Gift Guide for the Grands

Ahhhh, what to give the grandparents?

You know, those people who have everything… the ones trying to downsize, not add to their clutter. Or perhaps they have already downsized and don’t have a lot of room for new things. Many are very frugal and don’t treat themselves very often. At least, that describes mine to a T.

I realize not all grandparents are elderly. In fact, a lot of you, my dear readers, are grandparents! So feel free to chime in if you have some other ideas I should add to this list!

Holiday Gift Ideas for Grandparents

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#1. Personalized Family Recipe Board ($100) // This unique cherry wood cutting board showcases the ingredients and instructions for one meaningful dish.

Submit a scanned image of your recipe card, and the exact directions are etched in your loved one’s handwriting. (If you don’t have the card, you can enter a typed recipe and it’ll be etched it in a lovely script that feels handwritten.)

#2. Just Ripe Fruit Bowl ($65) // Make the most of all your fruit with Myles Geyman’s smart storage.

Ready-to-eat goes on top of the maple tray, not-quite-ready goes in the vented glass bowl, and hang bananas on the built-in hook to help them ripen evenly.

#3. CozyChic Blanket by Barefoot Dreams ($147) // This super soft blanket will make sure all their dreams are sweet.

#4. Starlight Electric Aromatherapy Diffuser ($49.99) // This beautiful electric diffuser will fill the room with scents they love.

#5. Painted Blossom Hummingbird Feeder ($60) // Perfect for the bird-watcher, this artisan-crafted weather-resistant feeder holds a trio of handblown recycled-glass bottles topped by red flowers that hummingbirds will love.

#6. Anthropologie Tall Christmas Candle ($34) // The holiday scent you love packaged in a Christmas themed candle.

#7. Tervis Tumbler // These non-breakable, sweat-free tumblers keep their drinks colder, and they’re perfect for indoor and outdoor use. They can be personalized to their interests, and they won’t leave rings on their tables — no coasters required!

#8. St. Jude Love Catchall ($19.50) // Not only is this a wonderful gift, but Pottery Barn will  donate 25% of the purchase price directly to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital helping to support research and treatment for childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

#9. Photo Calendar ($29-$39) // Give them something they need that’s personalized with their favorite people and special memories.

#10. The Carry-All Slouch Tote by Minted ($78) // This lightweight bag made of cotton with butter-soft leather handles is generous in size and perfect for the woman who needs to carry it all.

#11. Native Union Dock Wireless Charger ($79.99) // She can charge her favorite device, even while she’s watching videos of her favorite grandkids, on this nifty charging stand.

#12. Reclaimed Wood USA Wall Art ($98) // How cool is this piece of art? Made of reclaimed wood sourced from recycling centers, building sites and factories, every block tells a story of sustainability and resilience.

#13. Fandango Movie Theater Gift Card ($any amount) // Movies have gotten to be quite expensive, so they’ll appreciate when you give them the gift of a date night.

#14. Nespresso Vertuo Bundle by Breville ($139.99) // For the coffee lover…  the final discount appears in cart.

#15. Tea Drop Sampler ($34) // Skip the arsenal of steepers, tools, and tea bags with these dissolvable, organic tea drops. All they need is a cup and hot water.

#16. Self-Watering Pot ($34) // This innovative pot-and-reservoir set that ensures they won’t over-water or under-water their precious plants.

#17. Experiences // We are big on giving experiences as gifts. In years past, we have taken our parents to a local theater production at Christmastime, and sometimes we give them a handmade “dinner voucher” and take them out to dinner sometime after the holidays. These types of gifts are really a two-fer because they get the experience, but they also get to spend time with US! We think we’re a pretty fun gift. Ha! Also consider memberships to local museums, botanical gardens, etc.

#18. Donations in Their Name // My father always likes us to make a donation in his name to one of his favorite charities, and this is a gift I always feel really good about. I’m not adding more clutter to his life, and we can give a useful gift to someone truly in need. I that same vein, you can give gifts from Compassion’s Gift Catalog in their name.

#19. Magazine Subscription // For those on a fixed budget and don’t want another monthly expense, a subscription to their favorite magazine may be appreciated.
#20. Health + Ancestry Service // This was recommended by one of my friends; she says her dad loved this gift last year. You submit a saliva sample, and 23andMe provides insights on your genetic health, traits, and ancestry through detailed reports and other tools.

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7 Responses

  1. My daughter always chooses the best gifts for us. She gave us a pillow with the latitude and longitude of our town (her hometown as well), a lobster made from nails, metal, wrenches etc. (my husband is from Maine and is in construction, and we had a lobster bake for our wedding), insulated glass coffee mugs, a framed “drawing” which was in the shape of our state with words from our lives (things we like, where we were born, etc.), a framed photo of a coffee table my parents had, and we sold at auction – nowhere to put it in our home. We always look forward to see what she has found. (For my birthday she gave me an Instant Pot which I love and use often.) Her greatest gift of all is that she is pregnant with our first grandchild so 2020 will be the best year ever. So glad I was able to watch your Facebook Live live yesterday!

  2. OMG! I love the recipe cutting board – that is the most wonderful idea! I might save this for when my boys move out and put grandmas banana bread recipe on it. Fantastic! My parents are quite elderly (85 and 90) and they don’t want “stuff”. This year we got them family pictures, a robe for my dad and new slippers (with grips on the bottom) for my mom. My Aunt and Uncle gave them a tray with jams and cheese and crackers, which they like as well. This is a great gift guide. I also like the tea drops!

  3. I soo loved being about to watch the re-run of your FB live!  Almost makes me want to get on FB!  I love your gift ideas for the Grands, since I am one.  That recipe board idea is a great one I saved, as I can see giving that as a birthday, anniversary, shower gift somewhere down the line. A Photobook is another item you could add. Our children/grandkids had their family pics done & there were so many many I loved, I had a hard time choosing.  So, they made me a Photobook of most of them!  We love looking through it from time to time. We also love gift cards for hotel getaways.  We have one we’re using this season for Hotel Bethlehem in Bethlehem, PA, as we’ve been told it’s absolutely beautiful there at this time of the year. 

  4. I like personal gifts from my kids ( a really pretty watch, Maui Jim sunglasses, expensive beauty items from Sephora, etc.)  I keep a list of “specials* for Christmas every year. We are like a lot of grandparents – downsized, travelling abroad, buy what we want when we want, so gift giving can be tricky. With their busy lives, ( work, kids) ideas make it a little easier. 

  5. I haven’t read all the comments or suggestions, so this may have been mentioned already, but the BEST gift our daughter has given us is a personalized calendar with the grandkids pictures on every page. We love it! I told her that’s the only thing we want – we enjoy reliving year-old events with the kids and looking at past years calendars to see how much they have changed. Plus, my daughter says they’re very inexpensive to have printed.

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