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This week the theme has been, what can I wear with my busted-up knee that doesn’t cause me extreme pain and agony?? That pretty much means that pants and heels are out, although I made a couple of exceptions. The heels actually weren’t so bad, but the pants . . . OWWWW!

I’m gonna try to make this quick. DON’T LAUGH!

This was the day before I hurt my knee. The plum gathered v-neck tee is from Old Navy, the gray open-weave hooded cardi is an old faithful from Banana Republic, and the straight-leg jeans are Sevens. You’ve seen the silver flats a gazillion times before. I wore my Grace Tags necklace — a gift from Janelle.

This was our first day in D.C. I wore shorts in the car and changed into these pants for our Capitol tour. They were not a friend to my knee. They’re quite stiff and put a lot of pressure on my boo-boo. However, I do believe I looked perfectly patriotic, don’t you!?

This is the only full length picture of me from Friday. Do the purple shirt and gray sweater look familiar?? And why is there a monument growing out of my head? I wore my green Privos — they are sort of a cross between a sneaker and a ballet flat. They’re very comfy for days when you’re doing a lot of walking. Mine are old. These are similar.

Looking at that picture, it’s hard to wrap my mind around how that little boo-boo could cause so much pain. And also, my knee was really swollen by that point in the day, but you can’t really tell.

This is the only photo we have of me on Saturday. Nice expression.

Once again, I was rocking the red-white-and-blue with a tank from Old Navy and a navy sweatshirt. I wore jeans and the Privos and the Grace Tags necklace again.

And yes, my kids ARE blatantly consuming artificial color and sugar. Which makes me either an utter hypocrite or a mom who knows how to pick her battles. Actually, it wasn’t even a battle. We were exhausted, disappointed about not getting to see the White House, and my knee was killing me. My kids were shocked when I offered them their choice of crappy treats. LOL!! (I guess that makes me a hypocrite??)

This is what I wore for Easter Sunday. The outfit I’d planned to wear required heels, and I didn’t think teetering around on heels with a limp was a good idea. It was too cold and windy to be comfortable in a skirt, so I came up with this.

I thought this outfit was cute until I saw this photo. I wore it on Monday to the Women of the Week luncheon where I got to hear Dr. Oz. Maybe it’s the way I’m posing, or perhaps the sweater hides the fact that I have a waist, but I’m not loving this look. Frumpy-dump.

I was pleasantly surprised that the heels didn’t bother my knee. I think it actually helped to have my legs at that angle, it didn’t require so much range of motion on the knee. Those are my knotted wedge pumps from Aldo. LOVE.

Finally, this is what I wore hanging out at home on Tuesday. I have decided that I am just not a sneaker girl. I do not like these at all. It’s ballet flats or bust for now on! I suppose those Privos would have worked too.

I love that pink sweater, though. It just makes me happy.

Did you play along? Show me what you wore this week!

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15 Responses

  1. I was just thinking I love you in that pink sweater, too! How true, when we wear something we love, we feel it and is shows on our face?

    Also – the purple too!

  2. Ha! I was just going to say you look cute in the sneakers! But maybe it’s not your style. Looks good but not your thang. And the b/w dress? Maybe just a shorter cardi, like a shrug?

    1. It’s pretty short. Maybe it’s the way I was standing. I swear it was cuter in person. But then again, I feel like cardis and dresses tend to be frumpy no matter what. Maybe frumpy isn’t the right word – but certainly not chic. I was at an event with a lot of chic Main Line ladies. I felt like a church lady. LOL!

  3. I think a longer cardigan, belted (I know it is not your thing), would look better with the dress. Would give you waist.

    So sorry you had to deal with the knee pain. How are you today?

    I have yet to wear my shoes from Blissdom, I just don’t think they’re my style.

    And you’re not a hypocrite–you’re a real mom.

    1. I’ll have to try on a belted look one of these days and post it and you all can tell me if I’m right or not, but it never seems to work for me. Maybe I should give it another try.

      My knee is slowly improving, still painful to move it though. 🙁 I really miss running. Hope to get out there again soon.

  4. Thanks for posting these things. They give me ideas of what to wear. You are so real in your blogs. It makes feel like I have a friend that I’ve never met. By the way…I loved your Easter outfit!

  5. I LOVE those sneakers so incredibly much. If yours are a size 7, I’ll pay you to ship them to me so I have a backup pair. 😉 They are the shoes I never knew I needed.

  6. Glad I am not alone with a busted up knee and finding pants a bather with said knee. I love he first outfit, the purple flatters you, And I love the pink colour of your sweater on the last pic. Hope your knee feels better.

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