Happy {Early} Birthday TO ME!

I guess my husband didn’t appreciate the post where I said I had hijacked his Kindle and was never going to return it.  Look what he got me for my birthday (which is not until Thursday but he has no patience, and neither do I!)

He’s been telling me he was going to reclaim his.  I was hoping he had something like this up his sleeve, but I really had no clue till I opened it.

See that?  “Jo-Lynne’s Kindle” — mine, mine, MINE!

He also got me this nice neoprene case and a clip on light so I can read in bed and then go to sleep without having to get up and turn out the lights.  I think I might need to order one of these adorable skins for it now.

I can’t wait to start downloading books to read in Maine!

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  1. SWEET! My hubby just bought me an itouch not to long ago so I’m not going to push it with the Kindle. YET! LOL! Have a most excellent time in Maine and please breath in some of that fabulous air for me!!!

  2. Great fun! Quick question – do you know what the differences are between the Kindle and the Nook? I was thinking about treating myself to one or the other with some ‘fun money’ I have saved up, but haven’t heard any real differences from someone who has done research on both. I’ve done such a good job of getting books from the library lately, that I may have talked myself out of both, anyway. Happy reading!

    1. You know what? I never compared the two. My mom got my husband his Kindle for his birthday and I have used it and like it, so he got one for me. We never looked at the Nook.

  3. PS: The Today Show just showed a beautiful picture of Bar Harbor, Maine. Looks like a wonderful place to visit. Hope you have a great trip!

  4. How fun!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow, I’ll be thinking of you. Have a great time in Maine,too!

  5. Happy Birthday!!!!

    i don’t know what I’m more envious of, the new and latest Kindle ( I have the 1st edition) or a vacation in Maine!!!!! ( I love love love Maine)!

    seriously, so happy for you for both! You will LOVE your kindle!!! enjoy both!!!
    Have a great birthday!

  6. Yay! I got mine for my birthday a couple of weeks ago, and I LOVE it. I’m planning to make a protective sleeve for it; I had some adorable fabric sitting around just waiting for a project. Read the reviews on those skins; it looks like it maybe only covers the back?

    1. Yeah, I really just want it on the back. I think it would distract me on the front. My friend has one on the back of hers and I think it looks awesome. Really personalizes it, kwim?

  7. You are one lucky girl. I never thought I would want a Kindle, but the idea has been growing on me as of late. Now I want one!

    1. That IS a problem. I actually took one out of the library yesterday – a fluffy novel that I know I’d never read again. You have to be wise about it.

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

    I got the case. I did not get a light or a skin. I’m thinking I should have both. Funny how they get ya on the add-ons.

    1. YES! Right now I’m totally immersed in The Help. I read Eat Fat Lose Fat and I finished The Omnivore’s Dilemma. I still need to finish The Untold Story of Milk but I was dying to get into a novel. I also read The 6 Week Cure to the Middle Aged Middle, lol.

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