Is the Dyson Hair Dryer Worth It?

Lately there’s one question I’m getting in my inbox more than any other: Is the Dyson hair dryer worth it?

Is the Dyson hair dryer worth it? In this post, I'll tell you why the Dyson hair dryer is head and shoulders above the competition, and where to get it.

Spoiler Alert: I took the plunge a few weeks ago when it went on sale, and I ordered the Dyson Supersonic Fast-Drying Gift Edition with Complimentary Stand.

But let me start by saying, I wasn’t in the market for a new hair dryer.

I already had good quality hair dryer that I was happy with, and when I started hearing the hype about the Dyson a few years ago, I was intrigued, but then I took a look at the price tag.

How many ways can you say sticker shock?

I just laughed and went on about my merry way.

You can hear the “but” coming, can’t you?

But then I tried the Dyson . . .

When I was traveling a few weeks ago, I borrowed my friend’s Dyson hair dryer because it happened to be plugged in, and I was too lazy to go in the other room to get my own.

To put it simply, I couldn’t believe the difference in how it felt, sounded, dried, and styled my hair.

First of all, it’s small. It’s not much bigger than my travel sized dryer, which eliminates the need for two pricey hair dryers.

The second thing I noticed was how powerful it was, and yet quiet at the same time. I could even carry on a conversation with my friend while drying my hair.

But those features alone weren’t compelling enough to make me want to replace my perfectly good hair dryer.

What I really couldn’t get over was how my hair looked and felt after I used it, and how it held up to a long day of travel.

But even then, I thought it might be a fluke.

Maybe I just had a really good hair day, maybe it was the water in Nashville, or the lack of humidity… I had a hard time believing a hair dryer could make that much difference in my hair.

The only way to know for sure was to try it for myself in my own house with all the usual conditions.

So, did I find the Dyson as amazing as the first time I used it, once I got my own???

The short answer is yes.

In fact, if possible, I am even more in awe of its power and styling capabilities now that I’ve used it for a few weeks.

My hair has never looked or felt better. It has always been thin and prone to frizzing out during the day, but now it never gets frizzy — even in the rain. And it holds its shape far better than it ever did with my other hair dryers.

It also has a different feel to it after drying it with the Dyson — my hair feels smoother and healthier and, dare I say, thicker? It’s also bouncier and just looks healthier and happier.

One notable thing about the Dyson hair dyer is, it never gets super hot. It has 3 heat settings, and even on level 3, it feels cooler than my old hair dryer did on its highest setting (and that was a gentle hair dryer.)

The attachments never get hot either, so you can exchange them without burning your hands and put them right against your hair without causing damage, but it’s insanely powerful at the same time.

The secret is to this magic is, they put the motor in the handle. In fact, after I got it, I kept finding my husband on my side of the bathroom, playing with my new hair dryer and looking at it from all angles, trying to figure out how it works. It was hilarious.

Finally, the simplicity of the controls and the minimalistic styling is definitely a plus if you care about the aesthetics.

Mine does sit out on my bathroom counter, and while I wouldn’t have paid the price for looks alone, it’s a nice bonus.

Not only do I love the Dyson hair dryer, but so do my teenage girls. They’ve both tried it on their long, thick hair, and both were duly impressed.

They particularly noticed the faster drying time, as they have a lot more hair to dry than I do. But they also love the texture and manageability, and how much better their hair looks after a long day, and even the next day.

My older daughter also showed me how you can remove the vent at the bottom of the handle, to get rid of any lint buildup. It just twists off — easy peasy!

So is the Dyson hair dryer worth it?

Well, only YOU can answer that.

This hair dryer is definitely a luxury item; however, if it’s in your budget and the features I’ve described in this post are appealing to you, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

It certainly blew me away! See what I did there…

Where To Buy the Dyson Hair Dryer

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photos: Alison Cornell