I caved.

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    1. They’re for barefoot running. They protect your foot so you don’t get dirty or hurt, but they allow you to run as you would if you were barefoot, which is better for your joints and your running form. Google “barefoot running” and you will find a lot of info. 🙂

  1. I remember when my friend first wore these to school so long ago. Everyone thought they were so awesome (and it was even high school). I always thought they were a great idea…but getting over the vanity thing is a liiiiiittle difficult.

    1. They were the only style they carried at the store. That’s also why I got black — they were the only color they carry. THey said they are selling so well that they will be carrying a larger variety of colors and styles this fall, so that’s fun. If it turns out that I really love them, I will probably get another pair.

  2. My uncle and brother both have these and wear them ALL the time. Not just for running. I get that they are useful for running, but the guys in my family are just silly. 😉 Hope they make your running a fabulous experience. Bet you’ll get more than a few looks while you’re out there pounding the pavement! 🙂

  3. I don’t run, but for some reason I could see me wearing these ALL the time haha, I’d probably get made fun of but they just look SO comfortable. Question, they look like they are made of that breatheable material? I have some Nike’s made out of that, which is nice, but run through some wet grass and your feet are soaked, that’d be my only concern?

    1. This morning I ran a bit in the grass, and they didn’t feel particularly wet – not as wet as when I run in my Brooks running sneakers.

  4. And you posted a picture! Awesome.

    Tell me. Are they hard to get on? I think mine might be too small because I have to *struggle* to get them on and then they feel too tight around the top of my foot. It could be my crazy high arch…

    1. My guess is, they are fine. The guy at the store warned me that they would be hard to get on. Mine weren’t, but I have flat, narrow feet, and shoes are often too roomy. He was AMAZED at how easily mine went on. If you have high arches, that’s why.

      He said the big toe and maybe even the second toe can and probably should touch the end of the shoe. The first pair I tried on, all of my toes touched, and I felt a bit cramped. With the next size up, the pair I got (size 40 and I’m usually an eight) the big toe sort of touches but the rest don’t. I don’t feel cramped, but neither are my toes far enough back to get caught on the rubber part.

  5. I’ve been such a scaredy cat to try these after I saw them in my niece’s shoe shop in Florida. A lot of the runners there wear them and they are supposed to be great to run on the beach too. Keep me posted on how they are when you are running because I may just have to cave too! Thanks for always inspiring.

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