White T-Shirt Review & Comparison

Hey, guys! It is FINALLY time for the white t-shirt review and comparison I’ve been teasing y’all about. I feel like I’ve been taking white t-shirt pictures for months, and I still didn’t get to try as many as I would like, but I think I have a good variety here.

At the end of the day, I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no perfect white t-shirt, but I’ve found a few that I like quite a lot, and I like some better with some outfits than others. For example, a snug-fitting white tee looks best under cardigans and jackets, but I like a looser fit when I wear them alone.

First, allow me to set up my qualifications. In my perfect world, a white t-shirt will have the following:

  1. material that is thin enough to drape and look current, but thick enough that you can wear it without a cami or other layer underneath
  2. a straight hemline
  3. no “boob-pocket”
  4. a flattering v-neck or scoop neckline (crewneck t-shirts don’t flatter a well-endowed figure, but not all v-necks are flattering either)

I tried to take pictures with the t-shirts both tucked and untucked to really show you how they’re shaped and then how they work when they’re on. All t-shirts are linked BELOW the pictures, and the size I’m wearing is included there as well.

Let’s get started! I’ll start with my tried and true favorites and then move on to the new ones I tried for the purpose of this post.

White T-Shirt Review & Comparison

This Caslon tee has been in my closet for a couple of years, and it’s probably the one I wear the most often. I actually have it in 3 colors. I don’t care for the boob pocket, but otherwise it has a flattering rounded v-neckline, a slub texture which is modern and on trend, but it’s not so thin that I feel I have to wear a layer underneath.

It has the straight hemline that I prefer, and it’s 26″ long, but it does shrink if you dry it, so be aware of that. I like how it flatters my figure without being clingy, and it front-tucks easily.

Caslon Rounded V-Neck Tee (size small) $25

This next tee was designed by my friend Carly of Thirty Something Fashion, and she dubbed it the Perfect White Tee. I do love it, but it’s more flattering when I’m at my thinnest, which I am not at the moment. It’s clingier than I prefer, but it is a lovely fabric, thin (in a good way) and soft.

I love the shape of the neckline, the sleeves are the perfect length, it has a straight hemline, and (hallelujah!!!) no boob pocket. I wear this tee most often under blazers, denim jackets, leather and suede jackets, and sometimes with cardigans.

I do feel the need to wear shapewear under it, though, to tame my midsection. I’m sucking it in for all it’s worth in these pictures, and you can still see a bit of a muffin top. These jeans aren’t terribly snug in the waist either, but they are low-rise. I’m actually looking forward to trying this tee with my new higher rise jeans. The quality of this tee is fantastic, and I love supporting a small woman-owned business, and it is made right here in Pennsylvania.

FYI, You can use the code Jolynne10 for 10% off your order from ThirtySomethingTees.

The Perfect Tee by ThirtySomething Tees (size medium) $48

This next tee is from Everlane, and I don’t love it. The small was too snug, so this is the medium. It has a boxy cut that I don’t find flattering, although I do like the material. It’s not quite as see-through as the two above, and it has a smoother texture but still looks modern.

The neckline is okay, but I don’t care for how it fits through the midsection. The price is great, though, at $15, and I do feel that it’s high quality, so it may be one you want to try if you don’t mind a boxy fit.

Everlane The Cotton V (size medium) $15

This is another Everlane tee. I like this better than the v-neck, and it fits quite differently. In fact, in this one, I needed the small. The u-neckline is okay; I’d like it better if it were a little wider though. On the plus side, it has a straight hemline and no pocket. This is the tee I wore under the knit cardigan on Thursday.

I wouldn’t wear it untucked, but I want you to see the length and shape.

The fabric is nice, thin but not that slub material, and not see-through. It front-tucks pretty well too. I’m keeping it and bummed that I can’t link it for you.

