How to Dress Up Casual Jeans

As y’all know, I’m a jeans girl. Nothing makes me feel better than a great pair of jeans, and when they’re paired with high heels, even better!

How to Dress Up Casual Jeans: Jo-Lynne Shane wearing rust Kimono Blouse from White House Black Market with blue jeans and nude pumps. This is the perfect spring outfit for lunch with the girls or a casual date night.

WHBM Kimono Blouse (Petite) $88 // DL1961 Emma Legging Jeans $178 (wait for a sale)
Charles D Pact Pumps $99 // similar Kate Spade crossbody $148
C. Wonder Station Tassel Necklace c/o QVC $59
gold hoops $28 // cuff bracelet $79

One of my favorite looks is jeans, high heels and a dressy top, so I’m always looking for cute tops that can stand alone. I always do well at White House Black Market. They seem to nail it when it comes to tops that are well made and on trend without being trendy, if that makes sense. Their price points are on the high side, but not crazy high, and they do run some nice promotions from time to time.

I picked up this Kimono Blouse along with a few other tops a few weeks ago when they were running 30% off full price items, and I love it. You’re going to hate me, though. It is currently sold out in regular sizes. You can check back because sometimes they restock. Earlier today they had it in XL. If you wear petite, you’re in luck because there are more sizes to choose from, and you also may be able to find it in stores.

I really like the way this top is shaped through the waist area without being tight at all. It’s flattering and easy to throw on and go. Best of all, there are two layers of material so it’s not see-through AT ALL and there is no need to mess with shapewear.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing rust Kimono Blouse from White House Black Market | Fashion Over 40


The keyhole detail in the back is a nice touch, and I love the shirttail hemline.

Kimono Blouse from White House Black Market

I added a statement necklace, and I felt like I was good to go. I also added modest hoop earrings along with a cuff bracelet, but I went with delicate pieces because I didn’t want anything to compete with the necklace.

How to Dress Up Casual Jeans: Jo-Lynne Shane wearing rust Kimono Blouse from White House Black Market with blue jeans and nude pumps.

I rarely wear pumps because I find them awkward to walk in. I have narrow heels and most pumps seem to slip off when I walk. However, I couldn’t resist putting them with this outfit because they seemed like the perfect finishing touch. That said, when I wore this outfit last week at Mom 2.0, I wore my wedge sandals, and they looked ALMOST as good, plus I could walk, which is always a bonus.

Jo-Lynne Shane in DL1961 Emma skinnies and Charles D Pact Pumps

It also occurred to me, after we left the house, that leopard pumps would be amazing with this outfit. I wish I’d thought to wear mine for this photo shoot. I think they would add the perfect finishing touch.

Jo-Lynne Shane in DL1961 Emma Legging Jeans with Charles D Pact Pumps | Fashion for Women Over 40

Speaking of which, yesterday I went through every session in Kelly’s Adore Your Wardrobe eCourse. It is truly fantastic for any woman wanting to ramp up her personal style. The first two sessions were game changers for me. I know that proportion and balance are the key to great style; I say that all the time, and that is the basis to her course. But I thought I knew my body type, and as it turns out, I’ve been wrong all these years.

Because she subscribes to the theory that fashion is 80% science and math, Kelly has you actually take measurements to figure out your body type. As it turns out, I’m not the “apple” shape I thought I was. I’m curvy. Because I carry my weight in my middle, I just assumed I was an apple, but when I did her exercise with body measurements, I do actually have more of a defined waist than I thought I did. This explains why I don’t look good in tunics and outfits without structure.

Creating structure in an outfit is always a good thing, but when you’re an hourglass, you can’t hide your waist or you just look heavier than you really are. Even though I’ve known that instinctively for some time, I still find myself gravitating to loose, flowy tops. Now that I understand why they simply will not work for me, it makes so much sense, and I feel like I won’t make that mistake from now on.

I also loved her session on the Rule of Fours. This one is public, and you can view it here if you’d like. Click on the pink button that says, GET FREE EPISODE INSTANTLY. I don’t necessarily agree that you can’t over-accessorize, but I tend to err on the side of being too conservative at times, and I am going to be counting to four every time I get dressed from now on!

