Instagram Roundup

instagram roundup

Hello, friends! Happy weekend!

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these Instagram roundups so to keep it from getting too long, I’m only posting outfits, not the fun landscape pictures from California. If you want to see my entire Instagram feed, you can do that HERE. You don’t even have to join Instagram to scroll through my most recent pictures.

First things first, that “perfect summer t-shirt” I posted on Thursday is back in ALL the pretty colors!!! I’m thinking of ordering the Pink Cyclamen and maybe Yellow Mimosa too.


I styled this next outfit around my Baja Kuhfs. Loooove this lace blouse and it’s less than $50. It’s also cute with my mint jeans.

lace top with kuhfs

lace blouse $48 (I’m wearing a medium) // Emma legging jeans //Baja Kuhf
Lexington wedge (I also love these for $89!) // similar Kate Spade Crossbody
mother of pearl cuff // Arabesque Chandeliers via my Stella & Dot boutique

I like the IDEA of this navy off-the-shoulder top from Splendid, but it’s too fussy for me. I got a tip for keeping off-the-shoulder tops off the shoulder with a safety pin and a hairband. I need to try that out and see if it really works.

navy off the shoulder top with white jeans and wedge sandals

Splendid Slub Knit Off the Shoulder Top // DL 1961 Florence Skinnies in Milk
Stuart Weitzman Elixir Wedge Sandals

I wore this outfit to church a couple of weeks ago — pale pink jeans with a pleat back blouse and my nude wedges. I think I need more structure in the top, but it’s really cute for someone with the right body type. The pleat back detail on the top is really pretty.

pink jeans and ivory pleat back blouse

Pleat Back Top // Light Pink Paige Verdugo Skinny Jeans
Tory Burch Lexington Wedges (I also love THESE)

Here’s that outfit with the Kuhfs again. This was our official photo shoot.

lace top with blue jeans and kuhfs

lace blouse $48 (I’m wearing a medium) // Emma legging jeans //Baja Kuhf
mother of pearl cuff // Arabesque Chandeliers via my Stella & Dot boutique
Lexington wedges // red bag (old)

I wore this outfit on the plane on my way to California. I LOOOVE this thermal hoodie. I was afraid I wouldn’t wear it much this spring because it’s black, but I’ve been getting a ton of wear out of it, and it was perfect for the plane. The sleeves are super long, and I could pull them way down over my hands and stayed cozy warm. I love it so much that I ordered one in the Swan color for summer.

airport selfie

Splendid Thermal Hoodie // LOFT vintage tee (pink zinnia) $15!!!
DL1961 Emma Legging Jeans // similar leopard flats
similar striped bag // Dalton pendant

This picture is from the Cabana Party at Mom 2.0. With me are Vera SweeneyMichelle Villemaire, and Audrey McClelland.

friends at mom 2.0

Joie Berkeley Silk Top // J. Brand Low Rise Crop Jeans // Stuart Weitzman Elixir Wedges
similar jean jacket // Bungalow Hoops

This is the outfit I wore for the second day of the conference. I’m not sure what happened to the pictures of the outfits from the first day. My mint jeans are on sale for $113 at Nordstrom, but sizes are limited. They are price matching, so I went sleuthing and found them also at at Saks. These SAY they are mint mojito but the picture looks white, so I’m not sure what to make of that. They’re only $70 at Lord & Taylor, but again, in limited sizes. Anyway, if they’re on your wish list, perhaps one of these retailers will have your size!

white top with mint jeans

white top (old; similar HERE and HERE) // mint jeans // Stuart Weitzman Elixir
C. Wonder Station Tassel Necklace c/o QVC // bracelets c/o Alex and Ani

Oh, look! Here’s my day one outfit. I guess they got out of order somehow. This royal blue top is from Leave Nothing But Footprints, but it’s old and no longer available. So sad. It’s adorable. I find myself wearing these Lexington Wedges a ton. I almost didn’t buy them b/c I’d already splurged on the Stuart Weitzmans earlier this year, but I am finding they really do have different uses.

