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Good Wednesday morning to ya! It’s that time of the week when I join ladies from around the Interwebs and share some of my favorite outfits from the past week.

This little exercise has helped me be more creative in my outfits and get out of that stay-at-home-mommy uniform of yoga pants and hoodies. Not that there’s anything wrong with yoga pants and hoodies. In fact, I think every woman should have a great pair of yoga pants and several hoodies. But she should not wear them every day. So I hope that these posts inspire you while they are keeping me accountable.

I wore this outfit last week to get my hair cut and colored and then to take my son to the eye doctor. THAT was an interesting excursion. Thanks to school being out, I had all three kids with me in the eye doctor’s office for over two hours. GOOD TIMES.

everyday mom style

This is my favorite black tee with the ruffled neckline and my red denim leggings with silver sandals. The bag is an oldie but goodie. It was my first Orla Kiely, and I still love it today as much as I did the day I got it in the mail several years ago. I wore simple silver earrings and a silver beaded bracelet.

I wore this outfit on an exceptionally warm day last week just around the house and to do some errands.

casual mom style

WHY can I never get my hair to look as good as the hairdresser does??? It was laying so perfectly after he had his way with it. Any-who. I have been trying to figure out what to wear with this floral tank top ever since I got it last fall. I think it works with these gray shorts. I should have thrown on a necklace or something, though.

There’s nothing remarkable about this outfit either. It is just too hot to do much layering lately. I wore this to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday and then just around the house.

mom fashion

I love a black tank with a casual skirt. This loden green skirt is from Target about three years ago.  The necklace is another oldie but goodie from Silpada, and the Born flips I got on sale at Marshall’s also about three years ago. In fact, everything I was wearing was old. There is something comforting about faithful old clothes and accessories — they’re sorta like family.

This was my church outfit on Sunday. I was feeling bright.

casual mom fashion

The pink top is from Old Navy earlier in the season. The white jeans are new this year — they’re by DL 1961. And I love my fuscia Lucky Brand sandals, also new this year. Inspired by the lime green on my toenails, and dug out this bright green handbag. When I ordered it online a few years back, I was shocked by how bright it was. I got it on clearance and couldn’t return it so I kept it and carried it occasionally, but I always feel like people can see me coming from three miles away. Now that neon is back in style, it doesn’t make me feel quite so conspicuous.

I wore this outfit just working from home and running the Shane Family Chauffer Service. Two of the three kids are in summer camp this week.

Purple tee from Old Navy, gray cuffed bermuda shorts from Banana, silver sandals from Target (last year) and my lime green Hobo Int’l handbag. I wore a silver hand stamped necklace that I got from Lisa Leonard Designs the year I spoke at Blissdom on Hyper Local Blogging — all the speakers got one. I still love wearing it.

This was my slacker day this week. I didn’t run or work out so I took the opportunity to take a day off from hair and makeup. And those are my new glasses! Which need to be adjusted because they are falling down my nose.

Those are my favorite denim cuffed bermudas, a navy and white striped tank from Gap and my faithful pink zipper hooded cardi. It was chilly in the morning when I dropped the kids at camp. And once again, my pink sandals and Lisa Leonard necklace.

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22 thoughts on “Mom Style | What I Wore This Week 06.20.12

    1. I’ve never seen that show!! What’s it about??

      I NEVER wear my glasses, but I like these enough that I might start wearing them some. You can’t see in the photo, but they have lime green on the insides. LOVE that!

  1. your “what I wore” posts continue to help me! Now as the seasons change I feel like I have a clue about what I should/could be buying and wearing. I’m happy to share that I just purchased two pairs of cute, cuffed shorts and tank tops similar to these this week. I feel so much better about how I look! Thank you Jo-Lynne!

    1. Thanks for that feedback. It means a lot. I often feel that these posts are really vain, so I’m glad to know it is truly helpful!!

      As an aside, I grew up in Salem, VA, and whenever you leave a comment, I wonder if I was supposed to know you from home. I finally clicked over to your blog – and I see you are from a different Salem! Ironically, I went to college in MA – not far from Salem – at Gordon College!!! Small world! 🙂

  2. Love your hair! It looks great! And I really like all those tank tops you’ve been wearing, but how are you keeping your bra straps so well hidden?!!? I’m forever tucking mine in or rearranging them. So so frustrating. . .

    1. Ha! I had someone ask that last year too. I dont know. I’m not sure they ARE so well hidden when I move around. But it’s easy to position everything right and pose for a photo. The black and floral one are the same style – Banana Republic’s timeless tank. I LOVE THEM. I literally have more than 10 in different colors. They really do fit well and hide bra straps b/c the straps are a bit thicker than most. The pink one is a problem. My straps DO show where the straps twist (they are supposed to twist) and I don’t have bras with pretty straps b/c they don’t make those in my size. HMPH. I felt self conscious wearing that at church on Sunday. I need to find a better solution.

  3. So glad to see you wearing all those tank tops! I’m in Texas and it’s burning hot all the time. Sometimes I worry I wear them too much. Or I’m too old now that I’m hitting my late 30’s. You look great though so now I feel better 🙂

    1. I’ll be 40 next week, so if you are too old, then so am I!!! I love tank tops. I always have. I figure as long as I’m working out and my arms look okay, then I’m gonna rock my tank tops.

  4. I love all your outfits. I have a very similar style. My favorite outfit is the black tank and red jeans. I especially love the swirly black bag!

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