For example, this outfit only gets 3 points. If I’d added the leopard pumps, I’d have the 4 points needed to create the perfect Pinterest-worthy outfit. It’s funny that I instinctively knew that the leopard pumps would add the extra interest the outfit needed, but now that I have a formula to work with, I will know for sure when I need one more accessory or key piece to make an outfit really stand out.

I can’t say enough good things about Kelly’s Adore Your Wardrobe eCourse. Registration closes on May 10, so if you want to take the course, don’t wait too long! It would make a fabulous Mother’s Day gift, wouldn’t it!?!

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing rust Kimono Blouse from White House Black Market with C. Wonder Tassel Station Necklace c/o QVC

Okay, back to my outfit! White jeans or black skinny pants would also look amazing with this kimono blouse if you need something that is office appropriate, but I like the juxtaposition of the blue jeans with the other dressy components if you’re wearing it out to dinner or to a more casual venue.

How to Dress Up Casual Jeans: Jo-Lynne Shane wearing rust Kimono Blouse from White House Black Market with blue jeans and nude pumps. The C. Wonder Tassel Necklace c/o QVC is the perfect pop of bling to complete the look.

This outfit is the perfect example of fashion that’s not fussy. Everything I’m wearing (okay, except the heels) is super comfortable and easy to wear, but I feel put together and ready for almost anything. (I just wish I’d added the leopard pumps!)

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing rust Kimono Blouse from White House Black Market with blue jeans and gold tassel necklace c/o QVC.

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41 thoughts on “How to Dress Up Casual Jeans

  1. Love this top on you – really cute outfit and I like how you have been wearing your hair recently!

  2. You look fabulous! I just gave away a couple pairs of beautiful pumps. I have the same slipping off the heel when I walk problem. All I need is an ankle injury. Yay for wedge sandals!

  3. Love this outfit on you and I also love jeans and casual clothes. You can get by with fewer bottoms and just buy tops to change things up. To me heels are for one hour wear. Ha.

    1. Unfortunately I still buy too many jeans, haha! But you are right. You can really get by with 2 or 3 pairs of jeans and then just change up the tops. 🙂 And I agree on the pumps – one hour, TOPS.

      1. I just started wearing them this spring when Ruby Ribbon had them in the spring collection. Our black one sold through quickly but it’s coming back in a few days!

  4. Outfit looks great! You seem to have a handle on your new “do”! It looks so pretty and natural. Will you be doing a post on how to curl? Or did you already post one?

    1. Thanks! I have to have my daughter help me with the back, lol. I could do a post on how to curl, but I still haven’t mastered the back. I don’t know if I ever will, b/c it is so short.

  5. This is the perfect way to wear jeans—it looks so classy (especially compared to a t-shirt), yet so easy!!
    Of course that necklace add the finishing touch—you really look fantastic Jo-Lynne!!
    I must have a fat heel because I have no issues with my pumps (phew…that makes me so happy)—I didn’t even realize people had that issue!. Of course, as long as you look good, it doesn’t matter—-walking is over rated (ha ha)!! That was pretty much the mantra growing up!!

  6. I love the outfit, especially the top, but have a question about the color. When I was shopping recently for summer clothes I noticed lots of clothing in cinnamon, mustard, etc. which I think of as fall colors. Is any color appropriate for any season now?

    1. Hey Charlotte. I’m noticing this too! I balk at the color a bit at first because it does feel like fall to me, but I guess it’s trending this spring? The nice thing is, it will definitely carry over into fall. 🙂

  7. I agree that leopard pumps would be awesome, but the nude looks great for Spring. You look sexy and amazing, so you get a top score in my book!

  8. The color of the top is beautiful on you! I do love your hair these days. 🙂 You are always beautiful, but you seem to be glowing lately.

  9. You look beautiful! This just goes to show that jeans, a pretty top, and heels look just as chic as wearing a dress.

  10. Help! I have a kimono top that is more like a smoking jacket – so I guess that makes it a smoking jacket and not a kimono at all. I bought it at H&M early in the spring and it is still hanging in the closet with tags. Because of the way it is cut and wraps around and ties at the waist, I need to wear something underneath it, in case of peek-a-boo. A bra, of course, but what else? A tee? A cami? Any suggestions? The wrap is mustard and blue with a fairly large pattern. What would you do? Take it back?

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