If I were only going to have one pair in my closet, I’d choose the Lexington Wedges because I find them more versatile, and they are 3-season shoes. They were a little bit stiff at first, so not immediately as comfortable as the Stuarts, but it didn’t take long to break them in, and I find them very comfortable now and easy to walk in.

royal blue top with white jeans and nude wedges

blue Sparrow Top c/o LNBF // J.Brand Crop Jeans
Tory Burch Lexington Wedges (I looove the color; it matches my skin almost exactly)

This is what I wore the last night of the Mom 2.0 Summit to the Iris Awards party. You’ve seen this before, but isn’t it prettier in California??? These Sam Edelman Patti Sandals are the PERFECT dressy summer sandals. They’re actually quite comfortable to walk in, but so feminine. I love them.

If it seems like I’ve bought a lot of shoes this spring, I have! That’s because I’m rebuilding my shoe wardrobe after not being able to wear heels the past two years. I plan for all of these to last me quite a few years.

Jo-Lynne Shane at Iris Awards

Ali & Jay Lace Sheath Dress (also available in black) $128 // Sam Edelman Patti Sandals
Lawson Openwork Wrist Cuff c/o Kendra Scott // Alila Lace Chandeliers
Kate Spade Gamercy Watch // similar Kate Spade crossbody

I wore this out to lunch on Sunday. It was raining (obvi) so I wore rain boots.

blush and ivory with rainboots

Lace Trim V-Neck Top // pink skinnies // Hunter boots // Elisa Pendant

If you missed this outfit, you can get the deets HERE. I’m still irritated that kimono blouse sold out so fast. Bah humbug.

kimono blouse with jeans and pumps

I didn’t actually wear this next outfit anywhere because the weather’s been so crappy this week, but I was trying it on because I got the chambray henley in the mail from LOFT and I wanted to style it. It’s on sale for $35. I love that it doesn’t have a collar. It’s replacing the similar one that I have with the collar because that one always annoyed me. I think I’ll wear this one a lot more. The pink bag is discontinued, but it’s available in these colors — I love the Light Oak.

chambray white pink and leopard

LOFT softened chambray henley $35 // leopard Sam Edelman Reid Sandals $55
Tory Burch Britten Tote // S&D Arabesque Chandeliers & Becker Cuff

This is a new workout outfit that came this week from Nordstrom. I love their Zella brand. So comfy and cute.

zella workout gear

Wrap Front Top // Live In Capris // Racer Tank

This is a sneak peek of a photo shoot we took last week. The whale scarf is currently on sale for $23, and I love this shirred shoulder blouse. It cost a bit more than I wanted to spend at $69, but its thicker than so many of the blouses I ordered (I ordered like 10, lol!!) and it fits a little closer to the body, which I like, so it’s a keeper.

coral whale scarf on white

Shirred Shoulder V-Neck Blouse // DL1961 Florence Skinnies // Whale Scarf
Tory Burch Serif T Saddlbag // bracelets via Stella & Dot

Finally, I got this striped dress in the mail yesterday so I threw it on to see how it fit. I’m pleased! I have a hard time wearing dresses like this because my body shape needs structure, but this one has just enough shape to it to make it work for me. It’s $29 at Target.

striped dress

Taking Kelly’s Adore Your Wardrobe course and finally realizing after all these years that I have a curvy figure has been life changing! I look at every piece of clothing differently now. I used to think I needed structure because I have a chest and hips and tend to carry extra weight in my middle so I needed to create a waist.

Now I realize, I actually have a waist, and when I don’t have structure in an outfit, it gets lost. I know it’s a minor difference, but for some reason it has been a lightbulb moment for me. It’s like everything I’ve been figuring out about what works for me suddenly clicks now that I see WHY.

I also find myself counting to four every time I put an outfit together. Kelly’s rule of four, again, is so simple, but when you have a formula to work with, it makes putting outfits together so much easier. (Can you tell I’m left brain dominant? LOL!) Understanding the WHY behind why something works or doesn’t seems to make the whole process easier, and it eliminates the “misses.”

I’ve been using her worksheets to plan my outfits so I won’t be scrambling when it’s time to get dressed and go somewhere, and that’s been super helpful as well — especially when I photograph my outfits, and I want to be able to throw one on and go when my photographer-husband proclaims the lighting is just right and we must take pictures right. this. second. or lose our window of opportunity. (Yes, such is my life.)

Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely weekend. My daughter is still sick, so I expect I’ll be spending Mother’s Day here at home. I’m hoping we get a reprieve in this horrid rain we’ve been having all week. It looks like it MIGHT brighten up tomorrow. I’m hopeful!!!

