Loving Lately at Nordstrom

It’s no secret that Nordstrom is one of my favorite stores to shop, and based on my analytics, it’s one of your favorites too!

Last month, I did a post like this where I rounded up a bunch of my latest Nordstrom finds as well as some of my tried and true favorites, and you all seemed to love it, so I decided to make it a monthly feature.

one // two // three // four // five// six // seven // eight // nine // ten // eleven // twelve // thirteen // fourteen // fifteen // sixteen

Most of these are items I’ve ordered or tried. Some are current favorites that I’m wearing on repeat, and plan to continue wearing into spring.

Loving Lately at Nordstrom

There are a lot more in the shopping widget below than we could fit in the graphic, so take a quick scroll to see what else I found.

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8 thoughts on “Loving Lately at Nordstrom

  1. Prayers for Caroline as she drives home. Nice she will be spending some time with you all. I’m looking at the Evereve sunshine and seagull sweatshirt on sale. Don’t you have it and if so do you think a size small would work for me at 5’3″ about 120lbs. or so. I don’t know how Evereve clothes run.

  2. Prayers for a very safe travel day for Caroline! I have not changed over my closet yet, to know where I have gaps for Spring/Summer, but there are several items that really caught my interest. I wish we had a real period of transition down here, so that I could wear more light weight long sleeve sweaters. In the month of Feb. we had 8 days with a high of 80 or above, which broke records. It seems that our average high is already in the 70’s, so short sleeves are most appropriate. Oh, I sort of feel like Becca now because I have finally realized that my gut issues are because I have not been following the FODMAP diet like the doctor told me to do last year. As of yesterday, I am making major changes in what I eat, which does not include the majority of what I have been eating. And I’ve got to try gluten free breads. In the long run, I know that the changes will help me feel better.

  3. Hi Jo-Lynne,
    Safe travels to Caroline. I always worry about other drivers more than my own child. What do you think about raw edge jeans/pants? Is this here to stay? Thanks!

  4. I just realized that I’ve not been getting your emails the last few days. Have you been having trouble with this or have others notified you about this?

  5. Sad for your Canadian followers that this post appears on the same day Nordstrom announced that it will be shutting all operations in Canada. All Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack locations in Canada will be gone by the summer.

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