yes, I wore the grey jeans again. I think the combination of rust and grey is really fun and unexpected. You can shop this look HERE.

Here’s another view of the outfit. These boots are my go-to when I want to look stylish but be warm and keep my feet dry. They’re Blondo, so they’re weather proof, and also have a really comfortable footbed for when you’re doing a lot of standing or walking. I’m going to NYC for the day with my daughter in December, and I’m already planning to wear these.

They were back this year for a while, but now I can’t find them. They seem to be sold out everywhere, even at the off-price retailers. These are similar but not waterproof. These are similar, but suede and not leather — they’re still weather proof, tho.

This is what I was going to wear on Saturday, but I was so chilly I changed into the black turtleneck outfit (above). I posted this to Instagram on Monday because it was raining again, but to be honest with you, I stayed home all day in my loungepants and a cozy Barefoot Dreams cardigan. You can get these outfit details HERE.

I wore this next look on Tuesday working at home and running errands. Yes, grey and black again! It’s my favorite color combination in the fall and winter.

This sweater is back for the 3rd year and a row, and with good reason. It’s so soft and cozy, so versatile, so flattering… you get the idea! I had the black a couple years ago and wore it to death. This year I picked up the grey and the green. I know, I’m breaking my “no duplicates” rule all over the place! Seriously, though, sizes are already selling out, and it sold out quickly last year, so if you want one, grab it now. It says it runs big, but I don’t think so. I’m wearing the small.

My loafer mules are from last year, and they were a favorite. I was super excited to break them out again this fall. I thought I found them at Bluefly, but I can’t see how to select a size. There are a few sizes available at Nordstrom Rack, and I found a similar style by Splendid that looks pretty good. You can shop this look HERE.

So I guess that brings us to Wednesday? This is the sweater that started my love affair with Vince cashmere. It came in one of my first ever Trunk Club deliveries, so I’ve had it for a few years. I look forward to breaking it out every fall, and I probably wear it once or twice a week. It’s just got such a great neckline, such pretty details in the kit, it’s such a great neutral color, and the fit is perfectly relaxed but not voluminous. It’s like it was made for me.

Of course, all this means I can’t link it… womp, womp… But I share it because it’s an example of how a quality sweater can give you years of enjoyment, and while it was spendy at the time, the cost per wear is practically pennies. Because everything I’m wearing (besides the necklace) has sold out, I tried to link up some similar items HERE.

I wore this on Thursday during the day. This sweater is actually from Kohl’s! I know a lot of you like Kohl’s, and I’ve been asked to show more from them, so I ordered a few things to shoot for an upcoming blog post, and this one made the cut. It’s really soft and stretchy, and I think the details in the knit are really pretty, plus the hood is a fun feature.

It’s a little longer than the sweaters I normally wear, so I added heeled ankle boots to offset the extra length and help balance my proportions. You can get details on this outfit HERE.

And finally, this is what I wore to the Sixers game Thursday night — back in my puffer vest. I love the double zipper detail and how the lines are angled to provide structure through the waist area. Even though it technically adds bulk, it’s designed in a way that creates a flattering shape.

It was chilly again that night, and I didn’t want to wear a coat, so I tried this. I was afraid I’d regret it, but I was actually quite comfortable walking to and from the car, and the stadium was kind of chilly as well so I was glad I had an extra layer that worked with my outfit.

My charcoal grey sweater is a Halogen cashmere v-neck from last year, and this is a sweater they bring back every year, but this year they’ve gone with a much longer, relaxed fit, which is fine if that’s what you’re looking for. But I wanted to link a more classic style like the one I’m wearing, so I went to Bloomingdale’s to find a similar color and fit.

Aqua and C by Bloomingdale’s are the two Bloomgingdale’s in-house brands similar to Halogen and Caslon for Nordstrom. Basically, they are brands made exclusively for those stores, and they’re generally more affordable than the comparable designer brands. Both lines carry some great classic cashmere sweaters, and right now they each have a great classic cashmere v-neck that is on sale for $99. The dark grey in the C by Bloomingdale’s or the heather grey in the Aqua are most similar to what I’m wearing. You can get all the details on this look HERE.

