ISO The Best White T-Shirt {2020 White T-Shirt Review}

Greetings and salutations! I am super excited to reveal my 2020 White T-Shirt Review!

I went in search of the perfect white tee, and I tried 20 white t-shirts ranging in price from $9 to $90. Yes, you read that right. TWENTY!

White T-Shirt Review - I tried 20 T-Shirts for 2020 and I'm sharing the best white t-shirts for women!

Spoiler alert: There really is no perfect white tee.

But I did find some good ones, and a few that I’m keeping.

For comparison purposes, and in the interest of keeping this review somewhat objective, these are all short-sleeved v-neck t-shirts. Many also come in crew neck or scoop neck options, if you prefer.

With all of these white tees, I’m wearing my Veja Esplar sneakers and the Rag & Bone Shredded-Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans in Flint. They run TTS, and they’re currently 25% off at Bloomingdale’s.

2020 White T-Shirt Review

Sizing Note: I’m 5’5″ and a 32G, and I typically wear a small in tops and sweaters.

I’ll do my best to give guidance on sizing, but it’s hard with t-shirts because whether or not to size up depends largely on chest size. If in doubt, I recommend ordering two sizes and returning the one that doesn’t fit.

White T-Shirt Review - I tried 20 T-Shirts for 2020 and I'm sharing the best white t-shirts for women!

When it came to structuring this white t-shirt review, I struggled whether to organize by price point or in order of my favorites. I asked my Facebook Group for their preference, and most everyone wanted me to rank these white t-shirts by which I liked best, but that turned out to be easier said than done because there are so many variables.

I ended up doing a Save/Spend/Splurge post, and within each segment, I ordered the t-shirts from my least to most favorite.

Okay, let’s get this party started! Links and descriptions are beneath each set of pictures.

White T-Shirt Reviews: Save (Under $25)

Amazon Essentials Classic-Fit Short-Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt

Amazon Essentials Classic-Fit Short-Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt (2 for $19.50) // This tee is very soft and stretchy, and slightly thicker than some of the others I tried. It’s also longer than most. The v-neck is a little higher than I like, but that may be preferable to some. It comes in a set of two, but you can choose from several color combinations. (Here’s the crewneck version, if you’re interested.)

Fabric: 56% Cotton, 38% Modal, 6% Spandex

Pros: The fabric is on the thicker side, and this tee has a lot of stretch to it. It has a more feminine trim around the v-neck, which is a nice touch if you prefer a more refined tee.

Cons: Just like the Gap tee, this tee is very boxy and doesn’t have much drape. It pulls over my chest and bunches through the mid-section. The sleeves are wider and not very flattering either.

Sizing: I’m wearing the small, and I’d say it runs true to size. I need more room in the chest area, but the rest of it fits about right.

Gap Vintage Wash V-Neck T-Shirt

Gap Vintage Wash V-Neck T-Shirt $19.95 (on sale for $12) // While this white tee meets some of my criteria — straight hemline, no boob pocket, modest but flattering V-neckline; it doesn’t fit or flatter very well. That said, the quality is decent, and it seems like a good value for the price. It’s a little on the longer side, for those who like that. (Here’s the crewneck version.)

Fabric: 100% cotton

Pros: The v-neck is a nice shape and not too low-cut, the sleeve length and shape are typical for a traditional white tee — not too short or too long, not too tight or too wide. It’s 100% cotton, and it’s a medium weight and not see-through.

Cons: This tee has a very boxy cut, so it’s tight over the chest and bunches through the midsection. There’s nothing special about it, no details to set it apart, and the fabric is very plain.

Sizing: I’m wearing the small, and I’d say it runs true to size. This tee also comes in tall and petite sizes.

Madewell Whisper Cotton V Neck Pocket Tee

Madewell Whisper Cotton V Neck Pocket Tee ($19.50) // I have one of these tees from last year, but I ordered a new one for the purpose of this review. It’s on the thinner side and has a split hem, but it’s cut the same length all the way around. (Here’s a link to the crewneck version.)

Fabric: 100% cotton

Pros: This tee has a little more style than the Gap and Amazon tees reviewed above, with the split hem and flattering V. I also like the 25.5″ length, and it has a nice slub texture and a decent drape. There is a good range of sizes for this tee, including plus sizes.

Cons: My biggest complaint is the boob pocket. I do not need attention drawn to this area, thankyouverymuch. It also fits on the boxier side, and it may be too thin for some.

Sizing: I’m wearing the small, and I’d say it runs true to size. I need more room in the chest area, but the rest of it fits about right.

Universal Thread Relaxed Fit Short Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt

Universal Thread Relaxed Fit Short Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt ($8) // This tee is thicker than some, but it’s stiff and boxy. The arms are cut a little wide, but the v-neck is a nice shape. (Here’s the crewneck version.)

Fabric: 100% cotton

Pros: This tee is a little thicker than some, and it’s a great price. The v-neck is a nice shape, and the trim makes it a little more refined.