FRONT TUCK TIP: Tuck it slightly off-center so it looks a little less intentional. The idea behind the front tuck is for it to look a bit careless and disheveled. I know, my grandmother is rolling over in her grave… 

Everlane U-Neck Tee

This next tee is the Madewell brand, purchased at Nordstrom. I just added this tee to my wardrobe this spring, and it’s quickly becoming my go-to. The slub cotton material is a lot like the Caslon one (above) but it has a more traditional v-neckline and side slits.

It’s definitely on the thinner side, and you can see through it a bit. I can’t decide if I’m okay with that or not, ha! It’s fine for layering under a cardigan but I may not want to wear it alone.

I don’t always front-tuck this one, it just depends on what I’m wearing it with. It’s 25″ long, for reference.

Madewell Whisper Cotton V-Neck Pocket Tee (size medium) $19.50

Yikes, I was looking rough in this next picture! I had already tried on clothes at 3 other stores by this point. Anyway, this is a J.Crew tee, and I don’t like it at all. It’s a medium and still waaaaaaay too tight. I suppose I could have tried the large, but I don’t really like the neckline either, so I didn’t bother going out and getting the other size.

On the plus side, it’s thicker than the ones above, and it has no boob pocket. Also, if you’re self conscious about your upper arms, the sleeves are a little longer, and they have a flattering fit. (Also, I was sucking in my belly for all I was worth!)

As an aside, the lighting in J.Crew dressing rooms is horrible. It’s a wonder anyone buys anything after trying it on in there! I had to adjust the shadows and brightness on these before sharing them. I guess I should have also adjusted the color.

J.Crew New Perfect Fit Tee (size medium) $29.50

This next tee is from LOFT. I was trying to get my hands on their vintage soft pocket tee, but they didn’t have any in-store, and this one doesn’t seem to be online. (If you find it, let me know!)  I tried both small and medium, and I took pictures untucked and front-tucked.

This is the small, and it pulls across the chest area. The way LOFT shirts tend to shrink, I would definitely get a medium if I were to get this.

The material is nice — thin but not too thin, and a bit of a slub texture. I also love that it doesn’t have that dreaded boob pocket, and I actually like the neckline. It’s not really a crewneck, it’s a little deeper than that, and the seaming is attractive.

That said, it’s a little long for my tastes, and a little too boxy. Also, the sleeves are really short — almost cap sleeves. That doesn’t bother me, but I know some of y’all like a longer sleeve.

Here it is front-tucked. Still too snug in the chest, and it doesn’t drape quite right around the middle. The Caslon one above does a much better job with the drape.

LOFT tee (size small)

The medium is even longer, but I would expect this tee to shrink up some in the wash. I would definitely have to front-tuck it, but I don’t care for the drape.

See how it sort of sticks out and doesn’t really drape against the body? I think it’s because the material is a little thicker than the Caslon one, or maybe the length has something to do with it? At any rate, I didn’t purchase this tee.

LOFT tee (can’t find link) (size medium)

Okay, this one is Treasure&Bond, and it’s super thin and soft and oversized with a drapey slub knit. This is definitely a trendy tee. Buy this one for your college-aged granddaughters — they’ll love it!

I like the neckline, the lack of pocket, and the overall cool vibe it gives off, but I feel it’s a little young for me. That said, I can see it with jean shorts or pink cropped denim this summer. Perhaps I should go back and try it in an XS.

In fact, I just looked online and saw that it comes in a bunch of other colors and some striped versions, and I ordered a striped one and the grey one. Maybe the grey won’t be as see-through, and the XS won’t be quite as voluminous. I’ll report back!

You can see by the back view that it is verrrry thin, and I don’t care for how long it is in the back either. I know younger girls wouldn’t wear anything under it, but I feel that I probably would have to. That said, it is so loose and drapey that it may not be necessary. It really comes down to your personal comfort level.

