Jeans and a Tee

There’s nothing more casual-chic than jeans and a tee, and this iconic look gets an update for 2020 with high waist destroyed hem straight leg jeans. Plus, the Nordstrom Bonus Points Event started yesterday, so I’m rounding up some of my top picks!

You may remember when these jeans came in a Trunk Club delivery, and I debated over them for days, trying them on with about every pair of shoes in my closet.

I finally decided the best way to wear them is to keep it casual, so I paired them with a white v-neck tee and my new Birks.

Straight Ankle Jeans and a Tee

These jeans are definitely spendy, but I was able to snag them for 40% off. I’ll keep an eye on them, and let you know if I see them on sale anywhere. If you decide to splurge, at least you can earn 10 Nordy points per dollar!

They’re super soft and stretchy, and they have a vintage feel that I’m kind of digging right now. The 3D whiskering isn’t really my favorite, but I can overlook that because the overall wash is super cool, and I think the frayed split hems on the straight leg style is really fun.

Paige Cindy High Waist Destroyed Hem Straight Leg Jeans with Birkenstock Madrid Big Buckle

They’re a little long on me, though. I’d like them better if I could hack and inch off, but I don’t want to lose the hems, so I left them be.

According to the website, they have a 27″ inseam (but mine are closer to 28″) with a 14″ leg opening and a 11″ front rise.

I know these are not in everyone’s budget, so I also found this pair at Old Navy. They have similar measurements, with a plain raw hem and not such dramatic whiskering.

Straight Ankle Jeans and a Tee

This is the rag & bone Vee Tee. It was the winner winner, chicken dinner of my white t-shirt review this year. It won because it’s made of a substantial soft jersey cotton fabric with a subtle slub texture and a nice drape.

The trim around the neck makes it more refined than your basic boyfriend tee, and the sleeves are a nice length and shape. Plus, the seam up the back adds a nice element of interest.

I got mine at Nordstrom, but sizes are limited, and they’re currently on sale on the rag & bone website. rag & bone has free shipping and returns on U.S. orders.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing rag & bone The Slub Vee Tee, Paige Cindy High Waist Destroyed Hem Straight Leg Jeans and Maui Jim Mele Performance Sport Sunglasses

Unfortunately, it’s also very spendy. I apologize, I usually try to provide a better mix of high and low when I put these outfits together.

A similar for less version is the Banana Republic slub cotton-modal v-neck t-shirt. It also has the trim and the seam up the back, but it’s thinner so there’s more show-through. I recommend sizing up in both. I wear them in a medium.

After keeping them in my closet for a while and trying them on from time to time, I finally embraced the Birkenstock Madrid sandals.

They actually broke in very easily, and they stay on my feet when I walk better than I expected them to. Plus, I think the styling is really fun. They’re sort of a play on the old Dr. Scholl’s sandals with the wood platform.

Birkenstock Madrid Big Buckle Old Rose

I wear these a lot with shorts, but I think they also pair nicely with these jeans.

This is the Old Rose Nubuck, and evidently they’re selling out everywhere… I had no idea! I was expecting these to be around for at least a few seasons.

Free People has a few sizes left, and Zappo’s has one pair in the 39. Both of those retailers have other colors in limited sizes, plus Nordstrom has a few other colors in stock, and they qualify for the Bonus Points event.

Or another option would be the Dr. Scholl’s… in fact, I just ordered them in the Camelot.

Birkenstock Madrid Big Buckle Old Rose

I probably went a little overboard with the jewelry for this outfit. I threw this outfit together at the last minute as I was leaving for my photo shoot, and I didn’t think it through all the way.

It would make more sense with more casual pieces…  something with a bit of a boho flair. Lucky Brand does a great job with that style of accessory.

My tote is from Everlane, but a woven bag would be fun with this look too. It’s amazing what I “see” when I get my pictures back. When I wear this for real, I’ll definitely rethink the accessories.

You can scroll on down for my Nordstrom Bonus Points shopping recommendations, and be sure to visit Cyndi and see the summer look she’s styling today!

Straight Ankle Jeans and a Tee

Outfit Details:

rag & bone tee (similar for less) // Paige jeans (similar for less) // Birks (option) // tote // sunnies (similar for less) // earrings // necklace // bracelet

What to Buy at the Nordstrom Bonus Points Event

The Nordstrom Bonus Points Event is going on now! Cardholders earn 10 points per dollar, and Nordy Club members earn 5 through July 14th!