Cons: The material is rather stiff, and the cut is very straight. There’s no drape, and it bunches through the middle.

Sizing: I’m wearing the small, and I’d say it runs true to size.

LOFT Everyday V-Neck Tee

LOFT Everyday V-Neck Tee ($24.50; currently 29% off + 10% off) // I wanted to like this tee. It’s a decent thickness, has an okay drape, and the v-neckline is flattering. But the boob pocket. Oy!

Fabric: 100% cotton

Pros: This tee is a nice thickness, it has a straight hemline, and it’s a good average length. The v-neck is flattering and not too low-cut. Also, there are some plus sizes available.

Cons: The price is a bit high for what it is, but LOFT runs sales often, so I would try to get it for 40% off. The boob pocket is a deal breaker for me; otherwise, this is a pretty solid choice for a white v-neck tee.

Sizing: I’m wearing the small, and I’d say it runs true to size.

The Best White T-Shirts Under $25:

I picked two in this category — one with more feminine, refined styling and one with a more boyish, casual vibe.

Everlane The Cotton V-Neck ($18) // I’m a huge fan of Everlane for their sustainable clothing and transparent pricing, but this tee reminds me of my dad’s undershirts… which may be what you’re looking for. Some people like this. If you’re going for boyish/casual over feminine/refined in the under-$25 category, this is a good pick. (Here’s the crewneck version.)

Fabric: 100% Supima cotton (made in USA; sustainable pick)

Pros: The styling is straight-forward and classic. It has a straight hemline, no boob pocket, and a modest but flattering v-neck. It’s also a sustainable and ethically manufactured product in the USA, and it’s priced well under $25. While the cut is very straight, it’s very soft with a nice drape.

Cons: It’s thin and has no notable details — very basic.

Sizing: I’m wearing the medium, and I still need more room in the chest area. Definitely size up.

Old Navy Luxe V-Neck Tee ($16.99; currently $15 + 20% off) // This one is a little different than the rest. They call it their luxe tee, and it’s made of 95% rayon and 5% spandex. It’s super soft and has a great drape, but it does have a longer curved hem. This could be tailored to a straight hem if you like the rest of this tee.

Fabric: 95% rayon; 5% spandex

Pros: More refined styling, dressier fabric, and it has a great drape. This tee also comes in tall and petite sizes.

Cons: The dressier fabric can also be a con — it depends on what you’re looking for. I don’t care for the longer curved hem, but again, that’s a matter of preference and could be altered.

Sizing: I’m wearing the small, and I’d say it runs true to size. It lays nicer over the chest than the ones above because of the rayon.

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White T-Shirt Reviews: Spend (Under $50)

This is the section of my white t-shirt review I think you should consider most carefully. I didn’t love any of the Save options, but there are a few good options in this Spend section, and some are priced well under $50 — especially when on sale.

White T-Shirt Review: Banana Republic Supima Cotton V-Neck T-Shirt

White T-Shirt Review: Banana Republic Supima Cotton V-Neck T-Shirt

Banana Republic Supima Cotton V-Neck T-Shirt $29.50 (currently 40% off) // This tee is very much like the Gap one above, but it’s slightly thicker. Otherwise, it looks almost identical. I found it rather stiff and boxy, but if you like a thicker tee with traditional styling, this isn’t a bad choice.

Fabric: 100% SUPIMA® cotton

Pros: This tee is thicker than some and not see-through at all. It should wash and wear well due it being a little sturdier than most. With the sale price, it’s a good value and could actually fit into the Save category above. (I still wouldn’t put it in the top two.)

Cons: This tee is thicker, but still 100% cotton so it doesn’t really drape, but it’s also not as bunchy as some of the cheaper tees above.

Sizing: I’m wearing the small, and I’d say it runs true to size.

White T-Shirt Review: Splendid Kate V Tee

White T-Shirt Review: Splendid Kate V Tee

Splendid Kate V Tee $48 // I had high hopes for this t-shirt because I have a grey Splendid Kate tee that I love and wear often during the spring and summer, but this white one fits and feels very different from my grey one. It’s thin and soft and drapey, but it’s cut kind of weird in the arm area.

Fabric: 50% cotton/50% modal

Pros: Super soft and has a nice drape due to the cotton/modal blend.

Cons: It’s pricey, and it seems to be cut oddly through the arms, but I need to try the small before I can tell for sure. Also, the v-neck is kind of short.

Sizing: I ordered the medium because that’s what I needed in the grey, but I think it’s too big for me. That said, the small may be too thin and see-through and tight in the chest. I wish I had ordered both to try. For now, I’m going to say it’s TTS.

White T-Shirt Review: J.Crew Vintage cotton V-neck T-shirt

White T-Shirt Review: J.Crew Vintage cotton V-neck T-shirt

J.Crew Vintage cotton V-neck T-shirt ($29.50; currently 29% off with FEB29) // I actually have this tee and wore it a lot last summer, but I ordered a new one for the purpose of this post. It’s very thin, and the v-neck is wide and deep. It’s a nice length (25″) but definitely runs small. (I’m wearing a medium.)

