COFFEE TALK 03.01.20 ☕️

Well, friends. It’s March, the longest month of the year! I’m hoping for an early spring this year, but March is a fickle woman, and one never knows what we’re going to get.

We haven’t had any snow at all in Philly this winter, so I have this funny feeling… but let’s not think about that!

Today is also my husband’s birthday, so my son is home for the weekend, and we’re going out for lunch after church with good friends. Which we do almost every Sunday, but today we actually made a plan in advance, so that makes it special, right?

All three kids are coming out too, which really does make it special. Even when they’re all here, they don’t always go to lunch with us.

Are my kids the only ones who don’t find going out to eat to be a treat? I guess we’ve made it too common.

So let’s see… What else do I have to tell you today?

I’ve had a few questions about my hip progress. For anyone not aware, I have an anterior labral tear in my right hip.

It’s not really getting better, so I’m a little anxious to hear what my doctor wants to do next.

I’ve been taking the anti-inflammatory he prescribed, I stopped running, and my walking has been sporadic because our weather has been pretty frightful as of late. I’m still working out, but we’ve been modifying things and doing mostly arm and core work. (This was approved by my doctor.)

I got a new desk chair and this convertible desk so I can sit or stand, and I like them both, but neither seems to be helping my hip issue very much.

If anything, I’m experiencing some lower back pain from the standing. I’ve probably been standing too much. It feels good to get a break from the sitting, but I’ve been advised not to stand too much at first, and gradually build up to it. Makes sense, but I wish I’d known that sooner.

Anyway! I see my doctor next week, so for now I’m just waiting to see what he wants to do.

In other news, the kitchen is coming along, but our progress has stalled a bit.

My backsplash tile didn’t arrive in time to be installed yesterday, and that will delay our vent hood from going in on Wednesday because that was supposed to go over the tile.

But, the good news is, we have paint!!! 

My brown kitchen is officially a thing of the past.

R and I were sitting on the family room couch last night, where we have a full view of the kitchen, looking through old pictures on my phone. We came across one of the kitchen before we started remodeling just a couple weeks ago, and she remarked, “Look how orange our kitchen was!!!”

That made me laugh, but it really was startling to see that picture, and it’s only been a few days. It’s funny how quickly you get used to new things.

As of right now, all of our new appliances are in and working, my quartzite counters are in, and the drink station is pretty much complete (minus the built-in wine rack.) That’s getting painted and will be installed at a later date.

My island and the boxes to my cabinets and the decorative trim over the cooktop have all been painted, but my cabinets don’t have any doors and drawers because they were taken off-site to be sprayed. I originally thought they would come back tomorrow, but it’s looking more like Wednesday at this point.

And the backsplash, which I thought would be installed yesterday, is on hold until the tile arrives and I get my contractor to reschedule.

It’s a small job compared to the others he’s working on, so I’m hoping he’ll be able to fit us in sooner rather than later. I need to touch base with him tomorrow and get that squared away. Then I’ll need to reschedule the vent hood installation.

So right now our kitchen is in a state of flux, but I’m finding it easier to be patient than I thought it would be.

We’re seeing some progress almost every day, and it already looks drastically different than it did a week ago, to say nothing of the week before that.

I also got my new counter stools yesterday, which was a fun surprise. The website said they were on backorder until mid-March, but they showed up yesterday!

They’re a great addition to the space, and it’s so nice not to have to maneuver around the heavy, high-backed chairs I had there before.

This is how my kitchen looks as of today.

Before you ask, we painted the island Sherwin Williams Iron Ore, and the cabinets Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace.

I thought the Iron Ore was going to be darker, closer to black, but I’m happy with it. Although, now that it’s painted, I’m wishing I’d replaced the columns and corbels with something more modern.

I did go ahead and order a set of corbels that I like better, but I’m not sure how feasible it is to replace them at this point. They’re definitely providing support, along with the columns underneath, and I don’t want to risk upsetting the countertop. If it were to crack, I would be sick.

I’m also wondering about building boxes around the columns to streamline those a bit, so I need to see what, if anything, can be done at this point. I was going to ask the contractor yesterday when he was here to do the backsplash, but of course he didn’t come.

I wish I’d thought about doing this before, but I didn’t mind them so much in the old kitchen.

Oh, well. I’m sure I can learn to ignore them if I find out it’s too risky to mess with them, but I’m hoping we can figure out how to jerry-rig something that’s more inline with my style.

And if that’s not enough drama, I’m beginning to wonder what’s going to happen to our Paris trip.

If you’re just tuning in, Paul and I are planning a trip to Paris in May to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.

