Our Summer Vacation in the Poconos: Vacation Rentals at Lake Naomi Club

After discovering the Lake Naomi Club on a press trip last spring, we decided to rent a home in the community and spend a week exploring the Poconos and hanging out with friends. We rented through Lake Naomi Realty, and the experience was super easy. I like how the real estate agent handled all the communications so we didn’t have to deal with the owners. It’s so much less awkward that way.

The house was clean when we arrived and quite spacious. It easily accommodated our party of eight (our own family of five along with our three friends.)

We stayed in the Timber Trails neighborhood, which is part of the Lake Naomi Community. We were able to use the beaches and the pools in both locations, which provided us with lots of options. We preferred Club Beach and spent two days there.



We rented a kayak and the kids took turns taking it out on the lake. Kept them busy for hours. Best $30 I ever spent!


We had sandcastle building contests.


The girls collected seashells.


The adults enjoyed their drinks.

Les and me

And lots of laughs.

paul and me

Later on there was music on the beach which created a festive atmosphere. I may or may not have been caught on camera dancing.

music on the beach

On rainy days, there is still a lot to do. We took the kids to a movie one day, and another day my husband took my older two children to a fun Rope’s Course at Camelback Ski Resort.


In the evenings, the kids rode their bikes through our quiet community. I took a couple of exercise classes at the Community Center, and I enjoyed a few early morning runs. My daughter even joined me once.


We highly recommend Lake Naomi for a family vacation destination, especially if you live in the Mid-Atlantic region and enjoy the outdoors. It was relaxing and provided us with time to recharge and reconnect as a family in a beautiful location without having to travel very far.