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Labor Day Meme

I’m really going Old School today. I’m posting a meme. Whooooooo! Come on. Some enthusiasm would be nice. Fake it if you have to. There you go. That’s better.

You see, back in 2008 when the dinosaurs roamed the earth, we bloggers used to do these memes ALL. THE. TIME. My friend Shannon and Rocks in My Dryer hosted this one in honor of Labor Day, and I thought it might be a fun one to republish.

How long were your labors?

D – 5 hours from start to finish. You might say he shot out like a cannonball. And he wrecked everything in his path while he was at it. Nice of him, eh?

C – 5 or 6 hours? Something like that.

R – she’s my third. You expect me to remember details? Okay, so I think it was 7 or 8 hours.

How did you know you were in labor?

D – well, I didn’t know, really. And neither did my OB. I was only 38 weeks along, it was my first baby, and I think old Crankypants thought I was making it up. He said he was going to send me home after monitoring me for an hour. Then he decided to do an internal just to be sure, and found out I was already 4 cm dilated. Surprise! I delivered 2 hours after that. He wasn’t even in the room at the time.

C – again, we weren’t entirely sure. At 35 weeks, 5 days, I started having inconsistent contractions, and for a few days I called my midwives about once an hour to ask if they thought I was in labor. They loved that, I’m sure. Finally at exactly 36 weeks, on Christmas Eve Eve (Dec 23) my contractions started to come regularly and stronger, so I went in and had a baby in the wee-wee hours of Christmas Eve morn.

R – this time I was an old pro. At exactly 38 weeks, I started having regular contractions. I went to the hospital and had a baby. It was almost that simple.

Where did you deliver?

The hospital. I don’t like to be too far from the narcotics.


See above.

Does Santa Claus wear a red suit? You better believe I had drugs. I’m a firm believer in avoiding unnecessary pain and suffering. I had an epidural with all 3, and I needed a hit of Pitocin with R to get things moving after the epi slowed things down.


Thankfully, no.

Who delivered?

D – the doctor. Eventually. When the head crowned, the nurse ran out of the room in search for the doctor. Paul was wringing his hands, and D almost landed on the floor. It was a beautiful moment.

C – Paul. With the guidance of the midwife, that is.

R – the midwife.

Happy Labor Day, one and all!

And feel free to consider yourself tagged. If you have a blog and want to do this meme (or you can do it on your Facebook page or where ever!) feel free to join me!

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  2. I loved doing this meme and reading all the birth stories. You had some fast labors! And, even better, you never had to go to 40 weeks. Whoo! I always found that I was pretty desperate to have the baby by around 38 weeks. 🙂

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