Is the Dyson Hair Dryer Worth It?

Lately there’s one question I’m getting in my inbox more than any other: Is the Dyson hair dryer worth it?

Is the Dyson hair dryer worth it? In this post, I'll tell you why the Dyson hair dryer is head and shoulders above the competition, and where to get it.

Spoiler Alert: I took the plunge a few weeks ago when it went on sale, and I ordered the Dyson Supersonic Fast-Drying Gift Edition with Complimentary Stand.

But let me start by saying, I wasn’t in the market for a new hair dryer.

I already had good quality hair dryer that I was happy with, and when I started hearing the hype about the Dyson a few years ago, I was intrigued, but then I took a look at the price tag.

How many ways can you say sticker shock?

I just laughed and went on about my merry way.

You can hear the “but” coming, can’t you?

But then I tried the Dyson . . .

When I was traveling a few weeks ago, I borrowed my friend’s Dyson hair dryer because it happened to be plugged in, and I was too lazy to go in the other room to get my own.

To put it simply, I couldn’t believe the difference in how it felt, sounded, dried, and styled my hair.

First of all, it’s small. It’s not much bigger than my travel sized dryer, which eliminates the need for two pricey hair dryers.

The second thing I noticed was how powerful it was, and yet quiet at the same time. I could even carry on a conversation with my friend while drying my hair.

But those features alone weren’t compelling enough to make me want to replace my perfectly good hair dryer.

What I really couldn’t get over was how my hair looked and felt after I used it, and how it held up to a long day of travel.

But even then, I thought it might be a fluke.

Maybe I just had a really good hair day, maybe it was the water in Nashville, or the lack of humidity… I had a hard time believing a hair dryer could make that much difference in my hair.

The only way to know for sure was to try it for myself in my own house with all the usual conditions.

So, did I find the Dyson as amazing as the first time I used it, once I got my own???

The short answer is yes.

In fact, if possible, I am even more in awe of its power and styling capabilities now that I’ve used it for a few weeks.

My hair has never looked or felt better. It has always been thin and prone to frizzing out during the day, but now it never gets frizzy — even in the rain. And it holds its shape far better than it ever did with my other hair dryers.

It also has a different feel to it after drying it with the Dyson — my hair feels smoother and healthier and, dare I say, thicker? It’s also bouncier and just looks healthier and happier.

One notable thing about the Dyson hair dyer is, it never gets super hot. It has 3 heat settings, and even on level 3, it feels cooler than my old hair dryer did on its highest setting (and that was a gentle hair dryer.)

The attachments never get hot either, so you can exchange them without burning your hands and put them right against your hair without causing damage, but it’s insanely powerful at the same time.

The secret is to this magic is, they put the motor in the handle. In fact, after I got it, I kept finding my husband on my side of the bathroom, playing with my new hair dryer and looking at it from all angles, trying to figure out how it works. It was hilarious.

Finally, the simplicity of the controls and the minimalistic styling is definitely a plus if you care about the aesthetics.

Mine does sit out on my bathroom counter, and while I wouldn’t have paid the price for looks alone, it’s a nice bonus.

Not only do I love the Dyson hair dryer, but so do my teenage girls. They’ve both tried it on their long, thick hair, and both were duly impressed.

They particularly noticed the faster drying time, as they have a lot more hair to dry than I do. But they also love the texture and manageability, and how much better their hair looks after a long day, and even the next day.

My older daughter also showed me how you can remove the vent at the bottom of the handle, to get rid of any lint buildup. It just twists off — easy peasy!

So is the Dyson hair dryer worth it?

Well, only YOU can answer that.

This hair dryer is definitely a luxury item; however, if it’s in your budget and the features I’ve described in this post are appealing to you, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

It certainly blew me away! See what I did there…

Where To Buy the Dyson Hair Dryer

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photos: Alison Cornell

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45 thoughts on “Is the Dyson Hair Dryer Worth It?

  1. I’ve had mine for about a month now. I love it. Every time I use it, I think wow, really like this. It’s expensive, but it’s easy to understand why when you use — it’s well designed and it works amazingly well. My hair has never looked better. My daughters also like it.

  2. I just ordered one off of eBay so hoping it works as good as yours! I definitely can use some hair help as I get older, lol.

  3. Oh man, you make it hard not to want one of those! I’m happy with my T3 but I have all of those same issues with my hair that you do. But $400….my husband will kick me out of the house 😉 !