Of course, I was super excited, and yet I had this funny feeling that something was going to happen to prevent us from going.

I’m not usually a pessimist, but I was feeling a little gun-shy after we had to cancel our trip to Austin last spring when I was suffering from vertigo, and that isn’t our only experience with a highly anticipated trip going awry. A few years ago, our big family vacation out west to see the Grand Canyon was derailed by a case of the flu.

All that to say, this coronavirus has me a little bit on edge.

I’m not one to get caught up in all the hype, and I’m not really worried about contracting the virus, but I am worried about businesses and tourist destinations getting shut down for a time, or even worse, getting stuck in a quarantine situation. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

If one of us were traveling alone, it wouldn’t be such a big deal, but I don’t want to risk the both of us being separated from our kids for a long period of time.

We aren’t making any decisions yet — the trip is still two months away, and a lot can happen between now and then. But I can’t help but think about it.

As of right now, we have booked our plane tickets, our apartment, and all of our excursions. It would be a real pain to have to reverse all of that, but we do have trip insurance, so we’re just biding our time until we see how it all plays out.

So, yeah, I feel like all I’m doing these days is waiting. Waiting for spring, waiting for the kitchen to come together, waiting for my hip to get better, waiting to see what happens to our epic vacation… but these are all fun things!

Well, the hip isn’t fun, but it’s still minor in the grand scheme of things.

I know people right now who are waiting on test results and major surgeries and scary medical diagnoses. I am grateful that most of what I’m waiting on is fun stuff.

Spring will come, my kitchen will come together, my hip will heal, and if we have to cancel or postpone our trip, we will find something else fun to do to celebrate. It’s all good.

And the sun is shining today, so there’s that!

Unfortunately, it’s also 30 degrees and windy, so I’m going to skip my walk again.

I probably should take up yoga. At least I can do that inside. Anyone have a good resource for that? YouTube or something? I don’t even know. I never work out to videos.

Before I let you go, I want to be sure you don’t miss the white t-shirt review I posted yesterday!

I’ve been trying not to post on Saturdays, but I couldn’t get this one ready in time for Friday, and I didn’t want to put it off any longer, so I went ahead and published it yesterday.

So far, the feedback has been very positive. I did put many hours into it, so I sure hope it’s helpful to many of you!

Okay, that’s it for me. I’m off to get ready for church.

Have a great day!

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  1. I never thought about capping those columns. If you end up not liking what you ordered or they won’t work i bet your contractor def could either cap around what is there all the way to the floor although it might be a bit bulky but if not maybe he could remove the decorative triangle part and cap around the column only which would be less bulky for sure. Good luck and i’m sure whatever direction you end up going will look nice.

    1. I was hoping to do a combination of the two. Remove corbels, cap the columns, and then install new corbels. And then repaint. I guess I don’t need pros for that small area. Paul or I should be able to paint that.

      It’s getting the existing corbels off without damaging the stone that I’m most concerned about.

      I sure do make things difficult, don’t I!?! I should have thought of this weeks ago. Oh, well!

  2. Hey Jo-
    The tshirt review is so thorough and will be totally useful for many of us. Thank you for it! But Im guessing your East Coasters are, like me, still in sweaters and heavy coats and haven’t taken out our warm weather clothes yet. So I’m bookmarking the tshirt post for a month from now!

  3. I cannot stand in one place for long periods of time or my back/butt/hip really bother me. Sitting is not the best for long periods, so I try to get up and walk around every hour (thank you, Fitbit, for reminding me.) I think that helps (and I need to get back to yoga in my living room! I think that would also really help.)
    I hope that your trip works out. Two years ago my daughter and son-in-law planned a trip to Europe, and they had to cancel due to her cancer returning. They rebooked for the following year, and with the added points, etc. from the interim year, they were able to get their flights for free. They had a fantastic trip (Paris, Amsterdam, London).
    Enjoy your day! I need to get off the computer, get to my to-do list and get some work done. Haha!
    Happy Birthday, to your husband!

  4. Good morning! I’m right there with you about travel. We bought tickets two weeks to Italy for July. Crossing our fingers that it all calms down by then.🤞I joined a travel to Italy Facebook group and I feel terrible for all those that had plans to leave in the next couple weeks. Here’s to hoping we all go on our trips this spring and summer! Btw, Your kitchen looks great and I think once you start using and living in it normally, the columns and corbels won’t bother you as much. If you build a box just beware of your knees! Haha!  