Fabric: Cotton (sustainable pick)

Pros: Soft with a bit of a slub texture, it’s a good length and has a nice drape. With the sale price, it’s a very good value and could fit into the Save category above. (I still wouldn’t put it in the top two.) Also, there is a good range of sizes and colors for this tee, including plus sizes.

Cons: The v-neckline is a little too low-cut for me, and the sleeves are a little wide. It’s also very thin, which I like, but some would probably feel like it’s too see-through.

Sizing: I’m wearing the medium, and I wouldn’t want to go any smaller, so I recommend sizing up — especially if you have a larger chest.

white t-shirt review: J.Crew linen tee

white t-shirt review: J.Crew linen tee

J.Crew Linen V-neck pocket T-shirt ($39.50; currently $29.50 + 29% off with FEB29) // This tee is very similar to the cotton J.Crew above, but it’s linen and has a boob pocket.

Fabric: Linen

Pros: Flattering v-neck, nice drape. Also, there is a good range of sizes for this tee, including plus sizes.

Cons: It’s verrrry thin, and because it’s linen, not very soft. It also has the dreaded boob pocket.

Sizing: I’m wearing the small, and it fits well, so I’d say it’s true to size.

white t-shirt review: Talbots cotton pima v-neck tee

white t-shirt review: Talbots cotton pima v-neck tee

Talbots Pima Cotton V-Neck Tee $29.50 // This tee is a little more refined than some of the others, and it’s very stretchy with a more body-con fit. This would be good tee for tucking into skirts and pants. I had a hard time with the pro/con list because the features that some like are the same features that others won’t like.

Fabric: 100% Pima Cotton

Pros: The v-neck is a nice shape, but cut higher than some, which is nice if you’re worried about modesty. It’s thick and soft and stretchy.

Cons: The higher v-neck and pima cotton knit can read a little matronly, but that’s really a matter of preference.

Sizing: I’m wearing the small, and I’d say it runs true to size, but you could size up if you want a more relaxed fit. It just might be a bit too big around the arms and shoulders if you do that. It’s meant to fit like this. It also comes in petite, plus, and plus petite.

white t-shirt review: T.La classic v-neck tee

white t-shirt review: T.La classic v-neck tee

T.La Classic V-Neck Tee ($48) // I found this tee at Anthropologie, and it would top my list except for one thing…. that boob pocket. WHY? Otherwise, it fits great, drapes beautifully, and it’s a gorgeous fabric. It also comes in petite and plus sizes.

Fabric: 50% cotton, 50% modal (made in the USA)

Pros: Super soft with the perfect slub texture, thicker than most but with a nice drape due to the cotton/modal blend. I love the 24.5″ length and the extra details like the cuffed sleeves and rolled edge at the v-neckline. It’s also the perfect V.

Cons: Boob pocket.

Sizing: I’m wearing the small, and it fits perfectly, so I’ll say it’s true to size.

The Best White T-Shirts Under $50:

I picked three in this category because I like them all, and they’re all a little bit different.

white t-shirt review: AllSaints Emelyn V-Neck T-Shirt

white t-shirt review: AllSaints Emelyn V-Neck T-Shirt

white t-shirt review: AllSaints Emelyn V-Neck T-Shirt

AllSaints Emelyn Tonic Tee ($40) // This tee has some nice details that set it apart from the more basic boyish tees, which make it worth the higher price tag, in my opinion. It’s also not quite as stark white as the rest, so if you have a warmer skintone, this softer white might appeal to you. It’s also nice for layering under cardigans with warmer colors.

Fabric: 100% cotton

Pros: Super soft cotton jersey fabric with a smooth texture and a nice drape. The raw-edge V-neck and hem are nice details. It’s a good mid-length at 25 1/2″ long.

Cons: Limited sizes, and it’s a little thin. It came with a few tiny holes in it near the waist — I don’t know if this means it was worn before, or what, but I’ll be returning and ordering a new one. (I do have this in the grey, and I haven’t had any issue with holes forming yet.)

Sizing: I’m wearing the small, and it fits well, so I’d say it’s true to size. It’s a good mid-length, at 25 1/2″ long.

White T-Shirt Review: Banana Republic Slub Cotton-Modal V-Neck T-Shirt

White T-Shirt Review: Banana Republic Slub Cotton-Modal V-Neck T-Shirt

Banana Republic Slub Cotton-Modal V-Neck T-Shirt ($24.50; currently 40% off) // I almost didn’t include this tee in the top 3 because of the short body length, but then I realized that some might like that. It’s 24″ so just a tad short for me. Otherwise, I like the fabric and the cut quite a lot, and at the sale price, it could actually go in the Save category above.

Fabric: 60% cotton, 40% Lenzing® modal (sustainable pick)

Pros: Nice slub texture, and a good drape due to the cotton/modal blend. The v-neck is a flattering shape and not too low or too high, with a nice trim that makes this a dressier option than some of the rest.