Whew! That about covers it, I guess. I stayed in workout clothes all day yesterday, so trust me, you don’t want to see that. My workout clothes are all like 25 years old. I hardly ever add anything new. I usually only buy Zella or Athleta, and both brands last for-ev-er.

I also realize that every single look not only involves skinny jeans, but I think all but one were AG legging ankle jeans. I sort of feel like I should apologize, but the point of these posts is to show what I really wear, and this is what I really wear. Straight leg jeans and bootcuts are nice, but they both require more effort to style, both look best with heels, and I rarely wear a heel during the week.

Funny thing, my podiatrist actually told me to wear more heels. I had a bunionectomy on one foot (I didn’t need one on the other… strange, but true) many years ago, and that joint never regained the mobility and flexibility it should have to operate properly, thus causing a lot of the foot issues I’ve been plagued with over the years.

Wearing heels actually exercises that joint, and he told me flats are the worst thing for me. He said I should be walking around the house in various heel heights during the day, even if I’m not wearing them out anywhere, and if I’m doing a lot of walking, a 1″ or 2″ heel is better than a flat shoe because it provides more support for the foot.

It makes sense, I guess, but it cracks me up because I was always told heels are the worst thing for a woman’s feet. So now I have permission to wear heels, and no where to wear them! #nofair

Anyway, that’s enough from me for today. It’s been 35 degrees for the past several mornings, and today it’s 55, so I’m planning to go for a nice, long run this morning! It will be back in the low 30s for the rest of the week, so I’m going to enjoy it while I can.

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24 Responses

  1. Love all the looks. Thanks for being authentic and keeping it real and showing what you wear in real life.
    How ironic that you are being told to wear heels 😂 as part of your Rehab process.
    Weather is crazy all over. All of Calgary’s crazy snow has melted and its lovely Indian summer/fall here. So glad for that. Have a great weekend!

  2. You know what I really liked about this post?  I like you showing us what you really wear.  This is a nice change from the outfits you wear for the photo shoots.  It is very interesting how your doctor has told you that heels are much better for you.  Due to my bad ankles and me doing all I can to avoid having ankle replacement surgery, I need to stay in shoes without a heel and with good arch support.  Regarding what to put on the ottoman, if table top books are still ‘in’, that would be one thing.  I like to keep nice looking coasters around as a reminder to everyone that beverages should not be set directly on the wood furniture.  Enjoy your relaxing weekend!

  3. I love that you show us what you really wear!  Personally, I wear the same skinny jeans all the time too, even though I have other styles.  You are right – the skinnies are so easy to style.  I ordered  the Old Navy rust striped sweater from your link a couple of days ago.  I couldn’t stop thinking about it after I saw it on your Instagram.  That whole out fit with the vest is so cute!  😊  And I am loving your gray and black outfits. I hadn’t really thought of that combo before.  

  4. I was told to not wear high heels nor flats. My shoes always have a bit of heel, like your podiatrist pointed out 1” – 2”.  Also, shoes you have to grip with your toes ( flip flops crocs etc.) are bad for bunions. I must admit I wear sandals in the summer sometimes.  🤫 
    I agree skinnies are easier to style. They look good with any of our footwear. I definitely have more pairs of skinnies versus boot cut. I gained a few pounds this past year and struggle to lose it. I’ve found that bootcut or straight leg hide those extra pounds on my bottom half, so I change into them when going out.  I’ve been trying intermittent fasting for a couple of weeks. Not a lot of movement on the scales though. The Faster Way to Weight Lose seems like too much work and Too much focus on every bit of food you consume. I’m just cutting back on carbs and hope that works.
    Love that you keep it real. Most often it’s an unrealistic version presented. We’d be in debt if we bought everything we saw on blogs. 
    Have a great weekend, JoLynne! 

    1. I agree that bootcuts help balance out extra weight. I just wish they looked better with flats. Ha! And yep, flip flops are the worst, but of course I still wear them because CUTE! And easy. But I try not to wear them when walking a lot.