    1. Hi Bonnie-
      My husband and I have been planning a family trip to Italy in November, but we’ve decided to put everything on hold until we see what happens with the corona virus. In fact the travel service we’re using suggested waiting a couple more months to book everything as well. As I’m sure you know, yesterday the travel ban to several countries was announced (Italy being one of them). What are you hearing/reading about this in your travel FB group? Any advice? I know November is still 9 months away, but I’m nervous about traveling in uncertain times. 

      1. Yes, we’ve heard all the news. We currently have only airline tickets for our family of 4. Holding off on making other plans for a few weeks. Our trip is planned for last 2 weeks of July so we’re making a final decision by June 1st. (Our self imposed date) The Facebook group is all over the place. Some people are adamant about still going others canceling as far out as this summer. Most that are traveling in next couple of weeks have canceled or the companies/airlines they booked with canceled. You should join the page if you plan on going. It’s a wealth of great info! They also created a separate page for Covid-19 since was taking over the travel discussions. I’ve already learned so much. The FB groups are “Italy Travel Planning” and “Italy Travel Planning – COVID-19 Virus discussion group”. Let’s hope we all get to go on our respective trips!!  

  5. Your kitchen is looking beautiful!  I’m looking for counter stools like yours.  Would you mind sharing a link to yours?  It looks perfect!  Thank you!

  6. I have an amazing yoga option for you to checkout – Caroline at the Abbey – she’s on YouTube and has different levels and she always has an encouraging word. 

    I really enjoyed your post today. Thank you for being so real – I felt like I was sitting right there sharing a cup of coffee. Prayers and blessings for that hip and wisdom regarding your trip. 

  7. Check out Coke Chance yoga or Yogatx both on YouTube – they have all kinds and lengths of yoga for whatever your feeling for the day. 

  8. The kitchen looks fabulous!!!!! I love Benjsmin Moore chantilly lace, we used it in pearl finish on our crown, cadongs. and doors throughout our home. It’s a crisp, clean soft white.

    I’m betting your contractor can do a switch on the corbels and columns. . They are so creative at solving problems.
    Sorry to hear your hip isn’t progressing as fast as you’d like. What’s next? Can they do cortizone injections?
    The white tshirt topic is such a great post. I’m excited for my tshirts to arrive. You make it fun to shop.

    1. Ugh, he mentioned injections, and I am so not interested. That sounds dreadful. He also mentioned surgery, but it sounded like arthroscopic and not terribly invasive… I think I go back next week, so I’ll find out then.

  9. I do yoga from an online site. It’s called yoga collective and one of the things I like is you can pick your session by time. Sometimes I just do a 10 minute class. When we started, we did the beginning ones that explained all the poses which was very helpful.
    I used to have a discount code for a better deal although it’s not expensive. I bought mine off Groupon. But if you’re interested, let me know and I can look up that code and let you know the classes I have as favorites to give you ideas where to start.

      1. Definitely a local studio would be fabulous. You get the one on one (depending how busy it is) And so many have a great intro offer. Your body will thank you.

  10. Concerning your hip – have you thought about not eating dairy products?  My hips would ache so bad in the mornings when I first got out of bed.  My doctor suggested cutting back or eliminating dairy.  Now I eat almond yogurt and use almond milk with my oatmeal and my hips don’t ache in the morning anymore!  (I do use a little cheese on my burgers or eggs).  Just a thought ~

    1. This has worked for me too! I gave up dairy about a six weeks ago and my joint pain has disappeared. Overall I just feel better. I still use butter though, and occasionally use a little Parmesan or feta but not much. Coconut milk products and almond milk are my substitutes. 

    2. Interesting – although I rarely eat dairy anyway. I never drink milk (it upsets my stomach) and I’ve stopped taking cream in my coffee. I haven’t even been eating cheese lately b/c I was having, ahem, digestive issues. I need fiber, not cheese. 😬 But that is something to keep in mind.

  11. Thank you for the white t-shirt review.
    Wow It was so detailed.
    I just ordered a couple of t-shirts from amazon.

    I like that v neck being shorter since I am petite.
    Going to give it a try!

  12. Happy Birthday Paul!  You do have a lot of things that you are waiting on, like a ‘lady in waiting.’  The way I look at the trip to Paris is, if y’all are meant to go on the trip it will happen. If not, God is protecting you from something, that you may not be aware of or ever know.  Just trust Him!  Have a fabulous day!

    1. I agree……. If its meant to be, it will be. Paris will always be there next year. Hopefully the warmer weather in May will slow down or stop the spread of Coronovirus so that your travel plans can go ahead.

      If your travel insurance doesn’t cover Coronovirus, your hip labral tear may give you an out. Your kitchen reno looks fantastic!😍

      Happy birthday to Paul.