  4. Thank you for this review, Jo-Lynne. I have been thinking about this hairdryer for I have long, wavy hair that I air dry but it has always been dry and heat is harsh on it. (I have dry skin too) As I get older (58 is coming up on me fast) it’s more work to take care of my long hair. Air drying takes HOURS. And on a humid day in Delaware, my hair is still damp 12 hours later. So I may bite the bullet. My Christmas gift to myself? It’s in the Amazon cart. I’m wondering if I wait, will it go on sale again? Probably not until the next Black Friday!

  5. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I’ve been wondering just how good is this dyson! I love all of my other dyson products.

  6. I bought this about 6 months ago as I got caught up in the hype of everyone loving it. I didn’t need a new dryer at the time. I absolutely hate it. I can’t figure out why everyone thinks so highly of it. First off, the cord is ridiculously heavy, even though the unit itself is lightweight, it hurt my wrists to use it. I have really smooth shiney, healthy hair….. Until I use this. It makes my hair dull, completely removed the shine and gives it a fuzzy look. I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer, but wanted folks to know not everyone thinks this is the holy Grail of blow dryers…. Borrow one from a friend before you spend the money on (especially if you buy on eBay…some are not returnable!)

    1. That’s why I bought mine on Amazon, I wanted to be able to return without hassle if I didn’t love it as much at home. And I agree, if you can borrow one first, that’s best. I’d have never looked twice if I hadn’t used a friend’s.

  7. Great review, but I was also wondering if it is worth it for short hair. I have a pixie cut and dry my hair everyday.

  8. Wow, oh wow. I never blow dry my hair, but I almost wish I did! I have curly hair so a diffuser is must, but I’ve always thought it was a hassle and too time-consuming to blow dry it. You’ve got me rethinking everything now. 🙂

  9. Hi there! I bought the Dyson Airwrap hairstyler in June and I really like it too! Do you know what the difference is between your Dyson hairdryer and the airwrap (without using the accessories on it) dryer? I like that your one is so tiny! Very nice!

    1. I actually called Dyson to ask this very question. The prep-styling dryer you get with the Airwrap is smaller, and is not intended to take the place of a normal hair dryer. I’m now paralyzed with the decision of whether I should buy the Airwrap or the supersonic dryer since there is no way I’m buying both!

      1. Hi Rosie, I didn’t even know the supersonic one was on the market when I bought the Airwrap one. The dryer part of the Airwrap is just wind blowing through the open area of the dryer (almost like their heater or fan they make). I have short bob hairstyle so the attachments that “curl” your hair works great and it does give my hair a lot of volume. But I think for a true hair dryer the supersonic one is better. I do use my airwrap to curl my daughter’s hair once in a while so that is great.

  10. In my email from Ulta just today the Dyson is included in their sale of tools that are currently 20% off. They have the one with the stand for $399. It said the sale ends in three days. 

    1. Let me know if you try it and it works. I tried the coupon code that I found on the home page (709982) and it says “excluded from coupon”. If you have a code that works, let us know!

  11. Thank you for this review!! I am getting one for Christmas!! I am so excited!!! 😁 My hair is bleach blonde, thin and fine, I have the T3 while it’s good it still makes my hair split and flyways. Before you know it Christmas will be here!!

    We are dealing with more snow today. I love snow for Christmas!!! Yesterday was – 15 below not the case today. It’s 16 above.. Lol


  12. This dryer sounds like a dream come true. I have long thick hair and I’m tried of a sore arm from drying my hair. Plus the heat damage that can take place… I checked one out at our department store the other day that was on display and it was quite. Oh well I’ll add it to my wish list😉

  13. After seeing bloggers rave about it, I bought the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush on Amazon for about $40 and really love it. I have wavy hair that I could never quite get straight with a regular dryer and brush, especially in the back, but this completely smooths my hair, removes frizz and makes it look great the next day! I thought it was hype but after I used it for the first time, I was converted! Every day looks like I’ve been to a salon and had a blow out. Anyway, just an idea if the Dyson is too expensive for some. The only downside is the dryer can get really hot so I use the lower heat setting.

  14. I also just purchased the supersonic Dyson hair dryer. I really did want to love this thing but it was just ok….. I do like that it is light weight and that the attachments are magnetic. I do have short thick curly hair and I think it would work better on longer hair. Also I loved my original Babyliss  hair dryer. So if someone was coming from a cheaper hairdryer and then trying the Dyson I think that they would really like it.  Actually when I purchased from Dyson website I asked them to price match the sale price on Amazon and they did. So worth a try. 🙂

  15. I went and bought this today at Ulta and got 20 percent off with a coupon they emailed to me. It was still very expensive, however, I noticed a significant improvement in terms of frizz. I live in Florida and my hair looked smoother. Thanks for posting about this. I think this is a good product.