Cons: Runs small/short, but that may appeal to some. Limited sizes (no tall, petite, or plus sizes available.)

Sizing: It is short, and it seems to run a bit small. It looks fine in these pictures, but I had to stretch out the chest area some. I’ve ordered the medium to try and compare.

White T-Shirt Review: Boden The Cotton V-Neck Tee

White T-Shirt Review: Boden The Cotton V-Neck Tee

Boden The Cotton V-Neck Tee ($28) // This tee is a nice one, and it’s a good value for the price. It’s fairly plain, but it has a nice slub texture that’s not too thick or too thin, and it has a decent drape for the boxy cut. It has a nice shape to it, and it’s a good mid-length. This is definitely one of my favorites of the bunch, and at this price, you really can’t beat it.

Fabric: 100% cotton

Pros: Flattering cut to the v-neck, not too low or too high. Straight hem at a good mid-length, soft with a subtle slub texture, nice drape. Good value for the price.

Cons: Not much! Some may feel like it’s too thin, but I think it’s the perfect weight. The only con I can come up with is the limited sizes. There are no plus, petite, or tall options.

Sizing: I’m wearing the small, and it fits pretty well, so I’d say it’s true to size. I don’t like how it pulls across the chest, but I tried the medium, and it was too big everywhere else.

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White T-Shirt Reviews: Splurge (Over $50)

To make this white t-shirt review thorough and complete, I wanted to try a few luxury brands for comparison’s sake. While there are some good ones in this category, none really blew me out of the water, but I enjoyed seeing what’s out there.

White T-Shirt Review: Vince Essential V Neck Tee

White T-Shirt Review: Vince Essential V Neck Tee

Vince Essential V Neck Tee ($75; more sizes at Shopbop) // I’m a huge fan of Vince sweaters and shoes, so I expected to be completely wowed by this tee… but I’m not. It’s verrry thin, and totally looks like one of my dad’s undershirts. I realize that’s what some people are going for, but I think you can find that at one of the lower price points.

Fabric: 100% pima cotton

Pros: Super soft, nice drape.

Cons: Verrry thin, and no special details. A very plain, boyish style and cut.

Sizing: This tee runs very small; definitely size up. (I’m wearing the small and need a medium.) Also of note, it’s a little shorter than some, at 23 1/2″ long.

White T-Shirt Review: Cotton Citizen Classic V Neck Tee

White T-Shirt Review: Cotton Citizen Classic V Neck Tee

Cotton Citizen Classic V Neck Tee $65 // I’ve never heard of this brand, but I ordered it to try because it looked good on the model. I thought I’d like the soft, relaxed styling, but it’s too relaxed for me.

Fabric: 50% pima cotton/50% micromodal

Pros: Super soft jersey fabric, very nice drape.

Cons: I don’t care for how relaxed and almost oversized it looks, and the sleeves are kind of long too. Again, this may appeal to some, but I wasn’t a fan.

Sizing: This tee runs big, although it’s supposed to have a relaxed fit. It’s also longer than most.

White T-Shirt Review: ATM Schoolboy V-Neck T-Shirt

ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo Schoolboy V-Neck T-Shirt $85 // This tee is *almost* there but the slub texture is a bit much for me. I think it’s helpful sometimes to read the description on the website, because it gives you an idea of what the designer was going for. In this case, it says: “A slightly boxy, shrunken fit perfects the tomboy appeal of a short-sleeve T-shirt in slubbed Peruvian cotton jersey.” Yep, pretty much! It’s a very good quality shirt, but I couldn’t love the fabric.

Fabric: 100% cotton

Pros: It’s a very nice thick and soft slub cotton, and the v-neckline is the perfect shape.

Cons: The slub texture is a little too much for me, and I don’t like how the sleeves bell out, but that could be because I need to size up. Otherwise, it’s a very nice t-shirt.

Sizing: I’m wearing a small, and I think I’d prefer a medium. It’s also on the shorter side, at 23 1/2″ long.

The Best of the Splurge-Worthy T-Shirts:

I have no problem paying $40 for a good quality tee that I’ll wear a ton and will last for hopefully a couple of seasons, but if I’m going to spend $80 or $90, it better be some kind of special unicorn. Does this one qualify? The jury’s still out . . . I’ll let you decide.

White T-Shirt Review: Rag & Bone Jean The Vee Tee

Rag & Bone Jean The Vee Tee $90 // Of course, I like the most expensive t-shirt best! 🤦🏻‍♀️ This tee pretty much checks off all the boxes for me, and the quality is fantastic. Because I do really like the Boden one in the Spend category, I probably don’t need this one as well, but it’s a good quality shirt that I wouldn’t mind adding to my closet.

Fabric: 100% cotton

Pros: Soft jersey cotton fabric with a subtle slub texture and a nice drape. Not too thick, not too thin. Nice shape to the v-neck with a little bit of trim that makes it more refined than your basic boyfriend tee, and the sleeves are a nice length and shape. It has a straight hem at a versatile 25 1/2″ length. Plus, it has a seam down the back, which is a nice a detail that sets it apart from the rest. And best of all, no boob pocket!