    2. Thanks, Ginger. Yes, that is what I said about Austin last spring. There must have been a reason God didn’t want us there. It was disappointing, but I didn’t regret canceling. It was the right decision at the time. And I did manage to recoup all of our investment.

      It was different, tho, as I had a medical reason. This time everything is already paid for, so I really hope it works out. It will be hard to get all that back without a really good reason.

      1. True!  With the various travel bans in effect now, and the uncertainty of when they will be lifted, that could work in your favor, IF y’all make the decision to not go.  🙏🙏

  13. Thank you so much for posting all the white tee shirts you tried on with pros and cons. After reading your post, I decided to order a few tee shirts from Boden. The information you supplied was appreciated.

  14. Not everything needs to be a so called “modern” update…..sometime we get stuck seeing things well when presented with a huge amount of choices and the voices of the decorating crowd that declare what is “dated”. Your corbels are “classic” and therefore timeless. Everyone loves travel to France, Italy, etc. because of all the classic architecture. Your classic corbels actually seem to blend in with the new paint but offer just enough connection to the classic look above your stove. I say keep the ones you have….you will need to completely sand and repaint if you try to remove what you have

    1. I agree, Lauren, on the corbels  giving an interesting classic look to the island. Everything gets kind of homogenized in home design because we see 80 shows with the same styles on HGTV. I’ve come to embrace some minor eclectic things in my home that make it unique when redecorating. The kitchen is definitely looking beautiful!

      1. Well, we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one. 🙂 I don’t think the ornate Tuscan styling on those corbels goes with my current look, plus I just don’t care for them. I did find some that are still traditional but have cleaner lines, and I’m hoping we can make them work.

  15. Your kitchen looks great, and many thanks for the white T shirt recommendations!  

    Since you mentioned travel insurance…..  If anyone out there is planning a trip and buying travel insurance, be sure that your policy has a “Cancel For Any Reason” (CFAR) rider.  Many insurances cover illness when the traveler is sick, but aren’t covering cancellations because of Covid-19 fears or restrictions.   I was just talking to a travel agent friend about this.  Safe travels to everyone!

    1. Yes, good advice. And I have just discovered that often needs to be purchased within 15 days of booking… so definitely something to do right away when planning a trip.

      We definitely don’t have “cancel for any reason” insurance, so we will have to wait and see how it plays out.

  16. What a busy week at your house!  I was wondering what you’d decided to about your trip. We just decided to cancel our trip to France in May. My daughter, who is a NP, recommended that we stay home. It was easy advice to follow as my 72 yo husband has several underlying health conditions, and it was time to make our final payment on our tour. I read this morning that the Louvre closed due to concerns by workers about their exposure from tourists, and that the number of reported cases has tripled since we made our decision. If we had made the final payment, I would do what you’re doing and just wait awhile to see how it all plays out. 

    1. Thanks for this info, Mary. I trust your advice as you’ve done so much travel. Our trip is almost entirely paid for at this point, so I’m going to wait a while longer before making any decisions. I don’t think I could recoup it at this point, but when it gets closer, if things get worse, maybe… or my hip may prevent me from going anyway. We shall see…

  17. Your kitchen looks lovely. For your hip and back pain, I highly recommend a yoga studio. My hips give me a bother as well as my lower back but if I keep up on my yoga I sleep better and no aches and pains. I recommend a studio because the instructor and class can address your issues, modify the poses so you don’t hurt yourself more. It’s great for stretching, balance and strength training. All things we need as we age.

    Unfortunately, we have a trip to Japan scheduled April 2 – 19. It’s about 90% certain we will now cancel. We have until this Friday to make the final decision so we are closely monitoring but I just don’t see it being the “right” decision to go at this moment. We’ve done all the planning so when the world calms down, we book again. I hope the situation calms down and your trip to Paris is on. There is so much to see and do in Paris and it’s beautiful!

    1. Good to know, I’m a huge fan of having an instructor or trainer to make sure I do things properly. I’m not naturally “gifted” in that area, lol.

      I’m sorry to hear about your Japan trip. I hope you can reschedule for a later date.

  18. Please look carefully at your trip insurance policy. I read something recently (but can’t remember what, there has been so much) that said a pandemic like this is usually not covered by most trip insurance policies, unless you are actually (and verifiably) sick yourself.

    1. THIS☝️☝️!! 
      My husband just had breakfast with a recently retired partner who is scheduled to go on a cruise to the Panama Canal this week. They had “cancel for any reason” insurance so not going seemed like an easy decision. When they called they were told that “fear of getting sick” doesn’t qualify. Unless they were able to obtain a doctors note saying they shouldn’t travel, they would be out the money if they don’t go.