Treasure & Bond Burnout Boyfriend Tee (size small) $25

Next up, this modal v-neck tee from Nordstrom. It’s a bit thicker than the slub cotton tees above, but the modal fabric has a really nice drape. The v-neckline is wide enough and deep enough to be flattering without sacrificing modesty, and the sleeves are a nice length and shape.

It’s long, though, so I definitely have to front-tuck it. Happily it drapes well! This is probably my new favorite for wearing alone without a layer on top. It does run big; I’m wearing the small.

Halogen V-Neck Modal Jersey V-Neck Tee (size small) $32

I finally got my hands on the Vintage Soft Pocket Tee from LOFT late yesterday, and I snapped these pictures for you. I wanted to try this because so many of you are LOFT fans, and it is one that always scores well in these types of reviews.

That said, I don’t love it, and I plan to return it. Between the curved hemline and the boob pocket, I just can’t love it. It’s thin and a tad see-through but without the cool slub texture that makes those thinner t-shirts on trend.

Also, this is a small, and it’s tight thru the bust area, so I think I’d need a medium. My experience with LOFT shirts is that they do shrink a bit in the wash.

It doesn’t drape very well when front-tucked either.

I mean, I guess it works, but because of the curved hemline, when you tuck the front, the back hangs extra low, which I think looks odd. I’ve worn these in the past in other colors and liked them okay, but there are too many others I like better to keep this one.

LOFT Vintage Soft Tee (size small) $24.50

Finally, I made my way to Talbots yesterday because their tees come highly recommended by some of you.

First, can we just take a moment to sing the praises of the lighting in the Talbots dressing rooms??? I noticed it immediately when I walked in — bright, WHITE, daylight bulbs!!! Seriously, dressing room selfies have never looked so good… if only they had cleaned their mirrors.

I tried two styles of t-shirts at Talbots. Both are made of 100% pima cotton, and they definitely have a different look and feel from the tees I tried elsewhere. It reminds me of the t-shirts I used to wear 15 years ago.

This first one is their Pima Cotton V-Neck Tee. It has a nice shape to it and follows your curves, but it can be a tad clingy. I had to keep adjusting the chest area; whenever I moved my arms, the shirt rode up and created a crease by the armpit area — and I instantly remembered how my t-shirts like this always used to do that to me and I was always tugging them down.

These tees are flattering, no doubt, but something about the height and shape of the neckline paired with the pima cotton makes it feel a little, er, mature to me. I get in trouble when I say matronly…. but that’s how I felt in these tees.

Now mind you, there is nothing wrong with being a matron… but I’m not there yet. If you are, you may really like these tees, and that’s fine. I took a pass, but I will keep them in mind. They really are flattering, and you don’t need to worry about any see-through issues, which is awesome. Plus, with no boob pocket and a straight hemline, they check almost all the boxes.

Here it is front-tucked. This is a size small, by the way.

Here’s a medium to compare. It still provides a nice shape through the midsection but it’s not as clingy. If I were to buy this tee, I’d go with the medium.

Talbots Pima Cotton V-Neck Tee (or this???) $26

I also tried this style. I think I found the right link online, but I can’t be positive because the sleeves don’t look identical. This shirt seems to have a more relaxed fit, as this is the small.

I like this one a lot; the more relaxed styling is nice. With the sleeves being a little different, it’s a nice wear-alone tee. For some reason that I can’t quite put a finger on, this one seems slightly less mature to me and a slightly more current than the v-neck above.

That said, I didn’t buy it. For some reason, I wasn’t quite feeling it, but I also have about 5 white tees in my closet so I really don’t need any more.

Talbots Everyday Tee (size small)

And that’s a wrap! I definitely could have tried more… just about every store in the mall has a white tee, I’m sure, but this gives you quite a few options. I feel like there’s something in here for almost everyone.

I wish I were clever enough to come up with some kind of rating chart where I can take each of my t-shirt qualifications and check off how they rank, but I’m not sure how to do that. I hope you can siphon through all of my ramblings and decide which ones you may want to try if you haven’t already.

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