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23 thoughts on “Instagram Roundup

  1. Thanks for the round up, it’s always nice to see them again all in one place. I actually found a super similar tee at J Crew F to your light mint Caslon that is sold out. I just got it in yesterday and I think I’m going to love it. Oh, and the chambray top…love this new one! The one I have like yours with the collar drives me nuts too. It’s always riding up and needing constant adjustment. Annoying!

    1. I see comments and I’d like to ask her a question but I can’t figure out how to post my own comment. If anyone sees this, can you please tell me where to go to post a comment! Thanks!

      1. You are posting in the right place. 🙂 I have my comments set to moderate them the first time someone comments, to avoid getting spam. From now on your comments should go thru immediately. What would you like to know?

      2. Thank you for replying!! I love your blog and the outfits you wear. I’m older but I try to stay up with trends, but I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with the outfit posted as “what not to wear to Disney World”! It is the fanny pack? FYI I would NEVER wear one, or is it capris, the shoes? I wear Capri pants in the summer but they’re longer on me because I’m short but I like them longer.
        I’m just curious about this so I don’t do it!
        Thank you!
        Martha D

  2. I love all the outfits. Keep all the good tips coming.

    I’m sorry your daughter is still sick. I’ll say a prayear she gets well quickly.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. I just ordered the mint skinnies and one of the pretty colored t-shirts from Nordstrom. Fingers crossed the jeans work as I’ve had trouble finding a pair I like. You look great in the white blouses this season. I’ve loved those looks!

  4. Isn’t the LOFT chambray top fabulous? I’ve had it for a couple of months now and love wearing it. It’s so soft and a really terrific style.

    Which color do you have in the Sam Edelman heels? I’ve been looking at those and I love the way the color is so leg-lengthening.

    Lastly, love the striped Target dress on you! Very cute!

  5. I love the wrap front top with your workout clothes! I’d so go grocery shopping and run errands in that. Ok ladies, how many of you do this? I certainly do, ha!

    Happy Mother’s Day!!

  6. So Jo-Lynne, can you tell me more about the safety pin & hairband trick for the off the shoulder shirt? Did you wear a bra with it? I know Ann (from Kremb de la Kremb) said she just wore her normal bra and pulled the straps down under the ruffle). But when I tried that—I wasn’t sure I loved the feel?
    And I know you were talking about a snapchat tutorial…did I miss it? I know I was gone last weekend, so I just wanted to make sure—I hear many people talk about it, and I’m not sure if I’m going to join in?
    Love the maxi dress—great deal & the stripes are really nice (I like that they aren’t all even)!!
    Happy Mother’s Day!!

      1. Thanks for the link to the video—some people are so creative to come up with this!!
        I’m sorry—I thought you were talking about snapchat not so long ago and were going to Q & A about it—-I must have totally misunderstood what you were talking about!!

        1. Ohhhhh yes. That was where you ask questions (about anything) and I answer on snap chat ????????????.

          I did that and I meant to post a recap on the blog and forgot. I’ll have to do that this week. It’s a good way to fill a day. Haha.

  7. Technical question. I’d love to hear from anyone. What’s the secret to keep white, particularly cotton shirts, white? I live in a rural area so I suspect my iron-heavy water is an issue. It just seems like I only get a few washes out of my white t-shirts and cotton blouses and they start to look dingy. Should I have them laundered professionally? I have gone years without wearing white for this reason. And I don’t even wash after every time I wear it. Because I work at home, I dress in the morning with a “home” T-shirt or sweatshirt, then just change my top when I head out into the world. That means I can often wear a top more than once, which is great because I love my cotton tops ironed.

    1. So I don’t have this problem. I haven’t had any trouble keeping my whites white, and I don’t do anything special. Hopefully someone else has a solution for you!

    2. Hey ValToo—without sounding like a commercial, I will admit that soaking my whites in Oxyclean seems to really help. I certainly don’t do it often, but when I noticed a shirt (or I just did it with a jacket) looking less than white, I’ll soak in in the oxyclean & water for 1-4 hours…then wash it normally.

  8. Loved all of these outfits! And that you were hanging with some fellow Rhode Islanders at the conference! 🙂

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