    2. Interesting, and good to know. I’m not really worried about getting sick, but if they start closing down tourist attractions and putting people in isolation, I’d rather lose the money than get stuck in a messy situation. If nothing else, it will be interesting to see how it all plays out!

  19. What a difference in your kitchen even without the fronts. I love a white kitchen with a contrasting island. Be very, very careful removing those corbels. I think boxing them will look worse. It will just look weird but I could be wrong. 🤔 Maybe, live with them for a bit and your eyes will adjust. Your home is a traditional style so they are not out of place. 

    My daughter had an anterior labral tear. She had ended up having surgery. She does spin class now. 

    Let’s hope this virus is a thing of the past by July. It’s playing havoc with the stock market. Ouch! And, not really knowing how it is being passed now is adding to fears. We just got back from a cruise. I was not so afraid of being quarantined on the ship, as it was a Carribean cruise but flying home gave me anxiety. Planes are a petri dish of germs. I always get a cold or flu and this time was no different. So, crossing my fingers your trip goes off without a hitch. 

    Enjoy your Sunday lunch! 

    1. Good to know about your daughter! And glad your cruise went well and you got back safely. Cruises freak me out. I have heard way too many stories about quarantine situations, even before this.

  20. What a packed update!  I think all your plans sound awesome.  Sometimes we are in a time where we need more patience and it sounds like this is your time.  It will all come together.  
    It certainly doesn’t hurt to talk to the contractor and see what can be done.  The box around the corbels sounds like a good idea.  
    You’re so wise to have trip insurance.  My husband and I were stuck in New Orleans during a hurricane and while we were fortunate it wasn’t a big one, everything was closed and there was no transportation in or out.  It was miserable and it was only 4 days!  
    I agree with another commenter that it might be wise to at least try a professional yoga instructor so as not to do any more damage.  I love Yoga with Adriene as well as Sarah Beth yoga, both on you tube and they’re so great when I want to do something quick at home.  They have some awesome stretching routines.  I have hip and lower back pain and daily stretching has helped so much.
    Have a wonderful birthday celebration with your husband and family!  It’s so great when all the chicks are in the house.   

  21. My daughter just landed in France this morning for a week of work, and she and a co-worker are planning on taking a couple days next weekend to go into Paris for some sightseeing. When I spoke to her on the phone yesterday, she said they had gotten an email from the company stating that the trip was still on, but to not plan on venturing too far out and definitely do not shake hands with anyone, along with some other common sense basic health information. Now, she’s wondering if she and her co-worker should rethink their Paris excursion altogether and just come back home a couple days early next weekend. It’s kind of scary right now!

  22. Your kitchen is so nice!  It’s hard when you can see so much progress and then have to keep waiting for the rest.  It will be worth the wait.  I meant to comment on the white tee post yesterday.  Thanks so much for all that work!  I’ve been on the hunt for a good white tee for a long time, just making do with whatever I can find. Just trying on a few is tiring.  You went above and beyond for us!   My problem is I have a larger chest, but I’m also petite.  The two don’t mix well!  I’m going to explore these tees and see if I can find any petites.  Hope your hip heals up soon!

  23. Excited for you that your kitchen remodel is nearing completion. Everything looks good so far! Do you have a link for the pendant lights above your island? I’m currently shopping for some. 
    Good luck with your hip – hopefully you won’t need surgery. As a teacher I’m on my feet all day which contributes to lower back pain, so the doctor tells me to try and sit during the day and put my feet up. But then I guess sitting all day isn’t good either as you’ve experienced. What’s a girl to do?!  

    1. I don’t have a link to the lights, as I got them through my designer. I just looked back thru all our emails, and I can’t find out the name brand or anything. I’m sorry! I will try to remember to ask her, tho.

      1. Oh no worries! Thanks for trying! My husband and I have a rental property we’re thinking of selling and thought about updating the kitchen, but the advice we’re getting is to not update as trends are starting to change again and it’d be better to sell as is. (And let the new owner decide what they want.) 😊 

  24. Happy birthday to your hubby!  I love seeing the pictures of your kitchen transformation!  I was hoping to use those for convincing my honey that we need to have ours painted (they are golden oak….also orange 😳). In the meantime, we’ve decided to finish the basement into usable living space, so that project will have to wait. (sigh!) But we are doing a small kitchenette in the basement and I think we’ve decided on white cabinets so with that and pictures of all the kitchen remodels, it may be easy to convince him! 😜

    I hope everything pans out with your trip.  I know you’ve been looking forward to it and what a treat it will be!  Hopefully everything will work out.