Cons: Price, limited sizes.

Sizing: I recommend sizing up. I’m wearing a small, but I think I’d prefer a medium — while it’s not pulling across the chest, you can see from the back that it’s pretty snug. It’s a nice mid-length at 25 1/2″ long.

White T-Shirt Reviews: In Conclusion

White T-Shirt Review 2020

While my favorite of the bunch is the most expensive, you don’t need to drop $90 to get a great white t-shirt.

The Boden The Cotton V-Neck Tee is a good quality, versatile t-shirt for $28; and if you don’t mind spending a little more, the AllSaints Emelyn Tonic Tee has a good fit and some nice details.

In the budget-friendly category, Everlane’s The Cotton V-Neck is a good basic tee; and the Old Navy Luxe V-Neck Tee has some nice details, if you don’t mind the curved hem.

I’m also a big fan of the Banana Republic Slub Cotton-Modal V-Neck T-Shirt for a more elevated tee, and right now it comes down to just $14.70 when you add it to your cart!

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2020 White T-Shirt Review: In Search of the Best White V-Neck T-Shirt

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  1. Thank you so much for the very thorough review. As soon as I saw the Rag & Bone, I thought…that’s the most flattering. Naturally, it’s also the most expensive. I have multiple Madewell t-shirts, and I do like them, but I do not like the boob pocket, and I get the little holes in the waist pretty easily. It’s annoying, because I really like the fabric/weight of that t-shirt, but the downside, is that lighter weight seems to make it more prone to getting those holes. I think I may order the Amazon t-shirt to see if I like it. I like the idea of a shallower v-neck. As a teacher, I’m very conscious of NOT having anything too low cut, at least for school. Thanks again for all the work you put into this post…very helpful!

    1. SO true on the working in school comment…when you bend down to help a student you don’t want them looking down your shirt!!!  I often go with crew neck just because of this!

  2. This was a fabulous post and confirms my belief that white tees and large chests are just never going to be a perfect mix. I am almost exactly the same height and weight. You are narrower in the back than me ( I’m a 36G…..my narrow part is my hips). I am willing to pay pretty much anything for a white tee that looks cool and is flattering. 

    I look at those white tees on the models on the links you posted and they look great. .You look good too but it’s an entirely different look….almost like a different type of garment. On small chested girls they look effortlessly casual, flattering and chic. On people like us they look.at their best like a nice structured layering piece. It just seems impossible to replicate the look those who have smaller chests get with a white tee on.  I don’t feel that way about ANY other clothing items but white tees are just a struggle. 

    And Boob pockets are like some sort of terrible joke unless one is very small chested 

  3. Thank you!!!! I’ve tried countless white t-shirts that look like a man’s undershirt, are shapeless or waaaay too thin.

  4. Wow. I cannot imagine how much work it took to create this post, Jo-Lynne. Thank you so much for putting it together for us. Trying on all of those white tees would have made me crazy. And then trying to analyze them for us. This must have taken many hours. I’m with you on the boob pocket. Just why? I ordered the Boden one from Boden to try as I like to buy one new white tee every year. I used to love the Eddie Bauer white slub tee but they seem to be messing around with sizing.

    Happy Saturday!

  5. It is not a brand you ever use but I like Eddie Bauer Women’s Favorite Tee. It seems a lot like the Talbots, maybe? I’m 100% with you on no boob pocket.

  6. Thanks so much for this very thorough review. I must admit that, for the most part, I can’t tell the difference between them in your photos. I may try a couple of the mid-priced tees, but for my eye, I’ll just continue to buy whatever I find on sale.

  7. Nice post! You put a lot of thought, effort and detail into it. Want you to know that is appreciated over the bloggers who simply go to a store and try on a light colored top with a black bra, no shoes on, etc and want their commission for sloppy work, and then they complain about how busy they are in almost every post.

    Keep up the good work!

  8. Sorry about the delays and hiccups in your kitchen reno. I would have been shocked if you didn’t have any problems or issues….. Thats the nature of the beast with renovations: hurry up and wait! Our renovation taught us lots of patience after 9 months of issue after issue post -flood. Loved this post! What a ton of work! Another low budget but nice quality tshirt option is Walmart’s Time & Tru collection for $5. We don’t have Time & Tru collection available in Walmart Canada so I stock up when in the USA.

  9. Ok … all I can say is W-O-W!!!  You really did a great job of looking for that perfect white tshirt!  I’d say some of these do come close to being that unicorn. Ha.  But really I think it all boils down to personal preference and taste.  I don’t think there is one bad one in the bunch – if that “one” us someone’s choice.  Great job!   

    Sorry to hear about the delay in your kitchen.  I know it’s frustrating.  But patience grasshopper… 😉 I really am excited for you once it’s all finished though.  

    Have a blessed day!

