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Sock booties are one of the hottest trends in the ankle boot category this season, and I’m a fan. They’re generally quite slimming because they fit close to the ankle, which is the narrowest part on a woman’s leg, and they have an air of sophistication I’m drawn to.

It’s taken me some practice to get used to styling them, but you can see how I wore them with skinny jeans late last winter here and here. For today’s post, I’m styling them with straight ankle jeans.

So here’s where I’m going to be really annoying and tell you that everything I’m wearing has sold out or been discontinued. I KNOW. But here’s the thing. I get tired of buying new stuff all the time. Honestly. And everything I’m wearing is a classic piece that can be found in your closet or at the retailer of your choosing, so it’s totally relevant. I just don’t have exact product links… well, I do, but they’re sold out. Ha!

These booties were a purchase late last winter. They were a bit of a splurge, but I got them on a really good sale, which is how I recommend buying splurge-worthy pieces. I had ordered and returned a few different styles before I landed on these, and it was love at first sight. They’re by Club Monaco, and these are similar, but I also linked up some other similar styles for less in the shopping widget at the end of this post. There are tons of sock bootie options right now.

These Frame slender straight leg jeans were an #NSale style that recently sold out, but I did find a similar pair. Unfortunately, the current pair is not on sale, so I also rounded up a few other options at various price points in case you’re looking for a pair. I still want to get a dark wash pair, but this light wash is on trend and fun for a change.

Sock booties and straight leg jeans work really well together because the jeans fall easily over the booties, and you don’t have to worry about them getting caught up in the top of the boot or anything.

On top, I wore a classic grey pullover — another #NSale purchase. This boxy style is a great length for pairing with high rise jeans like the one I’m wearing. I don’t care for the front-tuck with high rise jeans, so I try to wear sweaters that are the perfect length for wearing untucked.

Because the jeans are ankle-length, they tend to shorten the line of the leg, so a shorter top is necessary to keep the proper proportions. This one is 23″ in length, which works out perfectly for me.

I don’t love crewneck tops on me, so I wore a pair of pendant necklaces to help draw the eye in and down towards the waist. The goal here is to elongate the neck and create the illusion of a longer torso. I also like how these pieces have a bit of bling that dresses up the look.

Realistically, when it’s cold enough to wear this outfit, it will be cold enough for a coat or jacket, so I threw on my black leather jacket to show how I would finish off  the look if I were going out.

This is the type of outfit I’d wear out to dinner in the fall or winter with my husband or friends. Again, my jacket is old, but I did find a similar one by the same brand, AND it is on sale!

grey pullover (option; this is also super cute) // similar Frame slender straight leg jeans (option) // similar booties (option) // similar leather jacket // horn pendant // double horn pendant // similar tote

photo credit: Alison Cornell

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  1. I love sock booties, they are so flattering on a woman’s leg and you’re right – they have an air of sophistication! I have had a pair for several years now and I had to search high and low to find them, seemed ridiculous back then. I wanted then to wear with a dress because they just look so much better than a big, bulky boot!

    1. Funny, my mom was wearing them with pencil skirts a few years ago. She used to go to Chicago a few times a year for business, and she would always shop when she was there, and she would see the newest cutting edge styles and wear them. I remember hating that look, but now I see she was just a few years ahead of the trend. Now that I’m used to it, I can appreciate how flattering it is, but I still feel ridiculous wearing sock booties with dresses. Maybe I’ll come around this year!

  2. I certainly do not think you need to style a NEW outfit for us all of the time. My goodness, who can afford to do that?? Personally, I enjoyed today’s post because we ALL of similar things in our closet to mimic your look! That’s what I’m after…..ways to style what I already have! You should do more of these types of posts and….wink…..save yourself some money! Ha!

    1. Girl. I like the sound of that! Haha! It’s so much easier to do this time of year when it’s cold enough for layers. Layering provides so many more possible outfit combinations.

  3. I think my eye is starting to get used to the cropped straight leg trend. I like them on you and they look really flattering with the booties. I like the sock booties on you, although I don’t think that trend is for me. It looks very nice on you, but when you said “an air of sophistication,” I think that rules me out, lol. I’m wearing my white (actually *bone*) snakeskin combat boots today. 😀 I love the final pic with the moto jacket. That finished it in a way that was very cool.

    1. Yeah, as I’m looking at these pictures, I realize I don’t really like the outfit without the jacket. It needs that layer for structure as well as just for added interest and texture. I’m so glad it’s cold enough to wear layers again!

      And I think it’s really awesome that you read “an air of sophistication” and new instantly a trend isn’t for you. That means you really know your personal style aesthetic, and that’s key to having great style! I could NEVER get away with snakeskin combat boots, haha!!! But I bet you’re rockin’ them. I’d love to see your outfit.