    Thanks for the white tee shirt post!  Planning to order some this week. I just can’t make it without white shirts in my closet. Lol. 

    Hope you have a wonderful sunny Sunday with your family! 

  25. My husbands company ( one of the largest global financial services firms) just announced that they were cancelling all face-to-face meetings involving 10 or more people worldwide 😳 for at least the month of March. 

    I not one to let cable news or click-bait freak me out but intelligent, informed people seem to be taking this one very seriously. 

    I really feel for those whose livelihoods depend on folks traveling. Just hubby’s company alone staying put for the month of March translates in to thousands of plane tickets, hotel rooms, restaurant meals, Uber rides that are not going to happen.

    1. Very interesting. Yes, we are watching closely. It is definitely not something I’m taking lightly. Paul is doing a lot of traveling for work these days (currently, it’s all domestic) and he’s not purchasing any plane tickets too far in advance while we see how it all plays out.

  26. Your kitchen looks great… you might consider some type of metal materials to incase your island supports..  some stamped metals are beautiful but simplistic and would pick up the stainless steal appliances as well as the faucet in the island sink.  Metals are lightweight and easy to shape and form.   Just a thought ! 
    Happy Birthday to Paul.

  27. Hi Jo-Lynne!  My husband and I have a hobby travel blog. There has been quite a lot of recent discussion of the Coronavirus. Please check with your travel insurance company, because most (not all) travel insurance policies do not cover cancellations due to pandemics or epidemics.  ( It’s part of their exclusions.) Didn’t want you to get an unpleasant surprise, if indeed you needed to cancel.  

    1. Yeah, I had a feeling that may be the case… we will just wait and see at this point. I’m also going to have to see how my hip is doing by then. Hoping I don’t need surgery or something drastic like that. Time will tell! 🙂

      By the way – what is your blog? Please share!

      1. Yes, we are in the same boat with this years travel plans. We’re supposed to travel to London and Stockholm at the end of May, but who knows. The ‘wait and see’ approach is about all we can do at this point.  Hope everything works out for you though, and no surgery is necessary!

        Thanks for asking about our blog. It’s Forevertouring.com. We started it mainly to chronicle our trips and hopefully help other folks who are interested in traveling to some of the same places. It’s really just for fun. But it has given me a huge appreciation for how much work is involved for someone like you, who does this full time! 

  28. Your kitchen is going to look stunning once your doors are back on. I really like your new bar stools too. I think I mentioned already that our daughter had hip surgery last summer.. ( full tear labrum) surgery was her only option as she was in constant pain… it was the best thing she could’ve done as pain was instantly gone( day surgery)  she’s just now able to do cross fit training and spin classes… her sports will have to wait for awhile. That’s a hard one about your up coming trip.. I know there’s a lot of uncertainty with peoples travel plans but I’m sure you’ll make the right call when the time comes… We know of a family that just canceled their trip to Europe next week… our daughter and son in law are suppose to go in April for a family wedding but that’s not looking good at this point with the way the virus has been spreading as of late… happy birthday to your hubby hope you’ve all had a great day… we are having family night tonight with pizza and our favorite game …

  29. It’s hard to have patience when we are so active but your hip will get better, it just takes a lot of time.
    Your trip to Paris probably would be best postponed as it is so hard to predict what health state our world will be in and being away my be ill  advised. It’s easier to recoup your costs now than later.
    I’m still digesting your white tee post, WOW, what a lot of work. I would have gotten all the pics mixed up and I would be lost in a sea of white material! Good job!

    1. Haha! We took pix of each label before trying, and I did have to reference those pix a few times as I wrote my post. 🙂 I also had my 17-y/o daughter there taking notes – which also came in helpful! It was quite a project, but I’m a geek and actually find these posts a lot of fun. Sneakers are up next!

  30. Yoga with Adrienne is a great Youtube source for any level of yoga. She is fun and quirky and has a yoga for any type and time frame you are seeking. Keeping my fingers crosses for your trip to Paris:) Love the way your kitchen is turning out.

  31. I haven’t read the replies to this post yet, but I did want to respond to the YouTube yoga thing. I took a yoga class about 5 years ago at my gym twice a week and it really helped my hip and back issues. Alas, her husband was a grad student and after a year, he finished the program and it was time for her to move again. She suggested I try Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube, so I did. Five years later, I still do it 1-2 times a week and really do like her as an instructor. She has all different types of yoga workouts and lengths of time, but they are all great for the hips and back. Just give it a try and see what you think. 
    I must admit I felt a little hopeless after your white tee try on. I loved the variety and thoroughness of it, but, having the same issues you do, kind of sad there is no such thing as a perfect white tee. I have found some in the past, one at the Gap and another at Express. Wish they lasted longer. 