  10. This post is fabulous! You’ve outdone your typical excellence. Thank you! I ordered 3 from Banana Republic in white, magenta and a scoop neck in terracotta.

    If there was a Pulitizer for comparison blogs…..this would win.

    Really liked the photo of you with the rack of white trees and tennies too!

  11. This was so great. Thank you for doing the work for us. I have spent and wasted a lot of money trying to find a good white tee. I am going to give one of these recommended ones a try! Good luck on the finishes of your kitchen.

  12. Most of these seem snug across your chest.  I am short waisted with a large chest, too.  I’m not comfortable wearing my T-shirts as tight in the chest as you’ve shown so I would probably size up in most of these, but then they are too big in the torso. Ugg!  It’s frustrating.

    1. The cheaper ones are; the more expensive ones aren’t. Even the ones that are too small aren’t pulling, which I think is very telling as far as quality goes. But yes, it’s hard to find a tee that fits well on those of us who are bigger chested.

      We tend to need more structure than a typical t-shirt offers, and when they have structure, they don’t have that casual/cool vibe that we associate with a t-shirt. This is where I think the ATM and Rag & bone brands really shine. They somehow manage to achieve that happy medium.

      I felt frustrated when I finished trying on and photographing these shirts, but when I look through the pictures, I can pick out the sure winners. I want to have a little “showdown” between my 5 favorites when the bigger sizes come in. I’m planning to style them a few ways and take mirror selfies. Stay tuned…

  13. You’re a Star! That must have been a tremendous amount of work with all the trying on &  analyzing, plus taking notes for each one. 
    I’m so sorry your tile didn’t arrive on time. It’s a real juggling act with the trades. It will get done and be worth the wait. 😀

  14. Thank you so much for this! I don’t know how you have the patience – I get frustrated after two or three and either just settle if I’m desperate or keep nothing! I’m with you on the boob pocket – WHY???? I am large chested as well, but I don’t really think they flatter anyone. You’ve given us some great options here. Thanks again!

  15. Wow – THANK YOU! I know you’ve been working so hard on this post, and it is appreciated! You are so right – there is no one perfect white t shirt. I think for me, the Boden one comes closest, followed by Everlane, so I think I’ll give those a try. Again, thank you for an well-researched, well-written, and informative post!

  16. what is your experience after washing the white T-shirts that you own, do they shrink and discolor?
    Thanks for including different price points!

  17. Holy t-shirt! That’s commitment right there. Made me tired just thinking about trying all of those on. I was also thinking that since white tees get dingy and “pit stains” I’d never want to put too much into them. The perfect one really is like running down a unicorn. Nice post!!! Happy weekend. XO

  18. What a post. I bought the JCrew shirt in white & black last year & both are still in great condition. I don’t wear a white tee often, so mine last awhile. I agree about the boob pocket…why?  

    I’m sure your kitchen will be lovely once it’s finished. Hang in & don’t get discouraged. It’ll be worth the wait!

    Have a wonderful weekend. 

  19. Thank you so much for this post, I’ve been looking forward to reading it this week! I was not at all surprised to see the R&B as your favorite. I have three of this tee and I can say it lives well. I have a white one that is 4 years old now and I still wear it. Every once in a while they come out with a fashion color too, but typically are just black, white and grey. BTW- R&B also makes the best men’s polo- without an arm band and in a gorgeous slub-like fabric…. It’s my husbands go-to. LOOK! I just saw it’s 50% off….. HURRY and get a couple! https://shop.nordstrom.com/s/rag-bone-slub-cotton-slim-fit-polo/5525707/full?origin=keywordsearch-personalizedsort&breadcrumb=Home%2FAll%20Results&color=black
    Happy Saturday!

  20. Jo-Lynne! I never comment on blogs but I had to this time! You definitely went over and above on this review! I’ve been looking for the “perfect” white tee for years now and still haven’t found it! I’m going to check out Banana Republic and see how that goes! Thank you for your hard work! It’s so appreciated!!!

  21. This was some undertaking that required a great deal of time, effort and work. Thank you so much for doing this for all of us! There is nothing more timeless and classic as a pair of jeans and a white tee. It quite literally transcends generations and it has been  my go to for 50 years!

    I am going to review your list again before deciding which to order. I don’t really have a favorite after all these years but find myself not spending a fortune on one tee. I’d rather have a few less expensive, nice fitting ones available in my wardrobe because it is inevitable that a spill or splatter will find its way to it. Once again, I am so grateful for all your hard work. BTW, in spite of my age, I love your posts and can relate to most. You make good, strong classic styles better and affordable. 

  22. Thank you for all the work you did on the white t-shirts.  Now I don’t feel I need to do the same!  I think I will go with the Boden.  One question for you that you might have answered in other posts already, can you tell us what brand and model number of t-shirt bra you prefer.  I am always looking for one that will keep me “upright.”  I wear the same size as you.