  16. I’m the odd one out.  I purchased this through amazon prime with the 20% discount.  I ended up returning it because it was WAY too hot for me.  I was so disappointed because I had been wanting one for a while.  I have shoulder length, fine, low density curly/wavy hair.  One of the big selling points for me was that it’s not supposed to get too hot.  Looks like it works for most people though.  

  17. So I was initially annoyed by all the bloggers pushing a $400 hair dryer to earn commissions. (Not you Jo-Lynne; you never went overboard with it IMO and I know that even though this blog is a business for you, you always seem to only genuinely “push” what you truly love.
    But it seemed like for quite a while that’s all bloggers posted on Instagram. Tiring!  Plus I didn’t get the hype….I mean it’s a hair dryer. Will it wash and fold my laundry too? 😁 I have generally straight shoulder length hair (a little wavy and frizzy if it air dries) and I have it highlighted every 5 weeks (a weave). It’s pretty easy to style using my favorite Oribe smoothing product, my Revlon hair dryer, and my curling wand. I recently bought a L’Ange hair dryer on Black Friday and I hate it……it’s so heavy and hurts my wrists. Plus I felt like my hair looked too flat after using it. So I’m returning it. I was wondering if the Dyson also does that: makes hair more flat? I like to add more volume to mine while still keeping it straight, if that makes sense. I’m also trying to only wash and dry my hair every 3 days.  

    But I’ve tried to kept my mouth shut on making negative comments which I’m glad I did since I can’t speak from experience using it, and now I have a whole new take on it. 

    Here’s my take: we all have our things that we like to spend money on. I’m sure some would squawk at what my husband and I pay each month in car payments (we drive nice cars) but it’s something that’s important to us and feel safe and secure driving. I remember when my husband bought me a Louis Vuitton handbag for my 50th birthday, my aunt (a hippie who lives in northern CA who went years without wearing a bra 😂) was appalled that he spent so much money on a “purse.” (I tried to tell her a LV isn’t just a “purse.” LOL! )
    But I guess what I’m trying to say is that my epiphany here is that it’s all relative.
    If that Dyson hair dryer makes someone feel beautiful and confident then that’s what’s most important. (Although if someone buys it because they feel pressured by advertising and can’t really afford it, then that’s bad.) I can tell from your review and your daughters too, that you all love it and feel it’s worth every penny. And you look good in your photos so there’s that too! 😘  It sounds like most people who’ve commented above love it too. I personally won’t be trying it because I don’t really need it. I thought I needed to try the L’Ange because of all the rave reviews and it’s pink which was so cute, but I was disappointed. So sometimes the grass is not always greener. 

    1. Nothing is a bigger red flag for me than “all the bloggers posting it” 
      Maybe because one of my daughters has a degree in Fashion Management and Marketing as well as experience working for a couple major department stores 😉
      I love reading fashion blogs and I quickly move on from those that I find to just be 21st century versions of my mother’s mail order catalogs. I appreciate the spirit of Jo-Lynne’s writing and the community here. 

      1. Totally agree Deb. I’m sure your daughter has stories!
        Jo-Lynne’s blog never feels like she’s preaching or pushing merchandise. I love her realness and the connection she makes with her readers. 

  18. Just a heads up, QVC has this on sale today for 389.00$ or a 6 Month payment plan for 64.00$. Also, includes free shipping! Seems like a good value compared to others. 

  19. I too decided to “hold my tongue” on this one for awhile. After thinking on it for a few days, here is my qualified “maybe”.
    Since, as is true for all electrical devices, at the end of its useful life it’s going to end up in a landfill….I would need to know it is a more sustainable choice than your standard decent blow dryer. Is there any evidence that this product will last longer than other similar items? If we are comparing the environmental impact of buying one expensive hair dryer every 10 years vs a new one every couple years then, yes, I’d say its not only “worth it” but those who can afford it should buy it.
    However, unlike choosing to reject fast fashion, buy less but better, shop secondhand etc there is no greater good in buying a $400 hair dryer which doesn’t last measurable longer than any other.
    So…anyone out there had one for awhile? Do they last years?   

  20. Jo-Lynne, I have the Dyson dryer too. Absolutely love it. I have naturally curly hair and use diffuser. Same results, quick dry no frizz❣️

  21. The Dyson hairdryer has been on my wish list since it came out along with the sticker shock. I think your hair is similar to mine so I’m so glad you posted this. Your hair looks gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your review!

    Jill – Doused in Pink

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