      1. Well I am definitely giving credit to you and Adore Your Wardrobe for helping me to finally start *hopefully* knowing what looks good on me. I started reading your blog last fall, I think, and it’s been so helpful. I took Course 1 last winter, followed by Course 2 of AYW, and those also were very helpful…especially in the accessorizing aspect, which I’ve NEVER been able to do. But your aesthetic (sp?) is very similar to what I like to wear. I’m a teacher, but I keep it pretty casual. I don’t really do workwear. I’m more likely to wear colored jeans, or leggings with a tunic. So all that to say, that I love your blog and read it religiously. 🙂 🙂 (And have spent way more money than I should. Ha!)

  4. JoLynne, I recently ordered the Bernardo Moto jacket through your link.  It is awesome and I think I’ll be wearing it for years.  My husband really likes it too.  Great post today, encouraging us to look in our closets.

  5. Great post! It’s always good for me to get a reminder that I can shop my closet for a new look…except in this case I don’t own sock booties so….I guess I get to do a little of both; shopping my closet and checking out new stuff. #winwin
    Have an amazing weekend!

  6. Actually, I am happy you showed how to style basic clothes ( not “NEW” to you ). Because I feel this way these days. While I love fashion and trends. I feel I am sometimes dragged (because of a new trend) to buy new items yet I have so many pieces that I did not even experience to wear together. So I love your idea. Your item is basic, classic and looks neat together. You did a beautiful job pairing them together.

  7. It was 60 and very cloudy/overcast when I got up, so definitely no frost here!  I’d love to see frost because that would finally rid of the mosquitoes, etc.  I’m glad all of the family had an enjoyable time last night.  Becca looked so excited in the picture you put on Instagram.  Is there a particular style shoe you would suggest, to complete an outfit like this one, if sock boots aren’t in our closet?  Thanks!  Have a fabulous Friday!

  8. Please don’t feel like you need to apologize for items that are sold out or discontinued. Your style is classic and your blog is a huge help. That is my 10 cents worth:-)

  9. Great look and I totally don’t mind you shopping your closet! Like most of the other ladies, I look to your blog for style advice and how I can put things in my closet together that look similar to your looks. Keep up the great work!

  10. I love the clean but sexy look of a sock bootie. They look great with dresses as well as cropped pants. Your pick of a straight leg Jean is perfectl 
    I totally understand that you can’t be modeling new clothing all the time. It’s how you put an outfit together that inspires us. Showing alternatives is very helpful. 

  11. Cute outfit!  I love that you shopped your closet for this one.  It’s fun to have ideas that I can recreate with what I have.  I don’t have sock booties, but I do have booties with a low profile that go well under straight leg  jeans.  Love the gray sweater under the jacket!  Now if it will get cool enough to wear that kind of outfit!  Our fall in the NW has been really mild so far.

  12. Glad you shop your closet once and awhile that is actually a great idea. I mean I can not afford to buy all that you and Cyndi show and style or I would be in the poor house. We can always make new outfits by shopping our closet ,probably more than we know. Maybe for a blog idea take one item from your closet but show it being styled many different ways… Just a thought and maybe you have done that. Glad you all had fun at the game, sounds like a great birthday outing. Our baby turns 22 today.. so birthday dinner and cake coming up.
    Have a great weekend

  13. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am soooo slow getting on the latest bandwagon. I’ve got old straight jeans I should pull out, but man do I have such a hard time shifting gears. It really grinds my gears. HA! AND yes to not constantly buying new things. Linking to similar options is great and shows how to shop our own stuff. Happy weekend!!!

  14. I LOVE that you “shopped your closet” today!! I was actually just thinking yesterday that I am buying way too many clothes & shoes lately!! LOL!! Since I have plenty of things in my closet, I need to just stick with these for a while…. but it’s SO hard NOT to when the bloggers show such cute things!!!! … also shopping is my favorite pass-time… so there’s that obvious temptation!! <3 Have a super awesome weekend!

    1. Joni…I can totally relate.  Just told myself I needed to shop my closet more.  I have plenty to wear but looking at blogs can be tempting for sure. I love to shop too.  

  15. So I love this classic look and the fact that you go
    with things you already have and it looks so
    Thanks for all you fashion advice I hv been ask be part 
    Focus group from large retailer,excited …
    Now what to wear….florals jeans straight leg of course!

  16. Love the shop your closet idea! 👍
    Few of us have unlimited closet space (or shopping budget for that matter too!!) so its nice to shop the basics in our closet. No need to apologize at all. In fact, please do more of them…… Its good to wear what we have. Glad you had fun at the game!

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