      FWTFL is definitely a learning curve. I think the carb cycling would really be great if I could do it the way it’s outlined in the program, but I find myself changing up the order of the days due to my trainer’s schedule, and I’m not sure I’m getting the most out of it that way.

      1. Bootcuts do look cute with flats, as long as they have a pointy toe. You may have to hem them to get the right length, but then you can wear them everyday with cute, comfy shoes or booties with a low heel. I picked up this tidbit from another blog. Try it! 

  5. Wow!!!! You really did cool down. I know what you mean……to skip FALL would be a bummer.  I love the temps a usual FALL has.  I’m sorry to tell you we are having it in NW Oregon. We have sun and warm every day and it keeps going on and on. Usually by now we’ve had rain, rain, rain.  I’m at the point I miss a rainy, cozy day, which is funny.  I like to start my Christmas shopping this time of year and with the weather so nice its hard to get into the mood.  I see lots of people your way are having COLD temps coming through.  Weather sure can be crazy and unpredictable.  I guess when you are cold, just remember your hot and muggy you were tired of huh?  Have a good non committed day. Those are nice at times.  I have the same thing.  Love all the outfits you chose for last weeks wearing. 🙂  You are fortunate to get to have your son so close to come home as often as he does.  Even at their age, they get homesick and get tired of the dorm and home is just cozy and relaxing. Enjoy while it last. 

    1. I know, I keep telling myself to remember how cranky I was when it was hot and humid… but I’m not asking for that either! It seems like 50s and 60s for a few weeks shouldn’t be too much to ask for, but evidently it is. ALTHOUGH, today we are getting that. But it’s not going to last. Oh, well. I’m enjoying it for now!

      I’m honestly surprised at how often my son wants to come home, but people who went to college closer to home tell me it’s normal and will taper off as the years go by. So yes, I’m enjoying it while I can. It’s good to see him and catch up every couple weeks.

  6. Yeah actually heels aren’t the best thing for our feet and cause bunions especially if a tight fitting shoe.. but heels/ wedges are better than flats and flip flops as that’s what caused my plantar fasciitis which was very painful… support and comfort need to go hand in hand which can be tricky..  I’ve resorted to wearing Nike’s around the house instead of bare feet. I hope all improves for your feet they are the foundation of our whole body.. and as we age a lot can change… uggh . Love all your outfits looks like you had a great week… that vest is super cute. Pinterest always has great ideas for tops of ottomans perhaps you’ll find some there.. 
    happy weekend 

    1. Yeah no, he didn’t mean I should be wearing 4″ stilettos all day, ha! But even the higher heels, he’s a fan of, for periods of time… thinking my booties with good stable block heels. That’s the reason I ended up wearing those gray ones with the pink sweater one day this week. He’s always told me to change up my shoes 2 or 3 times a day and vary the heel heights. And yeah, flats and flip flops are the worst. I still wear them, tho. 🙄 I try not to wear them ALL the time. Since my PF isn’t bothering me these days, I do go around barefoot a lot.

      I think my feet are always going to be kind of finicky, but I’m just hoping I can keep them from getting injured again.

  7. What size are you wearing in the maroon puffer vest?  Lots of fun stuff on this post, thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend. 

  8. I also enjoy these posts.  It’s fun to see what you really wear day to day.  And thanks for all the info on your bunion issue and feet issues in general.  I almost told my husband I know someone who has had good results.  Well, you make us feel we know you  😉

    Maybe a silly question, do you ever think about doing yard work or something but don’t want to mess up a good hair day or change out of a cute outfit.   Or is that just me?????

  9. Love all your daily outfits…   I ordered the red Ugg loafers during the Nsale thanks to you. Love them and every time I wear them someone usually compliments me on the pop of color.  Grateful that you keep sharing how you wear them bc that’s not my wheelhouse!

    Also, I know you think it’s large, but I love your ottoman.   I made a huge one for our family room a couple years ago and my big kids use it all the time.  Actually everyone at our house does.   It no longer matches the room style so I’ll have to make another after the holidays.  I put a tray on it for drinks when we have company, but it gets slid underneath for flop time.   You may just grow into it. 

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