  23. I’ve had good luck with Nordstrom’s Halogen Brand (wore their white tee this week with khaki chinos and a denim jacket). Caslon tees have also been good to me (although the past few Caslon tee styles have had boob pockets, but for me it’s not a deal breaker unless the pocket covers my boob).
    I like the $90 tee you tried on the best, but I personally would not pay that much for a t-shirt. However, your business is fashion so I say “Go for it!” 😊

    1. You are an enabler! 🙂 The Rag & Bone M just came in, and it is amazing, but I’m going to wait and see how I like the Banana in the M and compare. . . I feel like they are the most similar. I’m keeping the Boden too, so really don’t need them all. However, they all fit better than any white tees in my closet, and it is nice to have a couple.

      The Caslon one is okay, but it has that awful pocket, and it’s kind of low cut on me. I haven’t had a Halogen one I’ve liked – which one is that?

      1. Hahaha…..sorry! I initially scrolled through the pics before reading your commentary and liked the $90 T right away. Something about the detail on the v-neck and the way it lays on the body looks better than the rest. But, it’s a $$$ commitment that I’d only make if I wore a white tee a lot, and I don’t. But you seem to wear one often so for you it’s be a better investment, right? 😊 
        The Halogen tee I have and like is one I bought two summers ago before I went to New York. I’m not sure they make the same style anymore. I’ll try to find a picture ; it’s a v-neck cotton & modal and was described as a “slub tee” but it’s not sloppy looking, if that makes sense. It’s a little longer than I’d like with the current trends, but I’m able to tuck it in nicely so it’s not a problem. 

  24. Thanks for such a comprehensive review! I actually like the ATM slub texture. Did you ever try the James Perse? Also, I love your wall color. What is it? I’m getting ready to paint my walls a neutral gray.

    1. I do have a James Perse, but it is sooo lowcut. Otherwise, I love it. And the ATM is a great tee. It’s just a personal thing, I guess, I couldn’t quite get excited about it. My walls are Ben Moore Edgecomb Gray. I love them!

  25. Thanks for all of the work you did in preparing this post! It’s tremendously helpful.

    The Banana Republic tees are the most appealing to me (and this surprised me). They’re a bit thicker, and shorter – two things I’m looking for. Plus, I like that they come in gray as well as white. There’s a BR store in my local mall, so returns would be easy.

    I love Everlane and Madewell, but their tees rarely work for me (too thin, or I’m between sizes, etc.).

  26. Thank you for this post, there’s so much practical info. here and I know I’m going to refer back to it a few more times! It’s nice to see how each shirt drapes and how fabric quality oftentimes makes all the difference. I’m going with Boden!

  27. Thank you for all your work on this – what a ton of time…finding the T-shirt’s, trying, photographing and compiling this post.  It’s amazing how similar most of them look. There are subtle differences though.  The Rag and Bone one does really look fantastic but I’m not sure I would spend $90 on a white tee since they get grungy so fast.  Maybe in different color if they make that though.  I didn’t check.  I really like the back seam too.  Not sure why.  I think it adds an extra finished detail.  
    It’s funny how focused you are on the boob pocket.  I could care less about that but then I have opposite from you. I’m barely a B cup and probably really an A but don’t like to admit it.  Push up bras are great!.  😂  Sometimes I think the white tees are so plain that the pocket makes it look like you intended to wear a white too, not that you got hot and took off your sweater or jacket so I like the ones that look more intentional and finished instead of the men’s tee shirt version.  
    Thanks again!  Great post!
    Thanks again!  I’m going to check some of these out.  

  28. Thanks so much for this post! You always break everything down and explain things in such a way that is easy to understand and makes me look at clothing pieces in a different way. I am excited to try a few of these options. I was curious how you care for your 100% cotton tees. Do you dry them? Do you ever have an issue with them shrinking? 

  29. Great post!  My go-to white t has been Time and Tru from Walmart of all places!  Great thickness, perfect length and washes up nice.  You can get a two pack for $10 😀.  Give it a try, i would love to hear your opinion on how you like 

  30. This was a really good, helpful post.  As a short waisted 5’3″ frame, I am glad when you point out the shorter tops!  Also, the V is often too low because of my short frame.  Your detailed descriptions really help all body types figure out which will work.   Thank you!!

    Also, I wanted to tell you I ordered another pair of the Amazon straight leg jeans in a medium wash (I had ordered the dark and mentioned I went down a size and they were still roomy) and they were cut much smaller.  You get what you pay for – in consistent sizing as well as wash, fabric, etc.    But for under $30, they are worth try!

  31. Well, the expensive shirts are definitely more flattering! Darn why is that so often the case! I saw a white T in Peruvian Connection for $48 and it looked thicker and not boxy. Maybe I’ll order and report back!

  32. Thanks for all this work!!  You and I are the same height, clothing and shoe size…and now I just found out that we even share a bra size!!  Just last night I tried on a bunch of clothing I ordered, threw them all in a pile and sat down and cried.  EVERY stinking top pulled across the chest.  I’m trying so hard to avoid oversized clothing that engulfs my hourglass figure just to cover my chest.  I didn’t see much in your post that solves this problem, but at least I know I’m not alone!!  And when you style something that fits you well…I pay extra close attention!