    1. I’m sorry my try-on left you hopeless! I admit, I sort of felt that way after trying them on. But when I went back through, I realized there are a couple that I really like and can work for me. Also, don’t rule out tailoring. I have heard that the celebs always alter their t-shirts for a perfect fit. Because women’s bodies are so different, most garments simply won’t fit perfectly off the rack. I’ve never done much altering b/c with the blog, I don’t keep items as long as most people and it usually doesn’t seem worth it, but I might consider for one of these tees.

  32. Hi Jolynne- your kitchen is well on the way to beautiful!  
    Re your question about Yoga – I thoroughly  recommend it !  I have followed Hatha yoga for 20 years – it’s kind to the body but effective!  You will have lovely lean muscles and you can  gradually increase the intensity/difficulty in your own time.  It’s not flashy or of the moment but it has endured for over 1,000 years!  I have followed Barbara Currie firstly by books, video and cd’s .  As I work almost full time this is convenient bui am sure you will be able to locate a class in your neighbourhood.  I tried Pilates but unfortunately this had a negative effect on my back.  Of course everything is dependent upon the calibre if your instructor.  It’s good to bear in mind that the body can reap benefits from such a practice!  Best wishes Jane 🧘‍♀️

  33. Your kitchen is going to be amazing. On the travel front I hope the coronavirus is gone. My 17 year old grandson was on plane in Atlanta to fly to Rome for 10 days for school trip. Just before take off they were pulled off plane by travel company. So instead of Italy next week he’ll be in school. Bummer.

  34. My kids and aren’t as big of fans of eating out as I am either. It’s probably because they aren’t the ones cooking the meals most of the time.  And my husband travels so he enjoys eating at home too.  🙂 Anyway, try Classical Stretch by Miranda Esmonde-White. She does 22 minute workouts and they are great.  She even does stretching that helps with pain, some specifically for the hips.  You can find her on YouTube or buy her DVD’s online.  Good luck with everything. 

    1. I also do Classical Stretch. She is on PBS (usually early morning) and has a subscription streaming plan as well. I have definitely noticed an improvement in my flexibility and and strength. 

  35. As I read the first part of your post today , I was thinking ….you need to be doing yoga. Then as I was finishing you mentioned yoga.  A number of years ago, I had multiple issues with my feet, ankles, knees , and hips. Nothing that required surgery or pills.  But I spent more than two years off my feet [ no exercise ) which was not fun.  Yoga changes my life. It has been more than two years with no hip pain or foot injuries. I am better than I was years ago! I recommend a yoga instructor. Believe it or not you CAN really hurt yourself doing yoga.

    1. Yes, and if I can get hurt, I will. That’s one reason I work with a trainer. I am so uncoordinated, and she always has to correct my form. I’m going to see if she’ll integrate some more yoga into our workouts, but I do think a yoga studio could be nice for our off-days. I need to be stretching more than 2x a week.

  36. Your kitchen looks great! Our old cabinets were “orangey” too and with our black granite, it felt like Halloween! The white and grey completely brightened everything and I love it! I feel your quandary about your upcoming travel. We have a cruise booked for our spring break in April and although we aren’t planning on canceling, anything can happen. I saw on the news the Louvre in Paris has closed due to the virus. I can totally understand your frustration of going on a trip but having attractions closed. I guess we all just have to keep a close eye on things developing 🙏🏻🤞🏻

  37. The kitchen transformation looks fabulous. I would check with your travel insurance as “change of mind” may not be covered. If the destination is declared a “no go” zone that would be different, but at this point is unlikely for France.

  38. Your kitchen is looking great. Can you post a link for the new stools? I’m on the lookout myself. Thank you so much! 

  39. “Yet those who wait for the LORD Will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary.”
    ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭40:31‬ ‭NASB

    I couldn’t help but think of this verse when reading your post today 🤓.   I’m truly not a good waiter!  Ha praying for you!  Blessings!  Krista

  40. One more yoga option: Doyogawithme.com  They have free and subscription videos, and you can sort by level of difficulty, instructor name, type of yoga etc.  I did a core yoga workout from that site late last week and am only just now “recovered”! LOL  I don’t watch the videos actually, but just listen to the sound through headphones in so that I know what to do.  