This is the time to stock up on designer items, foundation garments, and wardrobe staples that rarely go on sale. Need a new summer handbag? Time to update your bras and underwear? Want to splurge on a new pair of summer pjs? Sunglasses? Tory Burch Miller sandals are included too.

Also, don’t forget the men and kids!

There are exclusions, but to the best of my knowledge, everything in the widgets below is included. It will say “Earn up to 10 bonus points per dollar!” in bold above the product name.

Shop Women’s:

Shop Men’s:

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photos: Alison Cornell

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17 thoughts on “Jeans and a Tee

  1. A friend gave me some sourdough starter about a month or two ago. I have made a few things from it. The best (and I will be making it again this week) is sourdough bread in a dutch oven. It looked (and tasted) like it came from a bakery – success! It isn’t a work time consuming recipe, but a time consuming one as it does a lot of resting!

      1. I bet it was wonderful! Looks so beautiful, doesn’t it? In one of the recipes it said preheat the dutch oven as the oven was preheating so it was really hot. Then a few ice cubes and a piece of parchment paper. Then the dough. The crust was amazing (it was the steam from the ice cubes).

  2. I buy my Birks from the Birkenstock website. Lots to choose from and shipping/returns always free.

  3. I know you say you’re a Plain Jane but I think your accessories look just right with this outfit! 

  4. That outfit looks great on you! Gives a boho kinda vibe… Have fun dining out.. We could eat out with friends but we’d have to sit 6 feet apart or at a separate table 🤷‍♀️… And we can’t have them over yet unless we just visit no serving food or drinks… and stay 6 feet apart.. Oh well soon🤞

    1. Well, we are probably supposed to be doing that too, I dunno. It’s just one other couple, and they have been isolating too, so I figure we’re ok. It’s strange how salons and spas can’t open, but you can have gatherings of 25 people. I’m not sure how they come up with the rules! LOL.

      1. Exactly.. we can only have gatherings up to 10 outside, 15 for weddings or funerals.. always with social distancing… and our hair salons and restaurants are open but not set up the same or running full capacity due to distancing… 

      2. Are your permitted gatherings of 25 supposed to be outside and with social distancing? That’s probably the difference. If you are outside and keeping 6 feet apart, you are less likely to transfer or catch the virus. If you are in a salon, you are indoors and in close proximity.

        1. Right, I know outdoors is best. I just noticed a lot of other states do the salons as part of the first reopening phase. And I’m not complaining as much as just musing on the differences in different areas.

          I looked at guidelines, and they don’t specify anything about 6 feet apart, in or outdoors.

          “Large gatherings remain prohibited, but ones under 25 are allowed.”

          “The ‘stay at home” orders will be lifted, but precautions including social distancing and wearing a mask are still recommended.”

          Of course, those are just guidelines. We all should use common sense. 🙂

  5. This may be a rather simple outfit, but it’s still very striking!  I really like your Birkenstock’s.   When you previously shared them, I immediately tried to find that style in that color, and I my size, but was unsuccessful.  Darn it!  I used to have the Dr. Scholl’s way back when.  I am so impressed with all of the baking Caroline does!  Enjoy the rest of your day!

  6. Outfit looks so great on you.  I think the jeans would be wayyyy to long for me….I’m 5’3″.  I think your jewelry looks good.  Glad you are able to get out and about now.  My husband and I went to dine in Saturday and it was great to be served.  They social distanced the tables well and all help wore masks.  I have to say though, it was on my mind the whole time about the virus. I was afraid to touch anything the waitress brought me without my napkin. I hate feeling like this.  Have you found in store returns to be hard? I read many comments on Cyndi’s blog today about stores not letting you return or try clothes in store.  One said Walmart won’t take any returns until this is over.  I don’t shop there, but I have 2 LOFT returns and want to do in store return, but its not open yet.  I think that is going to be bad if once stores open if they won’t let you return clothing items etc.  The sour dough starter sounds great.  Sounds like you might have a chef on your hands. Has your daughter thought about her career she’d like someday?  🙂

    1. Yeah, they’re almost too long for me at 5’5″. The Gap ones are a good alternative, if you like the style — you can cut them, and they’re cheaper too!

      Our stores aren’t open yet, so I can’t speak to returns or any of that. Some are open for curbside pickup, I think, but I haven’t used it. Every time I try, what I want isn’t available, or that store isn’t open yet. We just went to the Yellow phase on Friday.

      My daughter made homemade pizza today! She’s crazy. She has no idea what she wants to do with her life, but she says she doesn’t want to do anything culinary. She’s quite the homebody, and she wants a job she can do from home. 🙂 Time will tell…

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