    1. Hey Nancy, it can be very disheartening. Don’t rule out tailoring. Several of these tees could have been salvaged by sizing up and having them altered. There’s also the fist trick. 🙂 Surely you know that one? Put both fists up inside your shirt, place them about where the girls are, and push out to stretch the shirt out in that area. Works like a charm. 🙂

  33. Wow!!!! what a post… you certainly did a lot of research. You must have dreamt of white shirts that night. LOL, I usually go with an old navy or Banana Republic Factory t shirt, as for some reason I feel like I use them for layering mainly or to throw on with a jogger… I couldn’t help but notice on the bottom of the clothing rack some cute leopard or cheetah print sneakers? will you be styling them soon? I just got a pair that print in a slip on shoe so would be nice to see how you show case them… The kitchen delay sounds like a real bummer, but I am sure the finish product will look just great… Did the old back splash already get removed?

  34. What a great but time consuming post – you must have patience running through your veins. I have so many white tees and none of them seem just right.
    I thought I ordered the cute flowered dress from L & T yesterday and you can only imagine my horror when I noticed this morning I did not push order!! ARGH So ordered this morning from Nordstrom and missed the wonderful sale. I need to be more focused.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  35. I appreciate the time you took to review all of the tshirts. It was however, hard to tell whether the tshirt’s review came before or after your pictures. I kept scrolling up and down to figure out if the description was for the shirt above or below it, so I kept having to go back up to the top of the category, and trying to match, kinda confusing. Personal preference, I think it would be helpful to have the shirt brand posted above the pictures, so you would know what shirt you are looking at as you scroll down

  36. Thanks so much for all of your hard work on this post. I like that you included the length of them. I agree that the pockets are silly.  So much good information. I will probably purchase the Talbots tee because  I like the higher V neck. I usually buy crew neck tees from JCrew. 😊 

  37. You outdid yourself!  I prefer white t- shirts almost exclusively.  My one BIG pet peeve is the little holes that appear after a few wears!  What is that about?  

  38. If you ever want to try “another” white t, you may like Lands End t’s. I have one and really like it. They do have several different styles to try from.

  39. I have to say wasn’t a huge fan of any of the t-shirts. We wear the same size bra and have similar measurements overall and I know that the white tshirt is a unicorn.

    However–I’m dying to know what tshirt bra you are wearing? My favorite is no longer made and I think I’ve ordered 50 and returned them all trying to find a replacement!

    I can’t even imagine trying on 50 tshirts and taking pics of them all! lol! Better you than me 🙂

  40. Yes! This! Love this so much. The struggle is real with this.
    I cannot tell you how many white shirts I have bought trying to find this unicorn. And of course I either donate it because I don’t like it or it lives in the deepest, darkest part of my closet because I never wear it. 
    So, needless to say, this post is so relevant. I really appreciate that you mentioned the pros and cons (no boob pocket for me either thankyouverymuch) and the length. I found myself nodding my head while reading because I have found much of what you posted about some of these brands. 

  41. Holy cow!  You definitely tried on a lot of white tees for this post.  Thank you!  For those that might like a square neckline white tee, I highly recommend Kim Rogers brand from Belk.  They are a thicker, no see their fabric, straight hem, and longer short sleeves.  

  42. Wow, I can’t imagine how much time and effort you put into this t-shirt post! Many, many thanks as it is so helpful. (I, too, like the most expensive one.)

  43. What a great post! Thank you so much for all of your hard work. I really appreciate this. I like the most expensive one best, too, but would never allow myself spend $90 on a white t-shirt. I bought the Universal Thread one the other day for $8. It’s not perfect, but it’s okay. Now, that I’m older I’ve gotten picky about the sleeve length on my t-shirts. I prefer a longer short sleeve, but I also don’t want to look too matronly. Those kind of shirts are hard to find. Thanks again for this helpful post. 🙂

    1. So glad it was helpful, Tiffany. And I hear ya on the $90 tee. It is simply not realistic for everyone. I also like the Banana (although thinner) and Boden a lot. I kept all three. ☺️

  44. This is great. My perfect one is Caslon (drapes well on me, is the right length front tucked, and I like the lower scoop neck) but I know how you hate those boob pockets!

  45. Hi everybody just wanted to share my new fave, the Apt 9 Essential V-neck tee at Kohl’s.  It’s a very soft “luxe” material, not see thru, and no boob pocket.  Reg $13, on sale for $6.99!

  46. I saw the image of the back of the Rag and Bone Tee and just knew that was the one! FYI- they are often on sale at TJ MAXX for great prices! I have also found that Athleta offers 100% Sustainable Cotton Tees- unfortunately not in a V Neck but the Cotton Crew Neck is a nice crew with great smaller sleeves (almost cap sleeves), and the weight is ideal.

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