  41. I am enjoying watching your kitchen makeover as we are getting ready to do one too, only we are gutting ours. I have 2 teens, one with autism, so this should be fun! Lol

    Keep the great posts coming. They are my relaxation every evening.

  42. As a person who’s had 2 hip breaks from June – December 2020 let me just say your hip pain isn’t minor. I will say perhaps stretching would/could help. It helped me a lot. If your insurance would pay for PT that might help as well. Don’t ignore this. Just saying!!

    Your kitchen is coming along. Sorry about the delays, but you won’t remember any of that when it’s all done. 

    Hope Paul enjoyed his BD lunch!!  The years whip by for sure. 

    I do hope you’ll get to do your Paris trip. Set aside your worries – as you said 2 months is a long time away & lot can change. Also watch the government website for traveling bans or warnings. 

    Thanks for sharing your heart. 

    1. Thanks for all that, Sherli. I had also wondered about PT – expected to get that diagnosis at my last visit. I’ll definitely inquire. I have had good success with PT for foot injuries in the past.

  43. Concerning yoga that you can do at home (and for free), I can second all the people who recommended Yoga with Adriene – I’ve used a bunch of her YouTube sessions at home over the last couple of years. But taking classes at a studio certainly has the advantage that an instructor can help you adjust the moves to your ability.
    I do really hope that your trip to Paris won’t have to be cancelled. It makes me so sad to think of all the tourists whose travel plans have had to change. However, I do have to mention as someone who lives in Europe (Austria) that people here are becoming much more cautious about traveling and interacting with strangers. My boyfriend and I were just about to book a trip to Menorca in May, but are waiting now to see how much bigger this thing gets. As another reader posted, I’m not one to freak out about something like this, but decisions are being made by well-informed people and organizations in an effort to try to stop the spread of the virus, and for the moment the uncertainty of it all makes me take a step back and think about possible risks to my health. I will say that my hands have never been so clean!

    1. Thanks for the perspective from someone in Europe. I agree that the situation shouldn’t be taken lightly. And I’m laughing about the hands… I’m a pretty conscientious hand washer, but I’m certain that my hands have never been cleaner either! With the possible exception of the week my daughter had the flu last month… ha!

  44. I’ve been looking at paint colors so It’s nice to see these two colors in a “real photo”. What color is your wall paint?

  45. We were due to go to Spain in late April and I’m concerned that might be canceled. My husbands company just canceled all the Italy and Asia trips. Be careful with yoga and vertigo I had to stop bc yoga activated my dizziness. I was probably holding  my head wrong but a video won’t help you correct that!

  46. Just wanted to say that your kitchen is looking so beautiful! Even without the cabinet doors! I really hope your trip works out for you.

  47. I enjoy your update posts about what’s going on in your everyday life. And I can relate to your concern about your Paris vacation. Our son was going to take a 3 week European trip with a friend this summer but now we are all wondering if it’s such a good idea. Our concerns are exactly what you mentioned….we’re not as worried about them contracting the virus, but that their travel plans could be impacted by it & yes, the possibility of the dreaded quarantine trying to come back home! What to do????? 

  48. My daughter and son-in-law have a trip to Europe planned for July. Praying that everything is resolved by then. It is hard to know what to do when making travel plans so far ahead. When the time comes you will know and whatever you decide will be the right decision for you and your husband. I am loving your kitchen!!! You may think the corbels don’t match but I don’t see them as “Tuscan” at all. If it really bothers you, you might consider painting the island the darker, nearly black, color. This will make the corbels and posts even less noticeable if replacing them is not an option. Like you, I think messing with what’s supporting the countertop sounds scary LOL!! But truly, your kitchen is lovely!!! I think once the doors are put back on and you have the new backsplash those corbels will be just fine! Can’t wait to see it all finished!!! Praying for your hip . . . this getting older is just no fun is it?? Have a blessed day!

  49. Sorry if you already received this, but I highly recommend Yoga with Adriene. She’s funny, sweet, and really makes it enjoyable. I look forward to my daily sessions with her. She’s on YouTube as YogawithAdriene.

  50. Thank you for the excellent t-shirt review! Now I have a few to go out and try with all of the hard work taken care of! You are so good to us!

  51. You might want to try InvigoFlex GS joint supplement by WynnPharm, They have a AM and PM formula that has the glucosamine sulfate w/boswellia serrata for AM and chondroitin sulfate w/curcumin for PM ( does not contain any shellfish) http://www.wynnpharm.com, You can also purchase on Amazon.com., I ordered this for my hip and hand issues and it works for me. Several doctors in my town are recommending this product.

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